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Delivering the Digital Workplace - Computacenter and Microsoft


Delivering the Digital Workplace - Computacenter and Microsoft

Delivering the Digital Workplace - Computacenter and Microsoft

Computacenter and Microsoft - Delivering the Digital Workplace (Short Version)


Microsoft Modern Workplace


Digital Workplace Insights

Companies like yours are investing heavily in infrastructure and productivity tools such as Microsoft Office 365 to boost your digital workplace and employee engagement. And over 90% of business decision makers believe strong employee engagement increases revenues, effectiveness and customer satisfaction. But is it paying off for you? And how do you quantify and validate your digital investment’s ROI?

Ricoh Group Enables a Digital Workplace for 90,000+ Employees Across 500 Locations

Learn how Ricoh partnered with Juniper Networks to build a simplified, massively scalable network to deliver an exceptional digital workplace experience for employees around the world.

Connected Workspace: Digital workspace, delivered

Capgemini’s Connected Workspace services give employees what they want to be more productive, more satisfied in their work, and more loyal to the company: secure access to all their applications and data –and all IT services—from any device, anywhere, at any time.

Connected Workspace provides:
1. Freedom of choice among enterprise-ready, connected devices.
2. A self-service portal for IT services and support
3. Personalized, predictive experiences via cognitive computing

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The Digital Workplace | Leading in Digital | Cognizant

Millennials will soon become the predominant demographic in the workplace. As a result, employees are accessing knowledge differently, requiring more personalised, relevant experiences and demanding seamless, remote interaction with colleagues.

Find out how Cognizant's multi-disciplinary team can help organizations design bespoke user experiences for their employees, based on their specific needs, and facilitate seamless customer experiences.

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Reinventing productivity for the digital workplace

Kirk Koenigsbauer demonstrates the newest productivity innovations in the Office suite.

Digital Workplace Transformation: Microsoft interview

Ryan Asdourian, Windows and Surface business group lead, Microsoft, talks to Paddy Baker, editor of Installation, about how Microsoft Surface Hub can play a role in transforming the workplace. Recorded at AVMI's Digital Workplace Transformation event at Engage Works' Flux Lounge, 28 March 2017.

Digital Workplace - Simplify your work life

One Click Meeting, Working Together, Anywhere / Any Device, Security and Data Privacy, Secure & Easy Mobile Working

We are Computacenter #winningtogether

Computacenter bietet seit mehr als 30 Jahren erstklassige IT-Dienstleistungen an – und ist ein Unternehmen, in dem Menschen gerne arbeiten. Warum? Weil bei uns jeder Einzelne zählt. Mit seiner Leistung, aber auch mit seiner Persönlichkeit. Weil wir namhafte Kunden auf ihrem Weg in eine digitale Zukunft begleiten dürfen. Und weil wir tolle Teams haben, auf die man sich verlassen kann. Genauso wie auf engagierte Führungskräfte, die bei der persönlichen Entwicklung unterstützen. Wir sind überzeugt, dass wir nur gemeinsam erfolgreich sein können. #peoplematter #winningtogether #wearecomputacenter

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Gartner Special Report: Boosting Workforce Effectiveness with a Digital Workplace

Boosting Workforce Effectiveness with a Digital Workplace – #GartnerDWS Check out Gartner’s Special Report here:

KanBo Interview Series -- What is a Digital Workplace?

Part of the KanBo interview series with Microsoft MVP and CEO of CollabTalk, Christian Buckley (@buckleyplanet), talking with KanBo Founder Michal Sobotkiewicz (@michalsobot) about the Digital Workplace -- what it is, what it means to modern business, how companies need to prepare for change in the ways in which we work.

Driving change at Macy's with Microsoft Workplace Analytics & MyAnalytics

​​See how Microsoft Workplace Analytics and MyAnalytics supports Macy's innovative program, Time is Money, aimed at driving innovation and employee engagement at the individual and organizational level.​​

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Introducing the InterChange Digital Workplace

This is not your daddy's Intranet! The all-new InterChange DigitalWorkplace will turn employee engagement from a sunken cost into a differentiating asset for your business.

Computacenter Integration Center in Kerpen

Aus dem unternehmenseigenen Integration Center in Kerpen heraus versorgt Computacenter seine Kunden aus dem Konzern- und Behördenumfeld mit erstklassigen Services rund um die Bereitstellung digitaler Technologien.

Webinar - Part1 Redefine Productivity with a Digital Workplace on Office 365

Learn more at Webinar Series on how you can use Office 365 as a platform for a Digital Workplace. The Series covers:
- Introduce the concept of a Digital Workplace
- The problems it solves
- What is a Digital Workplace
- Office 365 as a Digital Workplace
- Making the Business Case
- Evolving your IT Infrastructure to a Digital Workplace (DWP)

In case you missed any webinars in the series, here are the links to all of them. 
Part 1 :
Part 2 :
Part 3 :

Don’t just deploy, transform Build a thriving digital workplace with Office 365

MSFT Digital Workspace

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The Digital Workplace Vision: Reality or Myth?

You’re familiar with the general idea of the Digital Workplace: extreme personal productivity, seamless and frictionless collaboration, and anywhere, any network, any device access to everything.

If you register now, you can watch our latest Regcast, where we will gently grill a panel of experts to find out what exactly you need to create a practical vision of the Digital Workplace.

Of course your vision needs to take into consideration the reality: ageing desktop infrastructure, confusion from Microsoft, mobile going off in many different different directions, and users often rebelling.

The truth is that, when pushed, not every vendor has been able to deliver everything needed to implement this particular flavour of nirvana every time.

Against this background, we have put together a panel that are convinced it’s now time to act.

Proceedings were led by our own Tim Phillips alongside: Jordan Whitmarsh from HP, Malcom Hay from Intel and Dale Vile from Freeform Dynamics.

Dale is notoriously hard to convince, but even he thinks that the critical elements are finally starting fall into place.

So if you want to get up to speed on how things as diverse as wireless displays, new device form-factors, alternative desktop delivery models and new approaches to security can turn the vision into a reality, then watch our on demand webcast here.



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