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These 4 girls Madison, Marissa, Savannah and Chantelle have all grown up together and now they are all pregnant together! How cool is that?!! but was this planned?



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Mad and Sav planned their pregnancy! Did you know that?!

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Wolf pack rescued a pregnant woman in a forest in winter. What happened to her shocked everyone!

Do you believe in miracles? If not, then this story is for you. Of course, most people could hardly believe what I will tell you today. And this, frankly speaking, is not surprising, since this case is not amenable to science, and no one, not even the most experienced specialists, can explain it. Most likely, if it were not for the witnesses who discovered our main character and who did not see what was happening with their own eyes, we would hardly have ever learned about this amazing story.

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The Triplets' Ultrasound Surprise on 'The Doctors'

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Identical triplets Erica, Jaclyn and Nicole announce their pregnancies on The Doctors. The sisters have their ultrasounds live onstage to find out the answer to the question everyone wants to know ... are the triplets carrying triplets?

This video will show you:
HOW TO deal with pregnancy
HOW TO talk to your doctor
HOW TO have an ultrasound

Four Sisters With NE Ties Give Birth to Five Babies

How the women with NE ties are doing after giving birth to five babies in just 12 days.

Twin Sisters Each Give Birth to a Set of Twins for The Second Time

Defying all the odds, identical twin sisters Kerri Bunker and Kelli Wall from Utah, gave birth to sets of twins for the second time each. Wall gave birth to her pair eight weeks early and Bunker's arrived a month before their due date. Each set of twins and their mothers are doing great and are perfectly healthy. Bunker admitted that she and her husband were in shock when they heard the news. Wall and her husband wanted another child and couldn't believe she was having doubles again.

Pregnant Teen Hopes Her School Friends Will Come To Her Baby Shower | Unexpected

Tyra and her family are preparing for her baby shower, but will Tyra's friends from school show up?

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'Four Sisters and a Wedding' prequel in the works | #SCX | Star Bits

These 4 young actresses will play the Salazar sisters in the prequel to the iconic 2013’s “Four Sisters and a Wedding,” “Four Sisters Before the Wedding.” It is being produced by Star Cinema's sub-brand #SCX! #ComingSoon

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The Identical Twin Sisters Who Married Identical Twin Brothers Are Now Pregnant At The Same Time

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Trying My Sister’s Weird Pregnancy Cravings + Gender Reveal! | CloeCouture

Trying My Sister’s Weird Pregnancy Cravings + Gender Reveal!

My sister and I tried all of her most recent weird food combination pregnancy cravings!
Similar to my weird food combinations videos but not as silly because some of these switch up meals were actually very tasty and delicious! Watch us try weird food combinations people will love. Have fun trying them at home with friends and family! Also wait until the end for a very BIG SURPRISE. Mias baby's gender reveal!! Hope you enjoy the video :)

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Mia Feldman
Mia’s pregnancy Q&A:

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I am so thankful to everyone who watches my videos and supports all of my endeavors. I love you guys!

Trying My Sister’s Weird Pregnancy Cravings + Gender Reveal! | CloeCouture



We finally got around to telling both of our parents about Cara's surprise pregnancy! Their reactions are priceless. First we facetimed Cara's parents who live in Oregon, and Gemma broke the news to them. Then we had Reese and Wren wear BIG SISTER t-shirts, and Royal had a BIG BROTHER t-shirt, and Gemma wore BIG SISTER X4, as we dropped off the kids to be babysat by Darik's parents. It's actually hilarious how they reacted. Can't believe Cara is pregnant, and baby number 5 is on the way. Finally everyone now knows! We do have about 13 more videos telling each of our friends, coming out shortly. Lol jk. Love you guys!

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2020 is the year of the CHATFAM!



Cara, Darik, Gemma, Reese, Royal, Wren & Pia.

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First Time Pregnant With Best Friends (Spending 24 Hours Revealing & Surprising my Giant Prank)

I finally get to tell everyone why I have been wearing baggy clothes!

