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Earth Science: Lecture 20 - Clouds and Precipitation


Beautiful Science - The Science of Clouds

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ESC1000 Earth Science Chapter 19

ESC1000 Earth Science Chapter 19 - Weather Patterns and Severe Storms

Earth Science: Lecture 20 - Clouds and Precipitation


Earth Science: Clouds and Precipitation HW

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Earth Science: Clouds and Precipitation

Ever wonder what clouds are named? Watch this video to find out?

Earth Science: Lecture 23 - Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, and Hurricanes (Updated)

This is my longest lecture. I probably should have split it into three parts. Oh well! Below are the linked videos I mentioned within:
tornado development video:
Ashby, MN tornado video:
Moore, OK tornado video:
Hurricane Michael eyewall video:
Hurricane Michael eye

Earth Science: Lecture 22 - Air Masses, Fronts, and Midlatitude Cyclones

Cyclone animation video:

Weather Basics: Clouds and Precipitation

Learn about clouds, how they form, and the different types. Also discover the varieties of precipitation that fall from clouds, and what causes them.
National Weather Service
Weather Forecast Office
La Crosse, WI

Earth Science: Lecture 23 - Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, and Hurricanes (OLD VERSION)

UPDATE: I have recorded a new version of this lecture. Head over to my channel to watch it.
NOTE: I purposely added a music track over my video from the 15-19 minute mark due to audio problems that ruin the video for that time. I apologize for some of my lecturing cutting out. I don't have time to re-record as of right now.
Tornado development video:
Moore tornado video:
Hurricane Michael eyewall video:
Hurricane Michael eye video:

Earth Science: Lecture 21: Air Pressure and Wind

Isobars video:
Friction video:
Effects of Precipitation video:

11. Clouds and Precipitation (cloud chamber experiment)

The Atmosphere, the Ocean and Environmental Change (GG 140)

Scattered visible light and microwave radar can used used to detect clouds and precipitation. Cloud formation in rising air can be simulated in the classroom by suddenly dropping the pressure in a glass chamber. The small cloud droplets formed in this way fall too slowly to ever reach the earth. There are two main mechanisms by which precipitation is generated from clouds. Collision coalescence occurs mainly over tropical oceans whereas the ice phase mechanism is more common and also more relevant to the practice of cloud seeding.

00:00 - Chapter 1. Interactions between Visible Light and the Atmosphere
07:15 - Chapter 2. Using Radar to Detect Precipitation
09:13 - Chapter 3. Cloud Formation Experiment
19:06 - Chapter 4. Collision Coalescence Mechanism of Raindrop Formation
21:36 - Chapter 5. Ice Phase Mechanism of Raindrop Formation
26:17 - Chapter 6. Mechanism of Precipitation Formation Based on Cloud Characteristics
32:38 - Chapter 7. Cloud Seeding
39:21 - Chapter 8. Precipitation Climatology
43:05 - Chapter 9. Evaporation

Complete course materials are available at the Open Yale Courses website:

This course was recorded in Fall 2011.

Earth Science-Precipitation

Earth Science: Lecture 19 - Lift and Instability

What is Precipitation | Forms or types of Precipitation | Lecture in English | Eng Subtitles |

Hello Geographer, Today in this Lecture I am discussing about the Precipitation.
what is precipitation?
Forming process of precipitation.
Forms/Types of Precipitation.

watch the video to get an answer.

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CHAPTER 5 LESSON 4 How do clouds and precipitation forms PART 1


Earth Science: Lecture 30 - A Tour of the Solar System

Mod-05 Lec-20 Cloud Types & Rain Bearing Clouds

GIS in Ag-Essentials and Applications by Dr. R. Nagarajan, Principal Research Scientist CSRE,IIT Bombay and Dr. Venkataraman Balaji,Director,Technology & Knowledge Management, Common Wealth of Learning, Canada. For more details on NPTEL visit

Clouds and Precipitation | Earth Science | Shivam Sundram | Unacademy

Clouds and Precipitation | Earth Science | Shivam Sundram | Unacademy

Earth Science: Lecture 25 - The Ancient Roots of Astronomy

Earth’s circumference video:

Earth Science: Lecture 24 - Climate Change (Part 1)



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