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Clever(?) Questions for Atheists (Kind Of) Answered


Clever(?) Questions for Atheists (Kind Of) Answered


Well, this is the silliest.

Grand Canyon info:

The God Delusion - Richard Dawkins


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Questions No Atheist Can Answer – Debunked

This is Questions No Atheist Can Answer – Debunked.

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1). Questions No Atheist Can Answer:

2). Counter Argument's Religion Is A Language (Monty Python quote):

3). Douglas Adams’ Sentient Puddle:

4). Friends’ “I knew it”:

'Clever' questions atheists can't answer

Easily debunked lol

Overwhelmingly Intellectual Answers to an Atheist by Dr Zakir Naik

Dr Zakir Naik Convincingly Answered all Intellectual Questions posed by an Atheist

Lecture Name: Ask Dr Zakir (Dubai - Part 1)
Video Code: A.D.ZN_D1_13



"10 Questions Atheists Can't Answer" Answered

This is a video response in which I answer ten questions which atheists supposedly can't answer.

10 Questions for Atheists Answered

Questions for atheists:

Questions for Christians:

8 Atheist Countries:




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RE: 10 Questions Every Intelligent Christian Must Answer

I respond to a video containing 10 questions for 'Intelligent Christians'. It doesn't seem tailored for a response, but I thought I'd make one anyway.

Watch the Original:

Blue Sizzle - Madness Paranoia by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

"Atheists can't answer this question!" ...But We Can



Frank Turek (Cross Examined on youtube) is a Christian apologist who recycles old, tired apologetics like William Paley's watchmaker analogy and the teleological argument when his views are challenged. Here, Turek goes up against Douglas Adams' puddle analogy as a response to claims of intelligent design. Frank thinks DNA is a code or message made by god, as there's no other explanation for it. The issue is, Turek is unfamiliar with the basics evolution, and how DNA evolves. Here, we see apologetics fired out in a rapid patter, creating a concise piece of Christian propaganda. I'm here to debunk it.



Original video:

Zircon crystals date 4B y/o:

Rationality Rules | Watchmaker Argument Debunked:

Face on mars:

Eclipse of Thales:

Discovery of pulsars:

Basics of DNA/evolution:

This video contains 100% therapeutic grade skepticism.*

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10 Questions Atheists Can't Answer (Onision Reacts)

10 questions atheists can't answer? Onision reacts :P There are so many questions atheists supposedly can't answer. Let me, Onision, an Agnostic person, go through all of these questions right now :) OnisionSpeaks, Onision & UhOhBro are hosted by Onision. Onision Speaks covers real topics, Onision is a comedy sketch/music channel & Uh Oh Bro is just me messing around for laughs. I hope you subscribe to and love all my YouTube channels!


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Lost Wizard's Commentary 2018-01-25 - "Clever Questions Atheists Can't Answer"

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So I found a web page with a fairly extensive and representative list of questions from creationists/Christians/etc. that are somehow supposed to debunk or convert atheists to become saved. I thought it would be amusing to run through the questions and comment on them. This is basically off the cuff with no research behind my comments.

In case anyone is wondering and couldn't read the URL in the video, here's the source page:

Philos71: 5 Questions Every Intelligent Atheist Must Answer

Answer to question 1 Of Philos 5 questions.

More info on the statistical side of evolution can be found in Sean B Carrolls books 'Endless Forms Most Beautiful' and 'The making of the Fittest'

Answer to Questions 2,3+4

Answer to Question 5:

Philos71: 5 Questions Every Intelligent Atheist Must Answer Q2,3+4

A continuation of my response to Philos71
Answers to question 2 and a combined answer to 3 and 4

Answer to Question 1:

Answer to Question 5:

Re: 5 Questions Every Intelligent Atheist MUST Answer

I pissed on what so many before me have pissed on

Philos71: 5 Questions Every Intelligent Atheist Must Answer Q5

Answer to question 5, maybe the question I best managed to really get my teeth into.

Answer to question 1:

Answer to Question 2,3+4

He Couldn't Answer an Atheist's Question

Hell's Best Kept Secret changed this person's life.

Freely watch it here:

Watch more free videos and get other resources by Ray Comfort and Living Waters at

Answers for atheists: a follow up to my Questions for Atheist video

This week’s instalment of Questions for . . . will be a follow up vid I am so cleverly calling Answers for. Some atheists & skeptics had objections and questions about my questions so here in this vid I will answer the five most common that I get at least once a week in the comments of that video.
What is the definition of religion?
What is the definition of atheism?
What is the definition of agnosticism?
What is a Mature Faith?
And what is an atheistic religion?

*correction, I say “origin” when I meant “origins.”

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78 Questions for Christians - ANSWERED!

In this episode, I answer 78 questions put forward by an atheist for Christians, let's see if I still have a faith by the end!

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Episode Info:
In this episode, Christian Minister Dan Beesley answers 78 questions from an atheist to Christians, this should be fun!

People Tell A Pastor Why They Don't Believe In God

Is God Real?


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Types Of Atheism Questions | Here Is The Answer!

The question of “Who created Allah” is finally coming to an end. If ALLAH has created the universe, who created ALLAH? Proof of the existence of Allah. The answer to the question of “Who created Allah”.
Just click play for this and more :) #atheism #allah #god
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RE: 5 Questions Every Intelligent Atheist MUST Answer

A response to a video I stumbled upon in a random search. The video itself was a well put together piece of creationist propaganda which is one of the reasons I wanted to start posting. This stupid crap is quite frankly poisoning the well of knowledge for the common man because some manipulative people want us to believe a lie. The thing is, for them to be intelligent enough to put together their channels, be as manipulative as they are, and manage to dodge debates with such expertise as to not make it apparent that they've lost to the unobservant and stupid, they are surely intelligent enough to understand the flaws in religion and especially creationism. The only explanation I can see is that they are willingly deceiving their followers for their own ends... I just wish I knew what their goals are.

This is the video I'm responding to.
5 Questions Every Intelligent Atheist MUST Answer



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