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Finn and Jake's Defbed DX (feat. Tom Terrific)


Finn and Jake's Defbed DX (feat. Tom Terrific)

DX stands for deluxe. Also, this was supposed to be released in 2018 (after Season 5 and 6 have happened), but I could never finish it until recently.

#adventuretime #simp #Cartoonnetwork
NOTE: LSP is age 18 from Season 6.

Adventure Time, Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball, Clarence, Uncle Grandpa, Chowder, Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack IPs belong to CN.
Loud House IP belongs to Nickelodeon.
Gravity Falls belongs to Disney.
Some poses were traced from the original shows.

Spongebob's Defbed (feat. Felix the Cat)

Felix drops by to visit Spongebob...

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#spongebob #nickelodeon #nicktoons

My Little Pony's Defbed (feat. Unico)

#MyLittlePony #anime #hasbro
Who knew the School of Friendship (S.8) could be so lethal?


Franchise's Defbed

Collab. with Billy Cobb. Check his music here:
Billy's Twitter

#animation #music #brands

Homer Simpson's Defbed (feat. Fred Flinstone)

Maybe I should stop making these.
EDIT: For those asking where Peter Griffin is, well, he couldn't make it due to health issues. Stay tuned to find out more.

Fred Flinstone and Kazoo belong to Hanna-Barbera.
The Simpsons characters are owned by FOX.
Stan from American Dad is owned by Seth MacFarlane

The PowerPuff Girls' Deathbed

Astro Boy visits his distant friends (I'm sorry for the recycled stuff).
Music by -

The PowerPuff girls IP belongs to Cartoon Network
Astro Boy belongs to Tezuka Osamu
My Life as a Teenage Robot belongs to Nickelodeon

Finn and Jake's Defbed DX With Healthbars

My reaction to Finn and Jake’s deathbed (ft. Tom Terrific)

Poor Finn and Jake. T^T

Tags: antoons, defbed, adventure time, chowder, loud house, gravity falls and uncle grandpa

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