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Cut the cord and CANCEL CABLE TV FOR GOOD!!!


Cut the cord and CANCEL CABLE TV FOR GOOD!!!

UPDATE FEBRUARY 2018: So ... 18 months later, let's find out how all this is going. Check out the update!

I finally did it. I cut the cord. Got rid of cable TV. I'm streaming only. (OK, mostly.) And I'm saving hundreds of dollars a year. You have to do a little homework. And a little math. And maybe realize that it's not going to be 100 percent as good as cable TV. But for as much as I'm saving, it's good enough.

You can read a full walkthrough at

???? ALSO: You have GOT to check out HDHomerun Connect if you care about over-the-air content at all. Such a great product!

And here are the links to what I'm using. (Also available at

???????????? HOT HOT HARDWARE ????????????

Android TV:
Apple TV:
Roku Ultra:
Indoor HD antenna:
Sound bar and sub:

???? ???????? THE REMOTE CONTROLS ????????????


???????????? THE SERVICES ????????????

PlayStation Vue plans:

Sling plans:


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A Beginners Guide to Cord Cutting - Cancel Cable TV & Save Money

This is our Beginners Guide to Cord Cutting class we offer at public libraries. This video is meant to be a starting to point to help you get started into the world of Cord Cutting. You can find our written beginners guide here:

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Need help picking a live TV streaming service? This guide should help:

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Is Cord Cutting Actually Cheaper Than Cable?

We'll answer the ultimate question, Is Cord Cutting Actually Cheaper Than Cable? This question is becoming increasingly more important as more options hit the market.


See our streaming channel comparison here:

See our BEST cable alternatives here:


A little while ago I found out that my parents were paying $270 for a Comcast double-play package. I thought that was absurd, so I tried to pitch them on a streaming service like YouTube TV. They didn't want that right off the bat, so I called Comcast on their behalf and got their package down to $120/mo.

Quickly, I realized that the base package was $120/mo. but with all the add-ons that my parents wanted and deemed necessary, the rate jumped back up to $220 after the cost of equipment/HD channels/ multiple DVR receivers, etc.

So, if you're a kid who is trying to convince your parents to cut the cord, show this video to them. Adversely, if you're a parent who wants your kids to realize why you aren't cutting the cord, show this video to them.

Cable and satellite TV don't always compare apples to apples with each other, let alone with internet TV streaming providers. There are just too many variables that change the price, package, etc. to compare straight across.

So, for this review, we compare the prices over two years for the following TV providers:
Hulu with Live TV
YouTube TV

Ultimately, I've come to the conclusion that choosing cable, satellite, or live streaming TV is all about personal preferences.

You should ask yourself what matters most to you?
Channel count - total
Channel count - personal
Internet access
Simplicity (bundles — do I get a discount for bundling TV and the internet?)

Check out more videos here —

Cord Cutting the EASY Way

Most often, when I hear from someone resistant to cutting the cord, they tell me that it's too intimidating! There are too many choices! Too many devices! Too many...everything! So in today's Cord Cutting 101 beginner's guide, I lay out a few key questions to ask, and give some concrete suggestions on which devices and services to have a look at to get you started.


Roku vs Amazon Fire TV:
Top 10 FREE Amazon Fire TV Channels:
Amazon Fire TV Hidden Gems:
Top 10 FREE Roku Channels:
Roku Hidden Gems:
5 FREE Streaming News Apps:
The top 5 HD Antennas:
Getting the most out of an HD Antenna:


0:00 - Intro
1:27 - Internet speed required
2:22 - Knowing your budget
3:30 - Know your viewing habits
4:11 - Which device to choose
6:04 - Apps and content
8:44 - Cord cutting accessories


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HOW TO CUT THE CORD: How We Cut Out Cable & Satellite & Still Watch Everything - Including SPORTS!

We were Paying $175 for Dish Network & $45 for Internet=$220 a month. We now have Netflix $10 plus Internet $45=$55 per month now. $55 vs $220
Other Options We do:
SlingTv $25
Even with those 2 services. it is cheaper than cable or satellite

Cog Hill Farm
PO Box 2204
Selma, AL 36701
-Roku Premiere - HD & 4K UHD Streaming Media Player:
-Roku Express:
I am NOT endorsed or paid by anyone for this YouTube Video! I just wanted to let everyone know what we did to save money on our cable bill or satellite bill.

