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DC Motor, How it works?

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The working of a DC motor is well explained in this video with the help of animation. Construction details of DC Motor, Shunt & Series motor, concept of back EMF are also explained in this video.

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What's the difference between motors and generators?

Using a demonstration motor, I explain  how a motor works,  how a generator work, what their similarities are and what their difference are.

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Electric generator (A.C. & D.C.) | Magnetic effects of current | Khan Academy

Let's learn how A.C. and D.C. generators (electric generators) work.
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Khan Academy is a nonprofit organisation with the mission of providing a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. We offer quizzes, questions, instructional videos, and articles on a range of academic subjects, including math, biology, chemistry, physics, history, economics, finance, grammar, preschool learning, and more. We provide teachers with tools and data so they can help their students develop the skills, habits, and mindsets for success in school and beyond. Khan Academy has been translated into dozens of languages, and 15 million people around the globe learn on Khan Academy every month. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organisation, we would love your help!

Created by Mahesh Shenoy

Which Motor Type is the Best Generator? || DC, BLDC or Stepper? (Experiment)

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In this video I will conduct a small experiment in order to show you whether the DC, BLDC or Stepper Motor is best suited as a generator. Along the way we will learn a bit about the theory of those motors and realize why a gearbox can be an important part of a generator setup. Let's get started!

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2011 Lookalike by Bartlebeats
Ecstatic Wave, Jens Kiilstofte

Working Principle of DC Motor (animation of elementary model)

Working Principle of DC Motor - Video gives an brief explanation in form of animation how does DC Motor works. Also you can view working principle on elementary model with poles, commutators, brushes, turns and what role in working principles has mechanical force.

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This DC or direct current motor works on the principal, when a current carrying conductor is placed in a magnetic field, it experiences a torque and has a tendency to move.
This is known as motoring action. If the direction of current in the wire is reversed, the direction of rotation also reverses. When magnetic field and electric field interact they produce a mechanical force, and based on that the working principle of DC motor is established.

The direction of rotation of a this motor is given by Fleming’s left hand rule, which states that if the index finger, middle finger and thumb of your left hand are extended mutually perpendicular to each other and if the index finger represents the direction of magnetic field, middle finger indicates the direction of current, then the thumb represents the direction in which force is experienced by the shaft of the DC motor.
Structurally and construction wise a direct current motor is exactly similar to a DC generator, but electrically it is just the opposite. Here we unlike a generator we supply electrical energy to the input port and derive mechanical energy from the output port








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DC Machine: Construction And Working Principle (DC Motor & DC Generator)

A SIMPLE explanation of the construction and working principle of a DC Machine (DC Motor or DC Generator). Understand the parts of a DC Machine and the construction of a DC Machine. Learn more about DC motors at:

And our article on the construction of a DC Generator:

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How does an Electric Motor work? (DC Motor)

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Electric motors can seem very mysterious! How do they use electricity to start rotating? Let's break it down step by step to understand how it works. Topics covered in this video: circuits, current, magnets, electromagnets, armature, commutator, brushes, stator, and rotor. This video only covers DC motors.

00:00 - Intro
00:41 - Circuits
01:22 - Magnets
02:27 - Electromagets
04:28 - Improvements to Electric Motor
05:00 - Commutator and Brushes
07:19 - Improving Torque
08:20 - Devices with Motors
09:00 - Brilliant

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Internet Sources:

-- How DC Motors Work (National MagLab)
-- How DC motors and universal motors work (Matthias Wandel)
-- How does an Electromagnet work? (Science Buddies)
-- DC Motor Explained - Basic working principle how DC motor works (The Engineering Mindset)

Book Sources:
Schaum's Outline of Basic Electricity, Second Edition by Milton Gussow

How Things Work: The Physics of Everyday Life, 4th Edition by Louis A. Bloomfield

Electric motor image credit:
By Marrrci - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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AC Generator DC Generator & Electric Motor

