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Custom Harley Davidson & Tesla Investment????????????


Custom Harley Davidson & Tesla Investment????????????

Namaskaar Dosto, yeh ek bahut hi interesting video hai jaha pe maine share kiya aapse ek custom Harley Davidson bike ko aur fir humne ek quick trip ki mere bank tak aur finally kuch investment ki baatein. Mujhe umeed hai ki aapko isi custom Harley Davidson aur mere quick morning routine ki yeh video pasand aayegi.

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How To Build An Electric Motorcycle - Complete Build & Test Ride!

How to build a FAST electric motorcycle. Get the plans:

In this video I build an original custom electric motorcycle from scratch for less than HALF the price of an equally sized ZERO S. This aggressive looking streetfighter uses the same 24 kW (32 hp) drive train as the previous Cyber Trike project. Though equivalent to most 300cc street bikes in overall power, this little monster boasts a massive 250 ft-lb of max starting torque and only weighs 300 lbs. Top speed is 150 km/h @ 120V. Full specs and a cost benefit analysis for the build can be found below.

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ROI breakdown:
Cost of electric bike build = ~$5000 total
Nominal battery capacity = 4.3 kWh
Life span of LiFePo4 cells = ~5000 cycles
Range per charge = ~80km @ 80% DOD (up to 100 km @ 100% DOD)
Grid energy cost = $0.12/kWh
Cost per charge (100 km) = 0.12 * 4.3 = $0.52
Cost per km for energy = 0.52 / 100 = $0.005

Avg price of gasoline in Canada = ~$1.00/ liter
Energy in 1L of gasoline = 8.9 kWh
Fuel economy of the most efficient petrol bikes = ~60 miles per gallon, or 25.5 km per liter
Cost per km for fuel = 1 / 25.5 = $0.04

Electric bike energy cost savings per km = $0.04 - $0.005 = $0.035
Savings per charge/cycle (80 km) = $0.035 * 80 km = $2.80
Payback period based on full cycle charges = $5000 / $2.80 =
1785 cycles

Savings per day based on driving an avg 40 km per day as a daily commuter = $2.80 / 2 = $1.40
Payback period = $5000 / $1.40 = 3572 days, or 10 years. 5 years if driven 80 km per day.

It's clear to see that an electric bike like this is a sound investment for nearly anyone who can build and ride (provided laws in your area allow it). Based on battery cycles - which is the most important thing because it will need to be replaced eventually and it is the most expensive component by far - this bike will pay for itself entirely nearly twice in fuel cost savings before the battery needs to be replaced, provided that it's maintained and charged properly (ie don't discharge below 80% DOD, don't store, operate or charge above or below the manufacturer's recommended temp., etc).

Power: 12 kw/ 24 kWp, 32 hp gross
Motor: QS273 70H brushless hub motor
Battery: 74V/4.3 kWh LiFePo4
Range: up to 100 km's
Top speed: ~115 kph (71 mph) @ 72V, 150 kph (93 mph) @ 120V
Max torque: 350 Nm (258 ft-lb)
Controller: Kelly KLS72601
Wheelbase: 55 (140 cm)
Rake angle: 26°
Trail: 4.9 (124.5 mm)
Turning radius: 72 (183 cm)
Weight: 300 lb (136 kg)
Front suspension travel: 5 (130 mm)
Rear suspension travel: 8 (203 mm)
Front tire: 120/70-17 Shinko 705
Rear tire: 180/55-17 Metzler Karoo Street

Electrical components:

72V motor

KLS72501 controller

72V/400A contactor

LiPoFe4 cells

24S (72V) LiFePo4 BMS

72V-12V Converter

12V horn

12V turn indicators

12V/18W LED bar lights

12V LED brake light

Sicass Racing handlebar switch

Music: 'Dark Epic Hybrid Rock' by Pegasus Music Studio

Elon Musk Revealed Tesla Electric Airplane

Here is everything we know! Elon Musk is working on an electric airplane that will take off vertically and he confirmed it in multiple interviews. This electric airplane will be probably under Tesla or SpaceX. Renewable energy is the number one goal and Elon Musk is doing wonders already with using batteries to power Tesla cars. You can imagine using electricity to power lots of electric vehicles but did you think about planes? Well, Elon certainly did and he and his team are already working on bringing the Tesla Electric Airplane to the market in near future. This electric airplane will be battery powered with maybe some solar panels on the roof. To build an electric plane you need to know the science and engineering and Musk knows this all. We know that NASA and Boeing (airbus) are already working on electric planes as well but Tesla will be certainly the best as they already succeeded with other electric vehicles. Maybe it will be a flying car and maybe it will be a private jet but one thing is for sure, it will be VTOL. Because the future is in electric airplanes that have vertical take-off and landing. In this video, you will also find interviews with Elon Musk where he reveals and announces his progress on the electric plane.