About 3 or so years ago, I decided to cut the cord & cancel our satellite for good. We had satellite bc since we were so rural, that cable was not an option here, but either way, I decided to cut out satellite/cable & go a different route, bc we were paying $175 per month for satellite. Now that was for 2 places bc we have a mother-in-law suite here, where my wife's mom lives, so we were paying for 2 households, but regardless that is just so crazy to pay that kind of money for something, when you honestly think about it, you do not or really use.

The main thing that was holding me back was the fact that I am a college football & basketball fan, but once I broke it down & realized I could buy season tickets cheaper than I was paying for cable, I knew i had to just cut the cord & figure out another option, & that is what I did.

My first step was that I bought a big external HD antenna & mounted it to my chimney. Which was really easy to do. I just bought all the antenna mounting hardware & had to get 2 boosters bc we had 2 households feeding off the HD antenna, & it all cost me around $350-400 dollars for the setup. Which was just a 2 month cable bill. And with the outside antenna, we get all our local channels like CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS, FOX, etc...all in HD & all for FREE.

Then my next step was I purchased a Roku for each TV. And what Roku is, it is basically like your cable box. The Roku is the hub that allows you to watch internet TV. And there are several of these devices out there now, like AppleTV, Google ChromeCast, Amazon Fire TV Stick, etc, but at the the time, Roku was about the only option out there. And we have absolutely no complaints at all with Roku.

Now with the Roku, you can subscribe to all your favorite internet streaming service or channels, like Netflix or Hulu. And watch them on your TV. The one we general subscribe to is really just Netflix, which is basically $10 a month, & from time to time, we subscribe to Hulu, which is around the same price as Netflix. Plus there are so many FREE channels on the Roku, I mean tons of free channels there, that you do not have to subscribe to, you just watch for free! Also now there so many options now, like HBO, Showtime, Flix, Crackle, can subscribe to all these streaming services now & still save so much more money than you did paying for cable or paying for satellite. So you Game of Thrones Fans can subscribe to HBO for &15 a month, binge watch & then cancel.

Now another channel we get is Amazon Prime channel. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you get their channel for FREE & get to watch all the Amazon Prime movies & TV Shows from their library for absolutely FREE!

The gamechanger & the way you can watch sports is with the service called SlingTV. Sling TV, with the sports package, runs $25 a month & you got all the ESPN channels, FoxSports channel, & some others sports channels that I have no idea what they even are. Plus you also get channels like Food Network, HGTV, history, A&E, etc., but if you are sports fan, like me, this is the way to go. And this ESPN package includes the SEC network, the PAC12 network & the ACC network, & I'm sure there were more ESPN affiliates as well. And after the season is over with, I just cancel it & go back to paying $10 a month for TV. So the most we pay is $35 a month, & that is only during college football season & basketball season.

I hope this, How To Save Money On Your Cable, video was helpful & I hope y'all have a wonderful day!
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How to quit cable and stream TV the right way

If you're going to quit cable or satellite for a streaming TV solution, you're going to want to get it right the first time. There are lots of options for streaming devices, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Smart TVs. Also, choosing the right antenna and making sure your internet is up to par are important too.

We've outlined exactly how to get started, step by step. Follow our lead, and you'll never look back.



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Cutting the Cord — Best Cable TV Alternatives 2019

Looking to cut cord? Maybe you have already. Regardless, these are undoubtedly the best alternatives for cable TV.


See our picks for BEST cable alternatives here:

See our picks for BEST streaming channels here:


There are so many options out there for when you cut the cord. But to find the best solution for you, it may take a little work or some one time purchases to help you get the setup you want.

We'll talk about popular services that stream live TV, from DIRECTV NOW to Sling TV, we'll also talk about what types of content you can get on Netflix, Hulu, and other services.

You'll need to pick a service
Pick a media player if your TV doesn't have one built-in
Get an HD antenna for local channels
Enjoy the savings!

Check out these other popular videos
7 Best TV Streaming Providers

Top 5 HD Antennas

5 Common Cord Cutting Mistakes & How You Can Avoid Them

Today We Take a Look at 5 Common Cord Cutting Mistakes & How You Can Avoid Them. If you would like to read these tips instead of watch them you can find them here:

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Cutting the Cord on Cable in 2020 | Everything you NEED to know!

Today we go over how you can begin cutting the cord on cable in 2020. I will tell you everything you NEED to know in order to get started! See below for referenced links and products!


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Cord Cutting 101 - What You Need To Know Before Getting Rid Of Your Cable Service

Good luck on cutting the cord! For product information and more information on how you can finally cut the cord check out

We also carry a variety of streaming media players and smart TVs to help you cut the cord.

