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FUNNIEST Engineering Fails: Part 2!


World's Funniest Engineering Fails!!

Epic you had only one job compilation of Engineering fails, Construction fails. Pictures from USA, India, Russia, China etc.



Top 20 Funniest Engineering Fails 2018

The Global Vlogs Production Company back again. In this video we add some humor to our video playlist. This is the TOP 20 funniest engineering fails, comment below your favorite.

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50+ World's Big Mistakes of Engineering-Great Funniest Engineering Fails-Biggest Engineering Fails

50+ World's Big Mistakes of Engineering, Great Funniest Engineering Fails in the world, The Biggest Engineering Mistakes & fails in 2016-2017

57 funniest engineering fails :)

Hello everyone, this video is very hilarious because it shows the funny things made by engineer by mistake. It took me like a hour to choose the photos/images and 30minutes to edit for eg. Putting music, fixing the duration, transition and etc. By the way if you guys hear the same music everytime, sorry because I coudn't put 2 or 3 music in 1 video. Thanks for watching.

funny engineering fails 2

Funny engineering fails 2

Worlds funniest engineering fails

World's Funniest Engineering Fails

World's Funniest Engineering Fails
World's Dumbest Engineering Fails
Top Engineering Fails That Will Make You Laugh For Hours

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Funniest Engineering Fails Ever Unbelievable

In this video shows about funny engineers and their projects, how they done their job with funny skills
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To err is human; however, there must be a limit to which extent you can screw up a job, right? We have compiled a list of Engineers and Architects who managed to fail spectacularly at their job! Check it out and let us know what you think of the list.The biggest Engineering Mistakes -

Engineering Failures Documentary Shortcuts in engineering design can lead to engineering disasters. Engineering is the science and technology used to meet the needs and demands of society. These demands include buildings, aircraft, vessels, and computer software. In order to meet society’s demands, the creation of newer technology and infrastructure must be met efficiently and cost-effectively. To accomplish this, managers and engineers have to have a mutual approach to the specified demand at hand. This can lead to shortcuts in engineering design to reduce costs of construction and fabrication. Occasionally, these shortcuts can lead to unexpected design failures. More Documentary Films:

Most Funniest Engineering Mistakes| Epic Civil Engineering Fails

Do you want to take a dose of laughter? Just watch the hilarious mistakes made by civil engineers in construction projects and try not to laugh.
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Banned Engineers - World's Funniest Engineering Fails, Unbelievable 2016

Banned Engineers - World's Funniest Engineering Fails, Unbelievable 2016

Welcome to Banned List, Its a channel created for anything get special attention while getting banned. You will be getting videos every week on any topic from history, Current affairs or from anywhere. This channel is all about banned stuff.


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Worlds Funniest Engineering Fails

World's funniest engineering fail

World's funniest engineering fails,unbelievable!!!!!!!!!

Funniest engineering fails ever / Dedicate to all engineers
must watch

World's Funniest Engineering Fails

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