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EUROSTAR, Standard Premier, LONDON TO PARIS at 186mph!


EUROSTAR, Standard Premier, LONDON TO PARIS at 186mph!


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Now, a lot of my subscribers told me they really wanted to see a video on Eurostar. So that’s exactly what I went and made.

I hadn’t actually been on Eurostar since around 2012, so this was a welcome return. As a kid I remember quite vividly the opening of the Channel Tunnel and the start of Eurostar service. It seemed glamorous in a way that perhaps has faded a bit, as we’ve become used to being able to easily access Europe by train.

Our journey takes us, on a classic Class 373 train, east from St Pancras and straight down into Kent on High Speed 1, Britain’s first proper dedicated high speed railway. We stop briefly at Ebbsfleet International before continuing in a straight line directly towards the tunnel at Folkestone, blasting through Ashford International without stopping. After 31 miles of tunnel we pop out near Sangatte and Calais-Fréthun, and head, via Lille, to Paris.

Sadly, the weather was rather grey in both Britain and France for this video! But you can’t have it all.

Eurostar trains have 18 carriages with three classes of travel. 10 carriages are Standard Class, 5 are Standard Premier (what you might call a hybrid between Standard and First Class), and there’s one Business Premier carriage, where hot meals are served, and customers get flexibility and lounge access. Business Premier is really directed at the corporate traveller, and Standard Premier is probably as much as you’ll need for a good trip.

The surroundings are comfortable and the ride smooth despite the age of the train. My only complaint - a weak meal service. The portion sizes are very small and the quality hit and miss. My fruit salad was not fresh, which is very disappointing. This isn’t hard to get right when you’re loading food in the middle of London.

Anyways, sit back and watch the journey, and let me and the train take the strain... ????????????????

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Enjoy the report.


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Enjoy the video, and thanks for watching. If you subscribe, then thanks for being part of the channel!



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Eurostar Standard Premier - Paris to London

A journey on the Eurostar is always glamorous and tantalizing -, especially in Premier! Come along with me and see what it's like travel on this international train in premium seats.

Don't let the name fool you: It's mainly called Standard Premier to get around corporate booking policies. These Premier cars are filled with an interesting collection of socialites, businessmen, and what looks like international spies (decked out in Prada and matching Omega watches....).

This is hands-down the best way to travel between Paris and London. Forget about flying -- which would take longer. I barely finished eating before it was time to disembark at St Pancras Sation in London.

If you are looking for some glam and intrigue on your next trip - the Eurostar is the way to go.

This video shows you the seating, the meal service (lunch), the ambiance, and what it feels like to travel under the English Channel!

If you want to come on more jet setting adventures with me - hit subscribe. I would love to take you along for the ride.

Travel Vlog 9 2019 | Eurostar Standard Premier - Paris to London

EUROSTAR Standard Premier: LONDON TO AMSTERDAM in 3.5 Hours!

I travelled in Eurostar Standard Premier from London to Amsterdam which took just 3.5 hours travel 400 miles to the other side of the North Sea! The Eurostar E320 travels at speeds of 186mph as it crosses England, France, Belgium and the Netherlands for the journey from St Pancras International to Amsterdam Centraal.

#noelphilips #inflightvideo

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Eurostar Standard Class Review : Paris to London in 2 hours 20 minutes

Paris to London in under 2 hours and 20 minutes with Eurostar in standard class.

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Date of Travel: 12/03/2020
Class of Travel: Standard Class (2nd Class)
Rolling Stock: Eurostar e320
Cost of Ticket: £50 ($61.75, €57.34)
Origin: Paris Gare du Nord, France
Destination: London St Pancras International, United Kingdom (England)


What is it like to travel in Standard Premier class from Paris to London on the Eurostar in 2019?

Take a look and let us know your experiences in the comments oh, and... SUBSCRIBE :)!


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Eurostar e320 Standard Premier - London to Paris

Here's a quick overview of what you can expect from Standard Premier on board Eurostar's new fleet of e320 trains.

Filmed on board a Eurostar train from London to Paris.

Music from

Eurostar Standard Class Review | Paris Gare du Nord to London St Pancras International

An early morning departure with Eurostar from Paris Gare du Nord to London St Pancras International.

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Date of travel: 18 July 2019
Class of travel: Standard
Cost of ticket: £50 one way (16-25 ticket)

The situation at security:
I'd first like to start by saying that security is chaos at both Paris Gare du Nord and London St Pancras. There just seems to be employees left, right and centre shouting conflicting information.

The reason we were evacuated from the Eurostar terminal at Gare du Nord was due to an unattended bag. I was standing in the queue when several announcements were made asking for the owner of the bag to come forward and claim it. No-one claimed it so the French boarder police made the decision to evacuate the terminal. As soon as we had left the Eurostar terminal, whoever owned the bag must have come forward to claim it as we were let back in. I have to say, I can't criticize the decision to evacuate the terminal due to the heightened security in today's world.

London to Paris by Eurostar e320

A guide to the Eurostar journey from London to Paris, on Eurostar's new e320 train.
Schedules, prices & online tickets:
Photos, advice, tips on choosing the best seats:
Going via Eurostar from London to Southern France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, and so on? See practical info at

Eurostar Standard Premier London to Brussels

Eurostar is the most convenient way to travel between London and Brussels. The ride rook only 2 hours both train stations are right in the city centre. Let's step onboard and check out what Eurostar standard premier class has to offer.

Eurostar Paris to London via underwater tunnel, First Class train trip 4K

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This was my entire train journey from Paris to London, actual duration is 2 hours and half.
- Saint Pancras train station:

Travelling in Eurostar Standard Premier

Service and style: travelling in Standard Premier

Relax and unwind in spacious, comfortable surroundings. Take a seat in a dedicated Standard Premier coach and enjoy a light meal and drinks served at your seat.

