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Deeper Fish Finder Review! Ice Fishing Sonar


How to Use Deeper PRO fish finder for Ice Fishing (Instructional Video 2019)

The Deeper PRO fish finder (smart sonar) is perfect for ice fishing. Wireless, portable and extremely lightweight, it makes moving from ice hole to ice hole a synch! This instructional video provides a brief overview of technical specifications, will show you how to set up your sonar for ice fishing and explain how to interpret the information displayed on your smartphone so you can show those fish who’s boss!

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In this video, Ryan gives an in depth review on the Deeper Pro + fish finder. He gives great insight of things you should buy to go with it, and what to expect when using it. We hope you enjoy the video.

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Deeper Smart Sonar Pro Plus does it work?

Tried out the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro Plus, the question is... does it work? well y'all can decide at the end of the video I show some Bass caught.

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Live Review Handheld Sonar Sensor Fish Finder Depth Finder Ice Fishing

Live Review Sonar Sensor Fish Finder Depth Finder Ice Fishing

First time using this unit in action. It was very windy and about +5 celsius. The device really did it´s job very good and it sure got me chasing around the lake for several hours drilling god knows how many holes in the ice!

I tried my usual hotspots but they did not show any fish at all (around 12-14meters depth).

So i decided to go closer to the shore to see what was happening in shallow water, and sure enough, there they where! Well atleast the small ones... But i was happy to finally find some fish on the screen and also managed to get a few to take my bait, the Rapala self glowing jigging lure that i found for a very good price in pioneerproducts2011 ebay store. Main fish target for the day was actually Zander or if they are called Jack? but they are rather hard to find and get to take bait -atleast for me... Instead i got several perch (i said bass which is incorrect since i was fishing in a lake, not in the ocean!)

So the fish finder. My thoughts so far. Very easy to use, small, light weight and handy. Comes with very long cord, several meters that could be good for summer and boat usage. As for now during winter i winded the cord up and put overflow into legpocket which was ok.

Positive things Lucky Sonar Sensor Fish Finder Depth Finder:
+ You can see if there are any fishes where your lure is and also exactly what depth they are.
+ Very easy to use
+ Cheap
+ Comes with a handy neck strap so it can hang around your neck
+ Sonar strenght adjustable in 5 increments for very deep or muddy waters
+ Possible to have backlight in screen during night fishing
+ Battery save mode available
+ Fish and undergrowth indication aswell as rocks
+ Effective search and chase fishing
+ Audible fish indication is possible
+ Very long signal cord for those who want to use this fish finder with a boat during summer

Less optimal things with Lucky Sonar Sensor Fish Finder Depth Finder:
- Unable to save desirable options like sonar strenght, backlight, battery mode, audio ON or OFF. Unit powers off and goes back to default values (which are ok for most of the time)
- Very much drilling and less fishing, ie less time with lure in the water because you see an empty hole in the screen i instantly gave up and drilled a new whole somewhere else which means you risk missing out on the the occasional wandering fish that might come swiming by your hole.
- Too long signal cord for ice fishing. The very long cord gets a bit cumbersome since you really dont need that much cord when ice fishing. 2-3 meters would be more than enough.
- Not possible to use through the ice, atleast not in my case when ice thickness was around 20-25cm, Signal could not penetrate the ice. (Yes i has water around the sensor as per instructions from the manual)
- No warranty! Only 14 days return policy if defective
- High battery usage when used in low temperature

Feel free to post comments and questions and i´ll try to answer them for you.

Found and bought this on ebay for 45USD shipping included from Hong Kong to Sweden. Delivery around 10-14 days


Ryan Pizzacalla from Tough Country Gear ( gives a try for the Deeper Smart Sonar CHIRP+ during the ice-fishing session.

Reveals the main benefits and shows how multiple bites looks on the Deeper system.

Make sure to check out his other videos as well.


@Tough Country Gear

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PERCH FISHING from the ICE (using a Deeper sonar)

Fishing perch from the ice can be really fun but also extremely frustrating... Especially when using a sonar so you can see everything that's going on around your lure!

In this video, Pontus Sjölund hits the lake trying to catch his first perch of 2018, which turns out to be easier said than done...

If you're using a Deeper sonar and want an Ice Fishing Smartphone Case, leave a comment on why and I'll pick one of you guys!

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Best Ice Fishing Fish Finder 2019

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Are you looking for the Best Ice Fishing Fish Finder. We spent hours to find out the Best Ice Fishing Fish Finder for you and create a review video. In this video review you will find the top products list, what is the feature of these products and why you should buy it.

Our dedicated team research web and read lots of real user review before creating our top list. You can also find the full text review in our website easily by visiting the link above. You will also find the buying guide for this particular products in our website.

Here is the list of 5 Best Ice Fishing Fish Finder.

1. Venterior VT-FF001 Portable Fish Finder

2. HawkEye Fishtrax 1C Fish Finder

3. Garmin Striker 4 Bbuilt-in GPS Fish Finder

4. Deeper Smart Portable Fish Finder

5. Vexilar FL-8se Genz Pack with 19 Degree Ice Flasher

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