AC Generator
The major parts of an AC generator are armature coil, field magnet, slip rings, brushes etc. The magnet, which produces magnetic flux in generator, is called field magnet. The direction of flux lines is from North Pole of the field magnet to South Pole.
An armature is a coil at which insulated conducting wire is wound over a laminated soft iron core. The slip rings are circular rings; fused to the ends of the coil. They rotate about the same axis as that of the armature. Brush is an arrangement that is always in contact with slip rings. Current flows to the external circuit through this.
Armature coil rotates continuously using mechanical energy. Simultaneously armature coil deflects the magnetic flux lines and emf is generated in the coil. This continuous motion of the armature coil helps to keep a constant current in the external circuit.
Let’s see the different steps in one complete rotation of the armature coil.
When the armature coil starts rotation, the angle between the axis of the coil and direction of flux be 00.There is no emf is induced in it because of no flux change. After that, the rotation of the armature coil cuts more flux lines and due to this the angle between the axis of the coil and flux becomes 900.Then maximum emf is induced in it. When the coil turns to 1800 with the flux lines, then also the emf becomes zero. When the angle turns from 1800 to 2700 then the direction of flux change become opposite, so the maximum emf is produced in opposite direction. When the coil turns from 2700 to 3600 ,the rate of flux changes reduced to zero and thus emf.
The number of cycles in one second is called the frequency of AC. The unit of frequency is hertz. The frequency of AC used in our house is 50Hz.
DC Generators
As in AC generator, the dc generator also has a field magnet and an armature coil. In dc generators the slip rings are replaced by split rings. In dc generators also, the emf induced by the armature coil is AC in nature. This emf is converted into DC using split ring commutator. The current flows to the external circuit through the graphite brush, is unidirectional.
Let’s see the difference between the emf from a dc generator and a battery.
The emf from battery is of constant intensity and without any fluctuations. But the emf from the dc source is pulsating.

Working Principle of DC Generator | [Electric Machine #1]

Have you ever think about Working Principle of DC Generator?, and What are Basic Parts of DC generator? This video gives you answers to these questions with animation of elementary model of DC generator.

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- Basic parts of DC generator: 00:29
- Working Principle of DC generator: 01:43
- Fleming's right hand rule: 04:13
- Graphical representation: 05:20
- Advanteges and applications: 06:23

A DC generator is an electrical machine which converts mechanical energy into direct current electricity. This energy conversion is based on the principle of production of dynamically induced EMF.


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Animation: Hrvoje Čočić, Nandhakumar
Story: Hrvoje Čočić
Category: Education
Voice over: Adriaan H.
Licence: Standard YouTube Licenc

Magnetism: Motors and Generators

Principles and applications of motors and generators, using 3d animations.

DC Motor vs DC Generator - Difference between DC Motor and DC Generator

DC Motor vs DC Generator- Difference between DC Motor and DC Generator

Mechanically dc motor and dc generator are alike, but from a technical perspective dc motor and dc generator differ greatly. Though, they both perform their function on direct current supply, direct current motor supplies mechanical power by converting the direct current electrical power whereas dc generator converts mechanical energy into direct current electricity.
In this video we will go to learn difference between DC motor and Dc generator.

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Free Energy 100% Self Running Mobile Charging Machine Generator Using DC Motors

Free Energy 100% Self Running Mobile Charging Machine Generator Using DC Motors

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DC Motors and Generators - 1961 Documentary

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Documentary video from 1961 showing various basic motors and how to use them. This was created by the Department of Defense to help educate the population about basic engineering.

Welcome to FootageArchive! On this channel you'll find historic and educational videos from the 1900s. Watch, learn, and take a trip back in time as we gain insight into a previous time. Subscribe for more.

Note: this video contains archived public domain / licensed footage. This footage serves documentary purposes on world history and is to be viewed as educational.

Motors and Generators

A short video demonstrating how to use a small battery operated (DC) motor as a generator. Also includes a method for determining the efficiency of a generator.


Direct Current And Alternating Current MOTORS AND GENERATORS How Do They Work

All Concept of DC Motor and DC Generator in Hindi, DC Motor and DC Generator

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