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Eye Dominance Test - How to Determine Eye Dominance


Eye Dominance Test - How to Determine Eye Dominance

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Eye Health Question of the Day
Are you Left Eye Dominant or Right Eye Dominant? Are you Cross eye dominant?

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About This Video:
Are you researching the dominant eye test? In this video, Dr. Joseph Allen reviews how to test eye dominance. Eye dominance is important to know if your into activities such as rifle shooting, playing pool or billiards, and archery. Some people may even have cross eye dominance. If you're looking for more info on cross eye dominant rifle shooting or shooting eye dominance, then check out this video.

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How to Determine Your Dominant Eye with Our Dominant Eye Test

Are you searching for an easy dominant eye test? Watch this video and take the simple dominant eye test to find your ocular dominance from the medical experts at All About Vision.

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Dominant Eye Test - How To Determine Eye Dominance | Contacts with Conway

In this video, Martin demonstrates 3 ways in which you can determine eye dominance. Determining the dominant eye of a patient is particularly useful when it comes to fitting monovision or presbyopic contact lenses.

Contacts with Conway is a collection of educational videos featuring Martin Conway, Contamac's Professional Services Consultant. Join Martin as he explores different contact lens fitting techniques and analysis, sharing the knowledge he has gained throughout his career.

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Please note: this video was filmed prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and before social distancing rules applied.

00:02:06 - Circle Method
00:02:26 - Triangle Method
00:02:47 - Plus Blur Method

En este vídeo, Martin enseña 3 formas con las que puedes determinar el ojo dominante. Determinar el ojo dominante de un paciente es particularmente útil cuando se trata de adaptar lentes de contacto monovisión o presbicia.

Contacts with Conway es una colección de vídeos educativos con Martin Conway, el consultor de servicios profesionales de Contamac. Únete a Martin mientras explora diferentes técnicas y análisis de ajuste de lentes de contacto, compartiendo el conocimiento que ha adquirido a lo largo de su carrera.

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Este vídeo fue filmado antes de la pandemia de COVID-19 y antes de que se aplicaran las reglas de distanciamiento social.

Eye Dominance test | How to determine dominant eye | Vision for sports | Sina Motallebi

In this video we find out ways to identify your dominant #eye. Do let us know whether you have one or not. In case you do, mention which is your dominant eye.

I am an Optometrist and have completed my post-graduation in the field. My love for teaching encourages me to make videos and share my understanding. I hope the videos are an impulse for you to explore and investigate further. Please do write in the comments section if you want me to cover a specific topic.

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How to Determine Your Dominant Eye | Archery Lessons

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One of the things that we must do before we start giving you a lesson is to determine your dominant eye. It's very important because some people's dominant eye is their right eye and some people have a dominant eye as their left eye. Most of the time, a right handed person would have a right eye dominance and a left handed person would have a left eye dominance but there are several occasions where that is not true. So we must determine which your dominant eye is regardless of whether you're left handed or right handed.

The way we do it is very simple. We have the person stand in front making an overlap design of the hands with a hole. Then bringing the hole up to the eye, I can look through the hole and see the she is right eye dominant because that's the eye that she's looking at me with and then place the palms down again. Now, some people doubt what I'm telling them and what I'm saying is you only see out of one of your eyes. It's the dominant eye. To prove that, when you do the dominant eye test again, when you are looking at me, I tell the person to close the dominant eye. In this case it would be your right eye. So bring the hole up, close your right eye and I've disappeared out of the hole, because even though you've brought the hole up to my eye with both eyes open, when you close off the dominant eye, that's the eye that's looking through the hole. That's what you're seeing.

With both eyes open, you're going to raise your arms up with the hole focused on the camera, looking through the hole, then close off your dominant eye, your right eye, the camera disappears, and the camera can see that you're closing off your dominant eye. And then come back to resting.

Find Your Dominant Eye . . . FAST!

Knowing if you're cross-dominant helps you determine how you will acquire a target. For me, I finally was able to trust the first site picture that presented, instead of fighting my dominant eye.

It's not really an issue with a long gun because I close my left eye (for me my dominant eye) when using either irons or optics . . . except for red-dot type, when I trust the initial sight picture delivered by my dominant eye.

3 Tests To Find Your Dominant Eye And Why It Matters

3 tests to figure out which of your eyes is dominant. Quick, High Five! Whatever hand you put up to answer that high five was probably your dominant hand. We’re either a righty or a lefty, but what else is dominant on our bodies? We also are known as a species to be dominant sided when it comes to our brains. Either left-brained or right-brained. The idea is that if you’re left brained you’re more orderly, or analytical of a thinker. You’re probably good at math, and logical thinking. If you’re right-brained you’re more artistic, and imaginative. But what we wanna know today, here on Bestie we have a dominant eye?

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Intro - 0:00


It's hard to imagine having a dominant eye. After all you look at things the exact same way, you move each eye at the same time, and you don't usually lead with any eyeball in any sort of way. So what does having a dominant eye really mean, and do you have one?

Chances are that yes, you probably do have one eye that's slightly more dominant. But before we go into the ways you can find out which eye is doing more of the heavy lifting, let's unpack what eye dominance means.

First off, just because you're right handed, doesn't always mean your right eye is dominant however it is likely. Just like anything in life there are always exceptions to the rule. According to a study published in Very Well Health about 35% of right handed people and 57% of left handed people are left eye dominant. We'll get to the test where you can discover your eye dominance soon enough.

