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Chemical Engineering Students


MUST WATCH-College Advice from a 3.96 Chemical Engineering Graduate

I interview my friend and classmate Zach who killed it uni! The top student in our class, Zach has contributed to a number of research projects.

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College Day in the Life of Chemical Engineering Student 2018

Hi i am Jay. 1st Year Chemical Engineering Student studying at Heriot-Watt Edinburgh Scotland. I decided to take you with me on the first day back to university. Hope you all Enjoy the Video!

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College Day in the Life of Chemical Engineering Student
College Day in the Life of Chemical Engineering Student
College Day in the Life of Chemical Engineering Student


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UCLA finals week vlog // chemical engineer // festive (:

This is a UCLA finals vlog from a stressed chemical engineering student!!! :')

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Chemical Engineer: Reality vs Expectations

My guest is a PhD chemical engineering student at Cornell University. He talks about his experience at his internship and gives advice about studying chemical engineering

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The History of Chemical Engineering: Crash Course Engineering #5

Today we’ll cover the fourth and final of our core disciplines of engineering: chemical engineering. We’ll talk about its history and evolution going from soda ash competitions to oil refineries and renewable energies. We’ll also discuss some newer and emerging fields like biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

NOTE: This is a re-upload to correct an error at ~2:00

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“Basic Principles and Calculations in Chemical Engineering” by David Mautner Himmelblau, James B. Riggs


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Chemist vs Chemical Engineer (Lec008)


Ever wonder about Engineering? Or more specifically, about Chemical Engineering?

We will guide you through all the required information in order to let you know if Chemical Engineering is for you! We start from simple stuff such as the required education, what you will learn, student life, and what you will actually need for your professional life.

What is Engineering and Chemical Engineering?
What is the structure of the ChemE Study Curriculum?
How can you get the most of your ChemE student life
Where can a Chemical Engineer work and which type of
Average salaries around the world for recent ChemE grads and Senior level
Applying for Academic Institutions for a Bachelor/Master and Exchange Programs
Applying for a Job posting
Real life examples of Chemical Engineers working!
After this course you will definitively be sure if you want to become a Chemical Engineer or not! Money back guarantee!

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Why I chose my major: Chemical Engineering & Materials Science

Two University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering students talk about what they’re learning in classes, labs, and internships in their chemical engineering and materials science majors.

What I do as a chemical engineer: A presentation for the high school student

This is a short presentation I made discussing what I do at my job as a chemical engineer in the HVAC field. The goal is to get high school students interested in chemical engineering as a career choice. Comments and suggestions are welcome!

I have also written a short book on chemical engineering as a career choice for high school students and recent graduates.

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CAREERS IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING – B.Tech,M.Tech, Chemists,IIT,NIT,Job Opportunities,Salary Package

CAREERS IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING.Go through the career opportunities of CHEMICAL ENGINEERING, Govt jobs and Employment News channel from – The No.1 job portal for freshers in India. Visit for detailed Career information,Job Opportunities,Education details of CHEMICAL ENGINEERING.
It isnt surprising to know that engineering is one of the most well paid career opportunities all over the world today. If you are living in India, this choice could make your life. Engineering is not just demanding but also a lucrative opportunity. Here you will not only earn enough respect but also earn enough to live a healthy and expensive lifestyle. As we all know, engineering comes with innumerable branches. But if you are in search of something that will open several doors and opportunities, chemical engineering could be considered as ideal. According to a few popular surveys, this particular sector pays higher than rest of the fields, provides a large number of services to its customers and gives incredible job opportunities to everyone.
Some of the typical jobs you are expected to do in this field include conducting important researches with fellow work partners and colleagues, to create and design new plans of production, using fresh technologies on a regular basis, working with chemists and often providing directions to other engineers so that the output level is maximized. This will allow the production facilities to function in a much powerful manner. Other assignments include handling new developments, coming up with fresh methods of safety production and establishing proper systems of support and operations.
With a degree in chemical engineering, you can work in several sectors including government, industries, iron and steel, petrochemicals, pharma manufacturing, biotechnology, environment, safety and health. The salary of chemical engineers is always high. You could start off with 25,000 to 30,000 if you’re a fresher. And the amount definitely continues to increase with time. However, you can always be paid more as a fresher if you happen to have a lot of experience and skill from beforehand. Some of the most common jobs assigned to chemical engineers include operations manager, production manager, process design engineering etc. People who have worked for around 10 to 15 years can earn up to 1.5 to 2 lakhs per month. If you are working in a private sector, you will be paid more.
If you aspire to excel in the field of chemical engineering, it would be best to complete your 12th standard with science subjects including mathematics. Once you are done with that, make sure to send an application to some of the best engineering institutions all over the country. Here is a list you should not miss out on
• Thapar University, Patiala
• Motilal Nehru International University, Allahabad
• Birla Institute of Technology and Science
• National Institute of Technology
• Indian Institute of Technology
• Birla Institute of Technology and Science.
All of intuitions come with a difficult entrance test and it isnt easy to nail them. But if you do get the opportunity to study in one, your life is made.
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Advice From A Chemical Engineer

A Chemical Engineer gives advice.

