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Definitive Audio Chronosonic XVX Showcase


Wilson Audio Yvette - Are they any good?

We talk about our love for the Wilson Audio Yvettes, and what makes them so special. While there are lots of great speakers around, Wilson Audio has a special place in my heart, and apparently the other boys as well.

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Audio Excellence Inc. is a high end audio/video store in Markham, Ontario, Canada, a suburb of Toronto. We've been in business since 1991.

Check out our interviews with designers like Daryl Wilson of Wilson Audio, Paul McGowan of PS Audio, Paolo Tezzon of Sonus faber, Wendell Diller of Magnepan and others.

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Hifi Pig takes time out at the recent Bristol Hifi Show 2020 to chat with Definitive Audio's Kevin, Kuzma's Franc and SJS Audio's Simon. #Hifi #highendaudio #Hifipig #Bristolhifishow

Bristol Hifi Show 2020 in Audioquest Room with Pursuit Perfect System

Bristol Hifi Show 2020 in Audioquest Room with Pursuit Perfect System

Definitive Audio Chronosonic XVX Showcase

Definitive Audio is a bit of legend in the audio world. Three friends with a passion for audio and music built the first Definitive store in the heart of Seattle’s University District. Soon, the area around the store became known as “Audio Row.” Since that time, they’ve added two locations—Bellevue and Tacoma—and have grown to become one of the most sophisticated and professional organizations in the industry. Over the years, Definitive has attracted some of the brightest and the best talent currently working in audio. Once they come, they tend to stay—Definitive’s average professional tenure is over nine years. Perhaps this is because the original spark of passion that made them so successful in the first place still burns bright at Definitive. Wilson is proud Definitive has chosen to display the new Chronosonic XVX. Watch the video to learn more.

JS Audio Chronosonic XVX Showcase

Steve and Dave Kennedy, co-owners of JS Audio, grew up hearing live music. Their father was a professional musician. Most weekends, they watched—and listened—as their father's band set up for a concert. The sound of real musicians playing in a specific place formed an indelible aural reference, which continues to form the basis for their evaluation of reproduced music today. The brothers found a natural home at JS Audio. When they joined Joe Stromick, the founder of JS Audio, they were instantly immersed in a close-knit audio community, which consisted of a loyal clientele and the premium audio manufacturers who shared Joe's values. When it came for Joe to pass the torch to new caretakes of the community he'd built, Steve and Dave were a natural choice. Please celebrate with us as Dave and Steve début the Chronosonic XVX for the Washington DC area.

Audio Salon Chronosonic XVX Showcase

Among the art galleries at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, Ca., you’ll find a gem of the audio community—Audio Salon. Founded and owned by Maier Shadi, Audio Salon is an homage to the idea that music reproduction is an art form. Maier is meticulous to the point of obsession—qualities that serve his clientele well. His day doesn’t end until his customer is happy, and each component is performing to his satisfaction. Wilson feels honored he chose to display their latest flagship, the Chronosonic XVX. This video celebrates the loudspeaker’s arrival and its West Coast début at Audio Salon.

Paragon Audio Sight and Sound Chronosonic XVX Showcase

Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Paragon Sight and Sound has long been one of Wilson Audio’s premier North American dealers. As owner Larry Marcus likes to put it, the key to their success continues to be “service, service, service.” To that end, Paragon has built an installation and service organization that serves as a hallmark for the audio industry. Celebrate with Wilson and Paragon as they début Wilson Audio’s new flagship, the Chronosonic XVX.

Audio Advisors Chronosonic XVX Dealer Showcase

Like all successful specialty businesses, Audio Advisors was born from passion. In the early eighties, Jeff Hoover and his best friend were obsessed with building the best audio systems in their cars. They entered their creations into competitions. When it became apparent that their only real competition was each other, they turned their intensity into a business model, opening a custom mobile audio sales and installation shop in West Palm Beach, Florida. Five years later, they expanded into home electronics. Today, Audio Advisors is one of the most successful and well-respected organizations in the fields of mobile audio, custom installation, and high-end audio. Their high-end audio retail store is managed by industry veteran Rudi Kothe, who, during the 1980s, displayed and sold the earliest version of Wilson Audio's WAMM in his shop in Westchester, NY. Please celebrate with us the latest chapter of Audio Advisors’ rich history—the addition of the Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX to their showroom.

