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Don't Wait: Hunting Dall Sheep with Donald Trump Jr


KUIU Europe Series: Second Chance - Moose Hunting in the Yukon

Pedro travels with his dad to the Yukon to take a second shot at hunting moose - their previous trip was unsuccessful. Father and son hunt with rifles and bows, and have the experience of a lifetime.

Blackfeet John L. Cutapuis Clarke and the Silent Call of Glacier National Park

Raised at the edge of what would become Glacier National Park on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation and robbed of his hearing by scarlet fever at age two, John L. Clarke overcame many hardships to become a celebrated and widely collected artist. He rose to fame by applying his passions for the Glacier country, its wildlife, and Native Americans, to the arts of wood carving, sculpture, sketching, and painting. Author Larry Len Peterson accompanies the tale of this Blackfeet icon with photographs, printed materials, full-color images of his artworks, and images of contextual works from other famed artists of the time to provide a unique view of the artist's historic and cultural milieu: a view at once panoramic and intimate..

National Parks Traveler: Close The Park, And An Extension To Lewis And Clark National Historic Trail

We're joined this week by Costa Dillon, a National Park Service veteran who ended his long career as superintendent of Indiana Dunes National Park, to discuss a novel management decision in Thailand to close that country’s national parks every year for two months to give wildlife a break from humans. Would such a move be good for America’s national parks? Lynn Riddick returns this week with a story about a roughly 1,200-mile extension to the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail that runs from St. Louis to Pittsburgh.

The Economic Impact of Tax Cuts, Deregulation, & Deflation on the Economy | Bond Guru Gary Shilling

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In Episode 27 of Hidden Forces, host Demetri Kofinas speaks with economist Gary Shilling, who famously called the bottom in what has become a 36-year bull market in US Treasuries. He is the author of numerous books including his most recent “The Age of Deleveraging,” a strategic manifesto for managing wealth during an epoch of deflation.

In their conversation, Demetri Kofinas and Gary Shilling take stock of the tax cuts being proposed and the deregulatory changes being enacted by the Trump administration. They consider the impact that deregulation and higher after-tax income will have on the economy and on equities after nine years of economic expansion. With corporations standing to benefit most from tax cuts proposed by Senate and House Republicans, what do individuals stand to gain from the Trump tax plan? Are there benefits to rolling back some of the financial regulations passed after the financial crisis of 2008? What does the employment picture look like for the US economy? How do job prospects and wages fare in the face of rising asset values and growing debt burdens? If Gary Shilling is right and treasuries remain in a bull market, what does this mean for the fate of stocks, commodities, and the US dollar in 2018? Will the price of oil continue its recent rise, or may some combination of weak demand and oversupply hamper prices? How will the Federal Reserve's ongoing tightening affect the economy and are we destined to see an inversion of the yield curve for 10-year US Treasuries? Gary Shilling also gives us his two cents on bitcoin, and why he thinks the cryptocurrency is massively overvalued.

Producer & Host: Demetri Kofinas
Editor & Engineer: Stylianos Nicolaou

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Planning an Alaska Vacation - with Insider Tips

The best Alaska tours and cruises happen when you have all the facts! John Hall's Alaska takes you through the highlights of Alaska with all the wildlife, glaciers, whales, and mountain scenery possible. Get insider Alaska travel tips to make your next family vacation unforgettable!

Junior Trump hunts endangered sheep in Mongolia

Junior Trump hunts endangered mountain sheep Argali in Mongolia. Mountain sheep known for his massive horns.

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National Parks from Montoya Barker at The Indianapolis Public Library


Thanksgiving Message during COVID-19, 2020 - Navajo Code Talker, World War II, Peter MacDonald, Sr.

Navajo Code Talker, World War II, Peter MacDonald, Sr., 92 years old, sends his 2020 Thanksgiving message: COVID-19, women, tradition, create our future!

