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CRAZY NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES on Camera Compilation [part 11] [Close Escapes]


JACOB'S LAST PEICE (whirlpoolhitman)

I had honor of editing Jacobs footage he was a inspiration a creator and lived for living. He wanted the whole web to see his art, his work his photos and to see his passion he had for the sea. This footage was taken from the family for evidence by the police they were very skeptical about given it back. When we said we were going to put it online they advised against it but also said its our choice. Really its Jacobs choice. Hopefully this will answer some questions what we all have been asking. Out of every body we know full well how dangerous this is and we are no way promoting it. We have payed the ultimate price by losing our beloved Jacob so we know the dangers. This is what he wanted its just as beautiful as it is sad because we all know the out come. I have hardly edited it so the sequences are pretty much in order of events and all his shots man he had fun doing what he loves. Only he could go out like this you couldn't write the things he has done, you have to see it. With Jacob it was always visual, his contributions to the world will be with us forever and may it live forever. My most epic mate Jacob.

10 Lucky People Who Survived Close Calls

10 Lucky People Who Survived Close Calls
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the 10 Lucky People Who Survived Close Calls! #Lucky #Truestories #Animation

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Lightning Strikes In Football

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20 Hilarious Reactions of Animals Looking in the Mirror


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Tell us honestly: have you ever been intimidated by mirrors? There are so many creepy stories and legends that surround them - just remember Alice through the Looking Glass! And if people are suspicious of mirrors, then what can you expect from animals? You will be surprised how different their reactions are - judging by the behavior of some animals, something really wrong is going on inside the mirrors... But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

00:00 - Welcome!
00:33 - Lions (Preview)
01:23 - Chicken
02:05 - Snow leopard
02:48 - Alpaca
03:37 - Octopus
04:26 - Lemur
05:07 - Chameleon
05:48 - Bearded dragon
06:29 - Common leopard gecko
07:10 - Goats
08:00 - Jumping spiders
08:48 - Crows
09:41 - Rabbit
10:19 - Turtle
10:49 - Dogs
11:42 - Pig
12:30 - Chimpanzee
13:23 - Coquerel's sifaka
14:05 - Gorillas
14:52 - Squirrel

Top 10 Pilot Carrier Takeoffs & Landings EVER SEEN!

Top 10 aircraft carrier landings and take offs. Amazing cockpit view of aircraft carrier catapult systems from pitching deck of US Navy ships.

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U.S. Navy (CC), U.S Government (CC), Lt. Ian Schmidt Released by Lt. j.g. Michael Hatfield, Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Jared King, PO2 James Evans, WO Michael Kropiewnicki, Petty Officer 3rd Class Michael Molina, Dane Wiedmann, MC Anderson W. Branch, Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Alex Millar, Cpl. Francisco J. Diaz Jr. and Cpl. A. J. Van Fredenberg, MC2 Scott Swofford, Sgt. Alisa Helin

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Whales almost eat Divers (Original Version)

While Diving Souza Rock on the Central california Coast Divers have a close call with HumpBack Whales.

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Camera men: Jay Hebrard
Francis Antigua
Jeremy Bonnett
Shawn Stamback
Aboard the Dive boat Magic of SLODIVERS

This Is How Animals Say Goodbye to the Dead

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Whether animals have consciousness or not is one of the most controversial questions in science. While owners of cats and dogs humanize them and attribute their emotions to their pets, many scientists are much more skeptical about the emotional intellect of animals.
They are convinced that even if animals can feel the way we do, their emotional spectrum is still limited. However, examples from real life prove the opposite. Today we will show you some videos which will convince even die-hard skeptics that animals definitely have emotions. And they can grieve over their loved ones just like humans.

The Best Of Wild Animals Attacks 2018 - Most Amazing Moments Of Underwater Battles Best of trampling

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Most Shocking Animal Attacks Caught on Tape
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The Best Of Wild Animals Attacks 2018 - Most Amazing Moments Of Underwater Battles

Ani Channel

The Best Of Wild Animals Attacks 2018 - Most Amazing Moments Of Underwater Battles.

Angry Wolf, Jaguar, Leopard, Coyote Attacking Pets


Compilation of pets being attacked by wild animals such as; coyotes, jaguars, leopards, hawks, wolf, and eagles. Angry Wolf ...

