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Earth and Environmental Science | Careers, Concentrations, and Courses


Earth and Environmental Science | Careers, Concentrations, and Courses

Part 2:

This video covers the Earth and Environmental science major and places an emphasis on earth science, soil science, geology, and hydrology. The Earth and Environmental Science major is a broad major that allows students a lot of flexibility in pursuing topics that most interest them.

In this video, you will be given an introduction to the major, and learn that Earth Science combines many fields into a unified physical science that covers topics such as the atmosphere, climate, ecology, soil science, environmental earth sciences, some aspects of geology, geophysics, plate tectonics, and hydrology.

This video will give you an introduction to the Earth Science major and will give you a brief overview of the courses and applications for Earth Science. Be sure to stick around and continue onto part two.

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Earth and Environmental Science | Careers, Concentrations, and Courses (Part 2)

Part 2:

This video will focus on the two most common concentrations, labs you can expect to see in this major, and possible career paths you can take. Unlike labs for chemistry, biology, or physics much of the labs that you will perform in this class will be performed outdoors.

In your labs, you will practice skills that geologists use in the field to better understand our Earth. Earth Science improves our knowledge of how land masses form, predict earthquakes and reduce deaths from seismic events.

Aside from going onto earn a Master's or Ph.D., students can obtain entry level jobs in a variety of Earth and Environmental science fields.
Geologists work in a variety of fields to improve our agriculture, resource management, urban planning, public safety. They can obtain work in conservation, environmental consulting, academia, project managers, mining, petroleum, and more.

After viewing this video you will have a good understanding of what you can expect in the two main concentrations and where Earth and Environmental Science majors can find work.


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TOP 12 CAREERS for Environmental Majors // Career Series

This video discusses my TOP 12 CAREERS for Environmental Majors and choosing a major. Watch this if you are going to college for environmental science!

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Jobs discussed in this video: 
1. Environmental Scientist
2. Policy Analyst
3. Environmental Educator
4. Environmental Planner
5. Environmental Engineer
6. Sustainability Specialist
7. Environmental Activist 
8. Marine Biologist 
9. Conservation Officer
10. Animal Caretaker 
11. Project Manager
12. Research Technician

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10 Environmental science careers you should know about (& salaries!)

Ten ideas for awesome environmental science careers that you may have never even thought of.

Continuation of Part 1: 
TOP 12 Environmental Careers

INTERNSHIPS advice video:

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Is a masters degree useless?

What major should you choose?

Science books that changed my life


Jobs Mentioned:
1. Water Quality Scientist - 1:06
2. Air Quality Scientist - 1:46
3. Botanist - 2:21
4. Agronomist - 3:04
5. Eco Tourism Operator - 3:52
6. Fisheries Scientist - 4:31
7. GIS Specialist - 5:22
8. Avalanche Forecaster - 6:13
9. Geologist - 7:10
10. Park Ranger - 7:59

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Careers in Earth and Space Sciences

More information about careers in the earth and space sciences can be found on the AGU Careers page:

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Why Earth and Planetary Sciences?

From environmental issues to planetary science, from field trips in the United States and abroad, Earth and Planetary Sciences offers a rigorous yet flexible educational experience. Featured students: Molly Chaney, Zoe Lefebvre, Amanda Stadermann, and Landis Powell.

Study Earth, Environment and Ecosystem Sciences with the OU

Study Earth, Environment and Ecosystem Sciences with the OU

Why I chose my major: Earth Sciences

Two University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering students talk about their interest in earth sciences and what they’re learning in their major.

Department of Earth and Environmental Science, Rutgers University at Newark

Where Cutting Edge Research, Place Based Teaching and Diversity Intersec.