01:00 COVID-19 and Thanksgiving
04:29 Thankful for... and dealing with COVID-19
06:52 We still live on our land... our resources...
08:27 Elders ... who we are
09:42 Thank our leaders...
10:50 Women are the cornerstone to family

You may contact Mr. MacDonald at his website:

Abbreviated Biography, Peter MacDonald, Sr.:

Navajo Code Talker and Former Leader of the Navajo Nation

At the age of 15, Peter MacDonald, a Navajo from Teecnospos, AZ, enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps. He went through boot camp at U.S. Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD), San Diego, CA. Following regular combat and communication training at USMCB in Camp Pendleton, CA, MacDonald, along with other Navajo Marines, was secluded from other Marines for top secret Navajo Code School. During the final phase of World War II (1944-46) MacDonald served in South Pacific as Navajo Code Talker and North China with the Sixth Marine Division.
He was honorably discharged with a rank of Corporal. He went back to his home community of Teecnospos, Arizona. After graduation from High School and Junior College in Muskogee, Oklahoma, MacDonald went on to University of Oklahoma and graduated with an Electrical Engineering degree (BSEE). He pursued graduate studies at UCLA while working as a Project Engineer on the Polaris Missile project for (Howard) Hughes Aircraft Company.  MacDonald served as Project Manager for the manufacture of the Polaris Missile Guidance System and was a member of the elite Hughes Technical Staff (MTS).
MacDonald has a long list of entrepreneurial endeavors attached to his name. Prominent among his work experience is his service as Chairman of the Navajo Nation from 1971 to 1983 and 1987-91. MacDonald was re-elected to the Office of the Chairman four times—unprecedented in Navajo history. MacDonald is co-founder of the Council of Energy Resource Tribes (CERT), the National Tribal Chairman Association, the American Indian National Bank and the Native American Prep School. MacDonald also worked as Sales and Marketing Director for Cataract Engineering Company, providing engineering service for start-ups of Nuclear Power Plants and overhaul of coal-fired power plants.
Among his many honors are: Recipient of Congressional Silver Medal for heroic service to the nation as a USMC Navajo Code Talker; University of Oklahoma Engineering Hall of Fame and Special Commendation by U.S. President Richard M. Nixon for “exceptional services to others”. Chairman MacDonald also served as a civilian member of USMC Education and Training Board of Directors appointed by the Secretary of Navy. In addition, MacDonald was featured in TIME magazine as one of 200 “Rising Leaders of America” in 1974. He received Honorary Doctorate degrees from the University of Southern Utah in Cedar City and the College of Ganado (AZ).  In 1978 he also received the Distinguished Service Citation from the University of Oklahoma--the institution’s highest honor where he also served on the University of Oklahoma Board of Visitors and Bacone College Board of Regents.
MacDonald served on several national task forces and commissions (appointments by Presidents of the United States and Governors of Arizona and New Mexico). He now lectures at schools, colleges and universities, clubs, political organizations, government agencies and businesses.  He is married--has five children and nine grandchildren. Currently he lives with his wife, Wanda, on the Navajo reservation at Tuba City, AZ. MacDonald is presently President of the Navajo Code Talkers Association--raising funds to build National Navajo Code Talkers Museum and Veteran Center to honor Heroes of WWII; whose unique legacy, from 1942 thru 1945, helped win the war; transmitting top secret messages in every major battle in the pacific theatre.  Navajo Code was the only military code, in modern history, never broken by an enemy.

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A lecture by Professor Ken Gemes at The Academy 2016, a residential weekend organised by the Institute of Ideas.

In Enlightenment rhetoric, as developed by philosophers such as Descartes and Kant, evil is typically configured as a species of error, a failure or misapplication of the faculty of reason. As such, evil is treatable, indeed it may be ultimately eradicated, through the ever widening influence of education and the light of reason. In the 19th century a new biological model of evil became prominent. On this model evil is seen as some kind of bodily infection which needs to be isolated or destroyed before it further infects the greater populace. The principal aim of this lecture is to trace the rise of this new model of evil and its embodiment in the 19th century discourse on degeneration. We will see how elements of the discourse of degeneration were inflected in literature, philosophy and psychology.

Professional Careers in Animal Science Webinar Series - Ag Reporter & Fit Jockey

Find out how a background in clipping and fitting show cattle led Will Bollum to a trip halfway across the world and launched him into a career in Ag Media covering some of the nation’s most notable cattle production sales and events.

Episode 360: KUIU Live How much does pack weight affect your performance in the mountains

Listen as the Founder of KUIU Jason Hairston talks about the new UC Davis Study he is taking part in to measure how much pack weight affects perfomance in the mountains

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Next Level Rx: Solving Real Problems

Technical level: beginner/ intermediate
Most Rx talks cover mainly map, filter, and flatMap but there are a ton of other operators and features most aren't aware of. In this talk, Aviv will build a small app and showcase how he makes any app simpler.

This session was filmed at Soluto RX Israel Meetup group event hosted on July 2018

Aviv Rozenboim, Senior Software Developer at Soluto
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CIC Victoria: The Future of Canadian Diplomacy

Along with the Victoria branch of the Retired Heads of Mission Association and the University of Victoria, Centre for Global Studies, CIC Victoria hosts an incredible line-up of panelists at the University of Victoria on 25 September from 5-7 pm. The topic: The Future of Canadian Diplomacy.

