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Dr Ian Flint on the ‘real’ graphene market


Into the Future with STANDARD GRAPHENE

STANDARD GRAPHENE presents the brand-new introduction to its history, applications, and potential technology to solve the global water crisis.

Dr Ian Flint on the ‘real’ graphene market

Dr Flint on using graphene membranes to reduce desalination cost by 50%

That’s what I am involved with right now. The company is Zero Energy Waters, one of my projects. What we are doing is, we are basically coating other substrates (with graphene) and using that as a direct replacement for membranes used in desalination plants. Graphene is only a few molecules thick. That means the pressure required to push water through that is very small whereas currently there is a lot of pressure required (to push water through membranes). So, you eliminate the pressure that is needed, so that you are saving maybe half the energy. Call that half the cost. At half the cost you make desalination from the ocean economical even for agriculture purpose. States Dr. Ian Flint, in an interview with InvestorIntel’s Tracy Weslosky.

Ian went on to debunk some of the myths related to graphene usage. He said that though graphene has the potential to help construct space elevators or make fight jets undetectable by radars, we currently do not have the technology to achieve these goals. Ian also talked about some of the exciting applications that are real for graphene currently. He said that graphene is currently used in membranes for desalination plants, as surface coatings because of graphene’s heat and electric conductivity properties and as an additive in various composites.

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Dr Ian Flint on the evolving global graphene and graphite market

November 28, 2017 -- Dr Ian Flint, Senior Editor at InvestorIntel in an interview with InvestorIntel’s Kelly Bird discuss the graphite and graphene market. Ian explains that exploration companies in the graphite sector racing towards production are realizing that they have to do more than produce graphite. In fact they are they are more of a processor and intermediary for applications. For example, lithium-ion battery companies do not buy graphite off the shelf, they must collaborate to insure that their graphite flake is compatible with the battery being manufactured before any sales are made. He then goes on to discuss his advisory roles with CKR Carbon Corporation (TSXV: CKR), a company focused on mine to market commercialization of graphite products, and Giyani Metals Corp. (TSXV: WDG), a junior manganese mining resource company in South Africa.

Kelly Bird: Tell me what is going on in the graphene market today?

Ian Flint: There is a number of applications that are being developed in graphene, for example, into plastics as a composite. Now you can buy graphene hockey sticks for example. It is also being put into a lot paints for corrosion resistance. There is also work being done putting it into things, like, energy storage and things like that. The same problem that has been plaguing the graphene market  for many years still exists, which is quality control and a supply of reliable inexpensive graphene. Until those are solved the applications grow in slow increment.

Kelly Bird: What about the graphite market?

Ian Flint: The junior companies are slowly learning that to be into the graphite is you are not a miner. You are a processor and intermediary to applications as opposed to a mine. The classic model in which geologists get together and make a company and sell it to a senior in graphite just does not work. What you need in graphite is to identify the applications you are going to sell into then find the graphite source for that. You have to be prepared to start an operating company. You have to have the team together to do that. I think that the junior mining space is recognizing that fact. There has been a number of strides forward in the industry so I think it is a positive outlook.

Kelly Bird: Which brings me to my next question, what is the difference, for those of us who do not know, between synthetic graphite and real graphite…

The difference between fake graphene and real graphene

April 11, 2017 -- Dr Ian Flint, COO of Elcora Advanced Materials Corp. (TSXV: ERA | OTCQB: ECORF), in an interview with InvestorIntel’s CEO Tracy Weslosky discuss the difference between fake graphene and real graphene. Discussing the impact of graphene for coatings for a wide range of industries from automotive to shipping, Dr Flint provides an update on Elcora’s Graphene lab, which is currently producing 100 grams of graphene a week, and the overall advancement of graphene technology.
Tracy Weslosky: Dr Flint you’re currently in Elcora’s graphene lab. Can you tell us what you have been working on?

Ian Flint: At the moment we’re producing graphene for three different clients. As you can see by the lab itself, this is where wemake it. We can produce about 100 grams a week.

Tracy Weslosky: Dr Flint, I’m not certain that everyone is aware about how far Elcora has come with graphene, can you tell us about what’s happened over the last quarter and provide an update on the upcoming new year?

Ian Flint: In the last quarter, we have been producing graphene. Also we are currently working on a research program with the National Research Council (NRC), on coating, which is one of the applications that we have been working on. This project will be ongoing in the next few months. We are also working on putting together a graphene research facility in China.

Tracy Weslosky: Graphene right now, has been trending on In fact, our graphene columns are ranked number one, number three and number five most read articles right now on our site…what’s the interest and please tell us a little bit more your research deal, thank you.

Ian Flint: Coatings is one of the least costly applications to develop. What I mean by that is you don’t need a lot of graphene to do it, therefore the final product isn’t going to be that costly and it can have a really big impact and have very large market. It can be seen as, the low-hanging fruit in terms of the graphene space. We have the production capability right now to supply coatings to manufacturers. We are working closely with coatings manufacturers in order to basically produce various coatings.

If you haven't heard of Graphene, GrapheneCA tells you why its amazing!