The Department of Earth and Environmental Science, Rutgers University at Newark (DEES) conducts cutting edge research dynamic urban to global research and is heavily invested in involving underrepresented minority (URM) students in Geosciences. Understanding the Earth processes is of utmost importance in the modern world. We offer curricula in environmental sciences, environmental geosciences, geoengineering and environmental sustainability and prepare our students for successful and rewarding careers and graduate studies.
DEES' faculty have strengths in water, soil and air pollution and cutting-edge techniques to study them. Students and faculty investigate phytoplankton physiology and biogeochemistry, geomicrobiology and astrobiology spanning spatial and temporal scales. Research and education emphasize practical applications, especially in the field.
DEES offers rigorous courses that are comparable to the best in the country. Student research is an integral part of the learning experience and provides opportunities for enhanced understanding. Technical abilities and effective communication are emphasized in preparation for successful careers and graduate studies. Small classes provide individual attention to students for enhanced learning. DEES students are considered by both industry leaders and graduate programs to be well prepared for their chosen paths.
DEES also has a unique field research station, the Meadowlands Environmental Research Institute (MERI) that specializes in GIS, geochemistry and ecology. Together, this interacting group provides unique research, educational and outreach opportunities for the highly urbanized and diverse northern New Jersey area. Outreach includes programs with high schools, community colleges and the local community in a number of funded programs. It also interacts closely with the Garden State LSAMP which is also housed in the department.

What Can You Do With a Major In - Environmental Science/Geology

Find out what you can do with a environmental science or geology degree!

Learn More:


Earth & Environmental Science Review

Review for Unit 4 test.

Geoscience Careers | Environmental Scientist and Chemist - Michelle Kerr

Learn about Michelle’s education and path to a geoscience career. Michelle started her education at a community college, transferred to a 4-year college to complete a BS in chemistry, and went on to complete an MS degree in Earth and Environmental Sciences from UIC. She is an environmental chemist specializing in the use of mass spectrometry to analyze air, soil, and water quality. Michelle currently works at the Region 5 Chicago Regional Laboratory within the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


School of Earth and Environment, Environmental and Atmospheric Sciences

Students share their experience of studying Environmental and Atmospheric Sciences at the School of Earth and Environment, Leeds.

Careers in Geography and Environmental Science: Dominik Pinnington, BAE Systems

Dominik Pinnington shares his experiences working for BAE Systems.

Geoscience Careers | Environmental Scientist - Natalie Topinka

Learn about Natalie's education and path to a geoscience career. Natalie earned a BS degree in Biology and then received an MS degree in Earth and Environmental Sciences from UIC.  She is an Environmental Scientist working at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in Chicago, IL.  Her work focuses on air quality and implementing regulations from the Clean Air Act.


Earth Sciences (Geology) at Oxford University

Want to know more about studying at Oxford University? Watch this short film to hear tutors and students talk about this undergraduate degree. For more information on this course, please visit our website at

10 Environmental Science Career Ideas to fight CLIMATE CHANGE

In this video, I go through the top growing environmental science career ideas to help fight climate change, and careers that are actually going to increase in demand due to climate change. These degrees are focused around environmental science but also cover engineering, technology, sociology, and chemistry careers.

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Environmental Career Ideas PART 1:

Environmental Career Ideas PART 2:

Career Series Playlist:


1:01 - Wildlands firefighter
2:01 – Indigenous Liaison (Oops I spelled this wrong in the video!)
2:49 – Traditional Knowledge advisor
3:43 – Clean Energy Researcher
4:30 – Ecotoxicologist
5:19 – Hazardous Waste Specialist
6:23 – Restoration Biologist & Reclamation Specialist
7:12 – Oil Spills Specialist
7:53 – Solar Cell Technician
8:50 – Clean Car Technicians, Engineers, and EV Repair

Stock vids from:

Fieldwork: Geography and Environmental Sciences - University of Birmingham

Staff and students from the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Birmingham talk about the benefits of fieldwork in Geography and Environmental Sciences degree courses.

Environmental Specialist | How I got my job & where I'm going | Part 2 | Khan Academy

Ainsley talks about her internship experiences, the challenge of finding a job after grad school, and the importance of networking. This video is part of a series on Khan Academy covering the responsibilities, requirements, and financial aspects of careers.

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14 Exciting Environmental Careers that Make a Difference

The environment is where we live and work. Imagine you had a chance to work in an exciting and evolving field that allows you to turn your environmental passion into an environmental career. Wouldn't that be a great job?

There are hundreds of careers that directly relate to the environment. This video explores fourteen environmental careers in the fields of business, communications and science such as Land Use Planner, Park Warden, Environmental Communications Officer, Conservation Biologist and Climatologist.

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