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Cold Steel Magnum Blowgun FPS=Never ask wife to stun dart you ; )


[REVIEW] Testing ColdSteel Blowgun Darts | DAMAGE Tests| Demos





Modded Cold Steel .625 Blowgun

This video is about my Modded Cold Steel .625 Blowgun. While I've been down, with my bum leg, I've been practicing with my blowgun a bit. check out these sweet mods I've done to it. As always thanks for watching.

Cold Steel Blowgun

Shooting a couple of darts out of my Blowgun. This is not a toy and I do not use this on any animals. This is an emergency item only. This Location is in the Uinta Mountains, Utah.

Cold Steel Big Bore Blowgun Unboxing

We unbox and review the Cold Steel Big Bore 4ft Professional Blowgun, and a bit of a comparison to the original, not Pro blowgun. We test the various darts that came with the Blowgun.

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Watch Us Hunt:

Blowguns: Cold Steel Big Bore Professional 4ft, Cold Steel Big Bore 4ft
Camera: Sony DSC-HX400v
Music: Blizzards - Riot

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Cold Steel Blowgun Review

Preparedmind 101 takes a look at the Cold Steel 5' Take-Down Big Bore Blowgun, and devastates the side of a poor shed that was just sitting there, minding it's own business...not bothering anyone.

Cold Steel Magnum Blowgun FPS=Never ask wife to stun dart you ; )

Why your Dad should be supervised if you buy a Cold Steel Magnum Blowgun for his Birthday and why you should be worried if you most recently bought him a stun gun for his Birthday . Never ask your wife to shoot you with a blowgun to see what it feels like. Remember the box says caution not a toy : )

Cold Steel: (1 of 4) Big Bore Blowgun

Shooting a blowgun is great fun. It is an activity that can be enjoyed indoors or out, in sunny or inclement weather. Skill with a blowgun can lead to many inexpensive hunting adventures and stand you in good stead in survival or self-defense situations. Try our new Big Bore .625 Magnum™ and youll soon find yourself addicted to the fun of shooting the worlds most powerful blowgun!
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Coldsteel Blowgun! Is it a good weapon?:Self Reliance

This is the .625 magnum Coldsteel Blowgun. A beautiful weapon for hunting Small game or just throwing some darts down range at a target! It is an old art practiced for thousands of years. Many tribal communities still use this very effective weapon. Although they may use Poison I unfortunately have not found any that is legal to possess.

If you like this Blowgun you can go to the link below and order one, or check out Amazon! I am not paid to endorse this product I am just a HUGE fan of Coldsteel!

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Using a GoPro with Big Bore Blowgun

I wanted to see how the GoPro would perform attached to the end of the Cold Steel Big Bore Blowgun. Also a short demo of the difference between their old stun darts and the new ones.

Cold Steel Big Bore Blowgun -

Stun Darts -

Equipment Used:

-Cannon T3i -

-GoPro Hero 3+ Black -

-Zoom H1 -

-Neewer Lavalier Mic -

How to Make Replacement Darts for the Cold Steel Blowgun

Cold Steel Blowgun:
1/8 rod for making darts:

Hey guys, here's an easy way to make some blowgun darts for the cold steel big bore blowgun (Or any other blowgun). These darts are accurate and work very well. (recommended for target shooting, not hunting.)

To learn more about making razor broadhead darts for hunting, check out this video:

Blowdart hits cola can

Blowdart hits cola can, about 1250 fps


Blowgun hunting with cold steel blowguns in small creeks.

Blowgun Paper in SlowMotion at 4000 fps (Macro)

Blowgun Paper in SlowMotion at 4000 fps with Phantom Miro LC320S

Cold Steel Blowgun fishing

When the fish dont bite sometimes you have to resort to different tactics to get your dinner! Cold Steel Blowguns slightly modified are an excellent choice!

How Far Can Blowguns Shoot? Two Foot Extension Review!

Ever wonder what the killing range is with blowguns? Well I thought it was a great time to test this after I received and started to review Cold Steels two foot blowgun extension.
The blowgun I use is sold here - (affiliate)
Mini-broadhead darts are sold here - (affiliate)
The Suaoki Range finder that I use in this video is sold here - (afffiliate)
Coldsteels Two Foot Extension - (affiliate)

How to Fix Big Bore Blow Darts

The Cold Steel blow gun is a very good product, but the mini-broad heads often come misshapen on the end. This is a video showing how to fix this problem in seconds.

cold steel big bore blowguns .625 magnum - cerbottana da caccia

dato che nel primo video non si vedeva bene la cerbottana ho fatto questo secondo e riconfermo che è un gran bello strumento.... buona vita
ps: come ripeto spesso, tutto nell'universo è utilizzabile/sperimentabile, le armi sono un invenzione dell'uomo come ogni altra interpretazione, la chiave sta in colui che utilizza tali strumenti.... si può accrescere la propria conoscenza in miriadi di aspetti... a me piace giocare con un pò di tutto... spero di essere in un certo qual modo di spunto.... GIOCATE CONSAPEVOLMENTE

Big Bore Blowgun Review

I did not mention this but it is a 625 magnum 4ft version

Crazy BLOW GUN trick shots!!

Cold Steel Blow Gun Vs Meat Target




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