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Fhernseher 85: Maschinenbau ganz praktisch - Highspeed-Boliden mit Akkuschrauber-Antrieb


Fhernseher 85: Maschinenbau ganz praktisch - Highspeed-Boliden mit Akkuschrauber-Antrieb

Unsere Glückwünsche zum Geburtstag des Propheten Mohammad saw.

Kleine Rede im Namen von Kinder wollen helfen in Hannover

The Errors of Alyssa Carone

A Refutation of Islam

Islam is Not a Religion of Peace


The King James Version Controversy: Can You Trust Modern Translations? by White; (Note: Dr. Norman Geisler said of this book, This is the best book in print on a topic too often riddled with emotion and ignorance. )

The King James Version Debate: A Plea for Realism, by Carson;

One Bible Only?: Examining Exclusive Claims for the King James Bible, by Beacham.

You can also access the materials of Dan Wallace and his recommendations through the Center for the Study of NT Manuscripts (

The largest center for textual work in the world is in Munster, Germany. You can see their website and their work at

To learn more about the deficiencies of the Byzantine Text Type, read the standard historical introductions (e.g., the ones by Metzger or Parker or Aland).

These articles are more targeted. The Majority Text Theory: History, Methods, and Critique, by Wallace; Some Second Thoughts on the Majority Text, by Wallace.


(Not all of these men are King James Only advocates.)

Which Bible? by Otis;
Tue Or False, by Hodges;
The King James Version Defended, by Hills;
New Age Bible Versions, by Riplinger. (Note: Dr. James White said this book is filled with errors and misquotes. He wrote a response called, New Age Bible Versions Refuted.).

Dr. Peter Ruckman is probably the best advocate of KJV Onlyism in the U.S. Dr. Maurice Robinson has written on the priority of the Byzantine Priority theory. To learn about the scholars behind the KJV, read, The Men Behind the King James Version, by Paine.

Citizen Radio in Kiew (Ukraine)

OK-TV Ludwigshafen started media projects in the Ukraine in 2015 together with the Bennohaus in Münster, Youth4Media with the support of the Federal Foreign Office. The project started together with the Faculty of Journalism of the University of Kiev and the Association of Independent Ukrainian Journalists in Lutsk (Ukraine). The aim of the cooperation is to promote the development of accessible, democratic media systems in the countries of the Eastern Partnership. Project frames resulted in a series of video films produced by students.

OK-TV Ludwigshafen startete 2015 gemeinsam mit dem Bennohaus in Münster, Youth4Media mit Unterstützung des Auswärtigen Amtes der Bundesrepublik Medienprojekte in der Ukraine. Das Projekt startete gemeinsam mit der Journalistischen Fakultät der Universität Kiew und dem Verband unabhängiger ukrainischer Jounralisten in Lutsk (Ukraine). Ziel der Kooperation ist es, den Aufbau eines zugangsoffener, demokratischer Mediensysteme in den Ländern der östlichen Partnerschaft zu fördern. Projektrahmen enstanden eine Reihe von Videofilmen, produziert von Studentinnen und Studenten.



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