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Day in the Life of an Aerospace Engineer


Day in The life of an Aerospace Engineering Student | SENIOR YEAR

I am finally a senior and I'm super excited! Some of you requested a Vlog about school, and here it is Hope you enjoy!!
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Day in the Life of an Aerospace Engineer

Do you want to build space ships? Meet Trevor, Aerospace Engineer at NASA Glenn in Cleveland, Ohio. He tells about some of the exciting things he does. A day at work with a Rocket Scientist. is a career exploration and news source. We feature career videos of professionals in their natural habitats, showing you what they do in their jobs. Explore more careers at

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A Day in the Life of an MIT Aerospace Engineering Student Ep. 1

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In this video, I take you around to see what a day in the life of a college student, or ma Massachusetts Institute of Technology Aerospace Engineering student is like. I show you the engineering classes I am currently taking, my room, and what I generally do on a day to day basis. I show you how I do my work, where I do my work, and what I usually do to relax or unwind. I also give my general advice to anybody thinking about going to or applying to MIT, and talk about what it is really like to go to such a prestigious college.

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All drone shots were shot using the DJI Mavic 2 Pro, and the main camera I used was the Sony A7iii with Zeiss lenses. I used the Rode Video Mic Pro+ and also the iPhone XS Max for time lapses.


What is aerospace engineering & what do aerospace engineers do.?

there are multiple types of aerospace engineers.
there's aeronautical engineers which are the engineers at focus on designing aircraft things that fly in this atmosphere.
then there's aerospace or astronautical engineers that focus on spacecraft well aerospace engineering is almost a very specialized form of mechanical engineering where you're looking at the structures of a system the electronics of the system controls in the system at the whole system range of different

Some aerospace engineers that focus solely on aerodynamics how air flows over a surface their structural engineers that select what materials are using they determine, what the inside of the aircraft looks like. There's also aerospace engineers that specifically focus on propulsion system they designed the jet engines they designed.


TO know more about aerospace engineering visit

Aerospace Engineering: Reality vs Expectations

My guest is Kelvin, he worked as an aerospace engineer for 15 years for a large aerospace company. He didn't want to mention the name because he still does work for them on the side. He made his own company after quitting, which you can check out:

His company's website:

Day in The life of an Aerospace Engineering Student | Master's Edition (First day)

Hi all,

It is finally the beginning of the semester and I'm super excited to start this next chapter of life. As you might know, I graduated in May with my undergrad in aerospace engineering, and I am excited to be starting my master's.
I hope you enjoy!

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Stress and Exams 📖😭 | Week in the life of an Aerospace Engineering Student

Hello everyone!

I am back with another vlog ! Many of you asked me to make more of these videos, so here it is :)
In this video, I show you guys parts of what my school week is like !

Hope you enjoy :D Please like, comment, and subscribe :3

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How to succeed as an Aerospace Engineering Student // Advice from an engineer

Hi all,

Classes are about to start and I thought this is the perfect time to address some of your questions on what is needed to succeed as an aerospace engineering student.
Hope you find this video helpful! Please let me know what you think in the comment section below :)

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How To Become An Aerospace Engineer : Insights From A Pro | Aerospace Careers

Nikita Mahto was the daughter of an Air Force Pilot.
Having attended dozens of airshows, hopped around Air crafts, and receiving all the knowledge she could from her father, becoming an Aerospace Engineer was a childhood dream.

Tune in to hear her spectacular story as she shares how she ended up finishing her Masters in 3 countries, all the struggles she went through, the beauty in Aerospace, her Master Thesis, all that it takes to pursue it and much more!


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Aerospace Engineer Salary in USA, Canada, and India

Aerospace engineers are highly paid professional in the engineering job market. However, in recent years, the availability of aerospace engineers increased drastically. This resulted in some positive and negative impact on the salary of aerospace engineers.

Do you know why the aerospace engineers are known as well-paid engineers? Just before some years back, the availability of aerospace engineers was very less. The aerospace engineering is known as a Noble field of study.

This situation made the demand for aerospace engineers in the industry very high as a result aerospace company gave very high salary for aerospace engineers.

Let's know about aerospace engineer salary in different countries.

#1 Aerospace engineer salary in India

Apart from the traditional aerospace companies India like HAL, NAL, Boeing etc. Many new companies in the field of unmanned flying vehicles emerge. Aerospace engineers in India are getting an average salary of approximately eight lakh per annum.