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Eurostar (Standard Class) - Paris to London

In this video, we look at my train journey from Paris Gare du Nord to London St Pancras station on board a Eurostar train.

We start off checking in at the Eurostar designated section of Gare du Nord in Paris. After check-in, I proceed through immigration & security to enter the secured section of the train station. It's soon time to board. I enter my Standard Class carriage and put my trolley away on the baggage rack then take my pre-assigned seat. I review the cabin & seat, and the other on-board offerings that come with Eurostar Standard Class. We soon arrive at St Pancras station, and I quickly pass through a customs checkpoint before I take an Uber to my hotel.



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Eurostar Standard Premier

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Eurostar Class 373 TGV TMST (e300) Ride: London St Pancras International to Paris Nord - 21/03/18

Video: Heading out to Paris from London St Pancras International onboard a Eurostar Class 373 TGV TMST (TransManche Super Train) e300, once again it happened to be a refurbished set. Because this journey was to Paris, this route covers the entirety of LGV Nord non-stop, meaning the majority of this journey is at high speed.

This was a refurbished e300 set (3229/3999) operating on service 9032 to Paris Nord which stops at Ashford only. It was interesting by random chance to get the spare power car attached instead of 3230, which was seemingly experiencing faults. Once again, I sat in seat 15 in coach 1 adjacent to the power car.


Beginning look at the TGV TMST power car 3229, then the train crew announcement (0:08 - 3:05)

START - London St Pancras International (3:05)

non-stop (HS1: London to Ashford | 3:05 - 31:14)

- Ashford International (31:14 - 33:31)


Channel Tunnel (42:35 - 1:02:47)

non-stop (LGV Nord: Channel Tunnel - Paris | 1:02:47 - 2:14:20)

(End of LGV Nord, joining the Paris - Lille railway for the last leg into Gare du Nord | 2:14:20 - 2:23:57)

END - Paris Gare du Nord | 2:23:57)

Finally an end tour of the refurbished Class 373 Bar-Buffet (called Café Métropole), the new Standard/Business Premier and look at the rear 3999 power car (2:24:39)

Thank You For Watching!


Hope you enjoy.

Onboard Train Rides Playlist:

Camera: Panasonic HC-V130 (HD)

EUROSTAR☆ / LONDON St Pancras → PARIS Gare du Nord (Passenger's View)

Eurostar / LONDON St Pancras → PARIS Gare du Nord / Whole Route
ユーロスター / ロンドン・セントパンクラス駅 → パリ北駅 / 全区間

This is normal video, 5x speed version →

LONDON St Pancras Internationa
Ebbsfleet International
( Channel Tunnel / Euro Tunnel )
PARIS Gare du Nord

May 24, 2015

Eurostar London St Pancras to Paris Gare Du Nord 299kmh 186mph ????

We took a day trip to Paris from London, on the the #Eurostar! We took train #9004, which was scheduled to depart at 0701 but brought forward slightly to 0654. We took the London Underground to get to King's Cross St Pancras in the morning. The Eurostar terminal was bustling with activity as there were multiple trains leaving in the morning, and the departure lounge was pretty much filled up and we couldn't get seats. From the video, you can see passengers standing and waiting. I also checked out the various food options in the waiting area, including Pret a Manger. You are allowed to bring food and drink on board the Eurostar train, which was nice.

Boarding started about 10 minutes before the scheduled departure time and the train left on schedule. The ride would take about 2 horus and 15 minutes, and from whatever I could see, we achieved a maximum speed of 299km/h for this ride, though we could have gone even faster at some stretches, I don't know.

On board the train, Cafe Metropole was at coach number 8. (We were in coach 12). We went to coach 8 to buy Carnet tickets for the Paris transport system. Unfortunately, the tickets didn't work when we tried to use them to enter the RER station at Paris Gare Du Nord. We couldn't find any staff to help us, because the staff were on STRIKE and all the counters were closed. So we had to purchase another set of Carnet tickets from the ticket machine, which worked.

In Paris, we visited the Arc de Triomphe -

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Eurostar - London to Paris - Review - Food - Standard Premium

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Eurostar London to Paris roundtrip + hotel cheaper than one way ( Standard Premier )

We booked the Eurostar Train roundtrip from London to Paris in Standard Premier as part of a train and hotel package cheaper than a one way train ticket on its own.

Check out our experience and the incredible view from our room at hotel marignan champs-elysées
- go there to see deals

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Eurostar Standard Premier | London St Pancras - Amsterdam Centraal 11/01/2019

Welcome to the 1000 subscriber special! It's finally here! After a very long editing process and multiple failures and faults, as well as sixth form work and other trips away, here is one of the best trip reports i've recorded yet. Join us as we take a trip on a Eurostar E320/Class 374 in Standard Premier Class from London St Pancras International to Amsterdam Centraal. A very impressive journey with some brilliant catering, high speeds and stunning scenery, it is definitely a trip I recommend. I hope you enjoy the video and once again my sincere apologies for the late upload, but the reasons behind this are of course explained above. Check out my Flickr page for some photos from whilst I was in the Netherlands, and expect some uploads too!


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London to Paris on Eurostar Standard Premier 2013

London St Pancras International to Paris Nord in February 2013, travelling on Eurostar in Standard Premier class. Footage of St Pancras, the train, the onboa.

On-board the 05:40, first Eurostar of the day from London St. Pancras International to Paris Gare Du Nord on Tuesday 23rd July 2013! Check out the very dark .

puts you in the cab of a 300 kmh (186 mph) Eurostar - an exhilarating experience! This Driver's eye view puts you on board a train from.

5 clips of Eurostar trains passing Stratford International at many different times during the day on the 19th February 2011. It was wet & miserable all day, .



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