After Rebecca Zamolo competed in the “Best Friend Rap Battle Challenge! (Surprising Diss Track Reveals Secret Hacker w/ Hacks and Tricks)”, Matt and Rebecca created “GIANT SNAKE PRANK on Rebecca's Best Friend! (Spending 24 HOURS Surprising Tricks on Crush Challenge)”. The Real Game Master then uploaded “BREAKING INTO RZ TWIN ESCAPE ROOM to Rescue Best Friend! (Game Master Found Surprising Crush)” next Game Master Incorporated posted “Escaping Stranger Things in Real life Escape Room! (RZ Twin vs. Best Friend Trap Surprising Crush), now as we are about to announce who Rebecca’s best friend is we need to break the news to my friends about my pregnancy. When they finally sit down I reveal my bump and they have the best reaction! Matt arrives and is shocked about the pregnancy and runs away. Rebecca, his wife, tries to calm him down and reveals that it is all a giant prank just like My FIRST Trip PREGNANT! (WORST Pregnancy 24 Hour Challenge in Hawaii). Matt and Rebecca now prank the Wilking sisters and they had no idea. Rebecca asks the girls to join her and have a pregnancy belly on for 24 hours as they prank the agents. Next they try the 3 person yoga challenge which is a huge fail. Rebecca remembers Maddie her cousin might be awake in Australia now so they FaceTime her. The pranks are hilarious as all three girls now are pregnant with Rebecca. Next they take a trip to the donut shop for pregnancy foods and cravings that people love. While there they do the baby mama dance and a tiktok. Matt calls the agents and tells them to meet them at the beach. When Rebecca and the girls arrive they set up the secret hidden plan to prank Agent S and Agent R. However they need to finish the tik tok. When the agents arrive Rebecca is buried halfway in the sand and they have no clue. Rebecca reveals her big surprise and the best prank ever! Rebecca remembers that they need to get back home to announce her new best friend. Agent M Reveals that Zoe placed a secret hidden spy camera in Matt and Rebecca’s bedroom. Can we trust Zoe? Should we do a lie detector test on her? Before we can react Zoe escapes. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2019 and 2020!

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My friends the Wilking Sisters

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I Kept My Pregnancy A Secret Until I Had The Baby At School!

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When Julia was 14, a new student joined her class at school. He was a very handsome boy, outgoing and well-dressed. He really stood out among the other guys. The girls were obsessed with him. Each and every one of them wanted to date him. But he only had eyes for Julia, a quiet and modest girl who was often teased or mocked. Now that she attracted the new guy's attention, everyone outright hated her. Pete - that was his name - did everything he could to protect Julia and she really appreciated that. He was so supportive. Once, he took Julia to the waterpark and they had lots of fun together. Julia used to be afraid of water but he actually taught her how to swim! But by the time Julia realized she was head over heels in love, Pete was clearly losing interest in her.

Julia had the chance to go through the texts on his phone while he was out of the classroom. She was shocked to find out he was already dating another girl. There were some photos, and she was so much prettier than Julia! She saw red, but she forced herself to keep calm. She needed to figure out how to bring her Peter back. The plan she concocted was ludicrous, but love makes people do crazy things.

First, Julia waited until she had the house to herself. The opportunity presented itself a few weeks later, when her parents left for a one-week seaside vacation. Of course they offered to take her with them but Julia flat-out refused. She knew this was probably her only shot. Now, she needed an excuse to invite Pete over. She went to a thrift store and bought a junk computer for 50 dollars. It was, like, decades old. She called Pete and asked him to help her install Windows on this thing. He was nice enough to come by that evening. Julia was delighted to watch her plan unfold. Pete spent hours fiddling with the computer until he concluded that the only system it could run was Windows 95. Which he didn't have on hand. He was just going to leave when Julia slid into his lap, put her arms around his neck, and whispered that she had prepared something special to thank him for his help. She said she had baked him a cake. In fact, the cake was store-bought.

