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Computer science education: why does it suck so much and what if it didn’t? | Ashley Gavin | TEDxNYU


Why a Computer Science Degree WON'T Get You a High Paying Job

In this video, we talk about why getting a computer science degree WON'T get you a high-paying job.

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Educational Technology: Crash Course Computer Science #39

Today we’re going to go a little meta and talk about how computer science can support learning with educational technology. We here at Crash Course are big fans of interactive in-class learning and hands-on experiences, but we also believe in the additive power of educational technology inside and outside the classroom from the Internet itself and Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs to AI driven intelligent tutoring systems and virtual reality.

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How Hard is Computer Science - My Computer Science Degree (First Year)

So how hard is computer science, how much math is in it and should I major in it? In this video I answer all of these questions and talk about the different aspects of my computer science degree and what I and others find the most difficult.

I am a computer science student and am just finishing my first year of my computer science degree and want to share with you the classes I had to take and how difficult each was. I also share my average as well as the class averages for each of these courses.

List of first year required courses:
- Calculus 1
- Calculus 2
- Discrete Math for Computing
- Linear Algebra
- Digital Systems 1
- Computing 1
- Computing 2
- Technical Report Writing

- Introduction to management
- Engineering Economics


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Career Paths for Computer Science Majors

In the computer science industry, the amount of job opportunities and career paths available are ever-growing. Let's lay out a few of those career paths to help you better understand what you want.

I didn't mention every career path, and I didn't go into full detail on those I mentioned. As I said in the video, I'm just giving an overall idea of a few careers to hopefully help others understand a few of their options.

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Why Does Programming Suck?

What Programming Language Should Programmers Learn In 2019? 💻
How To Market Yourself Course:

Why Does Programming Suck?

Today I've received a very interesting question from a reader. Why does programming suck? While it may seem a little bit controversial, having a programmer talking about why programming suck, may seem kind of odd but, well... It does suck sometimes.

One of the reasons why programming sucks is the technology. Technology changes at a rapid pace and it is very difficult to keep up with those changes. Another reason why programming sucks is that it can be difficult and well... The building process is also shitty.

Do you agree with the reasons why programming suck? Do you think programming sucks at first place? Leave a comment below!

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Should I Give Up Computer Science If I Find It Hard?

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I'm on the end of my first year in computer science at a university and I feel like I need to do a lot
more work than others to achieve the same goals (don't know how true this is, but I have asked some people I've gotten
to know during studies, that how much time they use for weekly assignments and they don't use nearly as much as I do).
Because of that, I am starting to question if this field of study is wrong for me and would like to know that did you ever
struggle with programming during your studies, or was it always just easy and logical?

-Anonymous P.

Being a Software Developer Sucks!

I’ve been writing code since the age of 7 and worked commercially for twenty years before packing it in as a job. It can be an amazing opportunity but in many ways working as a software developer does suck. Here’s why… If you fancy more of my diatribe check my giant blog post on the subject out at

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Growing up there were very few things that I was sure of. The one thing I knew for certain was that computers would be my life and that of all the areas I loved, software development was at my core and would be my career. Before my teenage years, I'd written code on half a dozen platforms in different languages and once I had the internet my interest grew exponentially. For years, I had tinkered at home and school with networking and distributed software development on just a handful of machines. Once the internet had arrived in my life the scale was unprecedented.

By the age of 15 I started as a freelance developer. It was the height of the late 90s internet boom and money grew on trees. I could earn £50 per hour for the work and an additional 50% of royalties for products resold. When it all burst one client I worked for vanished owing me £60,000 but I didn't really mind as I still wasn't even 18. Over the following years, I remained working as a freelance developer along with undertaking a computer science degree and then running my own software company for a few years.

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Is a Computer Science Degree Worth it in 2018?

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Why Dropping Out Of Computer Science In University CHANGED MY LIFE.

This is why I dropped out of computer science in university. I speak about how the day in the life of a computer science student is NOT for me, and why I had to do something about it.

One thing I forgot to mention: I use to believe that everyone should learn how to code, but I no longer believe that due to my experience. Not everyone should code! Go into computer science if you have intrinsic motivation to succeed at it, don't go into it JUST for the money or because people are saying EVERYONE should learn to code. We still need doctors, lawyers, artists, etc. for the world to function.

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The First Programming Languages: Crash Course Computer Science #11

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So we ended last episode with programming at the hardware level with things like plugboards and huge panels of switches, but what was really needed was a more versatile way to program computers - software! For much of this series we’ve been talking about machine code, or the 1’s and 0’s our computers read to perform operations, but giving our computers instructions in 1’s and 0’s is incredibly inefficient, and a “higher-level” language was needed. This led to the development of assembly code and assemblers that allow us to use operands and mnemonics to more easily write programs, but assembly language is still tied to underlying hardware. So by 1952 Navy officer Grace Hopper had helped created the first high-level programming language A-0 and compiler to translate that code to our machines. This would eventually lead to IBM’s Fortran and then a golden age of computing languages over the coming decades. Most importantly, these new languages utilized new abstractions to make programming easier and more powerful giving more and more people the ability to create new and amazing things.

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Computer Science Careers and Subfields

This video will cover computer science careers and as well as different areas within computer science you can dive into. Computer science is a very broad and diverse field that includes software development, cryptography, cyber security, computer graphics, bioinformatics, and much more.

Although many people imagine a software developer when it comes to computer science, there are many more job titles you can have including security analyst, web developer, network systems administrator, etc.