Chemical Engineer - Careers in Science and Engineering

What's it really like to be a chemical engineer? What does a chemical engineer do all day? Anita Kalathil shows us some of the latest chemistry projects taking place at Proctor & Gamble and what her typical day is like inside and outside the lab. Find out what it's like to be a chemical engineer.

Chem Eng Life

31st Annual Chemical Engineering Department Dinner
University of Toronto

Directed by: Armand Suwanda and Katie Dristas
Lyrics by: Nikola Andric and Madonna Khalil
Vocals: Nikola Andric
Editing: Fang Su and Armand Suwanda

Chemical Engineering

Please note: Course content may have changed since this film was produced.

Chemical engineers design and operate industrial processes that convert raw materials into valuable products. The need for more sophisticated products and sustainable processes means chemical engineers are in great demand.

Our course concentrates on the scientific principles that underpin modern chemical and biochemical engineering. The aim is to produce graduates that meet the needs of today's process industries by providing technical competence, training in transferable skills, and a thorough understanding of the subject.

To find out more about Chemical Engineering at Cambridge, see

Some of the students who appear in our course films are also featured in the 60 Second Impressions series, which can be found at - keep checking back as we'll be adding new films every couple of weeks!

Chemical Engineering for High School Students: An Intro to Process Systems Engineering

A short presentation I made for high school students on some of what I do as a chemical engineer. The presentation is on the chemical engineering subfield of process systems engineering.

If you are interested in a career in chemical engineering, then I recommend my book to you. It is short (about 130 pages) and inexpensive.

$4.99 Kindle, $9.99 in print:

My Amazon author page:

Comments and suggestions welcome!

Welcome to UCL Chemical Engineering

Professor Marc-Olivier Coppens, Head of UCL Chemical Engineering presents a welcome video, highlighting the history of the department, programmes available, world-class teaching and research, plus much more.

A Day in the Life of a Chemical Engineering Student

Current undergraduate James takes you on a tour of a typical day in the life of a Chemical Engineering student at the University of Birmingham.

Presented by James Cardus (Chemical Engineering with Industrial Study) and produced by Jagjit Chaggar (Chemical Engineering with International and Industrial Study).

For queries about the programmes on offer, tweet us @eps_unibham

Career options after graduating from Chemical Engineering – B.Tech, M.Tech, After Engineering ?

Get the latest interview tips,Job notifications,top MNC openings,placement papers and many more only at
A degree in Chemical Engineering will open up a wide range of employment avenues for you. You could go into manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, health care, pulp and paper, design and construction, petrochemicals, food processing, polymers, biotechnology, environmental health and safety, energy, electronics, nanotechnology, advanced materials and many other fields.

Chemical Engineers work in laboratories, plants, and offices. There are jobs available in research, design, development, manufacturing, optimization, teaching, and consulting.
Some career paths you could choose from:
Chemical Process Industries (CPI) : Designing and operating reactors, processes, and systems to combine, transport, separate, and recycle chemicals. Examples of CPIs are agricultural chemicals, catalysts, specialty chemicals, paints/varnishes/lacquers/paper coatings, pigments and inks, petrochemicals, plastics/synthetic resins/composites, polymers, pulp and paper, rubber, soaps/detergents/perfumes, synthetic fibers, textiles and coatings.
Biotechnology : Using living cells, cell materials and biological techniques to produce antibiotics, insulin, recombinant DNA, artificial organs, techniques for medical, environmental and nutritional improvements, among other things.
Food and Drugs : Processing, preparation, packaging and preservation of food, beverages and pharmaceuticals. This industry needs Chemical Engineers to design new products to meet consumer demand and improve performance and quality.
Advanced Materials : Chemical Engineers are employed in the Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Minerals and Imaging sectors to design and control production of advanced polymers, ceramics and hybrid materials for improved performance.
Environment, Health and Safety : Every process involving chemicals produces some by-products, and Chemical Engineers control these variables through process monitoring and control, efficient and safe process design, waste treatment, environmental impact studies, etc.
Fuel and Energy : Production and refining of petroleum and petrochemical products, as well as nuclear and synthetic fuels. Chemical Engineers are also instrumental in developing alternate energy sources.
Electronics : Chemical Engineers are involved in materials development and production, process control equipment and algorithm design, in the manufacture of microchips and integrated circuit, and in producing components that efficiently dissipate heat and electromagnetic signals.
Process Design and Construction : Chemical Engineers help build facilities and specialty operations, and design and troubleshoot processes to make sure the chemical operations are safe and efficient.
Government, Business, Law : Chemical Engineers can use their technical training to join government agencies, business, patent law, insurance, industrial finance, and publishing. Some U.S. Government employers are the Department of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Navy, NASA, the Department of Agriculture, and the Patent and Trademark Office.

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Meet Stanford Engineering student Milena Gonzalez

Milena Gonzalez graduated in 2012 with a degree in Chemical Engineering. Now she's a co-term in the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering majoring in Atmosphere and Energy.

Claire Takeover! UCLA Chemical Engineering Student During Finals!

Hi everyone! I hope you are excited to see a new face taking over my vlogs today and this is Claire, one of my incredible interns who is a first year and chemical engineering major student! She is awesome and is new to vlogging so I hope you all liked her first vlog! She really gave great insight in how much studying goes on for a hard major like hers!

Thank you all so much for watching and I hope you subscribe to be a part of the #infinityfam and I'll talk to you all in the next vlog!



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