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World's Deadliest Animals Costa Rica Wild Nature National Geographic

Costa Rica Amazing Wildlife Video 4k

Costa Rica Wildlife

Costa Rica: Nature's Showcase

A tour of Costa Rica, looking at a selection of the fabulous wildlife in this species-rich Central American country.

Costa Rica: Wildlife Under the Rainbow

The tropical climate and varied topography of Costa Rica have fostered exceptional biodiversity, with wildlife from both North and South America. From the peaks of volcanoes down to the Pacific and Caribbean shores. Discover the life of 90 of the most remarkable animals in this remarkable country.

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Birds of Costa Rica 2017

The birds and animals of Costa Rica 2017

Costa Rica: Part 4/5 one hour birds and nature compilation in 4K

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This one hour video compilation includes footage of birds, nature, forests and other wildlife of Costa Rica filmed exclusively in the wild in 4K. Footage was filmed in the high mountain range of the Cordillera de Talamanca more specifically around the San Gerardo De Costa area located 100km south of the city of San Jose and in the coastal area of the northern Puntarenas Province.

Full 7 hour series of Costa Rica 4K footage:

COSTA RICA: Trailer de la serie - Wildlife teaser: Costa Rica.

{English below}

En esta ocasión, os traemos el trailer de la nueva serie documental llamada COSTA RICA.
En ella os mostraremos algunos de los fascinantes animales que conforman la vasta biodiversidad de este país.
El proceso de filmación duró tan solo 20 días, durante los cuales tuvimos la oportunidad de grabar una amplia fauna a medida que fuimos recorriendo diversos espacios naturales: costas, montañas, volcanes, selvas...
Esperamos que disfrutéis tanto como lo hicimos nosotros y que os podamos transmitir la intensidad de los momentos vividos y la belleza de un territorio latente, que en cada palmo de terreno guarda una sorpresa.
Próximamente empezaremos a subir al canal vídeos de especies concretas y también alguno más general de grupos animales.
Lo complementaremos con un Making of del viaje y por último con un documental de mayor duración, el primero del canal.
Si tenéis alguna sugerencia o pregunta no dudéis en comentar y os responderemos encantados!
Esperamos que os guste!! si sois nuevos suscribíos!! dadle like y compartidlo!!


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This time, we bring you the trailer of the new documentary series called COSTA RICA.
In it we will show you some of the fascinating animals that make up the vast biodiversity of this country.
The filming process lasted only 20 days, during which we had the opportunity to record a wide fauna as we went through different natural areas: coasts, mountains, volcanoes, jungles ...
We hope you enjoy it as much as we did and that we can transmit the intensity of the moments lived and the beauty of a latent territory, which in each span of land keeps a surprise.
Soon we will start uploading videos of specific species and also some more general animal groups.
We will complement it with a Making of of the trip and finally with a documentary of greater duration, the first of the channel.
If you have any suggestions or questions, do not hesitate to comment and we will gladly answer you!
We hope you like it!! if you are new subscribe! give it like and share it!


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Stunning Tropical Birds in Costa Rica!! QUETZALS | Costa Series |

As we near the end of the nesting season for these beautiful birds, we had to go see them! Quetzals are an iconic bird here in Monteverde and it was amazing to see them! Check them out!

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Costa Rica Wildlife

Wild Costa Rica

For the June 2017 Creative Expression theme the La Paz 2nd grade class decided to create a nature documentary about Costa Rican wildlife. Students researched their animals' characteristics, diet, life cycle, habitat, and more. Then they studied other nature documentaries to learn how to create an attention-getting beginning, middle, and end. They wrote out scripts, and practiced reading them aloud with fluency and expression before recording them. The class got up close to the animals and filmed them during their field trip to Diamante Eco Park.



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