GrapheneCA Head of Business Development David Robles dropped by the Vancouver studio of Proactive Investors to discuss the technology company that is integrating graphene into the real world using their own environmentally friendly production process.

Robles telling Proactive about the company's revenue streams and when they are expecting to be profitable.

Desalination through Graphene is here

In this video we will look at the use of Graphene for water desalination. We are aware the fresh water scarcity is growing each passing day.

The gap in Graphene is fortunately just wide enough to allow the salt through but block the salts.

As 97% of water resource is saline, Graphene holds the key for safe, low environmental impact and low cost filtration process.

It has been mentioned by experts that Graphene based desalination systems would be commercially available within 5 years

Hematene and graphene free power

Hematene (2D iron) and graphene (2D carbon make energy in water by the electrokinetic effect. The energy in the motion of moving water molecules at room temp. Is converted to electrical energy. Hydrogen and oxygen fuel is also made (gas bubbles)

Versarien on China and what 12kg sale of graphene in the US means to the business

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Versarien CEO and founder, Neill Ricketts, joins IGTV and talks about the steps the company is taking along the path to a sustainable business, giving shareholders a reason to invest.

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Graphene: become rich by investing in this revolutionary material [UPDATED]

Discover how to invest in graphene, a material that will change our future forever.

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Global Graphene Market Research and Forecast 2018-2023

Increasing adoption of graphene in the energy sector and various applications of graphene in automobiles and electronics industry are some of the factors propelling the growth of the global graphene market. Moreover, the multifunctional properties of graphene has led to its introduction in various industries such as adhesives and sports, and increased government funding for R&D sector of graphene industry are contributing towards the growth of the graphene market.

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Northwestern entrepreneurs build international battery technology company

Battery technology company NanoGraf Corporation (formerly SiNode Systems), makers of a better lithium-ion battery, built an international battery tech company as Northwestern University students. The battery's silicon graphene anodes boast better battery energy density and applications include electric vehicles. Samir Mayekar, Kellogg School of Management alum and Cary Hayner, McCormick School of Engineering founded the company under the technical guidance of Harold Kung, Mark Hersam, and Jiaxing Huang.

GrapheneCA debuts its Original Graphene Concrete additive

David Robles, head of Business Development for privately-owned GrapheneCA tells Proactive that the firm has debuted its new graphene-based product line, called Original Graphene (OG) Concrete Admix, that targets improvements in cement from a single additive to reduce cracking, improving strength, and making it weather resistant.

Born out of the idea of making a product that could prevent hurricane-related home destruction, Robles says it is the first product to make graphene commercially available to the multibillion-dollar concrete industry. The company plans to release more products within the series, including products designed to treat ceilings, used in applications such as floor self-leveling.

Graphene’s Obstacle & Potential

On the road with Nova Graphene CEO Paul Beasant. We bring you a debrief on his meeting with a researchers at University of Ontario Institute Of Technology. Car lovers will love this innovation!

The current price of Graphene and future price trends

In this video we explore the current price of Graphene per gram. We also look at different variants.

The price of Graphene depends upon it quality and size of the layers. The larger the size of graphene layer, the more expensive it is. At present because of its high price, it is only being used in selected products.

GrapheneCA - Mobile Graphene Container Systems

Mobile Graphene Container Systems (MGCS) are GrapheneCA’s way of offering high-quality, eco-friendly, and scalable graphene production. These modules allow industrial users from around the world to set up their own graphene production lines without the need to hire new staff or make significant equipment purchases.

How to Use Graphene in Concrete Industry

Pay attention to our new product - antibacterial (anti-viral) coating:

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The addition of graphene has a revolutionary effect on the performance of concrete making it stronger and environmentally friendly.
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GrapheneCA inks collaboration with mobile, 3D printing system Apis Cor

GrapheneCA's head of business development David Robles tells Proactive Investors the privately-held graphene-based technology developer has inked a pact with California-based Apis Cor to develop a 3D printing system capable of printing graphene materials.

Robles says the new graphene 3D printers could allow developers to construct 2,500 sq ft buildings able to withstand hurricanes and earthquakes for around $8,000, under 24 hours.

First Graphene (ASX:FGR) 1H20 results & outlook

First Graphene Limited (ASX:FGR) Executive Director and CFO, Peter Youd, talks about the company's 1H20 results, progress with key customer trials and work at the Graphene Engineering & Innovation Centre (GEIC) in Manchester, UK.

Epoxy resin for fiber reinforced composites

Graphenest is a provider of graphene-based solutions for advanced composites, functional coatings and inks, based on a proprietary manufacturing technology for graphene that is more efficient and environmentally-friendly. Graphenest launched its first 2 products in January 2019: HexaMatrix, the world's strongest off-the-shelf graphene reinforced epoxy, and HexaShield, the world's first off-the-shelf, graphene-based, electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding paint.

Filmed at IDTechEx Show! Europe 2019

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Mobile Graphene Container System

Pay attention to our new product - antibacterial (anti-viral) coating:
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GrapheneCA has developed a novel Mobile Graphene Container System (MGCS), the world’s first scalable, modular graphene production system, to help companies manufacture graphene in-house.
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