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Free To Air Satellite Television | M1 HD+ U.S Edition


Please make sure you watch the first videos of my FTA SATELLITE on the link below.

Free-To-Air Satellite Television


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Free-To-Air Satellite:


Going Off Grid With Solar And Wind Power





How To Get Free Satellite TV Channels

Free-to-air (FTA) are television (TV) and radio services broadcast in clear (unencrypted) form, allowing any person with the appropriate receiving equipment to receive the signal and view or listen to the content without requiring a subscription, other ongoing cost or one-off fee (e.g. Pay-per-view). In the traditional sense, this is carried on terrestrial radio signals and received with an antenna.

FTA also refers to channels and broadcasters providing content for which no subscription is expected, even though they may be delivered to the viewer/listener by another carrier for which a subscription is required, e.g. cable, satellite or the Internet. These carriers may be mandated (or opt) in some geographies to deliver FTA channels even if a premium subscription is not present (providing the necessary equipment is still available), especially where FTA channels are expected to be used for emergency broadcasts, similar to the 112 emergency service provided by mobile phone operators and manufacturers.

Free-to-view (FTV) is, generally, available without subscription but is digitally encoded and may be restricted geographically.

Free-to-air is often used for international broadcasting, making it something of a video equivalent to shortwave radio. Most FTA retailers list free to air channel guides and content available in North America for free to air use.
With a fta System you can receive several free Christian tv channels on Galaxy 19 97w
The Word Network, 3ABN English, Smart LifeStyle TV, LLBN His Word, Amazing Discoveries TV, Amazing Facts TV, 3ABN Proclaim, Hope Channel Church,Hope Channel, Kingdom Life Network, Daystar TV, Angel TV America, TBN US, Hillsong Channel, Smile TV (Smile of a Child), Juce TV (jctv) GCN America Apostolic Oneness Network CTN (USA) Bible Explorations TV, The University Network (Pastor Gene Scott and Melissa scott) God's Learning Channel, Logos TV
And also get
Tuff TV, Jewelry TV, QVC US, Press TV

The Second part of the video I show how to find channels on lyngsat

A resorce where you can find all free to air programs on satellite mentioning the tv services and radio services such as
Also many Radio services such as
Republic Broadcasting Network, Sonshine Radio, The Liberty Radio Network, LRN, KNLB Christian Radio, SFA, GCN, Jeff Rense radio, The Overcomer (Ralph Gordon Stair), Sputnik International, The Micro Effect, American Voice Radio Network, WRN English North America etc
The cost of a basic Free to air system receiving Galaxy 19 is maybe just a little over $200 less if you have had a subscription service that you are no longer using.
One place that sells receivers is
dishes are also available at

Also a google search and ebay can help you find the equipment you will need.
Here is a video about the channels on Galaxy 19 97 west

The video about my big Cband dish that recives hundreds of North American Channels

And The video about my big dish setup

Playlist of many FTA video's

The latest updates on video's of this kind!

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Cband Channels

Ku Band Channels

How to set up a free satellite set-up and what you will need

For a Big Cband dish

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Watch world's TV channels Free without setup box Rs.0/month by net

Play World's TV Channel Free without any cost.

Click here for Download App:

Those are having Normal TV please click here:

How to Get Free TV Watch digital channels without paying cable or satellite fees

Learn how to easily get free TV now. You can watch free digital high def channels on your TV. We’ll quickly walk you through the easy steps for watching free digital channels on your TV in high definition without paying for cable TV or Satellite.

This page has a link for a tool that will help you determine how many free channels you can watch:

Tutorial Video on how to help you select an antenna:

Link to converter setup for old tube type TVs:

Free To Air Satellite Television

Free To Air Satellite Television Installation. With this Satellite you can receive over 222 to 300 free with no monthly bill at all.


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In this video I try to answer some of the FAQ i get about Free Satellite TV #FreeSatelliteTV from what type of dish and receiver you will need if you are interested in getting started in the Free To Air hobby.

Here is a video about the channels on Galaxy 19 97 west

The video about my big Cband dish that recives hundreds of North American Channels

And The video about my big dish setup

Playlist of many FTA video's

The latest updates on video's of this kind!

