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The Airgun Show – Day & night rat hunting with the ATN X Sight II, PLUS the Cometa Orion SPR on test

We put the ATN X-Sight II day and night scope through its paces during a rat shooting session on the farm. Mat Manning combines the night vision unit with the Brocock Compatto, and kicks off by bagging a couple of scaly-tails in daylight before moving across to NV tactics after dark.
And we’ve got the Cometa Orion SPR air rifle on test. This affordable PCP boasts some awesome features but still costs less than £400 – tune in to see how it shapes up in the performance and accuracy stakes.

Slow and Easy French Conversation Practice - for ESL Students

- Learn French Conversation (Playlist)

A Primeira Imagem Científica da Missão TESS da NASA - Space Today TV Ep.1466



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Para quem queria notícias da TESS, hoje estamos muito bem.

A missão TESS da NASA, Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, iniciou de vez a sua campanha científica na busca por novos mundos.

Entre os dados obtidos pela TESS, além, logicamente da curva de luz das estrelas estão imagens que poderão ser usadas de diferentes maneiras.

E junto com os primeiros dados já enviados para a Terra, a TESS mandou também as primeiras imagens.

Essas imagens são feitas com suas 4 câmeras, câmeras que foram desenhadas e construídas pelo Laboratório Lincoln do MIT.

Para quem não lembra, a TESS irá ter 2 anos na sua missão para monitorar 26 setores do céu, onde irá ficar 27 dias em cada setor.

No primeiro ano da missão serão monitorados 13 setores pertencentes ao hemisfério sul, e a cada 13.7 dias ela envia os dados para a Terra.

A TESS irá buscar por exoplanetas localizados em estrelas entre 30 e 300 anos-luz de distância da Terra.

A imagem feita pela TESS foi realizada no dia 7 de Agosto de 2018, durante um período de 30 minutos.

Na imagem é possível ver as constelações de Capricórnio, Retículo, Pintor, Montanha da Mesa, Hydra, Tucano, Peixe Austral, Microscópio o algomerado globular 47 Tucanae, as galáxias vizinhas, Pequena e Grande Nuvem de Magalhães.

E duas estrelas, a Beta Gruis e a R Doradus chegam a saturar o sensor das câmeras.

A imagem mostra cada parte do céu registrada por cada sensor da TESS.

Os dados adquiridos pela TESS serão analisados depois pelo James Webb e também por telescópios em Terra, onde poderá ser feita uma espectroscopia para estudar a possível atmosfera desses planetas.

Além disso a missão TESS também começou o programa onde a comunidade científica no mundo todo pode usar o satélite para conduzir observações e estudos.

É apenas o começo, muita coisa vem por aí, e sempre que tiver uma novidade sobre a TESS, trago para vocês.


Indus Valley Civilization - Mohenjo daro

The Indus Valley Civilization - mohenjo daro was one of the world's first great urban civilizations. It flourished in the vast river plains and adjacent regions in what are now Pakistan and western India.
The earliest cities became integrated into an extensive urban culture around 4,600 years ago and continued to dominate the region for at least 700 years, from 2600 to 1900 B.C. It was only in the 1920's that the buried cities and villages of the Indus valley were recognized by archaeologists as representing an undiscovered civilization.
Two cities, in particular, have been excavated at the sites of Mohenjo-Daro on the lower Indus, and at Harappa, further upstream. The evidence suggests they had a highly developed city life; many houses had wells and bathrooms as well as an elaborate underground drainage system. The social conditions of the citizens were comparable to those in Sumeria and superior to the contemporary Babylonians and Egyptians. These cities display a well-planned urbanization system.
There is evidence of some level of contact between the Indus Valley Civilization and the Near East. Commercial, religious, and artistic connections have been recorded in Sumerian documents, where the Indus valley people are referred to as Meluhhaites and the Indus valley is called Meluhha. The following account has been dated to about 2000 BCE: The Meluhhaites, the men of the black land, bring to Naram-Sin of Agade all kind of exotic wares. (Haywood, p. 76, The Curse of Agade)
The Indus Civilization had a writing system which today still remains a mystery: all attempts to decipher it have failed. This is one of the reasons why the Indus Valley Civilization is one of the least known of the important early civilizations of antiquity. Examples of this writing system have been found in pottery, amulets, carved stamp seals, and even in weights and copper tablets.
Another point of debate is the nature of the relationship between these cities. Whether they were independent city-states or part of a larger kingdom is not entirely clear. Because the writing of the Indus people remains undecipherable and neither sculptures of rulers nor depictions of battles and military campaigns have been found, evidence pointing in either direction is not conclusive.
By 1800 BCE, the Indus Valley Civilization saw the beginning of their decline: Writing started to disappear, standardized weights and measures used for trade and taxation purposes fell out of use, the connection with the Near East was interrupted, and some cities were gradually abandoned. The reasons for this decline are not entirely clear, but it is believed that the drying up of the Saraswati River, a process which had begun around 1900 BCE, was the main cause. Other experts speak of a great flood in the area. Either event would have had catastrophic effects on agricultural activity, making the economy no longer sustainable and breaking the civic order of the cities.
Around 1500 BCE, a large group of nomadic cattle-herders, the Aryans, migrated into the region from central Asia. The Aryans crossed the Hindu Kush mountains and came in contact with the Indus Valley Civilization. This was a large migration and used to be seen as an invasion, which was thought to be the reason for the collapse of the Indus Valley Civilization, but this hypothesis is not unanimously accepted today.
Thus, the Indus Valley Civilization came to an end. Over the course of several centuries, the Aryans gradually settled down and took up agriculture. The language brought by the Aryans gained supremacy over the local languages: the origin of the most widely spoken languages today in south Asia goes back to the Aryans, who introduced the Indo-European languages into the Indian subcontinent. Other features of modern Indian society, such as religious practices and caste division, can also be traced back to the times of the Aryan migrations. Many pre-Aryan customs still survive in India today. Evidence supporting this claim includes: the continuity of pre-Aryan traditions; practices by many sectors of Indian society; and also the possibility that some major gods of the Hindu pantheon actually originated during the time of the Indus Valley Civilization and were kept alive by the original inhabitants through the centuries.

