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Creating a Static Landing Page in Blogger


How to Create a Separate Page for Blog Posts

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Watch how you can create a separate page for your blog posts in WordPress.

Creating great blogs requires creativity. It doesn't just end with making good write-ups.

One other thing is also very important, which is the look of the blog. In this video tutorial, we're going to give our blogs a professional, classy look.

In the early days of blogging, having all blog posts on the front page was the way to go. Just like a digital newspaper. However things have changed, and although some blogs still stick to that pattern, it is not cool anymore.

Let‘s take a look at how we can create a separate page for our blog posts, and as a tip we would also see how to create a great homepage for your site.

Step 1
Create a new page, which can be done by clicking the “+ New” at the top of the page, and then clicking the page option.

We would call the new page “Blog” and then publish our new page.
Checking our home page, we’d notice that our blog posts are still there, but a link to our Blog page now exists. Open the link to the blog page in a new tab, and we’d find that it is empty.

This leads us to the second step.

Step 2
Go to your Wordpress settings, and click on the “reading” section. You would see a couple of options, change the “Your homepage displays” from latest posts to a static page.

From the Posts page drop-down, select the newly created page which we called “Blog”.

Save the current settings, and then go to the new tab opened earlier for the Blog page.

Surprise! Not really, the page is still empty. Refresh the page and -- Tada! The blog posts now appear on the newly created page.
However, we are far from done (not really, just cleaning things up). We need to change what we’d have on our homepage now. Don’t we? That’s the reason for moving our blog posts in the first place.
So return to your Wordpress settings. Click on “reading” as instructed earlier and under “Your homepage displays”, click on the Home page drop-down. You would see that we have the page created earlier as the only option.

Therefore we have to create a new page.

Step 3
Open a new tab and create a new page there, then call it “Home” and fill it with some random content like “Welcome to my home page”, we covered the process creating of new pages earlier.
After creating the “Home” page, return to the settings tab and refresh. Click on the Homepage drop-down under “Your homepage displays” again and you should see the Home page as an option.
Save your settings.

That’s it, your homepage now has your own custom content, and you have moved your blog posts to another page. However, the custom content we currently have is not great. It’s just plain text and is not up to standard.

So how do we go about making the front page beautiful? We can make use of the Elementor plugin.

Search for “Elementor” plugin under plugins on the Wordpress dashboard, then install and activate the “Elementor Page Builder” plugin from the results.

Now go to the home page, and click on “Edit with Elementor”, and you can set it to use the page’s full width from Elementor’s setting which can be found at bottom of the Elementor dashboard.
Now you can choose the templates of your choice from the available options.

This is being covered in the rest of the video.

There you have it, you can move your blog posts to another page with easy and can also customize the content on your home page using the Elementor plugin.

Creating a Static Landing Page in Blogger

Blogger Landing Page

How to create a professional landing page on Blogger for free

This video is a quick tutorial on how to create a landing page using Blogger platform. So if you follow these easy steps you'll learn how to easily create a landing page on blogger, and how to create a professional landing page for free. And how to create a landing page for free. So, create a landing page for free is really possible, so just follow this video to learn how to do so.
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How to create Free Landing Page design in blogger ( blogspot)

Free Landing Page design in blogger ( blogspot)
Download Landing page:
Demo Blogger landing page:

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By this video tutorial - I'm sharing with you How to make free landing page in blogger blogspot for cpa lead/affiliate marketing link promtotion.

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*No domain, hosting, bandwith needed.
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Convert Blogger to Static Website 2018 update | No Blog Posts | ~World's 1st Trick

In this video we are going to see how to Convert blogger to static website 2018 update & it will not contain Blog Posts.

How to Run Static Website on Blogger - The Nitesh Arya

is in this video I will show you how you can host the website especially your static website on blogger platform watch full video in order to stand

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How to Create Static Pages in Blogger Blog

Easy to follow Video tutorial on how to create static pages in blogger powered blog... Static Pages come in handy for creating pages like About me, Contact us,etc.. by

Tags: Static pages, blogger, blogspot, how to , blog designing

Make Static Home Page | Blogger | Blogspot

This is a short tutorial on How to make a static home page for blogger.

Everybody knows that when you make a blog with It is in the form of a typical blog and shows the recent posts on its home page instead of a home page.
In this tutorial you will get to know how you can make a static home page for your blogger blog and make it like a website.

The first step is to simply create a static page in Blogger called something like 'Home Page' from the Blogger Pages menu item. Don't call it 'Home' yet because we're going to alter the home link later. When you click on the 'Pages' left menu item in the Blogger editor main menu you'll see that there is already a 'Home' link on the screen. Ignore that for now--just go up to the 'New Page' drop down box and select the 'Blank page' option:

Blogger static pages

You'll now be in the Page editor which looks a lot like the Blogger Post editor. At the top enter a page name such as 'Home Page' or 'Main Page' for now and some default text - we'll alter it later. Just go ahead and press 'Publish':

Publish a Google Blogger page

You should now see two pages in your list; 'Home' and 'Home Page' like so:

Blogger Pages

Now that you've created a static page, the next steps are are a bit tricky since you need to make sure your static page becomes 'Home' and the old Home link is hidden especially if you want to use menus.