Group Galaxy Video Gaming fb page

Check out my other video's on what free satellite channels are out there!
Cband Channels

Ku Band Channels

How to set up a free satellite set-up and what you will need

For a Big Cband dish

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Satellite Television Info : How to Burn Dish Network Cards

Dish Network cards are burned at the factory to be mated to a specific receiver, which prevents the card from being used with any other receiver. Understand the function of a Dish Network card with helpful information from a certified satellite installer in this free video on satellite TV.

Expert: Bill Barney
Bio: Bill Barney has installed more than 3500 satellite dish systems. He and his wife Debbie have owned Community Dish in Pahrump, Nevada, since 2003.
Filmmaker: Lew Gitlin

HOW TO CUT THE CORD: How We Cut Out Cable & Satellite & Still Watch Everything - Including SPORTS!

We were Paying $175 for Dish Network & $45 for Internet=$220 a month. We now have Netflix $10 plus Internet $45=$55 per month now. $55 vs $220
Other Options We do:
SlingTv $25
Even with those 2 services. it is cheaper than cable or satellite

Cog Hill Farm
PO Box 2204
Selma, AL 36701
-Roku Premiere - HD & 4K UHD Streaming Media Player:
-Roku Express:
I am NOT endorsed or paid by anyone for this YouTube Video! I just wanted to let everyone know what we did to save money on our cable bill or satellite bill.

About 3 or so years ago, I decided to cut the cord & cancel our satellite for good. We had satellite bc since we were so rural, that cable was not an option here, but either way, I decided to cut out satellite/cable & go a different route, bc we were paying $175 per month for satellite. Now that was for 2 places bc we have a mother-in-law suite here, where my wife's mom lives, so we were paying for 2 households, but regardless that is just so crazy to pay that kind of money for something, when you honestly think about it, you do not or really use.

The main thing that was holding me back was the fact that I am a college football & basketball fan, but once I broke it down & realized I could buy season tickets cheaper than I was paying for cable, I knew i had to just cut the cord & figure out another option, & that is what I did.

My first step was that I bought a big external HD antenna & mounted it to my chimney. Which was really easy to do. I just bought all the antenna mounting hardware & had to get 2 boosters bc we had 2 households feeding off the HD antenna, & it all cost me around $350-400 dollars for the setup. Which was just a 2 month cable bill. And with the outside antenna, we get all our local channels like CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS, FOX, etc...all in HD & all for FREE.

Then my next step was I purchased a Roku for each TV. And what Roku is, it is basically like your cable box. The Roku is the hub that allows you to watch internet TV. And there are several of these devices out there now, like AppleTV, Google ChromeCast, Amazon Fire TV Stick, etc, but at the the time, Roku was about the only option out there. And we have absolutely no complaints at all with Roku.

Now with the Roku, you can subscribe to all your favorite internet streaming service or channels, like Netflix or Hulu. And watch them on your TV. The one we general subscribe to is really just Netflix, which is basically $10 a month, & from time to time, we subscribe to Hulu, which is around the same price as Netflix. Plus there are so many FREE channels on the Roku, I mean tons of free channels there, that you do not have to subscribe to, you just watch for free! Also now there so many options now, like HBO, Showtime, Flix, Crackle, can subscribe to all these streaming services now & still save so much more money than you did paying for cable or paying for satellite. So you Game of Thrones Fans can subscribe to HBO for &15 a month, binge watch & then cancel.

Now another channel we get is Amazon Prime channel. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you get their channel for FREE & get to watch all the Amazon Prime movies & TV Shows from their library for absolutely FREE!

The gamechanger & the way you can watch sports is with the service called SlingTV. Sling TV, with the sports package, runs $25 a month & you got all the ESPN channels, FoxSports channel, & some others sports channels that I have no idea what they even are. Plus you also get channels like Food Network, HGTV, history, A&E, etc., but if you are sports fan, like me, this is the way to go. And this ESPN package includes the SEC network, the PAC12 network & the ACC network, & I'm sure there were more ESPN affiliates as well. And after the season is over with, I just cancel it & go back to paying $10 a month for TV. So the most we pay is $35 a month, & that is only during college football season & basketball season.

I hope this, How To Save Money On Your Cable, video was helpful & I hope y'all have a wonderful day!
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Cut The Cord In 2 Steps : Make The Move To Free TV

Cut The Cord In 2 Steps : Make The Move To Free TV

Fcc station map

Digital Converter boxes:

Video on how to make an antenna for $5:

Video on How To Do A Channel search:

A Selection of set top streaming boxes:

If you are ready to cut the cord to cable or satellite TV, this video will walk you through the process step by step. This guide will show you how to eliminate your monthly TV program costs at best or drastically reduce your costs for subscription programming
depending on what you like to watch.