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Jon Stewart on Osama Bin Laden killing in Pakistan

Jon Stewart on Osama Bin Laden killing in Pakistan in abbotabad

7 People You Won't Believe Existed Till You See Them

Real life can be way more fascinating than any fiction story! There’s a person who learned to play football even though he had a third leg, a man who had 24 personalities, and more! The names of these and the other remarkable people we're going to talk about today deserve to be synonyms for “extraordinary.” Their life journeys continue to amaze people to this day, and they were all as real as you and me! Do you want to discover more marvelous real-life stories like these? Then keep watching!

Petrus Gonsalvus, “The Man of the Woods” 0:57
Francesco Lentini, “The 3-Legged Football Player” 3:00
Christian Heinrich Heineken, the incredibly smart child 4:50
Martin and Anna Bates, the giant couple 5:59
William Stanley Milligan, the man with 24 personalities 7:28
Ella Harper, “The Camel Girl” 9:04
June and Jennifer Gibbons, “The Silent Twins” 10:17


Portrait Shots Billy Milligan (Criminals in 1970) (William Stanley Milligan): By Blake23, CC BY-SA 3.0

Animation is created by Bright Side.

-Petrus Gonsalvus was an unusual baby: his entire body was covered with hair. As he grew up, Petrus married a beautiful woman called Lady Catherine. Their story is said to have inspired Beauty and the Beast.
-Francesco Lentini had 3 legs but learned to ride a bike and play football, and he was so amazing at all of this that at the age of 8 he went to the US and became a circus performer.
-The exceptional abilities of Christian Heinrich Heineken were obvious from a very young age. At just 10 months old, Christian could already speak, repeating the names of objects and sometimes even fully formed sentences.
-At the age of 15, Anna Haining Swan was already 6’ 8 tall and weighed around 220 lb. When she was 25, she fell in love with a circus performer named Martin Bates. He reached 6’ 8 by the time he turned 14.
-William Milligan was born in 1955 in Florida and had a rare psychological disorder, which made him have 24 full-fledged personalities who were not responsible for each other’s actions.
-Ella Harper was born with recurved knees that bent in the opposite direction to normal knees. The only way she could get around was on all fours.
-June and Jennifer Gibbons were born in 1963 in Barbados. From their very first days, the girls were quiet and didn’t communicate with anyone. As it turned out, June and Jennifer had a difficult and complicated relationship and expressed their love and hate for one another in their diaries.

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How High Can We Build?

What's the tallest THING we've ever built? How tall will we EVER be able to build?

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XKCD Date Idea

Space elevator: (be sure to enjoy the Conan Space Pirate Toy .gif)

Another possible way to make a super-tall structure:

Maurya Empire (Maurya Samrajya) Ancient Indian History Part 1 | UPSC | CGPSC

Learn about Maurya Empire from Indian history for IAS, CGPSC, UPSC and all Civil Services Examination.

