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Craziest Conspiracy Theories


10 Greatest NBA CONSPIRACY Theories in History *Part 1*

Part 2 Coming soon!

What was the craziest conspiracy from part one though??
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Top 10 Bizarre Alternate Theories of History

For every intelligent, logical theory about the world's history, there's one that is just strange. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Bizarre Alternate Theories of History. Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Suggestion Tool►► Channel Page►►

For this list, we’re looking at those theories that people once, or somehow still do, believe about the past. However, we’re not including prophecies, such as the prediction of the end of the world in 2012, nor are we including creation myths, like the idea that we all live on the back of a turtle.

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7 CRAZIEST Pop Culture Internet Theories

5 Craziest One Direction Fan Theories►►
More Celebrity News ►►

The internet knows no bounds when it comes to creating and purporting wild and crazy conspiracy theories about some of the biggest celebrity icons in history, so today we’re breaking down 7 of THE # Craziest Pop Culture Internet Theories, right here on Listed.

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Doctor Mike Debunks the Wildest COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories | Vs. The Internet | Men's Health

Mikhail Varshavski D.O., better known as Doctor Mike, gives us his take on some of the hottest Coronavirus theories that have spread around social media– from 5G towers to garlic and blowdrying your sinuses.

Doctor Mike Debunks the Wildest COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories | Vs. The Internet | Men's Health

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#DrMike #COVID19

10 Theories About 90s Cartoons That Will Make You Rethink Your Childhood

What is really going on with Spongebob on Bikini Bottom? 10 Crazy Theories About 90s Cartoons! Subscribe to our channel:

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10 Times Disney Ripped Off Other Films -
10 Popular Movie Scenes That Were Changed in Other Countries -

Before the age of YouTube and Netflix, children got their entertainment fix through television cartoons. Nothing was better than spending a few hours enjoying the adventures of the Rugrats or seeing what crazy situations Doug Funnie would get himself into. While everything seemed innocent, fans have come up with some crazy theories involving your favorite shows and characters.

Chuckie’s mom was pretty much ignored for many seasons on The Rugrats until a Mother’s Day special aired, but what if Chuckie’s real mom was actually DiDi?! Doug Funnie would often daydream about various characters and situations he was in, pulling himself from the real world and showcasing signs of schizophrenic hallucinations. The residents of SpongeBob Squarepants live in Bikini Bottom and the area may actually be part of a nuclear testing site, helping to explain their conditions. The Recess gang was fun to watch on Saturday mornings, but what if you found out that all of the Recess kids were actually dead?! The biggest theory to go around the internet about the Rugrats is the fact that all the babies have actually passed away and Angelica envisions them all in her head. Is the Pokemon universe real or is it just something Ash is making up in his head due to a coma!? The Simpsons Chief Wiggum and his wife look awfully similar, making you wonder if they are actually brother and sister in real life. Everyone assumes that Arnold is the main character of Hey, Arnold, but when you break down episodes and characters, one theory points out Helga is actually the main character. People have many theories about Steve from Blue’s Clues, but there is one which makes more sense than anything we’ve seen. Inspector Gadget is constantly going up against Dr. Claw, but the Doctor may have only become evil since he was once an Inspector Gadget himself. Watch to see all these conspiracy theories come to life!

Chuckie's Real Mom | 0:35
Doug Funnie's Schizophrenic Hallucinations | 1:15
Spongebob's Nuclear Radiation | 2:05
The Recess Playground Theory | 2:45
The Rugrats Don't Exist | 3:30
Ash's Coma | 4:10
The Wiggums Are Brother And Sister | 4:50
Helga Is The True Star | 5:30
Steve Gets A Clue | 6:10
Two Inspector Gadgets | 6:50

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The 8 weirdest theories about the Pokemon Universe

Pokemon GO is now so popular it’s become bigger than Tinder, Snapchat and has already spawned it’s first (of many) clones in Poke a Mango. A ‘game’ in which you have to poke Mango. Obviously.
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But the world that Pokemon Go has come from is a strange one and there are loads of crazy theories out there that try to explain it spanning both the Pokemon games and the TV show. So here are the weirdest theories about the Pokemon universe.