Viewer types can be divided into 2 groups - live and Pre-recorded. Pre-recorded material includes TV series & movies while live material includes news and sports. The main difference cost wise is that a sports fan is willing to spend more money to watch
an event while a movie fan can check out a movie on DVD from the library for free. We will cover options for both types of viewers. Keep in mind that network TV accounts for 9 out of 10 programs watched on a regular basis so you will likely be able to watch
most of your regular shows, both pre-recorded and live, in HD and for free from this point on. Of the most watched series of the 2016-2017 season, 47 of the top 50 were available over the air.

The first thing to do is to ascertain your Over The Air availability. Digital Over The Air (or OTA) is more expansive than analog ever was. Analog only allowed for one channel per broadcaster but digital allows for multiple sub channels. Now, instead of
just channel 3, there is 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4 etc. Where there used to be only 5 channels available in a city, now there are 20 without adding more broadcasters.
If your TV is still an older analog TV purchased before 2007, then you will need a converter box to receive digital broadcasts. Many converter boxes are also available with a DVR built in so you may record programs. If you have purchased a TV since 2007, it is probably a digital TV.
You will need an antenna and a piece of coax cable to connect the antenna to the TV. On the back of the TV or the back of the converter box, there will be a coax connector that looks like this. If there are 2, use the one marked Ant. or Antenna. Attach the coax
to the connection and set the antenna nearby.
You can use an old rabbit ears antenna or you can make one out of aluminum foil. For these test purposes, you could even get by
with a large paper clip and your finger. Just insert the paper clip into the Ant. connection and hold onto it while you run the channel search. It might be a little awkward to hold onto the paper clip and operate the remote to scan channels, all depends where on the back of the TV the antenna connection is located. Another
option is to attach a 10 foot or longer length of coax cable to the TV and touch the wire at the other end. Make sure you are touching only the wire and not metal thread part otherwise it won’t work.
Once the antenna is connected, you will need to do a search for available channels.
You can access the channel search function through your onscreen menu. Once the search function is finished, you will either have a list of channels to choose from or nothing. If you have nothing, you probably won’t be able to receive local
network channels over the air no matter what you do. If you have one or two, you might be able to increase the number with a better antenna however if you made the one shown in the video link in the description, you won’t be able to improve on it by very much without a very high and expensive rooftop tower.
To determine how many channels are available to you in your location, go to and enter your zip code to find out what broadcasters
in within range of your home. This guide will also show you what kind of signal strength per channel you can expect in your zip code area ranging from strong, moderate, weak and no signal.
If your channel search was successful and found your local channels, you are now equipped to receive free HD TV.
While OTA provides more free programming than ever before, we are kind of spoiled with the 400 channel slogan associated with cable and satellite TV. The good news is that you no longer need to rely on cable to get access to 400 channels anymore thanks
to internet TV.
There are multiple ways to access internet TV. There are hundreds of providers around the world that can be accessed through a computer, smart phone, or streaming set top box. There are simple ways to connect your computer or phone to a TV screen but set top boxes make it easiest.

Secret Free TV Signal Through Internet with NO Cable Subscription or Equipment

If this works for you please LIKE and share with others. Spread the word! More tips to cut the cord!

This requires you have an INTERNET subscription through your cable provider. You do NOT need a cable tv subscription to make this work. The cable provider still sends this secret tv HD signals for dozens of over-the-air local channels through the cable.

If you use a splitter make sure you buy a splitter for DIGITAL signal.

Use this method to get rid of your external antenna. You can run a cable straight out of the wall outlet to the back of the tv. Then run the auto program channel procedure and watch how many channels come up!

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See how to use your Android smartphone as a TV guide and remote control for your tv using over-the-air channels:

DVBT2 Set Top Box Technology || Watch Television free Without Dish Antenna ||

you must have heard about DVBT2 technology in the video i have explained with related dvbt2 set top boxes.

DVBT2 set top box ( only dvbt2)

DVBT@ and DVBS2 Combo box ( but this is expensive now on amazon india)

DVBT@ Mobile Dongle



Free Dish Octa Air Antenna Free TV, DTH News

In this video
What is octa air antenna
Octaair antenna or device
And dd free diah latest news about icas set top box
Only dvbt2 technology is latest.

tv without set top box ??
octa air says never pay for cable bills but will it work in India answers are in the video.

