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First Commercial Graphene Device Months Away



Graphene Complete Details :

Graphene Oxide

Reduced Graphene Oxide

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Graphene Powder

Functional Graphene Powder

Graphene Nanoplatelets

Graphene Oxide

Functional Amine Graphene Powder

Functional Phosphate Graphene Powder

Functional Carboxyl Graphene Powder

Reduced Graphene Oxide

Apart from the optimum physical properties, the other features are also impressive. It is a single-atom-thick sheet made from combined carbon atoms. The carbon atoms are bonded together to share electron in a hexagonal, honeycomb-like structure. It is a single atom thick layered 2D material ever discovered in the world. It is made up of a hexagonal lattice pattern of carbon atoms in a monolithic honeycomb-like structure. It is a layer of SP2 single bonded carbon atoms arranged like a chicken wire mesh. It is 200 times stronger than stainless steel (SS) and 100 thousand times thinner than the human hair. It is the slimmest and strongest compound available on the earth. Anybody would be amazed when they know that we have found a material which is harder than diamond, yet lightweight, stronger than steel, but also highly flexible, and this material can be mined from the earth as it occurs naturally. It is yet thin enough to be mistaken for a saran wrap.

From roll to roll: printed biosensors made of graphene

When researchers want to reproduce the effects of specific substances on the human body in the laboratory, they use cell-based biosensors. But their production is expensive and intricate. As part of the BIOGRAPHY project, a brand-new manufacturing method was developed right at the Fraunhofer-Institute for Biomedical Engineering.

Mobile Graphene Container System

Pay attention to our new product - antibacterial (anti-viral) coating:
Contact info:

GrapheneCA has developed a novel Mobile Graphene Container System (MGCS), the world’s first scalable, modular graphene production system, to help companies manufacture graphene in-house.
More details:

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World's First GRAPHENE Headphones | Let's Talk!
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Tata Steel | #WeAlsoMakeTomorrow | Graphene | Firstpost

Graphene, 300 times stronger than steel (at nano scales), is defined as the super material of the future. A game-changer for many industries, it has applications across wearables, personal tech space, medical, rubber and paper industries. Our state-of-the-art Graphene Development Cell in Jamshedpur aided by various collaborations with IIT Madras, and Centre for Nano and Soft Matter Sciences are exploring new materials, including applications of graphene thereby paving the way for a sustainable tomorrow. We are striving towards a future driven by technology and innovation. #WeAlsoMakeTomorrow

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Rice lab makes pristine graphene in a flash

A new process introduced in Nature by the Rice University lab of chemist James Tour can turn bulk quantities of just about any carbon source into valuable graphene flakes. The process is quick and cheap; Tour said the flash graphene technique can convert a ton of coal, food waste or plastic into graphene for about $100 in electricity costs. Read about it here:

Flash Graphene - Researchers turn Trash into valuable Graphene in a flash

A new process introduced by the Rice University researchers can turn bulk quantities of just about any carbon source into valuable graphene flakes. The process is quick and cheap. This “flash graphene” technique can convert a ton of coal, food waste or plastic into graphene for a fraction of the cost used by other bulk graphene-producing methods.

Credit: Jeff Fitlow/Rice University
Credit: Rouzbeh Shahsavari/C-Crete Group

News Source:

Read to know about Graphene.

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Ford begins to use the graphene in their cars

Sound-proofing their cars with graphene.
More about how Ford is using graphene at

18th Annual Pappalardo Fellowships Symposium - Denis Bandurin

Denis Bandurin, 2018-2021 Fellow
(Experimental Condensed Matter Physics)

Viscous Electronics in Graphene

Transport in systems with many particles experiencing frequent mutual collisions—such as gases or liquids—has been studied for more than two centuries and is accurately described by the theory of hydrodynamics. It has been argued theoretically for a long time that the behavior of interacting charge carriers in solids should also be visualized as a flow of a quantum soup, which has to be treated by the hydrodynamic approach. However, little evidence of hydrodynamic electron transport has been found.

