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DIY. Four-leaf clover in resin


DIY. Four-leaf clover in resin.

DIY. Four-leaf clover in resin.
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Four-leaf Clover in Epoxy Resin. DIY a Simple way / ART RESIN

How to put a clover in an epoxy resin in a simple way
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????Four-leaf Clover in Resin???? - Resin Crafts

Materials used: ????dried four-leaf clover ????, resin
Use lucky four-leaf clover to make beautiful crafts. Come and do one, as a gift to your lover and friend.

Material list:
1. Epoxy Resin:
2. Resin kit (Molds and Tools):
3. Mold material (Plexiglass sheet):
4. Mold material (Silicone Cube):
5. ResinTint - Liquid Pigment (10 Pack):
6. Silica Gel Crystals(Making dried flowers):
You can watch the video of this desiccant:

Hello everyone.
Hope you enjoy my video. Thanks for watching!
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Resin Crafting: Encasing Four-leaf Clovers

How I embed four-leaf clovers in resin to use in jewelry making...or it makes a nice little trinket as is. I did not dome the backs of these pieces to save time.

Ask me any questions in the comments. Don't forget to subscribe to see what I will do next!

I used Little Windows brand resin for beautiful, crystal clear results:
Find them on youtube, too:
Doming tray and small square mold is also from Little Windows.

Filmed using my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 with Droid Timelapse by Neximo Labs.

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I received no compensation from any brand name crafting supplies used in this video. All products were purchased with my own money and are what I personally prefer using.

DIY Four leaf clover in resin mp4

Four-leaf clover in resin. Homemade Inventions.

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Simple instructions how to make homemade the clover in the resin. Four-leaf clover in resin.

DIY Four leaf clover in resin

How to make key rings with four-leaf clovers

In this video we show you how we make the key rings with four-leaf clovers that you can also buy in our web shop at:

EASY DIY! Dried Flowers in Resin! ????????// Garden Answer

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DIY Three Leaf clover Resin Charm Tutorial

Hey everyone!!!!☘????
In today's video I'm going to show y'all how to make this three leaf clover charm.
I hope y'all enjoy the video and God bless you????????

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Wooden bracelet with a four leaf clover frozen in epoxy - no lathe needed!

Wooden bracelet with a four leaf clover frozen in epoxy - how to make a lucky bracelet. In this video I will show you how you can make a bracelet without a lathe. Very cool design with a 4 leaf clover as a center point. Perfect gift for any occasion or an interesting product for your Etsy store or a craft show.

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Easy Resin and Dried Flowers Pendants

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DIY silicone molds:

Hi guys! I have had this epoxy resin at home for 7 years! I was surprised, that it was still crystal clear even after such long storage. I finally made some molds and prepared the dried flowers, so I can use the resin. It is really easy and fun, it takes almost no time and the pendants look so beautiful. I was surprised, that the resin had very little air bubbles trapped inside and it was really easy to file and buff. Lastly I applied a clear topcoat only to the upper side of the pendants, I left the backsides matt.
Try these yourself, you will be amazed, how easy it is!

Products used:
- molds for resin
- grease for molds (vaseline or cuticle oil will do as well)
- resin (any type, I used epoxy resin, type this into your searching engine and find the nearest place, which sells the resin)
- clear top coat
- nail files

Music from the YouTube Library: Killing Time - Kevin MacLeod

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DIY Four-leaf Clover Epoxy Pendant

DIY Four-leaf Clover Epoxy Pendant
Partner: Katrevich WOOD & ART -

How To Find A Four-Leaf Clover In 17 Minutes

Is it possible to find a four leaf clove in 17 minutes? Take a look at the science behind four leaf clovers and lets find out!

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DIY Leaf - Clover In Epoxy Resin | Resin Craft | Resin Art


Welcome to the channel.

In this video I'm making DIY Three Leaf - Clover In Epoxy Resin. That's really nice and I love it.

In this video I tried to show all steps of this process.

I make hand crafted art from resin and wood. Create an interesting piece of resin and wooded art.

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Epoxy resin stools

In this video I make four epoxy resin stools.
Top is made from reclaimed ash tree stair stringer.
Oak stool legs I ordered on internet.
I used 3D transparent epoxy resin also ordered on internet.

Thanks for watching )

Four-leaf clover in resin. Polishing the resin/ Polerowanie żywicy

Four-leaf clover in resin. Polishing the resin/ Polerowanie żywicy

Artline Crystal Epoxy Resin/Żywica Epoksydowa

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On this episode of Ben's Worx i take a piece of scrap merbau and some casting resin and make a beautiful secret wood pendant necklace, i used a piece of leather to make the strap and a brass eyelet to hang it from,

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Rose from Epoxy Resin. DIY a Simple Way / ART RESIN

How to make a rose from a resin in a simple way. On the occasion of mother's day
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DIY earrings♪簡単♪四つ葉のクローバーイヤリングの作り方♪full動画♪four-leaf clover earrings♪