00:00 intro
00:41 Overview
01:14 Tesla’s plans for the aviation industry
03:48 Better than a conventional plane?
05:43 The Problems
07:29 The Solutions

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10 All-Electric Motorcycles to DOMINATE The Industry

10 All-Electric Motorcycles to DOMINATE The Industry

As all-electric vehicle technology continues to evolve, a new breed of e-motorcycles enters the market, and though they may be quiet or pricey, they’re anything but weak or limited to short ranges. So, let us change your perception and come take a look at the Top Electric Motorbikes To Dominate The Industry.

10. Harley-Davidson LiveWire
Harley-Davidson has made a name for itself thanks to its top-quality bikes and outstanding performance. And it continues that trend with the LiveWire, its first foray into the world of electric motorcycles.

9. Energica Ego
Considering the naturally lightweight chassis of a motorcycle and the massive, instantaneous torque electric motors can crank out, high-performance electric sportbikes were an inevitability, and Energica is one of the first manufacturers to focus solely on track-day-friendly superbikes.

8. Brutus V9
If you’re looking for a more traditional ride the Brutus V9 has what you want with the updated platform of an electric motorcycle. With a classic American cruiser-style design complete with batwing fairings, this bike is a unique one to admire, too.

7. Lito Sora
“Affordable” and “SORA” are not words usually used in the same sentence, and at $82,000, the Sora is an investment that won’t be undertaken by anyone other than the company’s most devoted connoisseurs. Lito’s Sora is a cafe-inspired racer, giving it a unique aesthetic that’s hard to beat, even by conventional standards.

6. Johammer J1 200
All-electric motos are the future and Johammer is taking that concept to heart. The J1 200 looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, bolstered by innovative energy technology, and it comes in lightweight and costs for up to 124 miles on a single charge. The brand claims there’s no other manufacturer on the planet who can currently offer the kind of EV mobility they’re offering.

5. Zero SR
It is not the fastest, it hasn’t got the best range of performance, it is not the cheapest. But what ZERO’s SR unique? It is one of the electric motorcycles that’ll give you the most for the price. It offers excellent performance in terms of range, speed, and handling at a very reasonable price.

4. Cake Kalk
Cake’s Kalk is an all-encompassing e-moto that boasts the title of the company’s first-ever road-legal platform and is one of the best in the game. The baseline specs are dependable enough, but if you fall in love with this ride, it’s mostly because of its slim and industrial design. There’s really nothing else quite like it!

3. Lightning LS-218
Let’s do this fast! The LS-218 is the current world-record holder for being the fastest street-legal electric motorcycle in the world. Currently Lightning’s top-notch electric motorcycle and the most recognizable model.
The brand builds its bikes with durability and power in mind, combining high-quality materials with control and performance. And of all of the electric sportbikes on the market, the Lightning LS-218 is really great.

2. Tarform
Tarform describes itself as “the motorcycle of tomorrow”, a statement that rings true when you take into account the fact that this bike is mostly produced using a 3D printer. Around 55% of the bike’s exterior is 3D printed.

1. Arc Vector
Enter the Arc Vector. This motorcycle stands unmatched when it comes to visual appeal, thanks to its sleek architecture, integrated systems, and insane technology, making it a force to be reckoned with for every other electrically-inclined company out there. Forward-thinking in more ways than one, the Arc Vector combines its futuristic design with impressive specs. It goes from 0 to 60 in under 3 seconds and covers up to 270 miles on a single charge.

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A Man Bought a 3D printer and Printed a Lamborghini with his son in their Garage

Hello friends, unfortunately, today it is rare to see fathers and sons spend their evenings together, and even more rare to see them be passionate about the same idea. It happens often that neither children, nor their parents, have the time, and probably not the desire, to step away from the internet and video games, to turn off the computer and create something with their own hands, like people used to do about 20 years ago.

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9 Things Corey Inherited from the Old Man... (Pawn Stars)

9 Things Corey Inherited from the Old Man... (Pawn Stars)
As most of you already know “The Old Man”, Richard Harrison passed away leaving behind his legacy of personality and the liability of the store.
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He was one of the main cast members of the show and none the less he was the creator behind the show. More than sorrow he left behind a multimillion-dollar show and millions worth of items under his name. His son Rick Harrison also a main cast member was inherited millions of dollars that Richard Harrison owned, but what exactly did he leave for his son. Today we will be looking at all the expensive and lesson worth things Richard Harrison left for his son rick. From materialistic things to life lessons.

