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Face Off (IT) | RascalsDOTcom


Face Off (IT) | RascalsDOTcom

After appraisal release, Rakesh has so much to discuss with Manager Ravi.

MOM 2 | Minutes of Meeting 2 | RascalsDOTcom

When a creative team member find a new way to capture Minutes of Meetings

Watch MOM 1 here :

MOM (Minutes of Meeting) | RascalsDOTcom

Naresh helped his friend Veena to get IT job, and her first day in office was an adventure :)

18 October 2020


Show Off | Onsite 2 | RascalsDOTcom

Rakesh surprised to see his team member on client side. But how ?.. watch and find out..

Onsite | RascalsDOTcom

Dhivakar badly wants onsite... he is even ready to sacrifice the potential Promotion chance for onsite.

Politics | RascalsDOTcom

An episode of corporate politics (pol-IT-ics)

Get trained with ebox

Push Over | RascalsDOTcom

How Dhivakar from India helped Vidhya (UK) to achieve her appraisal target...

Update | #project_update | RascalsDOTcom

Manager and team member updating project status in a unique way.

Full Stack | Minibyte | RascalsDOTcom

When the job description of Full Stack developer astonished the interviewee.

Cast: Vaishanvi and Dhivakar

Inspired from a Whatsapp forward :) thanks to that person

Inter(e)view | Spoof attempt | RascalsDOTcom

What if a movie reviewer attends IT interview...!!!
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Expect the Unexpected | RascalsDOTcom

Manager is giving tips on setting expectations for a frustrated team member

Happy Men's Day | RascalsDOTcom

Happy Men's Day and ??? watch for the surprise :)

Handover | RascalsDOTcom

Rakesh is getting relieved and Vaishnavi is tasked to take the handover but Mahesh isn't liking Rakesh's attitude !!!

Reporting | RascalsDOTcom

What surprised Nandhini? Appraisal outcome or New reporting officer? findout...

Gossip Ganga | RascalsDOTcom

Ganga have something to share with her colleagues :)

Big Boss | RascalsDOTcom

Types of people that Manager has to deal with... end of the day manager is the BIG BOSS !!!

Poor Husband | Certified Rascals

Office calls and husbands !!!

Chennai to Singapore | Wedding film | Oruphoto

Rithumitha is a Singaporean and Vinoth is a Chennaite. Distantly related, there was a thread of love story that went on for years.

Referral | HR | RascalsDOTcom

Manager Mahesh and team cracking referral programme



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