The above figure is an approximation made by analyzing the growth of the industry in India. Now India is the ninth largest civil aviation sector and it is expecting that India will become the third largest by 2020.

Now a day’s aerospace engineer’s basic salary in public sector companies like HAL is above Rs.40,000 and above Rs.30000 in NAL. In the defense sector organization like DRDO will give their scientist a basic pay of 39000 to 67000 according to their grade.

Aerospace engineer’s Salary in ISRO
ISRO is one of the dream organization for Indian aerospace engineers. ISRO is recruiting aerospace engineers in their research and development sector. The aerospace engineer’s salary in ISRO is from 46,000 Indian rupees to 76,000 INR.

ISRO has future plans to extend their field of work in much interplanetary mission and explore the deep universe. This trends in Indian Space Research Organization is giving good hope for aerospace engineers in India.

#2 Aerospace engineer’s salary in the USA
Aerospace engineer salary in the United States is much more than the other developed and developing countries around the world. When it is compared with the European countries aerospace engineers salary in the USA is almost double or three times.

The basic salary of aerospace engineers working in different companies in the USA is in between 83,000 USD to 1, 50,000 USD per year. The aerospace engineer’s salary will increase with the grade of engineers and their experience.

Aerospace engineer’s salary is high in the USA because of the advanced research and well-developed technologies in the field and aerospace company’s competition to develop new technologies.

Aerospace Engineers salary in NASA
NASA is the leading organization in the world for aerospace and space research. The most paid aerospace engineers are working in NASA. Scientist and engineers in NASA are getting an average salary of $96000 per year.

#3 Aerospace Engineers salary in Canada

Aerospace engineers in Canada are getting an average basic salary of 76,000 Canadian dollars per year. This figure is almost near to the salary in The United States. All the famous aerospace companies in the USA have their base in Canada. The leading airplane manufacturers like Bombardier Aerospace, BTR Aerospace are based in Canada.

#4 Aerospace Engineers Salary in European Countries

Aerospace engineers salary in different countries in Europe differs from 40,000 pounds to 60,000 pounds per year. European countries have some of the world leading aerospace companies like Ilyushin, Sukhoi, Beriev, AMAC Aerospace.

For more information go to

A Day in the Life - Aerospace Engineer

A typical day in the life of an Aerospace Engineer.

Courtesy of CareerOneStop.
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Meet an Aerospace Engineering Student: Ariel Sandberg

What is it like to be an aerospace engineering student at the University of Michigan? Step into the life of sophomore Ariel (Ari) Sandberg, a student hoping to combine her love of rocket science with her passion for public policy. Students like Ari are working to educate policymakers and the public about the developments in the aerospace world.

Learn more about Michigan Aerospace at or

Video by InMotion Studios, LLC,

Life as an International Student Studying Aerospace Engineering

Ever wanted to study Aerospace Engineering in the UK? Hear from students from all over the world about what it's like to study this exciting, prestigious undergraduate degree at the University of Sheffield.

Day in The Life of a Space Systems Engineer

Hi all,

As many of you know, I was offered a full-time position as a space systems engineer after graduation. This video is about my first day of work :)

Hope you enjoy!!
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SpaceX Internship Program

Apply online at

A Closer Look - Aerospace Engineering

Is Aerospace Engineering a Good Major?

Need more information on Aerospace Engineering? that's straight forward and easy to understand

Resume Advice |Engineering Career Fair | Day in the life of an Aerospace Engineering Student

Hi guys, and welcome back to another video :)
I am a senior in aerospace engineering, and it is time for me to start looking for jobs. This is usually very stressful, but I thought it would help you guys to see the process.
In this video, I am giving you guys some advice on how to build your resume, as well as, some advice on how to have a successful career fair.
Hope you enjoy this video :) Please make sure to subscribe if you're not yet . Also, if you have any questions, I am more than happy to answer them :)

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A Day With An Aerospace Engineer

Know the work & life of aerospace engineer working at NASA.

Aerospace Engineer - Aeronautical Engineer

Have a passion for mechanics and love aircraft? An outstanding opportunity awaits to work with a large world-renowned organisation on some of the most high-tech helicopters in Australia. Find out more about working with the Royal Australian Navy today and start a rewarding career.

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