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Create a Hangout on Air in Youtube Live


How To Play a Pre-Recorded Video In A YouTube Live Event in Good Quality (Not Hangout)

You can see the quality of our live stream here:
You can get handbrake here:

So if you have been trying to stream a per-recorded video in a live event or even a Hangout and haven't been able to figure out how to get it to play with good quality then you will want to watch this video. We walk you through the steps to getting good quality prerecorded video to play through a live event. You can't do it through a Hangout (as far as I know) but you can through a live event which is almost the same thing.

This will also help people who need to play a video in a Hangout, webinar, or live event with good audio and quality. The audio doesn't actually play through the speakers it will play through the software, wirecaster, to broadcast the audio and visual.

So enjoy!

Google Hangout On Air Tutorial, part3: Verify your YouTube Account and Create the Hangout On Air

Verify your YouTube account to enable Live Streaming capabilities

Record a Hangout with YouTube Live or What Happened to Hangouts on Air

This video shows how to recapture the seemingly missing feature of Google Hangout on Air and how to take advantage of and understand the features.

The 5 Steps To Broadcast A Live Hangout On Air Inside Your Facebook Fan Page

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With 22Social, you can stream your Live Hangout right inside your Facebook Fan Page. Broadcast your sales presentations, training webinars and group discussions inside the viral stage of Facebook. You have full control of the style, layout, text, and action buttons on your Live Hangout App. You can use the new “gate” feature to require viewers to Login with Facebook to attend, allowing you to easily collect leads and add viewers to your email list. The gate even integrates with PayPal so you can charge for access!

Hosting live ‘Hangouts On Air’ inside your Facebook Fan Page allows you to engage your audience, build trust, collect leads, grow your email list, and make sales! It’s very inexpensive and simple to do after you master the basic system.

How to do Youtube Live The New Google Hangout Live on Youtube

Online Success Coach and Mentor Coach Darren shares information on how he does the new google hangout using Youtube live. There are other ways to setup the hangout but in this video Coach Darren shares a method that he finds to be best for him when going live on air using the new way to do your google hangouts on Youtube.

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How To Insert Ads into your Hangouts On Air

Although Google+ Hangouts On Air don't officially support inserting ads into the hangout while it's live, there is a bit of a workaround that lets you add mid-roll ads for viewers who watch the recording later. In this tutorial I show you how to set up those advertisements so you can potentially make more money from your longer videos. We'll also discuss some of the guidelines YouTube has in place for inserting mid-roll ads into your videos.

7 Factors that Convert Viewers into a Raving Fan Base:

On Video Creators we discuss how to leverage YouTube as a social platform and use it to build an audience, spread our message, and change lives. If you're a YouTuber or an online video creator, we'd love to have you subscribe and join us!


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How to stream a hangout or youtube live video on your VPS | HD Quality Videos

Click Here To Use The Same VPS I use in this example

Have you tried to stream a youtube Live video using wire cast, but have had slow and choppy results. This video will show you how to stream the youtube live video from your VPS and create HD quality videos

How To Do A FREE Live Stream Presentation Using Google Hangout Feature

More super awesome free tips at
In this tutorial, I walk you through on what is possible with FREE technology these days, how you can have a Live Stream Broadcast with up to 10 participants in streaming video and unlimited number of viewers, and those who missed the Live Stream, could watch the recording right after which is stored on your free YouTube account. You can watch videos together, share documents, discuss business, answer people's questions through a LIVE chat... etc.. Amazing!

Tutorial Webinar menggunakan Youtube Live via Google HangOut

How to do live stream/broadcast on youtube with google hangout Easily ?? In hindi

hey dosto ajj iss video mein maine apko btaya hai ki kaise ap bina kisi encoding software ko use kiye bina kaise google hangout se live streaming kar sakte ho to chaliye dosto shuru karte hai ...

Logitech HD Webcam C270-
Logitech C310 HD Webcam-
Logitech HD Webcam B525 Webcam-
Logitech HD Webcam C615-
Logitech B910 Webcam-


Sorry Dosto iss video ko bana ne main bahaut sari problems huwai thi.. jiski wajah se iss video main kuch galtiyan mujhse huwai aur editing main bhi problems huwai toh audio main bhi problem aae par aasa karta hoon ki ap samjh jaouge iss video ko main aur acche se baad main banauga.... Sorry ab se ye galti nai hogi dosto ...

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Creating Live YouTube Shows with Google Hangout and ManyCam

Launch and Broadcast Hangout on Air from Mobile

I stumbled upon this method to Create, Launch and Broadcast your Hangout on Air using a Mobile. Specifically my Moto X. I actually found inspiration from another post, which was completely wrong... or at least outdated and no longer works.

Free Live Chat, Free Live Broadcast, How To Use Google Hangouts On Air (2015)

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Free Live Chat, Free Live Broadcast, How To Use Google Hangouts On Air, Google Hangout Setup Step-by-Step, How To LiveStream Your Presentation, How To Screenshare Your Desktop With People, Jane Orlov, Marketing Tips
Original Video:

How to LIVESTREAM your Google Hangout Directly Into Facebook Timeline

An easy process to livestream your Google Hangout directly into your Facebook Timeline. Limitless possibilities to stream your broadcasts into Facebook. Coaching Sessions, Tranings, Screen Share, Guest Interviews, Group Discussions and More with Live Video

Chill Stream - Hangout/Chat/Hello Redditors! - Build a YouTube Live Chat Manager

Show starts at 2:34

How to setup a Hangout on Air like a webinar on G Suite

In this video, the best way on how to setup a live stream to your end users via YouTube is explained. Including the setup of panellists

Connect YouTube live chat and Hangout On Air chat together

For more info visit the website -

Install UnifiedChat App into Hangout using any of the below methods:

METHOD 1: By launching a hangout session from website.

METHOD 2: By appending &gid=231331853758 at the end of hangout url.

How to record your live google plus hangout on your youtube channel

Tutorial on how to record your google hangout on your youtube channel.

How To Stream a Live Google Hangout on Facebook - For free!


How To Stream a Live Google Hangout on Facebook - For free!

This will take you less than 5 minutes to set up, and it's free! I show you how to do this in the video.

Having an app within Facebook means you can easily syndicate content so that its no mystery how to stream a live google hangout on facebook. And it won't cost you anything!

Get started here: ==

You will learn how to stream a live Google hangout on Facebook within the next 10 minutes.

You can also set up your tab to be a sales page, with or without a video, or you can have it redirect to your replay link.

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🔴 StreamLabs OBS Full Tutorial And Overview - How To Setup Your Live Stream

In this Streamlabs OBS tutorial, I show you all of the features of Streamlabs OBS as well as getting you started on downloading, installing and setting up your Live Stream.


Follow me on Twitch to hang out and ask any questions you may have!

Learn how to stream Console Games with Streamlabs OBS here:

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