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Character Design: Illustrates the Celtic Bestiary (intermediate) | Freepik Course Trailer_ENG


Character Design: Illustrates the Celtic Bestiary (intermediate) | Freepik Course Trailer_ENG

About the course
Throughout the course, we'll be learning to draw our own mythologic creatures. To do so, we'll go to different myths and legends of Celtic mythology and try to find some references that can be useful for defining and creating our own characters.

We'll be basing our drawings on a series of texts, as it was done in the past, and we're going to use the drescriptions provided by these texts to create our fantastic creatures, something really useful for becoming familiar with these characters and setting our imagination free!

Once the character is created, we're going to learn how to represent our creature's body language and we're going to talk about different applications that our illustrations may have.

What project are we going to develop?
I'll give you some descriptions that you'll be able to use when creating your own fantastic creatures, following the steps of this course. Concretely, this project will consist of creating some sketches, which we'll be adding to a sketchbook together with some information about each particular legend and some extra sketches that will help us to complete our final composition.

What you're going to learn
- Anatomy
- Making the face look younger or older
- Interpreting texts (useful for developing illustration's skills)
- Inserting your designs in a mockup
- Applying textures to add your work a personal touch

Who is this course for? Requirements
This course is for those who are eager to learn more and are enthusiastic about old illustrations based on myths and legends about mysterious creatures unseen by any human being. If you are interested in Celtic culture and want to learn how to create fantastic creatures, this course is definitely for you. You'll be also able to add a personal touch to your creations, since you won't need to imitate my drawings: just give full rein to your imagination and see what you're capable of.

To create the illustrations and insert them in a mockup, you'll need:

- Photoshop or a similar software to edit and draw
- Pencil and notebook (optional)
- Scanner
- Drawing pad (optional)

If you want to access the full course, follow this playlist:

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