Angry ANIMALS Attacks?? Public Transports | Lions Bears Elephants Goats | Hamza Zaidi

Hamza Zaidi

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Animals are an unpredictable bunch, with behavior that can quickly turn atypical if presented with an unfamiliar, foreign ...

When Wild Animals Attack

Poor Judgement

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When Wild Animals Attack.

Oakland County Animal Shelter Attack in Pontiac, Michigan

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Hero Monkey Save Baby Gazelle From Cheetah Hunt . Baboons vs Leopard | Aniamals Save Another Animals

Sky Animals

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Amazing Wild Animals Attacks - Wild Animal Fights Caught On Camera | Wild Animals Ultimate Fights

Animals Da Nang

1 year ago
Amazing Wild Animals Attacks - Wild Animal Fights Caught On Camera | Wild Animals Ultimate Fights ...

10 Animal Attacks That Will Surprise You!

Origins Explained

2 months ago
From a praying mantis taking down a snake to giraffes trampling cyclists, here are 10 of the most surprising animal attacks. Follow ...

Eagle vs Lion Real Fight | Eagle Attack Lions Mother Lion Save His Baby and Hunting Eagle To Revenge

SKY Animal

1 year ago
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Animals Attack Funny Video ●Best Comedy Animal Fails Compilation 2018◆Funniest vines Completion kids

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Best Eagle Attacks (GRIZZLY, KANGAROO...&MAN) HD

Do eagles hunt humans? I believe that it could happened, given the kind of large prey that Golden Eagles hunt. These compilation ...

Elephant attack Human. Top 10 attacks 2020.

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Train your own ATTACK dog!!! for beginners

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10 Cutest Exotic Animals You Can Own as Pets

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Funny Cats and Kittens Meowing Compilation

Here is a video of cats and kittens meowing to confuse your pets Puppies & Babies & Kitties OH MY! New videos all the time!

Lion vs Buffalo Real Fight, ,Lion vs Crocodile vs Jaguar ,5 Lions Attack 1 Buffalo , Lion vs Buffalo 2016, Incredib
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10 Animals That Were Scarier than Dinosaurs

10 Animals That Were Scarier than Dinosaurs

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No one today can really get a full idea of what it was like to live surrounded by dinosaurs. While today we know that some animals like killer whales, alligators, lions and other big predators can be threatening to us humans, none of these can compare to the danger that dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals represented. Today we’ll have a look at ten animals that were scarier than dinosaurs. You’ll realize that dinosaurs were harmless and perhaps even friendly compared to the beasts I’ll show you today. I’ll also talk about some of the movies that fed us ideas of what these animals were like, and I’ll compare those ideas to actual facts that will make you understand how real life creatures were in fact a bit scarier than what we see on the screen. Stay tuned all the way to number one and find out about an animal that you’ll be thankful to know it’s gone extinct.

10. Arthropleura

I’m going to start with an animal that was not as big as a dinosaur. In fact, it wasn’t even a carnivore! But I’m sure you’d be quite scared and probably a bit grossed out if you were to encounter it today. And I’m pretty sure you’d rather see a dinosaur instead of this animal. The Arthropleura was a millipede that could reach lengths of up to 2.5 meters, which means, if it were to stand on the lower end of its thousand feet, it would be higher than a christmas tree! The Arthropleura is known to be the largest invertebrate of all time. With such aspect, I doubt any predators wanted to mess with it.

9. Dunkleosteus

Yikes! Even the name sounds scary already. If you’re wondering what this animal looked like, let me start by pointing out that the Dunkleosteus was a fish! Of course, we’re not talking about a cute tropical fish or even a shark like the one from Jaws. This prehistoric fish was 33 feet long! Which means it was almost twice as long as the height of a giraffe from its head to its feet. However, what makes this animal threatening is not only its size, but also its sharp teeth. The bones in its jaw kept growing continuously, up until a point where their edges would become so sharp as they rubbed together against each other. These were useful tools to pierce and chew on their prey . This fish was as heavy as a hippopotamus and could easily snatch its prey in less than a second.