Marc Maron Explains Why Conspiracy Theories Are Garbage

Marc Maron chats about his conspiracy theory comedy about a sword that won the Civil War for the South and why he personally stopped believing in conspiracy theories after a visit to Washington, D.C.

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Marc Maron Explains Why Conspiracy Theories Are Garbage


5 CRAZIEST Kylie Jenner Pregnancy Conspiracy Theories

More Celebrity News ►►

Last week news broke that Kylie is reportedly pregnant with Travis Scott’s baby and the internet has lost all chill when it comes to answering the question WHY?

SO here are the 5 CRAZIEST conspiracy theories on the internet right now as to why Kylie is pregnant (that is if she’s pregnant).

This is probably the most popular theory out right now because Two months ago reports came out that Kim & Kanye found a surrgoate for their third baby. Then US Weekly confirmed that the woman lived in California, in in her 20s, and was 3 month pregnant. AND TMZ broke the news that Kim & Kanye were having a girl. TODAY TMZ reported that Kylie & Travis are having a girl, that she is 5 month pregnant which if you do the math would have meant she was 3 months pregnant 2 months ago. Point blank they’re both expecting a baby girl in early 2018.

Not going to lie, I definitely think this could be a possibility. But of course we don’t know forsure and moving ONTO CRAZY CONSPIRACY THEORY NUMBER 2: KYLIE IS PREGNANT TO BOOST RATINGS. is saying the announcement happened literally 2 days before the 10 year anniversary special of Keeping Up With The Kardashians aired and that that is a strange coincidence. And if you don’t think that’s crazy, Conspiracy Theory number 3 is Kylie is trying to guarantee a season 2 of Life of Kylie like this twitter use who wrote: this whole thing is to get The Life of Kylie more viewers

It gets even cookier in conspiracy theory number 4 which is that ALL OF THIS IS TO DISRACT US FROM THE END OF THE WORLD and I’m really going to have to try and keep a straight face for this one. reported that conspiracy theorist David Meade said the world was ending on Saturday September 22nd. So this user took to twitter to say the world is supposedly supposed to end tomorrow so the illuminati try to distract us with Kylie Jenner being pregnant

Since then, David actually took back what he said and that the end of the world is happening next month. Great.

AND FINALLY Conspiracy Theory number 5: Kylie is definitely pregnant because a shaman on Life of Kylie predicted it. Shout out to twitter user Mariah for pointing out the fact that Kylie had altitude sickness back in May which would be 9 months ahead of when her baby is reportedly due

But then Mariah blew our minds when she pointed out that a shaman on Life Of Kylie actually told Kylie Tyga is inside of her watch:

Crazy right!?

At the end of the day remember these are all CRAZY theories and Kylie’s pregnancy is still not confirmed and she probably wants to reveal whether she is or isn’t on her own terms. In the meantime, I want to know what you all think about these crazy theories. Sound off in the comment section below and as always don’t forget to subscribe! Thanks so much for hanging with me here on Clevver News, I’m your host Naz Perez and follow me on Instagram and let me know what you think @nazperez.

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10 MORE Crazy Pop Culture Conspiracy Theories

More Celebrity News ►►

Oh, what it would take to be a celebrity. Every move scrutinized until all of a sudden people think you’ve died and been replaced by a body double, or that you’re a lizard person! From The Biebs to the much talked about Hiddleswift, stay tuned to see 10 of the craziest celebrity conspiracy theories, right here on Listed!

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Crazy Conspiracy Theories & What Even Is The Illuminati?! | After The Show

Everyday we get to talk about the topics we couldn't fit into the show. All uncensored! This is After The Show!






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7 Bizarre Theories People Actually Believe

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The wildest 5G conspiracy theories explained

5G is finally here, but as with many major breakthroughs, the new cellular tech has spawned a set of conspiracy theories, with everything ranging from the idea that 5G can cause cancer to the claim that it causes the coronavirus.