Having a dominant eye doesn't exactly mean one eye has better vision than the other, it's more about preference. HEALTHLINE says that your dominant eye will be the one that give the most information when you're looking at something. It's your brain's favourite eye, and the one that gives the finer details of the objects you're looking at. The human body is a wondrous thing, each and every one of us are different and no two people are totally alike... except maybe twins. The point we're trying to make here, is that you might have a clearly dominant eye, or there might not be much difference between your peepers.

So now we get to the good part, how to tell which eye is dominant, there's a few tests out there but we'll just list some of our favourites.


For The Miles Test all you need are your arms.

1) To begin put both arms out straight in front of you. Palms facing away from your body.
2) Bring only your hands together (keeping your arms extended) and make a small hole by crossing your thumbs and fingers over one another.
3) Choose any object that’s a few feet away from you to focus on. It can be anything, a garbage can, a car parked down the street, whatever. Once you have picked your object, look at it with both eyes open, through the hole.
4) Now, close one of your eyes and then the other. When you close one of your eyes you should see, through the hole, the object your choose very clearly. When you close the other eye you should NOT see the object, through the hole in your hands, at all.
5) The eye that you can see the object with should be your dominant eye.


For this one you'll need a pack of playing cards.

1) Cut a hole in the center of a playing card that's just slightly bigger than a quarter. About 3cms or so.
2) Just like the last test pick another object in the distance to focus on. It doesn't have to be very far away this time.
3) Hold the playing card arm's length away so that you can see the object inside the hole you've cut in the card. Switch back and forth closing one eye and then the other. Or you can have someone else cover one eye and then the other as well.
4) Whatever eye you can see the object in, is the dominant eye.


This test is probably the easiest one to perform.

1) First, make a thumbs up formation, and extend that arm out in front of you.
2) Using both your eyes, try and focus on something in the distance. Once you are focused on it, move your thumb into the picture so that the thumb is at the center of the object.
3) Close one eye at a time.
4) Again, like the other tests whichever eye that shows your thumb directly in the center of that object is, indeed the dominant eye.

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Dominant Eye

How To Test Eye Dominance

This is a video about determining eye dominance in archery, which helps an archer figure out whether to shoot a bow right-handed or left-handed.

Determining Your Dominant Eye

This video helps show a user of the HMT-1 monocular display how to determine your dominant eye for maximum performance and experience of the RealWear device.
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4H Shooting Sports - Eye Dominance

Henry explains how to determine eye dominance.

How to find which eye is your dominant or non-dominant | Why you should know for symmetrical eyes

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What is eye dominance and how to to determine your dominant eye with simple test ?

What is eye dominance ? Am I left eye dominant or right eye dominant ? If you are wondering is it possible for one of Eyes to be superior than the other one I should say yes ! Just as we have hand dominance in writing or foot dominance in playing football we have eye dominance either !

In this video I am teaching you one simple test to determine your dominant eye. After this video you can tell if you are a left eye dominant or right eye dominant.

00:00 video subject and intro
00:17 we have eye dominance as we have hand dominance
00:29 eye dominance as a photographer
00:34 eye dominance test
01:05 eye dominance test for photographers
01:12 relation between hand dominance and eye dominance
01:26 what is your dominant eye?

hey there photographers. I hope you're doing great.

in this video I'm gonna talk about eye dominance in photography.... or dominant eye in general.
and how much is important to us.

yes ! as we have hand dominance in writing or foot dominance in something like playing football , we have eye dominance either.

that means one of your eyes is superior than the other one. and as a photographer it's super important to know which one it is. cause you're taking photos with your eyes.

and if you're wondering if you're a left eye dominant or right eye dominant , there is a simple test to find it out..

you should stick your 2 hands together and make a triangle with your fingers like this...

then choose a target in front of you ... something like a clock on the wall...

now , look at your target through your fingers.
then close your eyes in turn and look at the target with one eye.

you'll notice when you're changing the open eye , the one that you're looking through it , the target remains inside the triangle.

thats your dominant eye.

or if you're a photographer , which one of your eye you're looking through the viewfinder with ? that's your dominant eye.

and there is a rule says if you're left handed, your left eye is the dominant one probably and vice versa.

but it's not true all the time and for all people. it's better to find your dominant eye with that simple test.

and please tell me if you're left eye dominant or right eye dominant in the comment section below.

thanks for watching I'm Reza Sade
and I'll see you in the next one.

How to Determine Your Shooting Eye Dominance in Under 1 Minute

Quickly figure out your shooting eye dominance in under 1 minute with our helpful video. From there you can find out the best stance for your combination of hand/eye dominance. For the in-depth article, check out

The awesome bleeding target is from Triumph Systems -


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Determine Eye Dominance

To shoot your best, it’s important to shoot with your dominant eye. Savage’s Jared Hinton shares an easy method to quickly identify anyone’s eye dominance.

Eye Dominance Test

It's easy to determine which of your eyes is your dominant eye. Be sure to remain perfectly still when you close your eye -- don't move your hands or arms or head.

The best putting tip you'll ever get! Check your dominant eye!

Don't let your eyes fool you. You might not know it, but you have a dominant eye. You need to know which eye is dominant to putt correctly. In this video we will show you how you can determine which eye is your dominant eye. After this check you will learn how to use this dominant eye in your advantage and make more putts!

Used club in this video: Odyssey stroke lab black Tripple track putter

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0:00 Welcome to We Play Golf
0:29 Determine your dominant eye
2:07 Putting with dominant eye
3:47 summary


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Knowing Your Dominant Eye And Why It Matters

Which eye is your dominant eye? This will help you figure out how to track the ball most effectively. Check out this video to learn more!

Vision Warm Up Dominant Eye Test

Eye Dominance test, How to, left, right, or cross dominant.

Hey If you are right handed and right eye dominant, that is normal. if You are right handed and left eye dominant, That is cross dominant.



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