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Chemical Engineer


What is Chemical Engineering?

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In this video I discuss What is chemical engineering? To put simply, in chemical engineering you design processes to transport, transform, and produce materials. Chemical engineering is much more than just working with chemicals. You have to design chemical plants, reactors, and work with the processes that go into many of the products we know of. Careers in chemical engineering include alternative energy, food production, electronics, industrial chemicals, petroleum, and more.

In this video I also discuss chemistry vs chemical engineering and how to know which major may be better for you. As a chemistry major you'd dive deeper into learning chemical reactions on a smaller scale and wouldn't learn any of the engineering principles to scale these reactions. Simply put, if you want to work solely in a lab, and work with chemical reactions, then you might want to major in chemistry or biochemistry. However, if you want to take those reactions, but figure out how to make them happen on a large scale, so they can go out to consumers or businesses, then a major in chemical engineering would be better for you. Chemical engineers can work with chemicals in a lab, but it's just less common to hear of this.

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Why I Quit Chemical Engineering ($80k Salary after 7 Years)

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Tell me about Chemical Engineering

Professor Eva Sorensen discusses the Chemical Engineering programme at UCL.

Chemical Engineer - Careers in Science and Engineering

What's it really like to be a chemical engineer? What does a chemical engineer do all day? Anita Kalathil shows us some of the latest chemistry projects taking place at Proctor & Gamble and what her typical day is like inside and outside the lab. Find out what it's like to be a chemical engineer.

What Chemical Engineers Do

This film illustrates the substance and breadth of chemical engineering's contributions, and hopes to inspire young people and the public to seek a better understanding and take more interest in chemical engineering.

The AIChE Foundation's Doing A World of Good Campaign recognizes companies and individuals for solving societal problems to benefit humanity through the safe and responsible practice of chemical engineering.

Learn more and get involved at

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AIChE is the world's leading organization for chemical engineering professionals, with more than 60,000 members from more than 110 countries. AIChE has the breadth of resources and expertise you need whether you are in core process industries or emerging areas, such as translational medicine.

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The History of Chemical Engineering: Crash Course Engineering #5

Today we’ll cover the fourth and final of our core disciplines of engineering: chemical engineering. We’ll talk about its history and evolution going from soda ash competitions to oil refineries and renewable energies. We’ll also discuss some newer and emerging fields like biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

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“Basic Principles and Calculations in Chemical Engineering” by David Mautner Himmelblau, James B. Riggs


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Sylvie Cloutier: Chemical Engineer

Watch how Sylvie uses chemical engineering to make everyday foods healthier.

College Day in the Life of Chemical Engineering Student 2018

Hi i am Jay. 1st Year Chemical Engineering Student studying at Heriot-Watt Edinburgh Scotland. I decided to take you with me on the first day back to university. Hope you all Enjoy the Video!

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College Day in the Life of Chemical Engineering Student
College Day in the Life of Chemical Engineering Student
College Day in the Life of Chemical Engineering Student

College Day in My Life || 24 Hours of a Senior Chemical Engineering Student

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Why study chemical engineering at Cambridge?

Our current students and lecturers talk about their experiences of chemical engineering at Cambridge and why it's the perfect subject if you're interested in developing materials and processes that can improve our lives, clean up our planet and help us to live more sustainably.

Diploma in Chemical Engineering

Find out more about SP's Diploma in Chemical Engineering and our unique facilities.

Chemical Engineer: Reality vs Expectations

My guest is a PhD chemical engineering student at Cornell University. He talks about his experience at his internship and gives advice about studying chemical engineering

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What is Chemical Engineering?

Chemical engineering benefits society and the environment by combining science, mathematics and engineering to develop new technologies, processes and products.

Chemical engineers change the world by transforming ideas into products and services in an ethical, safe, responsible and efficient way.

With a chemical engineering degree, you could make an impact by tackling important social challenges and improving quality of life. You could have a role in providing clean water and sanitation, recovering valuable materials and energy from waste, developing and delivering food, or improving healthcare and chemical products.

Find out about chemical engineering courses at the University of Bath:

Apa yang Chemical Engineer Buat?

Ini rupanya beza chemical engineer dengan chemist dalam lab.

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Chemical Engineer Salary in 2019 – How much do chemical engineers make in 2019?

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How much does Chemical engineer make in a year?
In this video, we examine the average chemical engineer salary in 2019. We gathered data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to determine the average salary of chemical engineers. We also look at the historical salaries of chemical engineers and the best states by salary for chemical engineers.

The chemical engineers’ incomes are from the Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) program. These salaries do not include bonuses or benefits. In our opinion, these are the most accurate salary numbers (better than indeed, glassdoor, and payscale).

Chemical engineers:
• Conduct research to develop new and improved manufacturing processes
• Establish safety procedures for those working with dangerous chemicals
• Develop processes for separating components of liquids and gases, or for generating electrical currents, by using controlled chemical processes
• Design and plan the layout of equipment
• Conduct tests and monitor the performance of processes throughout production
• Troubleshoot problems with manufacturing processes
• Evaluate equipment and processes to ensure compliance with safety and environmental regulations
• Estimate production costs for management

Some chemical engineers, known as process engineers, specialize in a particular process, such as oxidation (a reaction of oxygen with chemicals to make other chemicals) or polymerization (making plastics and resins).

Others specialize in a particular field, such as nanomaterials (extremely small substances) or biological engineering. Still others specialize in developing specific products.
In addition, chemical engineers work in the production of energy, electronics, food, clothing, and paper. They must understand how the manufacturing process affects the environment and the safety of workers and consumers.

Chemical engineers also conduct research in the life sciences, biotechnology, and business services.
In this video, Stephen talks about the average Chemical engineer salary nationally and across the United States. “How much does a Chemical engineer make?” is an important question for people trying to choose between different engineering fields. Salaries aren’t everything, but it is a component of a career. Chemical Engineers are well paid engineers that play a vital role in our society.

Career Watch is a career driven Youtube channel devoted to informing people about career trends.

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Chemical Engineering Q&A!!

Hey guys! today I sit down and answer questions from you guys about being a chemical engineering student. If I didn't answer a question you have in this video, please comment your down below and I can make a part two!

Thanks for watching!!!

HOW TO BECOME A CHEMICAL ENGINEER | Career, Salary, Jobs, Education Full Information

How to become a Chemical engineer, career, salary, jobs education full information in hindi
Namskar dosto, agar ap bhi janna chahte hai ki Chemical engineer kaise bane aur iske liye kya kya karna hoga is vide iski puri jaankaari dene ki kosis ki hai.umeed krta hu apko ye video pasand aayegi.
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A Closer Look at Chemical Engineering

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A Day in a Life of a Chemical Engineering Student