This very timely panel, coming just before our federal election, will examine the current state of Canadian diplomacy, and future challenges facing the profession. The panel will also ask, does Canada have the right diplomatic tools to navigate an environment of increased tension, rising protectionism, and shifting global alliances? What is the role of diplomacy in a digital world, and how effectively is Canada navigating this new technological landscape to advance its international interests? Is Canadian diplomacy being eroded by politicization and bureaucratic homogenization, or do such claims reflect its inability to react to the changes in today’s world?

The panel will include two former Canadian ambassadors, Jillian Stirk and Marc Lortie, as well as Pam Isfeld, President of the Professional Association of Foreign Service Officers, and former CBC correspondent Patrick Brown. Former Canadian Ambassador to Thailand, Phil Calvert, will welcome and introduce the panel and Chris Kilford, president of CIC Victoria, will act as the moderator.

If you would like to attend this free event, please let Chris Kilford know with a quick e-mail to by 23 September - guests are welcome.

Full event details are below.

The Future of Canadian Diplomacy
The University of Victoria
The David Turpin Building, Room A110 from 5-7 pm. Note that pizza and light refreshments will be available from 5 pm. The panel will be at 5:25 pm.

Short Science Fiction Collection 054 | Various | Anthologies, Fantastic Fiction | English | 1/4

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10 New Books This Week
Ask any reading group: People disagree about books all the time. But it’s rare for a novel to be quite as polarizing, or as controversial in the wider culture, as Jeanine Cummins’s new book, “American Dirt,” has turned out to be.
Essentially a narcothriller — it’s about a Mexican woman and her son fleeing to the border to escape a murderous drug lord — the book is already a huge hit. Oprah Winfrey recently picked it for her book club, and it enters this week’s best-seller list at No. 1. But it has also been widely condemned, on political grounds by readers who say it resorts to stereotypes and exploits current events to make a fetish out of trauma, and on aesthetic grounds by readers who say it’s just badly written. (That’s where The Times’s critic Parul Sehgal landed in her review.) In the wake of the outcry, the book’s publishers announced on Wednesday that they were canceling a planned author tour.
So why are we recommending it?
For one thing, “American Dirt” is clearly the book of the moment. It has spawned a galvanizing conversation — if not the one that Cummins might have been hoping for — and anybody who wants to follow along would probably do well to read the book at the center of the discourse. For another thing, both Lauren Groff (in the Book Review) and the editor who assigned it to her were genuinely impressed by the book’s propulsive momentum and topical concerns. You might be, too — or you might hate it! Either way, you’ll have something to talk about at your next book group.
If you’d rather fight about nonfiction, we can help with that too. This week we recommend a book about Donald Trump’s presidency, a study of economic conditions in some of the world’s most troubled environments, the history of a racist coup in Reconstruction-era North Carolina and a look back at the speculative and largely fraudulent Florida land boom of the 1920s, along with a cultural critic’s take on the enduring appeal of minimalism. In fiction, we offer a collection of Zora Neale Hurston’s short stories, a novel about body image among the girls at a British boarding school, and a debut novel about a Chinese physicist who immigrates to America intent on hiding her past. Finally, poetry: The venerable Robert Hass returns with his first new collection in almost a decade.

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Short Science Fiction Collection 054 | Various | Anthologies, Fantastic Fiction, Fantasy Fiction, Science Fiction, Short Stories | Audiobook full unabridged | English | 1/4
Content of the video and Sections beginning time (clickable) - Chapters of the audiobook: please see First comments under this video.
Science fiction is a genre encompassing imaginative works that take place in this world or that of the author’s creation where anything is possible. The only rules are those set forth by the author. The speculative nature of the genre inspires thought and plants seeds that have led to advances in science. The genre can spark an interest in the sciences and is cited as the impetus for the career choice of many scientists. It is a playing field to explore social perspectives, predictions of the future, and engage in adventures unbound into the richness of the human mind. - Summary by Amy Gramour

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Booklist Webinar—Reaching New Heights WinterSpring Titles for Young Readers Archive

Reach new reading heights this winter with great titles from NorthSouth Books, Penguin Random House Canada, Owlkids, and Annick Press! Embrace the cold and read away those winter blues! Moderated by Booklist’s Senior Editor, Books for Youth, Julia Smith.



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