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Extreme Total WIPEOUT Challenge VS Friends!


Famous Rich People Who Make Us Feel Poor

Being a famous celebrity goes hand in hand with some pretty awesome perks. There’s media attention, special treatment, a massive entourage and of course, the money is pretty good too. When you’re rolling in money, there’s only one real problem, running out of things to spend your money on. There’s such a thing as having it all, and these celebrities have more zeros in their bank account than they know what to do with? Want find out how the biggest and most famous celebrities are living?

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The richest and most famous celebrities in the world! Featuring the world's most rich and highest paid celebrities on earth. You better check out these famous and rich celebrities with your own eyes.

C is for Covid-19: The children's books getting us through a pandemic

From Oscar-winning actor Donald Sutherland narrating the new children's book Rainbows in Windows that explains the global pandemic, to Dolly Parton reading weekly bedtime stories to give parents a break from home schooling, children's books have become more key than ever in recent months. Comics and cartoons are a powerful way to teach kids about Covid-19 but also help them escape from the real world.

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