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Earth Science: Lecture 3 - Minerals


Earth Science: Lecture 3 - Minerals

Streak demo video: goo.glMdH5j9
Habit demo video: goo.glvaVDiS
Chemical test video:

A Brief Introduction to Minerals

An introduction to what exactly minerals are and what must be true for a substance to be considered a mineral.

I recently updated this video, along with a few other new mineral videos - check them out now!

Geology 4 (Minerals)

This lecture video covers the main properties and crystal structures of most minerals in earth's crust. It's been arranged for anyone who wants a deeper knowledge of minerals and geology. I hope you enjoy it!

Earth Science: Lecture 1 - Introduction to Earth Science

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This is the first video I have recorded in quite some time. I apologize for the excess uhm and uhh sounds. Those should be worked out in time!

Earth Science: Lecture 4 - The Rock Cycle and Igneous Rocks

Igneous rock composition video:
Hawaii lava video:

Note, my dog was very distracting at times in this video so I apologize for any extra noise or anything!

Rocks and Minerals

An Overview of Rocks and Minerals, including igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks, how they form, what they may be composed of, and what physical properties they exhibit.

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Earth Science Lecture 2: Minerals

In this video, I discuss minerals; the building blocks of the geosphere. Video includes a description of what minerals are and the common mineral groups.

Lesson 3 - Minerals (Grade 11 Earth and Life Science)

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Minerals: Earth Science Lecture 3

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Earth Science Lecture 3: Properties of Minerals

In this video, I discuss the various properties of minerals and how they can be used to identify minerals

Earth and Life Science - Module 3 Minerals - 1st Quarter

Identify common rock-forming minerals using their physical and chemical properties.

Download the PowerPoint presentation through the link below:

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Earth Science Lecture 3: Matter and Minerals

I do not own the majority of photos or clips in this video. Their use is strictly for education.

Somehow a very short but important clip got deleted. At 1:36, before it jumps to the periodic table should be this statement from my script: These properties, physical and chemical, arise more or less from two things. The physical properties, and indeed the very identity of an atom, are determined by the proton number, which we also call the atomic number.

Sodium Metal Cut video
Sodium in Water video

Lecture 3 Minerals

Lecturer: Dr. Christopher White
Location: Lone Star College University Park

ESC1000 Earth Science Chapter 3

ESC1000 Earth Science Chapter 3 - Rocks


Minerals are

-Naturally occurring
- Solid
- Crystalline structure
-Inorganic compounds
- Chemical Composition

Properties of minerals


- Mohs' Scale
-(increasing order)
* Corundum
* Diamond

-Cleavage and Fracture
- Crystalline Structure
- Luster
- Odor
- Tenacity

Flexible but inelastic
Flexible and elastic

* There are many minerals present in phone, car and bridge and I only cited some minerals present.

*It is a product of Earth's geological processes
*Naturally Occuring ( natural occuring)

Zechariah 7:12
They made their hearts like flint so that they could not hear the law and the words which the Lord of hosts had sent by His Spirit through the former prophets; therefore great wrath came from the Lord of hosts.

God Bless everyone! Stay safe :)

Lesson 3 Minerals and Matter Lecture

Earth Science Lecture 4: How Minerals are Created

I do not own the majority of photos or clips in this video. Their use is strictly for education.

Volcanic Islands Colliding with North America credit to Making North America: Origins from NOVA

Physical Geology Earth 12 Ed Chapter 3

Matter and Minerals

Table of Contents:

00:00 - Slide 1
00:07 - Minerals: Building Blocks of Rocks
00:44 - Presentation Paused
00:44 - Atoms: Building Blocks of Minerals
01:10 - The Atom
01:22 - How Do Minerals Form?
02:12 - How Do Minerals Form?
02:31 - How Do Minerals Form?
03:18 - How Do Minerals Form?
03:38 - Properties of Minerals
04:07 - Properties of Minerals
04:26 - Submetallic and Metallic Luster of Galena (PbS)
04:43 - Properties of Minerals
05:12 - Color Variations in Minerals
05:25 - Properties of Minerals
05:46 - Streak Is Obtained on an Unglazed Porcelain Plate
06:06 - Properties of Minerals
06:22 - Common Crystal Habits
06:35 - Properties of Minerals
06:38 - Common Crystal Habits
06:43 - Properties of Minerals
07:19 - Properties of Minerals
07:42 - Properties of Minerals
07:57 - Properties of Minerals
08:23 - Properties of Minerals
09:18 - Properties of Minerals
09:18 - Mineral Groups
09:54 - The Eight Most Abundant Elements in the Continental Crust
10:08 - Mineral Groups
10:33 - The Silicates
10:58 - Common Silicate Minerals
11:35 - Common Silicate Minerals
11:50 - Common Silicate Minerals
12:25 - Important Nonsilicate Minerals
13:07 - Important Nonsilicate Minerals
13:40 - Slide 33
13:42 - End of presentation

Mineral Resources | Lesson 5.1 | Earth Science

MELC-based lesson specifically designed for Filipino students.

For Earth Science teachers: If you want a copy of the PowerPoint presentation, send an email to or leave your email in the comment section below.

Rocks and Minerals

Please note that an updated version of this video is available at

Minor correction - arrow at 1:26 has been shifted to point at the intruding magma (not the surrounding country rock).



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