8. Jaekelopterus

The Jaekelopterus was an aquatic arthropod. The best way to explain it is by pointing out that some people call it a “Giant Sea Scorpion” - can you picture that? If scorpions are scary already, I don’t want to imagine what it would be like to come face to face with a giant one in the middle of the ocean! It’s an experience that would definitely keep me away from the waters for good. The name Jaekelopterus comes from Otto Jaekel, a German paleontologist who was the first one to describe the species. Although its maximum size has not been confirmed, some experts believed the largest Jaekelopterus could have reached a length of 2.5 meters, making it taller than humans if it were to stand. This animal is believed to have lived in freshwater, making it a threat to other arthropods and smaller fish. Poor animals didn’t stand a chance against this huge creature!

7. Helicoprion

And here is another fish on our list! Or...maybe not. One of the craziest facts about the helicoprion is that no one has been able to properly classify it and associate it to the animal groups we have today. We can say it’s a fish because it lived in the water, but paleontologists didn’t have enough information to categorize it. Its teeth worked like a circular blade. Without any proper teeth in the upper jaw, this creature could gum you and bite you at the same time..quite scary and gross! The lower teeth were sharp, so it’s safe to assume that the helicoprion was a carnivore! What scientists can’t figure out yet is whether it fed on small or big animals - they can only speculate as they still haven’t found any remains of a skull to properly figure out what its diet was. One thing is for sure, that odd looking jaw is more than enough to scare us all if we were to encounter it in the ocean today.

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VIDEO INSIDE A TORNADO!!! Aurora, NE Tornado, June 17, 2009

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INSANE video from inside the powerful Aurora, Nebraska tornado on June 17, 2009. The tornado intensified right on top of the SRV Dominator, and the window was blown out as an intense mini suction vortex passed over the vehicle. A 138.8 mph wind gust was measured by the roof anemometer as the window blow out. Check out Storm Chasers on Discovery Channel this Fall for the video of the glass slamming into our faces.


Wild Polar Bear Tries To Break In | BBC Earth

Gordon Buchanan comes face to face with a huge wild polar bear who is keen to get to what smells like a tasty meal.
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Polar Bear Family and Me
Polar bears are one of the most iconic animals on earth, and yet we know so little about them. Apart from fleeting glimpses, scientists and filmmakers have never been able to follow individuals to tell their story and record details of their family life. Now, taking what he has learnt while making the absorbing series The Bear Family and Me, wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan embarks on a new, ambitious and dangerous mission - to gain the trust of a family of polar bears and, using this unique opportunity, observe the life of these enigmatic animals as never before, over the course of a year.

About BBC Earth:
The world is an amazing place full of stories, beauty and natural wonder. Explore the official BBC Earth YouTube channel and meet the animals and wildlife of your planet. Here you'll find 50 years worth of astounding, entertaining, thought-provoking and educational natural history documentaries. Dramatic, rare and wild nature doesn't get more exciting than this. Subscribe to be the first to view new animal documentary videos. You can also become part of the BBC Earth community on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Here you'll find the best natural history content from the web, exclusive videos and images and a thriving, vibrant community.

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Snowboarder almost falls to his death, close call - 985628

10 Most Insane Amusement Rides Around The World

10 Most Insane Amusement Rides Around The World

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10 Most Insane Amusement Rides Around The World

You know what I find interesting about theme parks? It’s the fact that we go there to have some of the most thrilling and scary experiences in life, and sometimes, we even repeat, as if we can’t get enough of that. Isn’t that a bit crazy? Shouldn’t we be looking for more relaxing and slow experiences to escape the routine and stress of everyday life? Nah, I don’t think so! Amusement parks can be extreme, but they surely put a smile on our faces. And the more thrilling a ride becomes, the more we’ll enjoy it. Today we’ll be looking at the “10 most insane amusement rides around the World.” We’ll be looking at roller coasters and water park rides that have given us some of the most exciting and at changing rides ever. Watch out, because some of them pushed some boundaries, to the point that some of them had to close down for good. Can you imagine the reason? You’re about to find out...