Redirecting the Blogger Home Page to a Static Page
The great thing about the new Blogger template is that you can redirect pages to other pages now in the 'Settings' menu. Oddly, it is buried deep within the Blogger settings under 'Search Preferences':

Custom redirects in Blogger settings

Go ahead and choose the 'Edit' text link just to the right of the 'Custom Redirect' item. Now, this is a very critical step - be sure to enter the following text into the From: and To: boxes in the Redirect dialog:

In the From: box enter only a forward slash - /. In the To: box enter the exact page name - in our case it was /p/home-page.html. All Blogger static pages have a /p in front of the URL. You can see that the html name was the page title we used, so if you used something else for your title like 'Main Page' then the html would be /p/main-page.html.

Go ahead and press the little 'Save' text link and then the 'Save changes' button highlighted in the image above. What's now going to happen is that your main URL will redirect to the static page you've created. Go ahead and try to access your blog now - you should go directly to the new static page from the main URL.

All is good, right?? Well, not quite. If you want to enable visible tabs for Pages on your template the problem is going to be that you'll have two menu items called 'Home' and 'Home Page' on the tab bar both redirecting to your static page. However, if you don't care to add Pages as tabs (they're not enabled by default) - you can stop at this point. Your static home page is ready to go!

Enabling Tabs for a Static Blogger Homepage
The very last step is to hide the original Home page link and add a page link to your blog pages so that the visible tabs work correctly. First, enable tabs from the Pages menu:

Blogger Page tabs

Be sure to press 'Save arrangement' in the upper right of the screen (not seen here)! When you go to your home page you should now see the tab bar across the top of your blog. However, now when you click on either Home or Home Page you're going directly to your new static page. What you have to do at this point is hide the original 'Home' Page using the Layout editor. Open the Layout using the editor from the Blogger main menu:

Choose the 'Edit' text link in the Pages item within the layout. This is going to allow you to hide particular pages. Once you open the Pages layout editor you'll notice that you can hide certain pages:

Be sure to un-select the check box right next to the 'Home' page to make sure it stays hidden. Press 'Save' to hide that particular tab.

The final step is to add another Page that links to the blog posts directly. This isn't something you have to do - your blog posts can still show on the right sidebar in the layout. However, if you do want to get back to the main blogging page that has the last posts together, you'll need to add a link back to them. Once we changed the Home page link to the static page there's no longer any links to the main Posts page.

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How To Create A Landing Page / Squeeze Page On Blogspot For Increase Sell l We Make Reseller

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Creating static page in Blogger

Set a static home page/Landing Page in Blogger

How To Create A Static Home Page In Blogger | Static Home Page on Blogger {HINDI}

In this video i have explained how to create a static home page in blogger blog. You can set any post or page as home page in blogger with the help of this tutorial. You are going to learn how to create a static Home page for blogger. You will also learn how to use custom redirects in blogger.

In this video You will learn
what is a static page in blogger
what is custom page in blogger
how to change homepage in blogger

Guys is video me maine btaya hai ki blogger blog me custom home page kaise set kiya jata hai. Aap apne blogger blog ke kisi bhi page ko static home page bana sakte hai to janane ke liye is video ko pura jarur dekhiye. Is tutorial ki help se aap ye sikh payenge ki blogger me custom redirects ka use kaise karte hai.

#blogger #static #homepage #vikashkumarsingh #vikashkumarsinghofficial

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Design A Single Page Static Website (Custom Blogger Homepage)

Hi, in this video, I will show you how to create a custom Homepage for your Blogger website. We will delete everything inside the Blogger theme and add our own code.

Complete Playlist:

Source Code:

How To Create Static Stand Alone Pages In Blogger.wmv

- How To Make Static Stand Alone Pages In Blogger.

As of February 2010, Blogger announced their new feature called Blogger Pages. So in this blog post I want to show you How To Create a Static Stand-Alone Pages In Blogger. I also have a video tutorial on how to make one if you're not comfortable with just photos.

How To Create FREE Lead Capture Page with Blogger | Get More Leads

How To Create FREE Lead Capture Page with Blogger | Get More Leads

Watch this instructional video as I show you how to make a lead capture page for FREE with Blogger and Aweber.

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How to Setup landing page or homepage on blogger ?| Add Custom page on blogger || Technical Jeetu

Hello Doston, Iss Video me Maine bataya hai How to set landing page on Website like blogger. Doston Ager aap Homepage Blogger me set karna chahte hai to Yeh Video Helpful hai.

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How to Create Static home Page for Blogger or Website.

How to Create Static home Page for Blogger or Website.
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Static Home Page on Blogger

Set a static home page on Blogger. Apologies -- what I meant at 1:52 and 2:30 of the video is welcome page address link not welcome message. Please just copy the /p/welcome... part AND not the entire link.

How To Create Static Home Page For Blog Or Website Tutorial-8 [desimesikho]

#Desimesikho #Blogger #BloggerTutorial
In This Video I Will Show You How To Create Static Home Page For Blog Or Website Tutorial-8.

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002 Launch FileCabinet create static landing page

How To Create Static Homepage In Blogger 2020 | Setup Static Homepage In Blogger 2020 | Blogger |

How To Create Static Homepage In Blogger 2020 | Setup Static Homepage In Blogger | Blogger Tips |

In this video, I explain how to create static homepage in blogger 2020. You can easily set up the homepage by following the steps given in the video. You can use the homepage of the blogger as a strong web 2.0 for your main site. You can take the backlink from the homepage easily. To know more about how to take a backlink from static homepage in blogger then click on the given link

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