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Everything you need on your blog's homepage - Website Review


Everything you need on your blog's homepage - Website Review

Full article and recipe here:

How to Make Your Homepage & Blog More Persuasive - Website Review

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There are some underlying principles that make a big difference to how effective your website is. In this video, we show an example site and two of those important principles.

Website Design - Review of a real estate blog post - Ask Evan


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In this video I answer a question from one my readers who asked:

Hi Can I get your thoughts on our recent blog post: please. The 5 fundamentals to successful real estate investing in Canada. Targeted for SEO, and value to beginner real estate investors.


What's the Difference Between a Blog vs Website?

What's the Difference Between a Blog vs Website?

In this video, I go over the differences between an online blog and a business website.

There are a lot of similarities, but the goal of a blog is different to that of a business website.

Key similarities:

Both have a domain name
Both have an online presence aside from social media
Both have Social media links
Both can have contact information

Key differences:

A blog is usually built around the content. Meaning the blog posts are the most important aspect of the website. Everything else is built around the blog.

A business website has an entirely different purpose. Depending on your industry, your website is usually used to promote your products or services.

A strong business website would usually have a separate blog page as well. Blogging has been proven to increase traffic numbers by up to 60% compared with other websites that don't blog.

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LeadsLeap Review - How to Drive Traffic to Your website and Blog for Free

Finally, there is a way to drive traffic to your website and blog. You can promote your affiliate offer or your own free giveaway to build list. Here is written the article on Leadsleap review:

Whatever your end goal is, without traffic no business. Leadsleap is traffic exchange website where you view other people website in exchange for Ads credits. You can use your earned ads credit to buy traffic from the ad network. Network (Leadsleap) earn by being middleman and keeping 50% of your credit.

To get the best performance and save time on watching someone else website you can upgrade your account to pro-Leadleaps account. It will cost 27$ per month.

#leadsleap #websitetraffic

Create Website Style Homepage for Blog or Website - WordPress

Learn how to create a website style homepage for your blog or website instead of showing the default blog post format on the homepage.


Squarespace Website Portfolio Review, The Power Of Your Blog!

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In this video, I share with you guys the website portfolio from an emerging travel photographer. Not only does Mason make nice travel photo stories, he also does storytelling thru video.

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Nowadays, most of us have DSLR's with video capabilities. If you haven't dabbled into video, you're missing out. Being able to capture video is becoming an essential part of our job as photographers.

I often get hired as a photographer and the client also wants video. This not only adds my value as a photographer, but allows me to be more versatile with booking jobs.

Mason has a great eye for travel photography. He mixes portraiture with landscapes all while telling a story. Storytelling is a huge component of photography and one of the key aspects of travel photography.

I like that Mason keeps his portfolio galleries lean. There's only essential photos and they're concise.

I feel that Mason is lacking with his blog. He even mentions in the fundraising page that he will be updating his travels on his blog, but there are no updates. He's got links to photographers up there and I feel that he's missing a great opportunity to embellish his work and his cause and would like to see him really flesh out his blog with photos and writing about his travels.

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Save 10% off your Squarespace website or domain by using the code ADAM

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|Top Blogger Suzi from start a mom blog| Tips For Growth|Website Review| Work From Home

Suzi from start a mom blog has helped over 37k NEW bloggers! That is amazing right? How does she do it, well we are going to find more about Suzi by reviewing her website. So you can start your blog off on the right foot!

If you want to learn more about starting a blog Suzi can help you! I am not an affilate, I am social media manager here to help you get started on social media, by any means necessary. That said if you want to learn, and master the ends and outs of blogging Suzi is an expert top blogger and she can help you!


#Socialmediamanager #Socialmediaforbeginners #Socialmedia



In the swift media facebook group you can ask questions, or if you're a business looking to connect with people from other industries this is a great place to do that as well. It is important if you join that you're posting regularly to get the most out of the group. Please don't be shy :)

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How To Make a WordPress Website (or Blog) at SiteGround - 2019 - Beginner Tutorial

Here's the link to get 67% off at SiteGround:
Hi guys! It's Greg aka DearBlogger and this is our SiteGround WordPress tutorial to help you make a WordPress website or blog with this amazing WordPress recommended web host. In under 30 minutes you will install the latest WordPress 5.2.2 version, choose an amazing free theme, and see how to edit WordPress like a pro. Have fun, I'm here to help!

