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Clever(?) Questions for Atheists (Kind Of) Answered


Clever(?) Questions for Atheists (Kind Of) Answered


Well, this is the silliest.

Grand Canyon info:

The God Delusion - Richard Dawkins


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An Ex-Christian And An Ex-Atheist Answer 10 Questions

People have a strong opinions when it comes to religion but what happens when those views change?


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Atheists can't answer this question! ...But We Can



Frank Turek (Cross Examined on youtube) is a Christian apologist who recycles old, tired apologetics like William Paley's watchmaker analogy and the teleological argument when his views are challenged. Here, Turek goes up against Douglas Adams' puddle analogy as a response to claims of intelligent design. Frank thinks DNA is a code or message made by god, as there's no other explanation for it. The issue is, Turek is unfamiliar with the basics evolution, and how DNA evolves. Here, we see apologetics fired out in a rapid patter, creating a concise piece of Christian propaganda. I'm here to debunk it.



Original video:

Zircon crystals date 4B y/o:

Rationality Rules | Watchmaker Argument Debunked:

Face on mars:

Eclipse of Thales:

Discovery of pulsars:

Basics of DNA/evolution:

This video contains 100% therapeutic grade skepticism.*

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10 Questions for Atheists Answered

Questions for atheists:

Questions for Christians:

8 Atheist Countries:




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Ricky Gervais And Stephen Go Head-To-Head On Religion

Ricky Gervais proves a formidable opponent for Stephen in a spirited conversation about belief, religion and atheism.

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Lost Wizard's Commentary 2018-01-25 - Clever Questions Atheists Can't Answer

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So I found a web page with a fairly extensive and representative list of questions from creationists/Christians/etc. that are somehow supposed to debunk or convert atheists to become saved. I thought it would be amusing to run through the questions and comment on them. This is basically off the cuff with no research behind my comments.

In case anyone is wondering and couldn't read the URL in the video, here's the source page:

Answering 10 question for atheists.

These are 10 questions that atheists often get asked and these are my responses.

Leave me a response

10 Questions Every Intelligent Atheist Must Answer

Can I answer these questions?

some canadian atheist-clever questions atheists can't answer (response)

yes, these questions are serious...
original blog post here-

Types Of Atheism Questions | Here Is The Answer!

The question of “Who created Allah” is finally coming to an end. If ALLAH has created the universe, who created ALLAH? Proof of the existence of Allah. The answer to the question of “Who created Allah”.
Just click play for this and more :) #atheism #allah #god
types of atheism, atheism question,

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Questions No Atheist Can Answer – Debunked

This is Questions No Atheist Can Answer – Debunked.

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1). Questions No Atheist Can Answer:

2). Counter Argument's Religion Is A Language (Monty Python quote):

3). Douglas Adams’ Sentient Puddle:

4). Friends’ “I knew it”:

Richard Dawkins: 'Somebody as intelligent as Jesus would have been an atheist'

Richard Dawkins: 'Somebody as intelligent as Jesus would have been an atheist'
In the latest in John Harris's National Conversations series of interviews, Richard Dawkins is invited to defend his atheism. What about the comfort, community, and moral education offered by religion?

For more from the Guardian:

1 question that every intelligent Atheist must answer

If you are an educated Atheist, I would like to talk with you today about an important and interesting question. Have you ever thought about using your college education to think about your origin? Your life and your career demand that you behave and act rationally. Let's apply your critical thinking skills as we discuss 1 simple question about your origin. The answer will amaze you.

Here is the link for the starfedrogue reply video

It says:
[SLIDE 37: Flow chart of protobiogenesis] [*I won't have time to go into details*], but I want to point out that every single step that would be required for the naturalistic origin of cells has been shown experimentally to be not just [*possible*], but [*probable*]...

In my Atheist Illusion Video, this would fall under Keep The Faith

As for starfedrogue's claim that Nonliving Matter has created life, that would be option #3.

All my conversations will be about Abiogenesis.

10 Questions Atheists FAIL to Answer!!!

I'm tempted to make a 10 questions christians fail to answer
It's comedic both ways...

Questions even Smart Atheists CAN'T Answer

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Questions even Smart Atheists CAN'T Answer

God creation or evolution?

Frank Turek answers student questions about Intelligent design and the human eye

A student asks Frank Turek questions about intelligent design and the human eye during the I Don't Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist Seminar on February 29, 2012 at the Ohio State University Student Union. This student says nature created itself. Frank asks, where did nature come from because it's not always been here. Student says nature created itself from atoms which came from streams? Where did these streams come from? Energy? But energy hasn't always existed either. Student doesn't know. Frank asks - How can you get something from nothing? The ultimate question Frank asks him is - If Christianity were true - would you become a Christian? He says he wouldn't for moral reasons. Student says he doesn't believe God exists and he doesn't think the Christian God of the Bible is moral. Frank asks, where do you get this idea of morality, if there is no God? Student says it's too long of an answer to go into.

COMMENTS ARE WELCOMED, AS LONG AS THEY ARE NOT ATTACKING OR CONTAIN FOUL LANGUAGE. If you don't agree with Frank Turek, please share any evidence or proof you can to support your opinions. Feel free to post your comments following these guidelines. Honest debate is great!

11 MORE Questions Atheists Can't Answer - SJ Thomason Edition

This time around we have 11 more questions Atheists can't answer, posited by SJ Thomason. I personally didn't think these were terribly hard to answer with one or two exceptions, but I do hope this opens up a dialogue about the subject.

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Answering the Atheists' Unanswerable Questions

Wherein I respond to NonSequitur's atheist collaboration video. Some of my answers simultaneously covered more than one question, so I left out the effective duplicates because there's no sense in repeating myself

Also, as to the first question, it’s been brought to my attention that it was a parody answer.

I actually didn’t see it as a parody at all but it very well could have been. If it was, then obviously I take back certain elements of what I said but even if it was a parody, I think parts of my answer would still account for the point she was trying to make. I didn’t consider any of these as attempts at parody but actual questions we were supposed to answer. TBH, I’ve seen atheists unironically ask that before. But if it was a parody I take back some of the harshness associated with my answer

Original video:
My argument for God's existence:
My argument for Christianity:

My friend Boethius' response to the same video. Also sub to his channel:

Anti-theist Answers to Slick Questions

Answering Matt Slick's 'Questions for Atheists'
on his apologetics website.

Daniel Radcliffe Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

'Miracle Workers' star Daniel Radcliffe takes the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answers the internet's most searched questions about himself. Does Daniel Radcliffe have tattoos? Which Harry Potter movie is his favorite? Where did Daniel meet his girlfriend? Is Daniel on social media? Daniel Radcliffe answers all these questions and more!

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Daniel Radcliffe Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED



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