Do these theories have any validity behind them? And where did they come from in the first place? We did some digging to see if any of the conspiracy theory surrounding 5G held water.



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10 Crazy Disney Theories That Are Too Real To Ignore

These Disney theories will blow your mind.
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Welcome back, ScreenRanters! During this weird time, we’re glad to aid with some kind of entertainment. Disney is one of the biggest powerhouses in film, television, merchandise, and whatnot. As they’ve been around for decades, each of us has been influenced by the House Of Mouse at some point. With that, many fans of Disney have resorted to creating theories based on their animated films. Some of which sound like crazy nonsense. Yet when you really examine what the theory is, it makes so much sense! Today, that’s exactly what we’re going to take a gander at. Some of the strangest and best theories about Disney films.

Now for the customary spoiler warning about what’s in the video. If you don’t want to know, then we suggest you watch the video now and make all your contacts do the same. Firstly, we have the Pixar classic, Toy Story, and who Jessie’s former owner, Emily, really is! We also have a Frozen tale that connects Anna, Elsa, Tarzan, and Tangled’s Rapunzel. We also came across a dark idea involving Carl and Russell from Up. There’s the insane argument that connects Boo from Monsters Inc with the Witch from Brave! It involves Sully, or “Kitty”, if you’re being informal. We also have a tale connecting The Little Mermaid and Peter Pan. It involves Ariel’s mother! If you liked Inside Out, then you’ll love the relationship that Bing Bong may have with another franchise! There’s also the terrifying tale in The Emperor's New Groove with Kuzco that may disturb you like it did us. We also have an idea about the bleak landscape in Aladdin. The Genie plays a big part in this. We also have crazy theories involving Snow White and Finding Nemo!


Entry 1 : Prince Of Afterlife
Entry 2 : Boo In Time
Entry 3 : Ariel’s Pan-tastic Time
Entry 4 : Aladdin Mad Max
Entry 5 : Finding Nothing
Entry 6 : Bing Bong Lives!
Entry 7 : Up Angel
Entry 8 : Who Is Jessie’s Emily?
Entry 9 : The Emperor’s New Trauma
Entry 10 : Keeping It In The Family

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The 10 CRAZIEST NFL Conspiracy Theories of All-Time

What NFL conspiracies do you believe in?

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Please watch: The Best Player From All 32 NFL Teams


Why You Can Never Argue with Conspiracy Theorists | Argument Clinic | WIRED

Alex Jones is not the only guy making a career out of conspiracy theories. They are everywhere on the internet and here's why you have no choice but to ignore them.

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Why You Can Never Argue with Conspiracy Theorists | Argument Clinic | WIRED

The Craziest Disney Pixar Movie Fan Theories | Fangirl Mysteries

From what really happened at the beginning of Up to Andy's mom's real identity, these are the most convincing Disney Pixar fan theories of ALL time.

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TOP TEN: Weird Conspiracy Theories (feat. Nish Kumar)

Did dinosaurs build the pyramids? Comedian and conspiracy theory superfan Nish Kumar gives a run-down of his top 10 downright preposterous plots and put-up jobs.

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Top 5 Ridiculous Conspiracy Theories

Bringing you the Top 5 most bizarre conspiracy theories of all time. It must be pretty scary to have lost touch with reality so completely.

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These Are the Craziest Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories

One reason the deadly coronavirus has spread so quickly is due to the lack of prior knowledge about the disease and how it spreads. In the absence of facts, many conspiracy theories popped up to explain the world’s current chaotic state of affairs. Some of these conspiracies are downright strange - and they’re having weird real-world effects. Just ask the owner of the 5G cell tower in the Netherlands that an extremist set on fire because they believed it was spreading COVID-19 via radio waves.

What Are the Craziest Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories? | The Daily Social Distancing Show

From bat cuisine to 5G technology weakening immune systems, Trevor explores the craziest conspiracy theories about the origin of the coronavirus. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah

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