See what we make and you can too in this SiteGround tutorial at the demo site:

If this were a Siteground review (which I guess it really is) I would give them 👍👍. They are super fast, reliable, good personal service, low prices (as we see, the WP hosting is the same price as the normal hosting which is pretty hard to offer) and everyone I talk to really just has a good impression of SiteGround.

SiteGround discount link:
SiteGround review, stats, history, charts, more reading about this host we know and love: (it's a review for the UK audience, but all details apply to the US site too!)

Please post a comment ✍️so I can say hello back and help us get to 100 likes 👍by hitting thumbs up! Thanks and if we ever meet up, drinks on me! Cheers, Greg 👨‍💻

#SiteGround #WordPress #Tutorial

Create a Blog or News website using the Newspaper Theme

New Newspaper Tutorial:
Learn how to create a Blog or News website with the amazing Newspaper8 Theme. In this tutorial I will show you how to import pre made demo's and adjust them to your wishes! In that way you can create a website within a few hours!

Demo website:
Get webhosting:
Get the Newspaper theme:

In the beginning of the tutorial I will show you the website we are going to make. After that I will talk you through the costs that are involved. A domain name, webhosting and the theme. Then we will start getting a domainname and webhosting. Then we will install Wordpress, clean up our Wordpress website and get and install the Newspaper theme. We activate the theme, choose a demo we want and take a look at all the settings in the theme panel: Header, Footer, Template Settings, Categories, Post Settings, Translations, Colors, Custom Codes and more.

We will take a look at Sidebar widgets, create the contact page and adjust the menu, about page and create a new blogpost.

Overview of the course:

0:00:00 Overview of the website we will make
0:02:31 Overview of demo's you can use
0:03:01 Overview of the costs
0:03:38 Get a domainname and webhosting
0:07:53 Install Wordpress
0:09:23 Clean Up Your Wordpress Website
0:13:30 Get the Newspaper Theme
0:14:39 Install the Newspaper Theme
0:16:36 Install one of the 25+ demo's
0:21:58 Adjust the website to your wishes
0:22:26 Adjust the Header Settings
0:27:01 Adjust the Footer Settings
0:29:59 Adjust the Social Media Settings
0:31:55 Adjust the Template Settings
0:37:09 Adjust the Categores Settings
0:41:43 Adjust the Post Settings
0:47:00 Adjust the Background Settings
0:47:55 Adjust the Excerpts Settings
0:48:51 Adjust the Translation Settings
0:50:01 Adjust the Theme Colors Settings
0:53:12 Adjust the Theme Fonts Settings
0:56:09 Adjust the Custom Code Settings

0:57:29 Adjust the Menu
1:01:18 Adjust the Sidebar and Widgets
1:05:56 Create the Contact Page
1:07:57 Create a new Sidebar
1:09:19 Change the About Page
1:11:08 Adjust the Footer Area
1:13:38 Create a Blogpost
1:17:32 Thank you!

How to monetize a website or a blog? WP SPEEDY LINKS REVIEW, BONUSES, and DEMO

WP Speedy Links is a powerful WordPress plugin that VERY SIMPLY allows you to monetize your entire WordPress website or blog for ANY keyword in SECONDS.

All you have to do is add the keyword you want to target and add the URL you want it to go to, this can be any of your own products, affiliate products, like ClickBank or Amazon, or even just link to any of your social sites like Facebook or Twitter

WP Speedy links Demo and bonuses
Avail of the WP PROMO PRICE

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Affiliate Disclosure. I am an independent affiliate marketer. This video and video description contains affiliate links. I get paid with a certain commission for every successful purchase WITHOUT any additional cost on the buyer.

Covert Video Press Review - Video Blog Vlog Website Theme - Spencer Coffman

GET Covert Video Press: This Covert Video Press review is for an amazing theme that you can use to create a video website. It has a Pinterest look kind of like the PinPress theme. As always, you can use other Covert products to populate your website, such as Covert Video Content and Covert Content.

Other Covert Products Related To This Video:

Covert Pin Press Theme -
Covert Social Buzz -
Covert Content -
Covert Video Content - -



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How To Create a Successful Blog - Fast and Free!