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How to Get Free HD TV Channels Without Cable

The Antenna I Have:
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Many people might assume that cable is the only way to get TV, but that's obviously not the case. You might be vaguely aware that broadcast television exists, and that you can use an antenna to receive it, but don't really know how it works. Most people don't realize that you can get full HD, high quality digital TV channels over the air completely free, just with a regular TV antenna. So I go over how all that works.


All Free Channels Without Dish And Tv Cable On Your Tv (Best Trick)

hello friends Well Come to my new channel main ap sub k liye is channel pe achi se achi video laoga aur is video mein main ne ek trick dekhai hai k kaise ap log apne tv main free channel dekh sakhte hain wo bi without dish DTH aur tv cable lagaye bagair ap video ko pura dekhe and please subcribe my channel

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mini set top box 1000 channel on tv without cable ??

mini set top box 1000 channel on tv without cable ??
market PRICE rs 1150
HDMI cable
wifi dongale
12 v adafter


SATELLITE DISH RECEIVER R15 HACK DIRECTV SATELLITE TV DISH DVR howto diy dumpster diving ,DATA STORAGE I explain, the diredtv satellite dish receiver hack shown here, THIS IS NOT HOW TO STEAL DIRECTV SERVICE

4 Brilliant Uses for an old SATELLITE DISH!

Here ‘s 4 cool alternative uses for an old satellite dish!
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Satellite , Free Satellite TV 100% free

Free Satellite TV 100% free,Free Satellite TV 100% free

Free Satellite TV - 120cm (4ft) Ku-Band Solid Offset Dish

In this video about assembling and setting up a satellite dish from Tek2000
We have put together a complete ku band (and limited C band) satellite package for novices who want to receive the maximum number of digital satellite channels available in North America using the best electronic equipment at the lowest possible price!

Take the guess work out of which dish to buy, which actuator/motor you need, which LNBF works with which dish and which receiver is the best for receiving various kinds of programming.

For less than the cost of 3 months of an average cable/satellite subscription, your new satellite system will receive over 300 channels, including international channels, major USA networks, OTA sub-channels, some specialty and news channels, and countless wild feeds that are occasionally broadcast unencrypted over ku band! This package includes our high performance 120cm (48 inch) ku band polar mount solid offset dish, 24 regular-duty Superjack actuator, controller, c/ku band combo LNBF with conical scalar ring and ZGemma H5 HD PVR receiver.

Note: Now includes our ZGemma H5 HD satellite receiver. To upgrade to 4K, please contact us.

Note: This is our 3rd generation model (2017) with beefed up actuator driven polar mount.


Excellent construction with precise offset parabolic geometry
Polar Mount, actuator driven dish design
24-inch HARL SuperJack regular-duty actuator capable of tracking the entire satellite arc from 15°W to 135°W
Accurate and reliable DiseqC1.2 positioner with re-synchronize function
High gain C/Ku-Band combo LNBF ensures reception of even the weakest transponders
ZGemma H5 HD PVR FTA receiver loaded with the latest firmware and capable of processing all video formats
Includes digital inclinometer for quick and effortless alignment of dish


120cm (48 inch) Polar Mount Solid Offset Dish
C/Ku Combo LNBF (Pro Broadband) with Conical Scalar Ring
24-inch HARL Regular Duty Actuator with weather boot
SuperJack DiseqC1.2 Positioner
ZGemma H5 HD PVR
Digital Inclinometer

A geostationary equatorial orbit (GEO) is a circular geosynchronous orbit in the plane of the Earth's equator with a radius of approximately 42,164 km (26,199 mi) (measured from the center of the Earth). A satellite in such an orbit is at an altitude of approximately 35,786 km (22,236 mi) above mean sea level.

SuperJack C-Band Dish Positioner

by Letter Box

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Here We Go Again
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Hollywood High
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Big Wheel
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How to Get Free Cable (All Channels)

NOTE - This video is a joke, but I have switched to only making REAL tech videos, see some here ▶
This joke tutorial will show you how you can get all cable channels for free, so you can essentially get free cable.

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This joke tutorial says that tricking your cable box into giving you all cable channels, not just the ones you subscribe to by amplifying the cable company signal. This should work for any cable company, so you can get free cable no matter what cable provider you have.



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