The Skyscreamer

The name of this ride speaks for itself. The skyscreamer is technically that...a ride that will take you up to the SKY and make you SCREAM at the top of your lungs. If you want to challenge your fear of heights, then this is a ride for you. But if being at 400 feet above the ground makes you anxious, then you’ll want to stay away from this! You can find this ride in two famous parks in the States. There’s the Texas Skyscreamer at Six Flags over Texas and there’s the New England Skyscreamer at the Six Flags park in Massachusetts. Both are tall, and they both hold the Guiness World Record as the tallest swing carousel rides in the world. Now, I know what you’re thinking - carousel swing rides are not really thrilling. But that’s only if you stay close to the ground. Trust me, when you’re 400 meters high spinning at 35 miles per hour on a skimpy chair, you will know that this ride is not for the faint of heart.

Giant Canyon Swing

Speaking of swings... there’s a more extreme ride and you can find it at the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. This is a pendulum ride and it can move up to four passengers back and forth, in what seems to be the longest and most intense swing ride ever. If you were one of those kids who loved going on swings, hoping to one day lift yourself high above the ground, then this ride is for you. At some point, you could be swinging at a speed of 50 miles per hour while challenging the laws of physics as your ride sets itself into an almost vertical position. And I know you’ve probably seen rides like this one, but I doubt any of them is in a place like Colorado. This Canyon Swing is right at the edge of a cliff, and it swings out 1,300 above the famous Colorado River into a canyon, which honestly, only adds to the thrill of it.


Insanity is described as a mind-bending experience. And why is that? Well, just look at it - it makes its passengers spin while being in their vehicles at the tip of this ride that looks like a claw. And, to make things more interesting..and thrilling, this ride is not necessarily in an amusement park. Instead, it’s at the top of one of the craziest high buildings in Las Vegas: the stratosphere tower, which is almost 900 feet tall, which is roughly the size of a 60 story building. But as the ride swings away from the tower, the riders can experience views from a 90 story building perspective. So, if you want to have an experience in Las Vegas that’s different to the casinos, this might be a good choice. Just keep in mind that you will be stepping into one of the tallest rides in the world. So make sure you can handle that.

Drop of Doom

Oh man, who would want to step into something that’s called the “Drop of Doom”? Well, actually...I can imagine that a lot of us would like to give it a try, even if it implies that we will literally be dropped into one of the scariest moments of our lives. The Drop of Doom is a ride that you can find in two different parks in the States. There’s one at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey, and there’s one at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California. By the way, the one in California is called “Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom.” And I can totally see how adding the name of a famous villain reinforces the idea that things in this ride can be unpredictable and even risky. These rides are attached to other rides that are tall

11 Insanely CREEPY Underwater Finds!

From underwater signs forewarning death to massive underwater military graveyards and an unexplained radioactive shell that may be from another world.

Discoveries that have spooked even the most experienced of divers, behold, 11 of the creepiest underwater finds!

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11. 3 French Street

The residential sign which took the internet by storm seemed to represent the displacement of more than 30,000 people from their homes and lend a subtle reminder of the insignificant power emblems of industry have against nature.

10. Mysterious Parts

Algae filmed the face of the creepy Victorian-era object, making the toy ten times more enigmatic and unnerving. Old dolls are scary enough when we see them in old cabinets and antique shops, imagine unexpectedly spotting one at the bottom of the sea.

9. The Mysterious Steam Engines of New Jersey

The elusive locomotives were never reported missing and to this day no one knows how they got there. One theory is that the trains were in transit across the Atlantic Ocean when their carrier fell victim to a storm.

8. The Mysterious Sign at Eagle’s Nest Sinkhole

The Grim Reaper stands guard at the mouth of one of Florida’s most treacherous caves, Eagle’s Nest Sinkhole. “Stop, Prevent Your Death,” reads a black and white sign adorned with cryptic pleas to turn back before entering.

7. A 2,000-Year-Old Computer

When a group of fishermen uncovered the rusted mechanism and excavated it in 1902, they were shocked to later find that the device had been invented between 200 and 70 BC. Known as the Antikythera Mechanism, the instrument was the world’s first analogical computer.

6. The S.S. Andrea Doria

Destroyed and sunk after being hit by the warship M.S. Stockholm in 1956. Today, any divers who explore the site report strange sensations— that is, the feeling of being constantly pushed, pulled, and poked by imaginary hands.

