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DIY Cardboard Good Ship


DIY Pirate Ship Using Cardboard !! (art).

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How to Make a Cardboard Ship

Hello friends this time i have made a Cardboard ship. You can make this Cardboard boat and use it as your school art and Craft ideas.

This project How to make a ship with cardboard can be best ways to make cardboard craft ideas .

This Project is made with the materials like cardboard ,hot melting glue ,scissor,string, cloths which are easily available at you house and nearby handicraft store.

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How to Build the Fastest Cardboard Boat: Hull Style Selection Mikes Inventions

What to consider when selecting a hull style for your boat.

Building $20 Cardboard Boats!

Can we build a cardboard boat with just glue and Gorilla tape? Absolutely. We team up with Hard Science to have a cardboard boat build-off! See their episode here:

Can we build a cardboard boat that can carry two adults? Yes. Can we build a couple of cardboard boats that Tara and Anthony, the Hard Science crew, can't sink? That remains to be seen... but we can tell you now, getting your cardboard regatta on is major fun! (We're totally coming back to this when the water is warmer!)


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DIY Cardboard Good Ship

It's finally here. My Good Ship is made out of cardboard :-). In this video, I talked about how I made it and the features it had. I will be in LA next week so don't expect videos coming out at that time.

Materials:Cardboard and hot glue if you want to make one yourself.

How To Make A Cardboard Ship (Part 1)

This video will show you how to make a ship out of cardboard, subscribe so you can watch part 2 of this project when it comes out!

BTW sorry for the bad working on it

sketchup template for the ship -

music -

Vlad Gluschenko - Dawn
James Flamestar - The No Pants Dance
Dj Quads - Cha-Cha-Cha
Andrew Applepie - Nobody Knows
Childhood - Mike Chino

How to Build a Cardboard boat - That Wins!!

I have been building boats my entire life and on this episode of Patriot contraptions will show you how to Make a cardboard boat that not only floats, but wins races! Lets building!!! To Build a Cardboard boat can be hard and rewarding. The key though to make a cardboard boat that wins though all comes in the design, Construction and fine details.

More information on my website

Use All information at your own risk.

DIY Ship using Cardboard

In this video I will show you how to make a pirate battleship using balsa wood and cardboard. I used 5 balsa sheets and 3 glue sticks.
Hope you enjoy!


How to make Ferri Ship with Cardboard

How to make Ferri Ship with Cardboard

Cardboard Ship -DIY


DIY Cardboard spaceship | Kids toys | Playhouse | DIY life hacks

Hi everyone!

I have made a spaceship playhouse for my friend's kids a while ago... It was a fold-able cardboard spaceship and I have decided to make a quick video about how it was made and share some detailed pictures of it as a memory. As you know kids toys don't always last forever and this one is already on the other side :)) But I'm not surprised as it has received enormous amount of attention! The kids had loads of fun playing in it :)

I was going to write full instructions and materials in here, but as it would be rather long, I have decided to provide you with a link to my Instructables profile, where I've shared this project with full written instructions, materials and more pictures. So here it is:

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DIY Warship Battle Marble Board Game from Cardboard at Home

DIY Warship Battle Marble Board Game from Cardboard at Home

In this video I show you how to make amazing board game warship battle for 2 players! All you need is cardboard, popsicle sticks for ships and marble balls :)

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Super Easy DIY Crafts Cardboard Box Rocket Ship! 🚀

My kids love cardboard box crafts! So today I'm sharing one of my favorite DIY cardboard box crafts! A super easy cardboard box rocket ship that any kid (or mom) would love!
Here is what you need: a pencil, a box cutter, duct tape, some markers, aluminium foil and.... the cardboard box!!!
Watch my entire video for a super easy step by step guide!




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FUN KIDS: DIY Cardboard Spaceship /playhouse /kids toys

Box Fort Spaceship!!!
My son loves these fun box fort activities!!!
Hope you enjoy too!

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How to build a durable cardboard boat

How to make a cardboard boat. I designed this with durability in mind, not wanting to spend the time building a boat that would only last a few minutes on the water. I have had this boat on the lake several times in the past three years. There are no rigid materials such as plastic, wood, or metal use in the construction of this boat. The following materials are used: cardboard, paper, tape, glue, and paint.

For more information about the construction of this boat, refer to my blog post regarding it at the link above.

Videos of fishing in the cardboard boat:

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Cardboard BOATS with ENGINES!

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