General Facts and Information about Maurya Empire | The History of the Mauryan Empire in India | Civilization | Period | Chandragupta Maurya | Interesting facts and information about Maurya Empire and Emperors | Timeline - Ancient History Encyclopedia | Dynasty

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Wildlife Conservation - Focus on National Parks, Biosphere Reserves and Wildlife Sanctuaries

Wildlife conservation and causes of destruction are explained in this video by Dr. Manishika Jain. The main focus is on national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and biosphere reserves.
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12 Mysterious Discoveries in Alaska

From the discovery of abandoned planes; to the mystery Grolar Bear Sighting; These are 12 MYSTERIOUS Discoveries in Alaska !

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12. Orange Slime

11. King Bear Skull

10. Giant Ragfish

9. New Species of Whale

8. Active Volcanoes

7. North America’s First Inhabitants

6. Grolar Bear Sightings
So what do you get when you cross a polar bear and a grizzly bear? A grolar bear, or some people call them pizzly bears. Whichever name you choose to go with, these hybrids have been spotted roaming the wilderness and small villages in Alaska and they could become more of a common sight to behold. Polar bears appear to be losing food sources in the arctic circle and must head south in search of food or for mating. Residents of the isolated town of Barrow, Alaska, all the way up north claim that these two species have been mating and they give off a a beautiful golden appearance like we see here. It seems to be evidence of species having to adapt to their environments and these hybrids take hundreds of years to develop.

5. Atka Island Abandoned Plane
Due to the sheer size of A laska, driving around streets to reach some destinations is basically impossible. This form of transportation is commonly used to deliver supplies to small towns despite the harsh weather. But this one we see here isn’t a cargo plane. In fact it’s a consolidated B-24 Liberator that was used as a heavy bomber in every branch of the US armed forces. It was often used in the campaign against the Japanese and in antisubmarine operations. This abandoned B-24 is found on the Aleutian Island of Atka and it was forced to crash land in 1942. It was on a weather reconnaissance mission but the weather was the one keeping it from landing at a designated runway. The pilot managed to escape with only a broken collarbone and the site has been managed to keep the plane preserved as a reminder of its service in WW2.

4. The Kruzof Island Discoveries
Alaska is certainly home to some brutal winters and it almost seems like the last place you’d want to be stranded unless you are an experienced survivor. A sailing ship known as the Neva was famous for completing Russia’s first circumnavigation of the world between 1803 and 1807. Four years later when the ship was out at sea again a fierce storm struck off the coast of Alaska, causing the ship to sink. Only 28 out of the 47 crew members were able to make it to land but they would have to survive on a remote Alaska n island. Artifacts from the survivors show that they managed to craft tools from things such as nails in order to make fishing hooks. Other things you see in this such as musket balls, sheet copper, axe heads and spikes were discovered on Kruzof island. No skeletons were found, suggesting that they survived long enough to make it off the island.

3. Frozen Moose Discovery
Normally when you think of Alaska, two things usually pop up in your head. Ice and moose, well here we got both! A teacher on a hike in Northwestern Alaska made a mysterious discovery in November of 2016 when he saw a pair of moose antlers popping up from the ground and went to go investigate. They found themselves a moose popsicle that was buried under 8 inches of ice in some parts. But wait there’s more. They found another frozen moose deeper under the ice with its antlers clashing against the other moose. They said they Their hypothesis was that the moose were getting into a fight, they stumbled into this freezing lake and drowned.

2. A Friendly Blackbear
For many of you who live close to nature you might be a little more accustomed to seeing a site like this! Bears can be seen as a scary nuisance in Alaska but this one is just unbearably adorable. But for this particu lar bear found playing around in a backyard in Alaska, you might find it a tad mysterious but amazing at the same time. It’s seen playing around with an inflatable toy and even goes over to a swing set! Looks like this bear is just looking for a friend!

1.Eskimo Bronze
Possibly the most mysterious artifact found in Alaska date back to 1400 years ago. It’s a bronze buckle found at Cape Espenberg that appears to have made it’s way there from China, well before the Bering Strait land bridge melted. Could the natives in this area have actually made contact with the Chinese! It appeared to have been older than the house they were originally excavating at least a few hundred year and metal crafting was really never apart of eskimo culture. Some believe that it’s likely that the ancient artifact was dropped by a Russian explorer or a whaler. But if that’s not the case, it could be evidence of an advanced trade route between Asia and Alaska during the Bronze age.

NEET BIO - Cell: Fluid mosaic model of plasma membrane I

This video describes about the Fluid mosaic model of plasma membrane. The cell membrane or plasma membrane is a biological membrane that separates the interior of all cells from the outside environment. The basic function of the cell membrane is to protect the cell from its surroundings. It consists of the lipid bilayer with embedded proteins.

