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First Commercial Graphene Device Months Away


Tata Steel | #WeAlsoMakeTomorrow | Graphene | Firstpost

Graphene, 300 times stronger than steel (at nano scales), is defined as the super material of the future. A game-changer for many industries, it has applications across wearables, personal tech space, medical, rubber and paper industries. Our state-of-the-art Graphene Development Cell in Jamshedpur aided by various collaborations with IIT Madras, and Centre for Nano and Soft Matter Sciences are exploring new materials, including applications of graphene thereby paving the way for a sustainable tomorrow. We are striving towards a future driven by technology and innovation. #WeAlsoMakeTomorrow

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The Worldwide Graphene Flake Production

“Graphene” is produced by hundreds of companies around the globe, but the products show a large variation in their properties. The creation of stringent standards for graphene, which encompasses both physical properties of the material, as well as the requirements from a particular application, is the only way forward to create a healthy and reliable worldwide graphene market.

This is reported by Alan P. Kauling, Andressa T. Seefeldt, Diego P. Pisoni, Roshini C. Pradeep, Ricardo Bentini, Ricardo V. B. Oliveira, Konstantin S. Novoselov, and Antonio H. Castro Neto in their article:

To learn more, please visit the Advanced Materials homepage.

Applied Graphene Materials pushing ahead with JBL and Airbus

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AIM listed Applied Graphene Materials (AGM),owns the intellectual property for a number of applications of graphene, but its paint and coating’s business currently takes up about 75% of the company’s time. CEO, Dr Adrian Potts, tells IGTV’s Jeremy Naylor, that AGM is currently in advanced talks with specialist automotive paint specialist JBL, James Briggs Ltd. However, the polymers and composites unit is also moving ahead and AGM is currently in talks with Airbus Defence and Space about two thermal paint adhesive materials for space use.

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Graphene Stocks : Top 3 Graphene Stocks to Invest in (2019)

Graphene Stocks : Top 3 Graphene Stocks to Invest in (2019)

What’s up fam, on this channel we bring you the newest, hottest and most interesting investment opportunities of the current moment, and today we’ve got something pretty interesting to share with you, something many of you may think is too early to invest in and something some of you maybe even didn’t know existed.

We are talking about investing in graphene (2019).

But hold on …

What is graphene?

According to graphene is the thinnest material known to mankind at one atom thick, and also incredibly strong - about 200 times stronger than steel. On top of that, graphene is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity and has interesting light absorption abilities. It is truly a material that could change the world, with unlimited potential for integration in almost any industry.

It’s potential applications were really hyped up in the past and the media was going on and on about how graphene is the new wonder material that will make space elevators that get us to the moon and how space travel will become mainstream, and how the sweater your aunt gives you for Christmas is going to be bullet and stab proof, but it never really got there.

Off course this is not a science channel, but what makes this reaction possible is the fact that graphene is an extremely diverse material and can be combined with other elements (including gases and metals) to produce different materials with various superior properties. Researchers all over the world continue to constantly investigate and patent graphene to learn its various properties and possible applications, which include:

Touchscreens, transistors, computer chips, batteries, energy generation, supercapacitors, DNA sequencing, water filters, antennas, solar cells and spintronics-related products.

But to go back to the core of this video, investing in graphene, we’ve chosen 3 stocks to share with you that believe were a lot harder to find and analyze, simply because some of the best graphene companies are not yet publicly traded companies, and the market is currently full of companies that WANT to be associated with graphene because that brings them exposure because of the upcoming hype around graphene, but the fact that companies are trying to make a connection between themselves and graphene also is a strong indicator of something big in the making.

The 3 graphene stocks (2019) that we will be talking about are:

#1 Graphene stock: First Graphene Limited that is listed on the Australian Stock exchange, under the ticker symbol (FGR).

#2 Graphene stock: Applied Graphene Materials plc that is listed on the London stock exchange under the ticker symbol (AGM.L)

#3 Graphene stock: AIXTRON SE that is listed on the OTC market under the ticker symbol, (AIXXF) and on the German XETRA under the ticker symbol (AIXA.DE).

Graphene Stocks : Top 3 Graphene Stocks to Invest in (2019)




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Disclaimer 1: This is not official legal advice, results are not promised, and every individual should take their own decision based on their own experience and knowledge as results may differ between individuals.

Disclaimer 2: By the time you're watching this video we may own shares of companies mentioned in this video, and do proclaim that this is NOT a speculative video. #GrapheneStocks #GrapheneInvesting #Graphene

Graphene Products from JMC

JMC is one of Korea's leading chemical companies. We are now producing graphene oxide and graphene on a large scale.

Graphene: become rich by investing in this revolutionary material [UPDATED]

Discover how to invest in graphene, a material that will change our future forever.

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The change of voltage on graphene

The voltage from the 5v source changes on copper and on the graphene.
Really weird

World's First GRAPHENE Headphones | Let's Talk!

World's First GRAPHENE Headphones | Let's Talk!
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Graphene Light Project, Graphene-based source of broadband white light

Graphene Light Project company developed the new light source based on laser-induced white emission effect. As an active element, a three-dimensional form of graphene - graphene foam have been used. The company was established by scientists from the Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research who invent this technology.