Chronosonic XVX—The Elements that Teach Us

In this video, we explore some of the innovative technology introduced in the all-new Chronosonic XVX. We also hear from the project's lead designer, Daryl Wilson, who speaks about his inspirations, both for producing lifelike sound and his remarkable industrial design.

Dave Wilson and WAMM—a short history

In this video, Jacob Heilbrunn offers a historical perspective of Dave Wilson and his industry peers, as well as a short personal history of both the WAMM and its successor, the Master Chronosonic. Apart from his position as a Senior Writer at The Absolute Sound, he has written for a variety of publications, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, New York Review of Books, Washington Monthly and New Republic. He is editor of The National Interest and a columnist at Spectator USA. He is also the author of the book They Knew They Were Right: The Rise of the Neocons, a history of the neoconservative movement.

Wilson Audio XVX Chronosonic

Videobeschreibung Wilson_XVX presented by Peter Mc Grath

Interview with the Wilson Audio Family - Sheryl Lee Wilson

At RMAF this year I had the opportunity of interviewing Daryl Wilson. I even got to interview his mother and co-founder of Wilson Audio, Sheryl Lee Wilson. Rather than take a journalistic approach on this video I wanted to show you who the Wilson family is and how approachable and wonderful the family is based on how they interacted with me in the video. I felt as part of their family. We discuss women in the audiophile industry and talk about friends, family, and loved ones that have touched us personally. I hope you enjoy!

Definitive Amplified Chat #1

Join us for our first Amplified Chat series with Andy Kerr from Bowers & Wilkins will be joining us from the UK to share more about the company history, design perspective, and approach to sound.


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D’Agostiono Relentless & Wilson Audio Alexx (Audio Video Show 2018)

,,Bezwzględny - dokładnie tak nazywa się najnowszy wzmacniacz Dana D'Agostino. I nie ma się czemu dziwić, bo jest to monoblok o mocy dochodzącej do 6 kW przy 2 Ω. Oczywiście rzadko kto zwraca uwagę na moc podawaną przy takim obciążeniu, ale czy 1500 W przy 8 Ω lub 3000 W przy 4 Ω brzmi gorzej? Powiedzmy sobie szczerze - taka końcówka mocy powinna napędzić dowolne kolumny, wywołując przy okazji małą panikę w lokalnej elektrowni. Nic dziwnego, że przy tak potwornej dawce prądu serwowanego na wyjścia głośnikowe, inżynierowie mocno przyłożyli się do kwestii chłodzenia. Aby upewnić się, że urządzenie się nie zagotuje, wyposażono je w masywne radiatory wykonane z aluminium i miedzi. W środku znajduje się zasilacz o mocy 5,5 kW, bazujący oczywiście na dużym transformatorze zamkniętym w szczelnym ekranie i baterii kondensatorów o pojemności 60000 µF. Na przedniej ściance umieszczono oczywiście mało dyskretny, okrągły wskaźnik wysterowania zamknięty w miedzianej obudowie o średnicy 20 cm. Ważące 250 kg i kosztujące 1,2 mln zł monobloki zostaną zaprezentowane przez samego właściciela i konstruktora, absolutną legendę hi-endu, Dana D'Agostiono. Będzie to pierwsza wizyta byłego szefa firmy Krell w Polsce. Swego rodzaju dodatkiem do całego systemu będą kolumny Wilson Audio Alexx, których prezentacja w ubiegłym roku przyciągnęła prawdziwe tłumy. -

Conversations, Part VI

Dave talks about how listening to the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in the Musikverein Concert Hall a few years ago led directly to the development of a new midrange driver for the Alexandria X2 able to reproduce the subtle reflections of sound which lead many to proclaim the Musikverein the world's finest concert venue.

Part1, Coffee Talk With Daryl Wilson, President and CEO of Wilson Audio

For more in-depth coverage of HiFi and high tech, visit us at

Part2, Coffee Talk With Daryl Wilson, President and CEO of Wilson Audio

For more in-depth coverage of HiFi and high tech, visit us at

Munich High End 2018. KROMA & Analog Domain

Акустические системы Kroma демонстрируются с электроникой VAC, Analog Domain и проигрывателем винила от TechDAS.

Wilson Alexia 2 is loving Dan Agostino Progression Best Vocal in Beautiful Sunday kind of love

Wilson Alexia 2, Dan Agostino Progression, Chord Dave, Roon



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