Julia had spiked it with sedative. 10 minutes after Pete ate a piece, he looked sluggish and yawned. Julia suggested that he should lie down, and offered him her bed. He fell asleep as soon as his head touched the pillow. As Pete slept, Julia jumped for joy. Things were going exactly as she had planned. The most important part was ahead… When Pete stirred in bed, she turned off the lights and crawled under the blanket next to him. She reminded him of the best moments they had experienced together. He was so touched to hear it, he even teared up a little. It felt just like six months ago, back when they first met. He held her close and kissed her first. After they woke up together in the morning, Pete was very upset. As he realized what had happened, he rushed home. They never spoke again.

When the school break was over, they met again but Pete completely ignored Julia. She knew he wouldn't ignore her for long though. She was pregnant.

Julia did her best to hide her condition, so she kept going to school until the very last day. Fortunately, she was a chubby girl so her baby bump wasn't obvious. Why did she keep her pregnancy a secret? Well, her parents would have insisted that she get rid of the child, and then her plan would fail! She was actually going to stop attending school 2 weeks before she was due, but life had other plans. Julia was in a chemistry class and the teacher was performing an experiment. All of a sudden, sharp pain shot through her abdomen. Everybody was stunned at first. Julia felt so horrible she thought she was going to die. She kept screaming. But that was just her baby coming 16 days early. And he chose a chemistry class of all places! Julia was dreadfully ashamed to go through the process with all of her classmates watching and the embarrassed teacher not knowing what to do with himself.

Thankfully, the baby was healthy and he took the experience well. They only had to spend two weeks at the hospital after his birth. The real disaster is that Pete's family has moved to another country and all he does for Julia is send money sometimes. After all, her plan was utterly ridiculous and she failed miserably. Instead of keeping Pete by her side, all she achieved was a ton of new problems. Julia now realizes that if someone doesn't love you anymore, you should just let them go. Now she needs to raise her son to be a good person, and it's going to be extremely hard without a father.



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Kendra Duggar & Her Mom are Pregnant at the Same Time Again - Are They Planning Pregnancies?

#CountingOn #Duggars

Kendra Duggar announced her pregnancy this summer. She and Joseph Duggar are expecting their third child in February. Kendra's mom, Christina Caldwell, just announced her pregnancy, her 9th child, and is due in May. This is the second time Christina has announced a pregnancy shortly after Kendra. Christina gave birth to her son Isiah months after Kendra gave birth to Garrett. Are the mother/daughter duo planning the pregnancies? or is Christina jealous of Kendra's attention. Let's chat

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Kim Kardashian's Baby No. 4 News Is Affecting Her Sisters' Pregnancy Plans!

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Friends - Moving and Phoebe is pregnant

Friends Season 4 Episode 12 The One with the Embryos

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On an all new Maury, Milton has loved and supported his girlfriend and mother to his four children, Lakita. Now he's furious by the possibility of her having sex with other men, including his own brother Ronald! Milton is now questioning the paternity of his four children. Lakita claims these accusations are outrageous and if he doesn't shape up, she's shipping out! Next, Shundrayla believes her fiancé Anthony has cheated on her with more than 10 women. Some of these women include her co-worker Charnee and her sister, Brittany. If that wasn't enough drama, Brittany is five months pregnant and Shundrayla fears that Anthony could be the father. What will the lie detector and paternity test results reveal? And later, Jackie and Tim's marriage is in shambles and believes Tim is leading a secret sex life which encompasses porn, on-line dating sites and prostitutes. Jackie's self-esteem is at an all-time low and believes she must take drastic measures in order to look like the porn stars Tim fantasizes about. Can the two fix their marriage? Don't miss the results to these stories and more on today's Maury!

Surprise!!! Kendra Duggar's Sister Lauren Caldwell is Engaged - Who is Titus Hall?

#CountingOn #19KidsandCounting

Kendra Duggar's younger Sister Lauren Caldwell Announced her engagement today. This summer rumors were swirling that Kendra was courting James Duggar. Today we learned about the guy that's stolen her heart. Is it a Duggar or someone else?

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