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DDX for Devs 3 - Libraries


DDX for Devs 3 - Libraries

Some details about the JS libraries used in DDX

DDX for Devs 4 - React JSS and Protobuf

Ryan digs into how JSS is used to control styling from within a JS library, and explains how we serialize, encode and decode Protobuf data

React Inline Styling with JSS - Talk.JS + Talk.CSS = JSConf.Asia Special!

Speaker: Lin Han

Despite countless debates, inline styling is still loved by many web developers. This talk will focus on a specific library (JSS) that is my favorite among the current offerings. It will demonstrate how I ended up using the library by demonstrating the problems I had with other CSS solutions and how I solved them with JSS.

Presenter's bio

Lin is a web development professional at day and hobbyist at night. He doesn't have many commitments so he has tried many different types of stacks over the years. Now he is deeply in the camp of the React + GraphQL ecosystem.

Event Page:

Produced by Engineers.SG
Recorded by: Huiren Woo

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[VDZ19] Frontend Monoliths: Run if you can! by Jonas Bandi and Daniel Wiehl

The frontend monoliths are here! They arrived with the trend to build modern single page applications. Frameworks like Angular and React boosted the growth of these monoliths. While we were cultivating micro-services in the backend, a new generation of monoliths conquered the frontend. Nobody saw them coming, but they are here now and we don't know how to get rid of them.

The talk shows how frontend monoliths are characterized and how they come into existence. We are looking at different approaches on how to get rid of frontend monoliths, even though there is no silver bullet or single best practice yet. We will have a look at different forms of the mythical Micro-Frontend.

We will introduce the SCION Workbench Application Platform which is an open source project based on Angular and provides the mechanics for client-side web application integration. Any web application can be integrated. If the site does not interact with the platform, there is no need for adaptation. For a deeper integration, the platform provides a framework-agnostic guest API allowing interaction with the platform and other applications.

React Bootcamp- Almost EVERYTHING in React you need to know! Part 3

React Hooks!
State management w/ useReducer + use Context (Redux Lite)

The basics of React (props, state, etc)

Master React Router

Build tons of projects

React State Management Patterns

Drag & Drop With React

Writing dynamically styled components w/ JSS

Common React Router Patterns

Work with tons of libraries and tools

Integrate UI libraries like Material UI and Bootstrap into your React apps

React Design Patterns and Strategies

Learn the ins and outs of JSS!

Learn how to easily use React to build responsive apps

Add complex animations to React projects

Debug and Fix buggy React code

Optimize React components

Integrate React with APIs

Learn the basics of Webpack in a free mini-course!

DOM events in React

Forms and complex validations in React

Using Context API w/ Hooks



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