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Cartoon Community on Youtube


Internet Community Doesn't Understand Animation

Today we are discussing Animation, and how this online community of animation memers and some storytime animators seem to not understand what they're talking about even though they animate themselves.


Films referenced in the video (or background/outro):

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Ben 10 Eats a lot of Candy! | Tummy Ache | Ben 10 | Cartoon Network

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Team Tennyson go on a tour of the new Biggie Box Candy Store, but when Toothache breaks out and kidnaps the owner, Mr. Biggie, it is up to Ben to stop the monstrous dentist and save the candy man and his wondrous candy store.

Steven faces his biggest challenge yet! White Diamond removes Stevens diamond.

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Bhuter Golpo - 400 Year Old Spooky Tamarind Tree | Real Ghost Stories

Today's episode is about a 400 year old spooky tamarind tree. Everyone in the village is afraid of that tree. They do not even dare to eat the tamarind of this tree. The people of the Hindu community worship this tamarind tree. This tree is located next to Ruigari High School in Natore, Bangladesh.

This video is based on a true story. But all the characters shown in this video are fictional (animated) and have no real resemblance to reality. If in any way it matches reality, it is purely coincidental. All types of blood shown here are artificial which have no resemblance to the real. Here we have altered many parts of the truth about the story. It is created just for entertainment.

???? Watch More ????
1. Shuyor-Mukhi Laas | The Evil of Black Magic | Bangla Bhuter Golpo

2.The Nun Movie Horror Story | Bangla Bhuter Golpo

3.Haunted House | Bengali Animated Horror Story | Bangla Bhuter Golpo


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Exposing the YouTube Animation Community

Please watch the video to 1:35 before deciding to flame me in the comments D:



Background by-
Check them out!!!

YouTube's cartoon community in a nutshell

Animaniacs is property of warner brothers entertainment i own nothing

Thoughts on Reviewing and the Cartoon Community

I've been thinking on this for a while, but only recently got all my thoughts together. Let's talk community, folks!

-- Song Credits (in order of appearance) --

Gerudo Valley from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Gruntilda's Lair from Banjo-Kazooie

The Star Festival from Super Mario Galaxy

The REAL problem with the cartoon community (on Youtube)

The mic quality is bad. In fact, I might just try this again at a better time with a better microphone. (I just used the built in one here).

I came here to address my biggest problems with the cartoon community here on Youtube. There is a large divide between some of the larger Youtubers and some of the smaller ones. I guess it's to be expected, but I hate to see people tearing into one another in such a way. I want the community to get better and have more members, but it isn't growing very fast the way things are right now.

Simple Thoughts: The Cartoon Community

I've decided to give my take on the cartoon community and what I think it needs to improve upon.

Skullgirls: Pedestrian Crossing by Brenton Kossack
End Credit Song: 3 Dog Band

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The Animation Community (LS Mark reupload)

Original upload date: Aug 15, 2018

Original video description:
Thanks to I'm Too Opinionated for the title and DaftPina for revising the script

I'm Too Opinionated
DaftPina -
Also thanks to the guys that did lines for me!

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Hope You Enjoy!

Original video link:

My Thoughts on The Cartoon Community Part (1/2)

Here is the link to Mars Reviews video

here's the link to the channels I have featured in my video.


Mr. Enter


The Cartoon Community: The Unknown And Unappreciated

#cartooncommunity #reviewers #cartoons

The cartoon community is definitely a specific niche when it comes to youtube, it isn’t exactly well known but at the same time it isn’t a completely underrated group either, with tons of reviewers having 100s if not 1000s of fans eager to watch whatever video they put out, now I know what you’re thinking oh boy another video talking about the big guys in the community again lets hear about Rebeltaxi, phantomstrider and Mr. enter again, well this is where your wrong good sir, instead will be taking a look at some of the lesser talked about creators, from the Youtubers I spend the most time watching to the least watched person, also each and every one of these reviewers I talk about will be linked in the description below, so if any of these creators do intrigue you go check them out, with all that said let’s get to the most watched.

- reviewers mentioned (by appearence) -

















- music -

Funky town - Capella String Quartet cover String Quartet Glasgow:

Walkin On The Sun 8 Bit Tribute to Smash Mouth - 8 Bit Universe:

ProleteR - Cant stop me:

Adult Swim Bump - Oil Refinery:

Sada - Tamia Flip vip:

King of the World Extended Intro - Clarence Karaoke

Kubbi Up In My Jam All Of A Sudden:

ProleteR - The precious hours:

Deadline Intro - Epithet Erased Karaoke:

8 Bit Estelle - American Boy:


- video credits –





- Social Media -



seriously go check out all of theses guys they are truely amazing human beings that deserve so much more attention.

intro: (0:00)
reviewyalife: (0:57)
Eddache: (2:12)
veridis joe: (3:07 )
Toonrific tariq: (4:14)
intermission: (5:51)
onemanshowoff: (6:00)
ShadeX: (6:47)
Mann of a thousand thoughts: (7:37)
Hatsoffmedia: (8:25)
the whacky delhi: (9:12)
lightning round: (10:01)
end: (11:41)

We Need To Talk: Cartoon Community, Change, Fake Happy, Trying Too Hard. - Stuff With Scout Fly

Thanks for hearing me out and what I have to say, let's start a new chapter, a new story, something different. Love you always, Justin.

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My Thoughts on The Cartoon Community (2/2)

I am going talk about Noah David, the Alpha Jay Show and Avis Reviews.
Here's the link to their channels.
Noah David

The Alpha Jay Show

Avis Reviews

Vailskibum94 roasted my channel. The Cartoon Community hate response

Vailskibum94 roasted my channel. The Cartoon Community hate response. This is not a rant just a response
Gravity falls

GhostBusters - Cartoon Community

Un vídeo prometido se cumple...

Pensaba hacerlo para especial de Halloween, pero el tiempo me supero, comenten que otras cosas quieren que suba, ya tengo otros 2 planeados...

Canción Original:







Editor: Windows Movie Maker

Learn Colours Wrong Heads Bodybuilder Shiva,Rudra,Little Singham Rhymes Cartoon Animation Puzzle2020

Learn Colours Wrong Heads Bodybuilder Shiva,Rudra,Little Singham Rhymes Cartoon Animation Puzzle2020

Welcome To Official { PoPo TV }
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We provide Animation Videos For Fun And Entertainment To The Purpose Of People Educational.

Check Out Our Top 10 Animation Videos From Our Channel

1. [ Learn Colours Wrong Heads ]
2. [ Learn Colours Wrong Heads ]
3. [ Learn Colours Wrong Heads ]
4. [ Learn Colours Wrong Heads ]
5. [ Learn Colours Wrong Heads ]
6. [ Learn Colours Wrong Heads ]
7. [ Learn Colours Wrong Heads ]
8. [ Learn Colours Wrong Heads ]
9. [ Learn Colours Wrong Heads ]
10. [ Learn Colours Wrong Heads ]



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The BEST of The Cartoon Community (@Shadow Streak, @Alpha Jay Show, @Steve Reviews, @Schaffrillas)

Today I thought I would go through the absolute BEST that the cartoon community has to offer. From Shadow Streak to Steve Reviews. From The Alpha Jay Show to Schafrillas. These guys inspired me to make cartoon reviews and without them I would not have discovered this great community. If you have never seen one of these guys cartoon videos there will be links in the description and cards in the video. Like the video and maybe I will do a part two of The Cartoon Community. Enjoy!
Shadow Streak:
Alpha Jay Show:
Steve Reviews:
Upcoming videos:
Counterfiet Cat
Fairly OddParents
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