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EXTRA! SMT V Finally! Nocturne HD Remaster! Ryza Trailer Dropped!


Eiyuden Chronicle Announced and soo much more! JRPG Weekly Update! Over-loaded Edition!

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JRPG Weekly Update Show Notes:
0:00 Intro
• This has been an amazing week for RPG fans!
o Strap yourself in because this ride is about to get wild!
0:06 Headlines
• “Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes”
o Yoshitaka Murayama and Junko Kawano and Osamu Komuta collaborating on a new game for all platforms
 Two of the key developers who were behind Suikoden from the start,
 Plus a lead developer from Tactics and Tierkreis
 Music will be by Motoi Sakuraba, from the Tales Series, Michiko Naruke from Wild ARMs and the legend Yasunori Mitsuda from Chrono series and Xenogears and more
o Announced as a spiritual successor to Suikoden
 A Spiritual successor is essentially an unofficial sequel that takes place in a different universe,
• but this is unique because it involves key original developers
 This will involve a key-system of growing your fortress town as you increase teammates with different skillsets, and 100 recruitable characters
o So far they have released a short teaser with some super impressive looking gameplay
 Looks very reminiscent of Octopath but with more z-axis depth, this looks utterly amazing!
o This is my best-case scenario playing out for Suikoden,
 I do not trust Konami to know how to make a good Suikoden
 nor do I want to support them as a developer.
o And now the bad news:
 The title will be crowd-funded
• Normally I don’t talk about kickstarters because I don’t want to get in the business of promoting them,
• but in this case where there are classic developers working together, I can’t help it!
• The kick starter starts today, and when the link goes up I’ll pin it in a comment below.
o In a crazy world this game feels like they just announced RPG Woodstock. I want this to succeed.
5:16 New Games & Ports
o Shin Megami Tensei V is alive and well and got a brand new trailer!
 The game is slated to come out worldwide in 2021 for Nintendo Switch!
 The trailer looks awesome, but doesn’t show off too much, but this is excellent news anyway
o In the same breath Atlus announced a new HD remaster for Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne!
• SMT V so far is Switch Exclusive, but Nocturne is apparently also coming to PlayStation 4
• Expected to release Spring of 2021
• Dragon Quest XI S, the definitive release of Dragon Quest XI released exclusively for Switch is finally coming to other platforms
o This will not be a free upgrade, this will not be DLC for owners of the original release versions.
o This will require a brand new purchase, and I highly highly doubt save files will transfer
o Also to top things off, this isn’t an expansion being ported to the older versions of the game, this is a new port from the Switch version over to console and PC. This will be a port of an enhanced port.
 Personally I wouldn’t get too excited yet if this bothers you much, because this may result in decreased visual fidelity,
 If I was ok with that, I’d have bought the Switch version already
 Wait until you see reviews to find out if visuals do in fact take a hit
• It is of note though that Square Enix says the frame rate and resolution will be at least as good as they were on the PS4 release, so there’s that.
o Dragon Quest XI – S is though, for the record, addresses exactly the things I mentioned in my review of the original, link above, and likely perfects a nearly perfect title,
 But personally, it’s the 130+ hour investment of playing it again that I can’t afford the most.
o Open-World Action RPG Earthlock 2 announced
 Coming to next-gen and current-gen Sony and Microsoft consoles as well as PC, expected release within 2022
o The Outer Worlds is getting some DLC for it’s various platforms
 It’ll be $15 and comes out September 9th
 This is pretty awesome and all buuuut
o Obsidian also announced a game called Avowed, and it’s coming to Xbox Series X and Windows 10.
 There was a listing for Xbox One, but that was apparently removed.
 Obsidian has already shown us they can make a better Fallout than Bethesda, and now it looks like they’re about to show us if they can make a better Elder Scrolls. My money says yes.
 It sucks Microsoft owns Obsidian now, but at least I can still play it on PC when it comes out.
• Speaking of, no idea when that’ll come out
o Fable was also announced for Xbox Series X and Windows 10

12:31 Release Date Updates:
• Atelier Ryza 2
• Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis announced
• Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin got a release date update from XSEED

15:11 Other News
• Yakuza: Like a Dragon, the turn-based RPG Yakuza title
• Final Fantasy VII Remake’s second chapter is now in full development
17:03 JRPG Weekly Forecast:
18:59 Question of the Week:
• What would be your dream team to put together any sort of spiritual successor for any dormant series?
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