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World's Deadliest Animals Costa Rica Wild Nature National Geographic

Costa Rica Trip - Wildlife & Sunsets - Highlight Reel

The full length film of our Costa Rica Backpacking Adventure is coming soon. Please subscribe!

Costa Rica created some amazing backpacking and camping adventures. We were there for a month and our goal was to see as much nature, wildlife, sunrises, sunsets as possible. The full length adventure video is coming soon!

We visited many towns throughout our journey. The above footage was captured from the following areas:
Sloth Sanctuary, Puerto Viejo
Jaguar Sanctuary, Puerto Viejo
Santa Rosa National Park (Witches Rock)
Manuel Antonio National Park

Special thanks to Heather! Not only did she join me on this adventure but she also helped film along the way. Here is her youtube channel:

To see more of my work cinematography work check out my website:
Find me on Instagram: @jonrosenberry

World's Deadliest Animals Costa Rica Wild Nature National Geographic

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Costa Rica Wildlife

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The birds and animals of Costa Rica 2017

Saving the Jaguars | Costa Rica

Researchers at Arizona State University's School of Life Sciences are working with local collaborators in Costa Rica to protect the jaguar species.

Costa Rica Wildlife

Costa Rica: Nature's Showcase

A tour of Costa Rica, looking at a selection of the fabulous wildlife in this species-rich Central American country.

Wild Costa Rica

For the June 2017 Creative Expression theme the La Paz 2nd grade class decided to create a nature documentary about Costa Rican wildlife. Students researched their animals' characteristics, diet, life cycle, habitat, and more. Then they studied other nature documentaries to learn how to create an attention-getting beginning, middle, and end. They wrote out scripts, and practiced reading them aloud with fluency and expression before recording them. The class got up close to the animals and filmed them during their field trip to Diamante Eco Park.

Wild Costa Rica

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