Is cutting the cord actually worth it? We did the math

The TV world is growing rapidly. And if you're someone who's ready to ditch the cable cord, there are a lot of great options to turn to like using an antenna.

Streaming vs Cable - The Confusing Costs of Cord Cutting

Streaming versus cable — an ongoing, ever-changing battle. The prize? Your hard-earned dollar. Which one is the victor?


How to find the TV channels you want online - -

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Cord Cutters Can Get FREE Live TV??

Are you thinking about cutting the cord, but you're hesitant because you don't want to miss out on Live TV? There are several good options for cord cutters to stream live TV for watching local or cable channels. In this video, we’ll go over a variety of options that range from FREE to prices that will make you want to scream, Why did I cut the cord?!?


The best HD antennas:


Reviews on Twitter:
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Today I am going to show you how you can watch and live stream almost any US cable channel completely for free and it’s also completely legal.

I am going to show you how to do this using an Amazon 4k Firestick but you can use any android or iOS device that is connected to the internet and has a web browser such as your smart TV, your phone, laptop, computer, NVidia shield, fire cube – anything that has a web browser.

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S1 E4: How to save money on cable TV | Cut the cord

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✨Season 1, Episode 4
Ready to cut the cord? In this episode we discuss the options for cutting the cord with cable or satellite service. What options to do you have? What about an antenna?

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Cutting The Cord In 2020 - How To Cut the Cord!

Cutting The Cord In 2020

???????????? Check out my favorite service!
2 Connections only $10.00 per month!

$5.00 Cable TV replacement! :

????Watch My Video On How To fix IPTV Buffering:

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**all information shared in the video is for educational purposes only**

How to Cut the Cord on Cable TV - How we saved $1500 cancelling cable TV!

How to cut the cord on cable TV and save money every month. Tips on the cable TV alternatives and our top streaming device choices. Start saving and ditch cable TV in 2018!

===== Products and Services Mentioned in this Video =====
5:24 Fire TV Stick:
5:27 All-New Fire TV 4K + HD Antenna:
5:29 Roku Premiere+:
5:13 Xbox One:
5:11 PlayStation 4:
Apple TV 4K:

3:18 HDTV Antenna by 1byone:

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About this video:
In this video Brian Anthony from Relentless Reviews explains how to cut the cord on cable TV and shares tips on the best streaming devices to replace cable TV. He covers how to get TV channels without cable, HDTV antenna setup, and the top streaming services available. He also discusses how he saved $1500 last year after getting rid of cable TV.

I Cut The Cord And Switched To DirecTV Now

After spending my entire life as a traditional cable subscriber, I finally decided that cutting the cord and switching to a streaming service would save me a ton of money. After considering a number of streaming options, I decided to try DirecTV Now, which threw in a free Apple TV 4K with a 4-month commitment. 

Here's how streaming compares to traditional cable, both in terms of user experience and value. 

Read more:


Satellite TV & Cable TV - How to cut the cord and save money!

Watch the video guide on how to cut the cord and save money on Satellite TV & Cable TV Service bills and expenses.

If using cellular hotspot for Internet and have poor cellular reception in your home, enjoy faster wireless data transfers by using a cell phone signal booster at and get free shipping across USA and Canada! Contact us for details.

Cut the cord and save money every month. You can cut your cable or satellite bill and instead stream all of your favorite shows and movies. You can even get some of your favorite channels for free!

So how do you cut the cord, get free channels and save money? Easy - you can stream your favorite shows and movies to your TV and watch what you want anytime you want.

How do you stream video on your TV? You may ask. There are numerous options, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chrome, Shield TV, Nexus Player, Playstation 4, X Box One and many more devices will stream content straight to your TV. Or you can buy a Smart TV and the streaming option is built right in.

With so many streaming options available, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, Sling TV, Crackle, HBO Now and Showtime Anytime just to name a few. It may be difficult to decide which option is right for you. Check the links below for some great options that will help you in making the right choice.

Cord Cutting 101 (lots of useful tutorials and lists):

8 of the best streaming media devices:

Streaming Video Packages (Sports, Movies, News, this has it all):

HDTV Antennas:

Cord cutting tools: (What can you watch over the air, Which channels can you get, how much will you save?)

Is it time to cut the cord with your cable company?

A viral audio recording of a customer service nightmare with Comcast is sparking a conversation about cutting the cord with cable companies. Nicholas Thompson, editor of, joins the CBS This Morning co-hosts to discuss America's growing trend of canceling cable service.



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