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Coding 101 1: Coding 01100101


Coding 101 1: Coding 01100101

In the first episode of Coding 101, we learn how to convert binary into decimal, then break it down into machine code.


Binary is a base 2 system. With the total sum based on each binary value being either on or off (Which is why it's called BINARY)

2-bit Binary Value
* Each BIT can have 2 values - on or off - 1 or 0
* Each Bit is worth the value of powers of 2, counting up from 0.
* We count the values from right to left.
* With two bits, that means the first bit can be worth either 1 (2(0)) or 0 while the second bit can be worth 2 (2(1)) or 0
* If we have a value of 00 = 0 :: 11 = 3 :: 10 = 2 :: 01 -1
* If we have a n 8-bit value the maximum value will be (1+2+4+8+16+32+64+128) 255

Let's Break Down the process!
* If I had a value like 10101010... what logic would I use to get to the DECIMAL value? (170)
* I would create a Total Variable
* I would look at each position, from left to right, giving each position a value of 0-7
* If the value was 0 then I would skip to the next value.
* If the value was 1, then I would raise 2 to the power of that position, then add that value to the Total Variable.
* Once I have no more values to calculate, I would report my total.

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Coding 101 11: Python - Getting Started

This week we are introducing our newest module, Python with Code Warrior Dale Chase!

How to Learn Code (The 3 Main Ways)

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Should you go back to school for a 2nd bachelors in Computer Science? Are bootcamps worth it?

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What Is Coding? 15 Facts for Beginners

Coding isn't scary: this video demystifies and breaks down coding for complete beginners (or people who are just curious).

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Coding vs Programming - is there a difference?

I started this video off wanting to talk about why relying on too many tutorials may be a bad thing, but then decided I would talk about the difference between coding and programming.

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Coding 101 80: TWiT API - 1 of 4

Hosts: Fr. Robert Ballecer and Lou Maresca
Bug Bounties and a first look at TWiT's new API.
Guest: Patrick Delahanty
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Coding Math: Episode 1 - Introduction

Coding Math is a video series aimed at demonstrating useful math principles using code. It also aims to help you learn the math to use to accomplish various tasks in your programs. In this first episode, I walk through the sample project structure that will be used in future videos.

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Coding 101 21: Perl: Getting Started

Hosts: Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ and Shannon Morse

Guest: Patrick Delahanty

Ivory Tower

Control Structures
* The structure of Perl is more like C# than Python
-- While Python uses whitespace to delineate lines of code, Perl uses ; a semicolon
-- Also like C#, Perl uses {} Curly brackets to create BLOCKS of code

* Much like Python, Perl doesn't require you to declare variables seperately from expressions.
* You can declare variable WITHIN the expression.

Perl offers three types of variables: Scalars, Arays and Associative Arrays
* We're going to show you the first two: Scalars and Arrays

Printing in Perl
* Printing in Perl works much in the same way as printing in Python
* You can print numbers, strings, variables, and combinations thereof.

* These are either numbers or strings
* Perl doesn't require you to mark a variable as either a number or a string... it all looks the same to Perl
* Perl also doesn't require you to differerentiate between integers and real numbers

Usage of Scalars:
* You declare a scalar variable by using $ right befofe the name of the variable
$Var1 = 28 Creates a variable named Var1 containing the integer 4
$Var2 = Coding 101 Crates a variable named Var2 containing the string Coding 101
$Var3 = 3.14 Creates a variable named Var3 containing the decimal number 4.5

* An array is a ONE-DIMENSIONAL indexed list of Scalar variables

Usage of Arrays
* You declare an array by using @ right before the name of the array
* Individual scalar variables within the array can be accessed by pointing to their index with the SCALAR identifier
@C101 = (Padre, Snubs, Bryan) Creates an array named C101 and fills it with the strings, Padre, Snubs and Bryan
@coding = @c101 Creates an array called, coding and fills it with the values from the array c101
$C101[2] = Cranky Hippo Changes the value in the third item in the array C101 from Bryan to Cranky Hippo

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Running time: 42:03

What is Coding?

This video is an overview of computer programming (coding) at the most basic level. See where it came from and how it works.

Content, narration, animation, and editing by Austin Olney

Music: Readers! Do You Read? by Chris Zabriskie (

Coding: Prisoner to programmer - BBC News

Computer software, apps and websites are all made using coding languages or code for short. But despite the importance of coding, there is a major global shortage of people with the right skills. One group in South Africa is working to change that and hopes to create better opportunities for former prisoners. Brothers For All is an organisation founded by former criminals who now teach coding both in poor neighbourhoods and in prison.
Video journalist: Christian Parkinson

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Coding 101 4: If Coding, Then Watch This

This week we are reviewing For Loops, and checking out If (then) Else Statements.

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Coding for Dummies Vol 1

I've started a How To for BYOND coding.
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Common Bad Habits in Coding

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In this episode of Dev, Eric and Alicia discuss some coding bad habits, and how you can fix those less-than-ideal habits in order to make your code perfect!




Coding 101 49: PHP Basics

Host: Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ

TWiT Engineer Patrick Delahanty comes on the show to teach us the basics of PHP.

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How Hard Is A Coding Bootcamp?

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Coding 101 8: Farewell to C#

This week we are reviewing objects, checking out your viewer submissions, and getting into classes and methods!

The 120-Hour Workweek - Epic Coding Time-lapse

I decided to see how much coding I could do in one week, just for fun. (I'm building a multiplayer programming game for learning how to code.)

Time-lapse video was produced with no post-processing other than stitching together the still frames from my Telepath logger (open source) using ffmpeg. When I was asleep, that's just the software capturing my default Mac screensaver set to display still frames extracted from other YouTube videos.

Check the last few seconds for the final stats. I did way more coding than I thought I could do without frying my brain.

Coding 101 79: Wildcard - Building a Coding Career

A wildcard discussion on finding work in the software industry.

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Coding 101 18: Python: Defining Functions

This week, we close out Python with functions.

Hosts: Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ and Shannon Morse

Guest: Dale Chase

In this episode, we show you how to output to a file, and we're getting back into lists.

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