5. Chuk lagoon

Off the coast of the Caroline Islands in the South Pacific there is a blue expanse of tropical splendor known as Chuk Lagoon; here a jagged juxtaposition of rusty tanks, ships, submarines, and planes lay mangled on the bottom of the shiny sea floor, hundreds to be exact, as World War II played a hand in the sinking of naval ships and aircrafts, lending one of the largest underwater graveyards on the planet.

4. A Second Stonehenge

A few years ago, during a search for ancient shipwrecks, a group of archaeologists discovered a pattern of perplexingly placed stones approximately 40 feet down in Lake Michigan's Grand Traverse Bay. The stones were eerily reminiscent of England's own iconic Stonehenge— which many people link to ancient aliens and aircraft landing pads.

3. Hundreds of Ancient Skeletons

At the base of the Himalayas in a body of fresh water known as Roopkund, hundreds of skeletons scatter the sandy floor. Believed to be about 1,200 years old, the creepy relics of human life were discovered by a British game reserve ranger in 1942.

2. A Strange Object at the Bottom of the Baltic Sea

Explorer Peter Lindberg and his Ocean X team of marine explorers stumbled upon a strange object that could only be described as a disc bearing a striking resemblance to the Star Wars Millennium Falcon. According to the team, the apparent “UFO-shaped” object made of formed pieces of angular metal, must be from out of this world, and believers in extraterrestrials have had a field day convincing themselves the find was anything but a farce.

1. The Bloop

In 1997, a mysterious underwater recording captured the heart of conspiracy theorists around the world. When a team of scientists was searching for underwater volcanoes off the coast of South America, hydrophones more than three thousand miles apart all captured the same inexplicable sound. Seemingly from the depths of the ocean came a recording no one could seem to explain, except that it was a strange and exceptionally loud noise which soon became known as “the bloop.”

11 Scariest Ocean Predators

The ocean is full of mysteries, we have gathered a list of 11 of the scariest ocean predators.. that we know of today.

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5 - Leopard Seals - The Leopard Seal is a seal that can be found in the frigid waters of Antarctica. It gets its name from its black-spotted coat that resembles a leopard. Like their namesakes, Leopard seals are fierce predators. Of all the seals, they are the most formidable hunters, and the only ones that feed on warm-blooded prey. They can grow up to 12 feet long and use their powerful jaws and long teeth to prey on fish, squid, penguins, and even other seals! They will often wait underwater near an ice shelf and grab birds as they land on the water.

4 - Frilled Shark - The Frilled shark is a primitive looking shark found in the waters of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, generally over the continental shelf and slope. It has been found lurking in depths over 5,000 feet. First discovered in the late 1800’s, this “living fossil” gets its name from the frilly or fringed appearance of its 6 gills and its resemblance to ancestors who swam with the dinosaurs. It has an eel like body which it uses to bend and lunge at prey like a snake. It swallows its prey whole and its many rows of teeth make it nearly impossible for anything to escape. It can grow over 6’ long.

3 - Lionfish - The Lionfish is a venomous fish which can be found in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Its body consists of red, white, and black bands, and it is covered in long brightly colored venomous spines that make it appear like a pin cushion. The Lionfish can grow up to 17 inches long and weigh up to 3 pounds. They mostly prey on small fish, invertebrates, and mollusks, which they eat in one bite. Humans who have been pierced by one of its spines experience extreme pain, vomiting, fever, convulsions, dizziness, and breathing difficulties, sometimes resulting in temporary paralysis, heart failure, and even death in the very young and old. Despite the dangers, Lionfish are one of the most popular fish for home aquariums.

2 - Great White shark – Also known as the white pointer and the white death, the great white shark can be found near the coastal waters of all the oceans. What makes the great white shark so terrifying is its size. The largest of these sharks grow up to 20 feet and 4300 pounds. Typically the females grow up to 16 feet and the males up to 13 feet. The great white can live up to 70 years and is one of the longest living cartilaginous fish known today. The killer whale is its only known threat and can usually hold its own against that predator. The great white feeds on almost all other marine animals and, although humans aren’t their preferred meal, they will happily feed on humans if given the chance. The most reported unprovoked shark attacks on humans has been attributed to the great white shark. It’s this piece of information that the movie Jaws was based on a “ferocious man eating” great white shark.