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Graphene: creating clean drinking water

James Baker, CEO of Graphene at Manchester, conducted a Graphene-based experiment at Capitol Hill in May 2019. Watch as he gave us a teaser! #AdvancedMaterials

Samsung Graphene Battery Smartphone Is NEAR

Graphene Coated CPU Cooler - Why Does This Exist?

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Graphene mass production

Low temperature method

Arc Exfoliation - Graphite To Graphene

This is one method I use for making expanded (exfoliated) graphite which is a good precursor for making graphene. If you enjoyed the video or found it helpful please remember that you can find many materials for your own experiments in our webshop at We use all the funds to help us move forward and any purchase helps - cheers

Affordable Graphene products already in the market

Contrary to the popular belief, that Graphene products are decades away, we find out in this video that many of them are present in the market as of today.

List of Graphene Suppliers in the market

These products include Graphene shoes, fishing rods, bicycle frame, SSD memory and even batteries.

This video looks at 10 graphene products in the market that are ready to buy.

Other than the bicycle frame, nearly all of them are affordable.

Forget Graphene - Borophene may take over the world

Stronger and more flexible than graphene, a single-atom layer of boron could revolutionize sensors, batteries, and catalytic chemistry.

This brave new graphene-based world has yet to materialize. But it has triggered an interest in other two-dimensional materials. And the most exciting of all is borophene: a single layer of boron atoms that form various crystalline structures.

The reason for the excitement is the extraordinary range of applications that borophene looks good for. Electrochemists think borophene could become the anode material in a new generation of more powerful lithium-ion batteries.

Chemists are entranced by its catalytic capabilities. And physicists are testing its abilities as a sensor to detect numerous kinds of atoms and molecules.

Borophene has a short history. Physicists first predicted its existence in the 1990s using computer simulations to show how boron atoms could form a monolayer.


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What's Graphene? And Why It'll Soon Take Over The World

What is graphene? What is it used for? The most amazing thing about this semi-metal of the future is the fact that you can produce it yourself in your living room!

What is graphene, and why is it so amazing? One of the things that makes graphene so cool is that it’s the thinnest material you can imagine. It's just one atom thick! This means this material is mathematically 2-dimensional. And you can still hold this single layer of atoms in your hands!
Surprisingly, graphene isn't a unique or rare substance. In fact, it has the same carbon structure as the graphite you use every day when you draw or write with your pencil! But at the same time, in 0.03” of graphite, there are about 3 million graphene layers!
- Graphene isn't a unique or rare substance. In fact, it has the same carbon structure as the graphite you use every day when you draw or write with your pencil! But at the same time, in 0.03” of graphite, there are about 3 million graphene layers!
- Dr. Konstantin Novoselov and Professor Andre Geim discovered the wonder-material in 2004 at the University of Manchester. They were examining how efficient graphite is as a transistor. The story goes that graphene appeared thanks to sticky tape!
- Graphene used to be incredibly expensive to manufacture. It cost a whopping $1,100 to produce enough graphene to cover the head of a pin. However, by the end of 2015, you could buy 0.35 oz of graphene for $1,000.
- Graphene is incredibly stretchy. It can stretch as much as 25% of its length! This material is also really stiff. Actually, it’s the hardest material people know about — even harder than diamonds, and that says a lot!
- One more great thing about graphene is its relationship with electricity. This material carries electricity more quickly, more precisely, and more efficiently than any other known material.
- Graphene may be the answer to the water crisis many countries are facing. If we make membranes from graphene, they would be able to let water through while filtering out salt at the same time.
- One layer of graphene is impressive enough. Can you imagine what you could achieve with 2 layers of this super material? Nothing short of incredibly strong body armor.
- If producers start to use graphene in gadget manufacturing, we might end up with smartphones that can be bent in any direction. One of graphene’s main properties is its flexibility.
- Graphene can be used in the beauty industry as well. It will be the perfect alternative to current hair dyes, most of which are still toxic and damaging to hair.
- Well, you can potentially make graphene at home, provided you have enough time and patience to do so.

How Graphene is Made | Demo by The Graphene Flagship |

Here's a demo from MWC 2019 by the Graphene Flagship on how Graphene can be made, and some uses of this extremely thin, and useful material, especially for the electronics industry. From batteries, super-capacitors, semiconductors, to even ink, Graphene is one material which can quite literally change the way we connect with each other.

For more visit The Graphene Flagship's website:

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Graphene vs Graphite mixing with water

#graphene #graphite

Graphene Processors and Quantum Gates

Graphene Processors and Quantum Gates

Since the 1960s, Moore’s law has accurately predicted the evolution trend of processors as to the amount of transistor doubling every 2 years.
But lately we’ve seen something odd happening, processor clocks aren’t getting any faster.
This has to do with another law called Dennard Scaling and it seems that the good old days with silicon chips are over.
Hello everyone, subject zero here!
Thankfully the solution might have been available for quite some time now and Graphene offers something quite unique to this problem, not only for your everyday processor types, but also Quantum computing.
In 2009 it was speculated that by now we would have the famous 400GHz processors, but this technology has proven itself to be a bit more complicated than previously thought however most scientists including me, believe that in the next 5 years we will see the first Graphene commercial hardware come to reality.




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