Many of the jobs listed in this video have the highest employment and growth rate of most jobs on the bureau of labor statistics. This major and career path isn't necessarily for everyone, but it definitely is a good choice.

Lastly for many of the careers discussed in this video, you don't HAVE to have a degree in computer science to get into them. For some career paths you can have a degree in computer engineering, software engineering, information systems, and more. There are even people who are self taught and have landed software developer jobs. Be sure to keep an open mind, but hopefully this provides some insight.

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How Much Do Software Engineers Really Make?

Do you know how much software engineers really make based on their location? Let's break down average salaries, taxes, and cost of living for different cities that are popular among software engineers.

Just a few of the sources I used:


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I share and document my experiences on topics including computer science, software engineering, and iOS development. I'm a full-time Software Engineer and a part-time YouTuber & iOS developer. My hobbies outside of what's been mentioned include surfing, snowboarding, hunting, fishing, and playing video games.

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Vlog: What to expect in a Computer Science course

Being pretty near graduation now, I decide that, by reflecting upon my own experience, answer some of the most commonly asked questions by people new to or considering a computer science course.

This video is long and rambly, so have it go in the background if you like! Or, if you prefer, click the following timestamps to skip ahead!

0:00 Introduction
0:59 Preface / About Myself
2:27 Qn1 - What does a computer science student do?
4:05 Qn2 - Is there a lot of math in computer science?
6:13 Qn3 - Do I need a programming / computing background?
7:40 Qn4 - What can I do to cope better if I don't have any background?
9:01 Qn5 - I dislike / fear / am bad at programming. Would this be a problem?
10:33 Qn6 - Why are topics like graphics and media part of Computer Science?
11:18 Qn7 - Why must I implement algorithm X when it already exists out there?
12:19 Qn8 - How do I do well in Computer Science?
15:47 Conclusion

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Computer Science vs Self-Taught vs Coding Bootcamp (ft. Quincy Larson)

Quincy Larson is the creator of, the #1 way to learn code for free. FreeCodeCamp is also the most starred repository on GitHub with 172k stars. The next most starred repo is Twitter bootstrap with 100k stars. Quincy has a degree in the liberal arts, and does not have a computer science degree. He is a completely self-taught coder.

(Note: numbers are at the time I created this video. Stars is the same as 'favoriting')

1:00 Who should/shoudn't get Computer Science Degree?
2:11 Facts on Software Egineering & Computer Science Jobs
3:16 What to Expect on Computer Science graduates
4:19 Software Engineering VS Computer Science
6:45 Who should/shoudn't go to coding boot camp
12:30 Who should/shoudn't do self taught
16:29 Free Code Camp

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Question: Does It Matter How Prestigious Your College Is For Computer Science?

how much does the college you attend matter for a software developer? as in do employers look down on you if your Software development degree is not from a really high end college? If so how can one compete with others who attended a better college? As in if two people are attending a interview one went to a better college how can the person who didn't go to a college as good compete with this person like how could the person who didn't go to as good of a school make there resume look more appealing, any advice?

-Jonathan M.


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Why Are There So Few Women in Computer Science?

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Today, we think of computer science as a field dominated by men, but the women have a long and important history in the field. In fact women were many of the very first computer programmers, played a hugely important part in the development of computing during World War II and the space race, and ran the one of the first computer software companies. So what changed? Watch the episode to find out!

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Ensmenger, Nathan. The Computer Boys Take over: Computers, Programmers, and the Politics of Technical Expertise. MIT Press, 2012.

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Conquering Math as a Computer Science Student

Math is one of the most important aspects of your Computer Science Degree. Let's discuss how to get better at math, what math is related to computer science, and a few theoretical and practical examples on how to improve your math skills during college.

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I share and document my experiences on a topics including computer science, software engineering, and iOS development. I'm a full-time Software Engineer and a part-time YouTuber & iOS developer. My hobbies outside of what's been mentioned include surfing, snowboarding, and playing video games.

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Question: Is It Good Enough to Get "Just" a Computer Science Degree to Get Into Cyber Security?

Eli...thank you so much for the response. I was not expecting a video response so that was pretty cool. I just wanted to clarify, because I saw the frustration as to wanting to jump into ethical hacking, that what my main goal here is to come out of college with a specialty degree rather than a degree in Computer Science and then have to spend even more money and time on multiple certifications. I am 32 now and a prior Marine and have 2 pages of different certifications and an Associates that all seem to take me no where so I didn't want you to think I was being naive in that I could just jump into ethical hacking right after school. I am hoping to at least stay in the realms of cyber security when I complete my bachelors but obviously I will take whatever I can get to build my resume as well. I just feared that if I stuck with the normal path of getting a degree in Computer Science instead of a specialty like cyber security or ethical hacking...etc. that I would be stuck spending a lot more money and time on additional certifications on top of what it will take to complete the bachelors as well.

-James R.

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What It's Like Studying Computer Science | UC Berkeley

Check out my newest video here!

Sorry for being inactive for a while, finals took up a lot of time and I just started work recently so I didn't have much time to film or edit. Take in whatever you'd like from the video and let me know what you'd like next, as I'm definitely making more videos over summer!

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Computer Science a Good Major? 2

How to get a internship in Computer Science? How important is GPA for Computer Science majors? Is it possible to get a job without a degree? Is Computer Science still worth it?

Music by CMA (Thank you for giving me permission) (this website has the best insider career information for CS majors that I have ever seen)



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