1 - Killer Whales - Killer Whales, also known as Orcas, are a bit of a misnomer as they actually belong to the dolphin family, of which they are the largest members. Scientists believe their name came from a mistranslation of a Spanish name, for whale killer. They are found all over the world in oceans from the Arctic to the Antarctic. Killer Whales can grow over 30 feet long and weigh over 9 tons. Despite its size, the Killer Whales are very agile and its large size and strength make it one of the fastest marine animals, able to reach speeds of over 30 miles per hour. It also has one of the most distinctive black and white color schemes, which make it stand out from any other marine mammal. They have good eyesight and excellent hearing and can detect prey using their very sophisticated echolocation ability. Killer Whales prey on fish and other marine animals, including seals and even other dolphins. They have even been known to hunt together in pods to kill full grown whales. They sit on top of their food chain and have no known predators.

What Happens When You're Struck By Lightning? | The Human Body

Getting stuck by lightning is rough. It can burn hotter than the sun, scar your body, and even blow off your clothes. Even worse, it kills about 47 Americans per year. Although 90% of those struck survive, it's still worth knowing how to avoid getting a heavy dose of sky electricity.

Following is the transcript of the video:

Contrary to popular belief, lightning strikes aren’t always a death sentence. In fact, about 90 percent of people in the US who are struck actually survive.

Still, victims rarely walk away unscathed, and the damage can be permanent.

Lightning triggers 75,000 forest fires in the US each year and can split entire trees down the middle in a split second.

So it’s frightening to imagine what it does inside a human body.

The good news is that you won’t get cooked Wile E Coyote-style, but it can still do damage.

For starters, lightning carries between 1 to 10 billion joules of energy — enough to power a 100-watt bulb for at least 3 months. When that amount of electricity enters your body,  it short-circuits the small electrical signals that run your heart, lungs, and nervous system.

This can lead to cardiac arrest, seizures, brain injury, spinal cord damage, and even amnesia.

But electricity isn’t your only problem. Lightning is blisteringly hot. In under a second, it can heat the surrounding air to temperatures 5X hotter than the sun’s surface.

This causes a rapid expansion of air, which leads to a shock wave that we hear as thunder.

It has been calculated that someone standing within 30 feet of a lightning strike point can experience a blast wave equivalent to a 5kg TNT bomb (Blumenthal).

The intense heat, light, and electricity can also damage your eyes. In fact, it can bore holes in your retina and can cause cataracts within days or weeks.

Other side-effects of lightning can include impotence in men and overall decreased libido. That’s just what happens on the inside!

As the lightning moves toward the surface, it can force red blood cells out of your capillaries, into your epidermis….like a bruise. These intricate designs are called Lichtenberg figures.

The intense temperatures can also heat up any metal you might be wearing, causing third-degree burns and can also rapidly vaporize the rainwater or sweat on your skin. The resulting steam explosion may blow off your clothes and shoes leaving you nearly naked!

On average 47 people in the US are killed by lightning each year. So, you might be wondering, “How do I make sure I’m not that guy?”

For starters, check weather forecasts ahead of time, and stay indoors during a storm. But if you’re stuck outside, avoid isolated trees, poles, and open fields, and run as fast as you can towards safety.

You’re best off in a developed building or a hard-topped metal vehicle. So stay calm and just remember: “When thunder roars go indoors!”


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What Happens When You're Struck By Lightning? | The Human Body

Most Nail-Biting Moments | Top 5 | BBC Earth

Join us as we revisit some of the tensest moments recorded on the channel. From injured elephants to a game of life and death - you won't be able to leave the edge of your seat.

Watch more:
Planet Earth
Blue Planet
Planet Earth II
Planet Dinosaur

Welcome to BBC EARTH! The world is an amazing place full of stories, beauty and natural wonder. Here you'll find 50 years worth of entertaining and thought-provoking natural history content. Dramatic, rare, and exclusive, nature doesn't get more exciting than this.

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Old People Dying Compilation (Part 2)

he bringed beens

Plane Nearly Crashes Into Deer During Landing

Close call: Scary plane landing caught on camera when a deer runs straight onto the runway, crosses a landing Cessna and misses its front propeller only by inches. Luckily, a crash was avoided and the pilot and the deer both escaped uninjured!

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Horse Girls Take Over The Mall! Her First Real Bra! Day 320 (11/21/20)


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