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Chemical Engineering Students


College Day in the Life of Chemical Engineering Student 2018

Hi i am Jay. 1st Year Chemical Engineering Student studying at Heriot-Watt Edinburgh Scotland. I decided to take you with me on the first day back to university. Hope you all Enjoy the Video!

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College Day in the Life of Chemical Engineering Student
College Day in the Life of Chemical Engineering Student
College Day in the Life of Chemical Engineering Student

What is Chemical Engineering?

In this video I discuss What is chemical engineering? To put simply, in chemical engineering you design processes to transport, transform, and produce materials. Chemical engineering is much more than just working with chemicals. You have to design chemical plants, reactors, and work with the processes that go into many of the products we know of. Careers in chemical engineering include alternative energy, food production, electronics, industrial chemicals, petroleum, and more.

In this video I also discuss chemistry vs chemical engineering and how to know which major may be better for you. As a chemistry major you'd dive deeper into learning chemical reactions on a smaller scale and wouldn't learn any of the engineering principles to scale these reactions. Simply put, if you want to work solely in a lab, and work with chemical reactions, then you might want to major in chemistry or biochemistry. However, if you want to take those reactions, but figure out how to make them happen on a large scale, so they can go out to consumers or businesses, then a major in chemical engineering would be better for you. Chemical engineers can work with chemicals in a lab, but it's just less common to hear of this.


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Chemical Engineering First Year Orientation

Chemical Engineer - Careers in Science and Engineering

What's it really like to be a chemical engineer? What does a chemical engineer do all day? Anita Kalathil shows us some of the latest chemistry projects taking place at Proctor & Gamble and what her typical day is like inside and outside the lab. Find out what it's like to be a chemical engineer.

Chemical Engineer: Reality vs Expectations

My guest is a PhD chemical engineering student at Cornell University. He talks about his experience at his internship and gives advice about studying chemical engineering

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Chemical engineering student talks about his MBA plans


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MUST WATCH-College Advice from a 3.96 Chemical Engineering Graduate

I interview my friend and classmate Zach who killed it uni! The top student in our class, Zach has contributed to a number of research projects.

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What I do as a chemical engineer: A presentation for the high school student

This is a short presentation I made discussing what I do at my job as a chemical engineer in the HVAC field. The goal is to get high school students interested in chemical engineering as a career choice. Comments and suggestions are welcome!

I have also written a short book on chemical engineering as a career choice for high school students and recent graduates.

Check it out on Amazon here!

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Technical Questions asked in Interview for Chemical Engineer from Fluid Flow

I have uploaded the video that covers the interview questions asked for a chemical engineering students from fluid flow operations.
Specially from pumps the technical interview questions are covered.
The questions covered in the video is asked by most of the core chemical company, fertilizer and petroleum companies.
NPSH and Pump related technical questions covered.
chemical engineering interview questions
interview questions and answers for chemical engineers
interview questions and answers for freshers
interview questions and answers for freshers in india
interview questions and answers for freshers in mechanical

Chemical Engineer Interview | Chemical Engineering Job Market | Chemical Engineering Careers Life

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This episode is a Chemical Engineering Job Market, Chemical Engineering Jobs, Chemical Engineer Interview with Ash Norton. Where she discusses Chemical Engineering Jobs, Chemical Engineering Careers Life, chemical engineering as a major, chemical engineering projects, chemical engineering salary, chemical engineering interview questions, chemical engineering job market, what chemical engineers do, is chemical engineering hard, is chemical engineer for me, worth it

Empowering Young Engineers
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Chemical Engineering: Use in Daily life

Vinay | Masters in Chemical Engineering, I.I.T. Kanpur, Sharing Experience


Chemical Engineering students train at full-scale plant facility 'CATCH'

Our students experience life as a Chemical Engineer at one of the best training facilities in the UK – CATCH (Centre for Assessment of Technical Competency).

Part of our Chemical Engineering students' training takes place at the £8million centre, which offers a full-scale plant facility run by an experienced team managed by the Humber Chemicals Forum.

The centre, located in the shadow of the Philips 66 Humber refinery, provides access to realistic equipment, physical environment and operating procedures.

CATCH is internationally recognised as a best-in-class facility, and our students find CATCH to be an exciting and valuable experience.

For more information about studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Hull visit

Engineering School Study Habits

Hi! I am Dr. Bradley James Ridder, and this is a short presentation I made to give advice to students on how to study effectively in engineering school, and avoid a lot of the pitfalls I saw students get nailed by when I was a teaching assistant.

I have also written a short book on chemical engineering as a career path, geared towards high school students and recent high school graduates.

$4.99 in Kindle, $9.99 in print:

My Amazon author page:

Chemical and Process Engineering Final year projects 2017

Our final year students work on projects in their final year of the BE(Hons).
Here are some of our students talking about the work they have been doing.

Chemical Engineering Students

Claire Takeover! UCLA Chemical Engineering Student During Finals!

Hi everyone! I hope you are excited to see a new face taking over my vlogs today and this is Claire, one of my incredible interns who is a first year and chemical engineering major student! She is awesome and is new to vlogging so I hope you all liked her first vlog! She really gave great insight in how much studying goes on for a hard major like hers!

Thank you all so much for watching and I hope you subscribe to be a part of the #infinityfam and I'll talk to you all in the next vlog!



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