More details about this:
and this:

How to create a successful free blog? What do you need to know before creating your free blog? Why is it profitably to develop a blog exactly on Weebly? Where can you find the most qualitative web templates for blogs? What are alternative ways for creating a blog? You can find all about this on the site:

Now with you and today we will tell and show you how to make a successful free blog. There are many ways to get a blog including free ones. In this video we will review one of the best website builder for blog creation - Weebly. Weebly will allow you to create a blog site, quickly and by yourself, even if you have no skills in website development. And now I'll show you this step by step. Why did we choose weebly to make a blog? First of all, because of stylish Weebly blog templates. The second reason - Weebly is the only website builder of such level that allow you to transfer your site to any other hosting. It means that in future you won't be tied specifically to this website builder and if you have a desire you will be able to transfer your blog to other place without loosing a content. This favorably differs Weebly from the rest of website builders but unlike the same Wordpress you can build your blog without any special skills in web development. And now we will show you how to do it.

How to Make Your Homepage & Blog More Persuasive - Website Review

A First Look Towards 2.0
As mentioned in the video, we have been hard at work on a 2.0 version of Thrive Content Builder.

When Thrive Content Builder was first released, it represented a huge step forward from the default WordPress editor. We believe that with version 2.0, we can take another step forward and redefine what visual editing in WordPress means.

Your feedback has been crucial for our development. Some of the things we will be including in the new version of the plugin are:

Wix Blog Tutorial 2019 - Adding Blogs To A Wix Website

I've started to create a blog with Wix on the Start Starting Up website. Here's a 2019 tutorial on how to use the Wix blog system to easily convert your Wix website into a blog!




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How To Retarget Facebook Ads from Other Blogs and Websites with Sniply - 2017 Review

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Do you want to retarget other blogs with Facebook Ads? Do you know how to remarket other websites? Did you know you can retarget Facebook Ads by using a tool called Sniply?

First you need to sign up for Sniply and set up a brand profile. Then once you have your brand profile set up on the left side, just click on the settings gear for the brand you want to install the Facebook Pixel for and select manage.

Once you're subscribed to a high enough plan, then the option to install a Retargeting Pixel will be made available to you. You can install the Facebook Pixel, Facebook Standard Events, Google Adwords Remarketing, Twitter Pixel, Google Analytics, and whatever other pixel you see fit to make it a cohesive experience between a different website and your own.

Once the pixel is installed, then it will automatically be applied to every Sniply snip that is created under that brand, without any further steps.

Whenever you create a new snip with Sniply, then make sure you remember the URL that Sniply gives you, that's what will show up in your Facebook Ads Manager that you can create custom conversions and audiences with. Once you paste that into the URL, it expands much wider to pull in the actual website that is underneath it. Make sure for the Facebook Ads Custom Conversion or the Audience that you only use the initial URL that Sniply gives you.

Then you're free to retarget those people all day long if they didn't already take action on your call-to-action on the Snip itself.

Got any more questions? Leave them below and Ill watch this.

Otherwise - happy marketing! And enjoy retargeting Facebook Ads from other blogs by using Sniply.

See you next time!

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iNeedArticles Review Buy Articles For Your Blog or Website

iNeedArticles Review For Those Who Need Written Content

What kind of content writing can you get done at iNeedArticles and why would you want to use this service? In this review, I will tell you what I know about them and what to expect. I am aware that not everyone has the capacity just to run around and pay to test out every writing service. That's why I am going to help you learn what they can do, and then you can decide if you should buy articles there or not. Anyone from bloggers to those who want eBooks written will want to make sure they check this writing site out!

Articles are written by a team of people who are able to speak and write in English. There is a testing process the applicants have to pass in order to write for iNeedArticles. They are given a topic. Then they have to provide a writing sample which is evaluated. If the sample does not satisfy the requirements, they are rejected. However, everyone who passes starts out doing only the basic work until they prove they are good at writing and get consistent positive feedback. The ratings that clients leave for the writers will determine whether they advance to the next level or stay at the entry level. If the writer consistently keeps getting poor grades, they will get fired.

A big plus about INA is that you don't have to wait too long to get something written. Typically you can expect your order delivered within a couple of days, but if there are a lot of requests in the queue you may want to pay the expedited fee which gets your article delivered in 24 hours. From what I understand it is not always 100%. The way it works is that your order shows up first on the job board for writers. However, if your keyword(s) is not clear or your description is too vague or confusing it could get ignored. Another way to ensure it gets done even faster is to add the 4-5 star writers only fee or perhaps an in-depth research or style addon to make it more attractive to the authors.