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King Reacting
9 Things Corey Inherited from the Old Man (Pawn Stars)

American Chopper Officially ENDED After This Happened... FAMILY DRAMA AND ANGRY EMPLOYEES

Check out our American Chopper Fight Compilation Video:

Here's why the once-popular Discovery show, American Chopper officially ended. Although it is true the actual shop Orange County Choppers is still open and functioning, the show American Chopper has ended. You WON'T believe what happened behind the scenes! The show was set for the 13th season but the last episode The Last Ride pretty much sums it up. The show had a good run and we'll be sad to see them go.

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Ever wonder what its like to drive an Orange County Chopper, well so Did I and its whatever not that great. but its still super cool to own.

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1. Snap-on Motorized Tool Chest

2. Human Hoist

3. Ring MAGflex Slim

4. Car Bench UL-300 (Preview)

5. Mag-Pad


7. Система Miracle


00:00 - Snap-on Motorized Tool Chest
01:06 - Human Hoist
02:27 - Ring MAGflex Slim
03:45 - Car Bench UL-300 (Preview)
04:51 - Mag-Pad
05:59 - TREADREADER HandHeld
06:48 - Miracle system
08:12 - BIPOL PRO C HD

Amplifier Tuning Settings How To - Gain, Crossovers, Bass Boost

How do you tune an aftermarket amplifier? What is gain input sensitivity? What are crossovers and bass boost? Can we tune with a multimeter or should we use a purpose made tool like the SMD DD-1 to detect distortion and clipping? Let's find out!

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So since the 2020 Road Glide is black and already I’m seeing swirl marks I decided to go and get a ceramic coating applied to the motorcycle. I went to Always Clean and Fair Lawn New Jersey where they did the work. It came out absolutely amazing. Watch the full video And you will see how they do a $10,000 wrap on $120,000 Tesla. Thanks for watching, and please subscribe


Always Clean Detailing
Fair Lawn, NJ

S&S 475 CAM-

Customised Harley Davidson Fatbob Softail

Functional and High Quality Accessories from AeeDEA

1. Sound Variable Exhaust Dual Silver Finish

2. Engine Heat Deflector

3. Mirror Extenders

4. Rider cum Pillion Backrest

5. Rider Footboard Sports Edition

6. Mini Pillion Footboard Sports Edition

7. Heel Shifter / Shoe Protector

8. Brake Pedal Extender

9. Bottle Holder

10. Highway Footboard with Chrome Detailing

11. Rear Mudslinger

12. Front Mudslinger

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Why This is More Dangerous Than a Super Bike

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Curtiss Motorcycles – Sustainable by Design

Curtiss Motorcycles CEO Matt Chambers, along with designers Jordan Cornille and JT Nesbitt discuss creating a culture of sustainability through electric motorcycle design.

How to restore the shine on your Harley Davidson suspension

In this video I’ll practically show you how to effectively shine up your rusted suspension on your Harley or really any other type of bike. I’ll be using only WD40, a brush and a cloth.




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Papamoa - Investors And Lifestyle Alert

43/644 Grenada Street, Papamoa
Quintin Havenga

With a great rental return of over $500 per week, this property will impress!!
North facing and bathed in sunshine - your perfect live in leisure lifestyle home. Located in the popular and respected gated community of Diamond Sands Resort, this property is ideal for retirement or as a lock- up and leave for the traveller in you.

Spacious open plan living spills to a private covered outdoor patio area just perfect for entertaining friends and family.
Imagine the comfort of living in a secure environment with the luxury of having your grounds maintained by the complex; giving you loads of leisure time to enjoy all that Papamoa Beach has to offer. There are also numerous on-site amenities in this friendly environment including a swimming pool, spa, gym and community centre.

Diamond Sands Resort is located close to transport, beaches and Shopping Centres. So, if you lead a busy life or simply want more time for ...

Realty Focus Ltd (REAA 2008)

Damon Motorcycles Unveils Flagship Electric Motorcycle at CES 2020

We unveiled our flagship motorcycle, the Hypersport, at CES 2020, where we won the CES Best of Innovation & Digital Trends Best of Innovation in Automotive awards.

This all-electric, emission-free powertrain is equipped with 360° awareness and transforming ergonomics designed to make your ride better, safer, and smarter.

200 HP. 200 MPH. 200 MILE RANGE.

Learn more at



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