Gears TV

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Osama Bin Laden Raid Documentary FULL

[9.13] QAnon / Reddit Ban & Censorship / Vatican Unraveling / NYPD Arrests

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Big Idea 3: Earth's Systems Interact

Observe the events that show how Earth works as a set of interconnected systems.

Antiguas Megaestructuras, la Alhambra, documental en Español de National Geographic.

- La Alhambra es una ciudad palatina andalusí situada en Granada, en la comunidad autónoma de Andalucía, España. Consiste en un conjunto de palacios, jardines y fortaleza que albergaba una verdadera ciudadela dentro de la propia ciudad de Granada, que servía como alojamiento al monarca y a la corte del Reino nazarí de Granada. Su verdadero atractivo, como en otras obras musulmanas de la época, no solo radica en los interiores, cuya decoración está entre las cumbres del arte andalusí, sino también en su localización y adaptación, generando un paisaje nuevo pero totalmente integrado con la naturaleza preexistente. En 2016 fue el segundo monumento más visitado de España, por detrás del Templo Expiatorio de la Sagrada Familia de Barcelona,​ recibiendo la cifra histórica de 2.615.188 visitantes.

A Superb Film About Our Universe and Modern Theories

Nominated for an Academy Award, this 36-minute IMAX production offers a state of the art, computer generated journey through the universe, and tries to pinpoint the role of human beings cohabitating within its vastness.

Among the topics included are a variety of the greatest scientific theories known to exist - some of which had never before been visualized on film - as well as a guided tour through the cosmos and solar system, and a look at the nature of black holes and exploding supernovas.

Benjamin Bulldog 357! Big Bore Air Rifle

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O Que Vai Acontecer Quando o Nosso Sol Morrer? - Space Today TV Ep.1240

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tratei em alguns dos últimos vídeos aqui do canal, sobre o nascimento de estrelas que é algo que intriga os astrônomos.

Embora eles saibam de maneira geral como o processo ocorre alguns detalhes permanecem obscuros.

Trato também aqui muitas vezes sobre a morte de estrelas, principalmente as mais massivas que o Sol que terminam a sua vida como supernovas, estrelas de nêutrons ou buracos negros.

Mas qual será o final da vida do Sol?

Para saber isso, os astrônomos traçam de forma geral o que eles chamam de ciclo de vida das estrelas.

No caso de estrelas como o Sol, com a massa parecida, elas vivem um bom tempo na chamada sequência principal, depois se tornam gigantes vermelhas, como se elas inflassem, depois disso elas começam a perder camadas de gases, formam o que chamamos de uma nebulosa planetária e por fim, o que resta delas é uma anã branca.

Ainda existem aqueles que defendem que depois da anã branca elas continuam e se transformam numa anã negra.

Isso é o que acontece de maneira geral, e por muitos anos, os astrônomos não tinham certeza se o Sol chegaria a se transformar numa nebulosa planetária, acreditava-se que ele tinha pouca massa para isso.

Para resolver esse dilema só usando as famosas simulações computacionais.

Um grupo de astrônomos gerou um modelo do ciclo de vida das estrelas para prever a luminosidade do envelope ejetado no momento em que a estrela se transforma numa nebulosa planetária.

quando a estrela morre ela ejeta uma massa de gás e poeira, conhecida como envelope, no espaço, o envelope pode ter cerca de metade da massa da estrela.

com isso o núcleo da estrela é revelado e é esse núcleo irradiando que faz com que a nebulosa planetária brilhe.

O modelo ainda ajudou a resolver um problema de mais de 25 anos na astronomia.

Os astrônomos descobriram que se você observasse nebulosas planetárias em outras galáxias, as mais brilhantes sempre terão o mesmo brilho isso seria então excelente para medir a distância com precisão até essas galáxias.

Mas havia uma grande contradição entre os modelos e os dados observados e isso atormentou a cabeça dos astrônomos por 25 anos.

Com o novo modelo eles descobriram que estrelas com massas menor que 1.1 vezes a massa do Sol produz nebulosas fracas, e estrelas com mais de 3 vezes a massa do Sol produzem nebulosas mais brilhantes, para o resto, o brilho previsto é próximo do observado.

Ou seja, esse novo modelo estabeleceu os limites e resolveu o problema de 25 anos.

com isso os astrônomos estão chegando bem perto de saber com precisão como será o final da vida do nosso Sol.

Mas fiquem tranquilos que isso só vai acontecer daqui uns 5 bilhões de anos.


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