This content writing service also incorporates a favorites list. When you get a very well written article, you can add the writer to this list so you can request them again later for an additional fee. This feature allows you build a roster of writers who you would like to order from again. You may find some are better with your particular niche than others, so you may want to add them to ensure you consistently get high-quality articles and aren't always just rolling the dice.

You can attach a styling fee to your piece to make sure that you get an article written in a format that is most desirable to you. Or, you can just opt for the standard article, which will be written however the author feels like writing it, based on your keyword and description. Feel free to put instructions together, but if you choose not to pay any additional fees, the writers are not obligated to write the way you want or do extensive research. Although sometimes they will write any way you ask them to, even though they aren't required to. By chance, if you do receive a truly lousy piece you can always take it up with the help desk.

Click the link to read the full iNeedArticles review

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Covert Video Content Review WordPress Video Website - Build A Video Blog - Spencer Coffman

Get Covert Video Content It is an amazing plugin that you can use to populate your blog with videos from all over the web. It will help you get more traffic and also build your blog on autopilot.

You can have a complete video blog running all on it's own within a few minutes. Covert Video Content works wonderfully with the Covert Video Press theme or the Covert Pin Press theme. You can also add in the Covert Content plugin to display affiliate products on your site.

Covert Video Press

Covert Pin Press

Covert Content



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How To Create A Blog or News Websites- NewsBuilder review

link: click the link to get it and for more information

How To Create A Blog or News Websites- NewsBuilder review

Introducing NewsBuilder, a powerful new WordPress plugin and theme which you can use to automatically find and post the most viral news content to all of your websites in any niche. The whole process has been simplified and the user-friendly interface makes it extremely easy to edit and customize with minimum effort.

As well as being able to quickly and easily find trending news articles and stories based on your chosen categories and keyword phrases, the plugin can also automatically post this content to your websites on a frequency that you specify and spin the text to make it unique. It comes with a selection of ready-made themes in a variety of niches and the TrafficBuilder software for generating free targeted traffic from Reddit. The special launch discount and NewsBuilder bonus will not last long, so get your copy today and start increasing your profits.


Affiliate Disclaimer: While we receive affiliate compensation for reviews / promotions on this page, we always offer honest opinion, relevant experiences and genuine views related to the product or service itself. Our goal is to help you make the best purchasing decisions, however, the views and opinions expressed are ours only. As always you should do your own due diligence to verify any claims, results and statistics before making any kind of purchase. Clicking links or purchasing products recommended on this page may generate income for this website from affiliate commissions and you should assume we are compensated for any purchases you make.
Recommended Products:

Blistering :
The Profit Factory:
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Campervan Commissions:

Thanks for watching

How To Make a WordPress Website - 2019 - For Beginners

Learn the new way to create a website that makes it so much easier and faster. Step by step with no step skipped. We use the most popular platform in the world (WordPress) to make a professional website.

Learn how to get your domain name and hosting, install WordPress, import your website and customize it in any way you want. Then I can show you how to make a logo and even install security.

You will have complete control of your website and have a great time creating it.

I hope you love it as much as I do.

Visit Enmanuel Website For Help:


1.) Introduction - 00:00:00
2.) Get Domain Name & Hosting - 00:04:34 (use startcode for the biggest discount) If you enter in my coupon code, I will receive commission when you sign up (thank you)
3.) Install WordPress - 00:10:34
4.) Login - 00:13:16
5.) Change Password - 00:14:29
6.) Delete Plugins - 00:15:11
7.) Change Permalinks - 00:16:54
8.) Update WordPress - 00:18:12
9.) Install Theme - 00:18:28
10.) Install Astra Starter Sites - 00:19:32
11.) Delete Pages - 00:20:03
12.) Import Website - 00:20:43 (you need to do step 9,10 before you can do this)
13.). Change Site Title/Name - 00:23:10
14.) Edit Home Page - 00:25:17
15.) Edit Mobile Website - 00:44:07
16.) Edit About Page - 00:47:10
17.) Edit Services Page - 00:48:43
18.) Edit Project Page - 00:49:47
19.) Edit Contact Page - 00:51:03
20.) Add New Page - 00:54:24
21.) Change Navigation Menu - 00:58:24
22.) Edit Navigation Button - 00:59:50
23.) Create a Logo - 01:01:44
24.) Insert Logo - 01:03:40
25.) Edit Footer - 01:05:20
26.) SSL - 01:07:53
27.) Logout - 01:12:09

Have fun :)



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