Graphene offers an ideal platform for this inquiry as it hosts an ultra-clean electronic system with electron-electron collisions being the dominant scattering source above liquid nitrogen temperatures—a necessary condition for the hydrodynamic electron transport. In this talk, we will discuss why electron hydrodynamics has not been observed before and how it manifests itself in graphene. It will be shown that electrons in graphene can behave as a very viscous fluid and that its flow resembles that of classical liquids, such as honey. We will discuss how to measure the viscosity of such exotic fluids and talk about the applications of viscous electronics.

Graphene turns 15 years by Nature Nanotechnology

Since the first report of the isolation of atomically thin carbon films in 2004, the field of graphene and other 2D materials has expanded dramatically. Fast-forward 15 years, graphene that was once established as the world's thinnest, strongest and most conductive material, remains the subject of rigorous scientific scrutiny and significant industrial interest. More than a decade of fundamental research combined with the mature graphene manufacturing methodology has created a strong basis for the future commercialisation of graphene.

Nature Nanotechnology and Schaffhausen Institute of Technology held a public lecture at The Royal Society for a celebration of 15 years of Graphene together with one of the founders of graphene Konstantin Novoselov, founder of SIT and CEO of Acronis Serguei Beloussov and Magdalena Skipper, Editor in Chief of Nature and Chief Editorial Advisor for Nature research.

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Graphene: become rich by investing in this revolutionary material [UPDATED]

Discover how to invest in graphene, a material that will change our future forever.

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Producing high quality graphene in 15 seconds – IChemE Business Start-Up Award Winner 2019

“We have a method that allows us to produce high quality graphene in 15 seconds.”

Congratulations to University College London, prizewinners of the Business Start-Up Award at the IChemE Global Awards 2019 for their project, ‘Continuous Graphene Manufacturing by Microwave’.

The team have created a method that allows for high quality graphene (carbon materials) to be produced in a cheap and economical way in 15 seconds.

Using microwave technology, their revolutionary process will allow them to reproduce tonnes of graphene every year for a range of applications. These include using this highly conductive material for transporting data fast at a low energy in 5G mobile networks; to protect metals from corrosion; and within batteries.

Find out more about University College London:

The Business Start-Up Award was sponsored by Sellafield:

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First Graphene (ASX:FGR) receives commercial scale order

First Graphene Limited (ASX:FGR) Non-Executive Chairman, Warwick Grigor talks about the company's first commercial scale order for its PureGRAPH range of specialist graphene.

How Graphene is Made | Demo by The Graphene Flagship |

Here's a demo from MWC 2019 by the Graphene Flagship on how Graphene can be made, and some uses of this extremely thin, and useful material, especially for the electronics industry. From batteries, super-capacitors, semiconductors, to even ink, Graphene is one material which can quite literally change the way we connect with each other.

For more visit The Graphene Flagship's website:

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Graphene Light Project, Graphene-based source of broadband white light

Graphene Light Project company developed the new light source based on laser-induced white emission effect. As an active element, a three-dimensional form of graphene - graphene foam have been used. The company was established by scientists from the Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research who invent this technology.

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GRAPHENE: What is it? (2019)

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1. INTRODUCTION: Honeycomb carbon

Graphene is a two-dimensional material that is ultra light, super strong, and very conductive. It’s a one atom thick layer of carbon atoms arranged hexagonally like a honeycomb structure....
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The properties of graphene can vary significantly depending on the type of graphene being used. Although the basic definition of graphene is a 1 layer thick of hexagonally arranged carbon atoms, there are graphene variations with multiple layers of stacked sheets and other chemically modifications that are also labelled as graphene for convenience...
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‘Why does graphene not have the same properties of graphite if graphite is just many layers of graphene stacked together?’ one may ask. When you have so many layers of graphene stacked together, the strength of the overall bulk material is as strong as the the weak van der waals forces between the...
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Top down approaches of graphene production involve isolating graphene layers from graphite. Details of different types of methods will be described here...
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- Energy storage
- Batteries
- Supercapacitors
- Corrosion-resistance coating
- Medical applications
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Research has never been more active in the field of graphene and graphene-based materials. New discoveries about graphene properties especially when interacting with other materials are still being made. Many new applications are getting discovered as well as improvements on current graphene applications all around the world...
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Largely the graphene industry is still considered an emerging industry undergoing R&D efforts to improve the commercial scalability and application of graphene. However, there are a few companies that are already producing graphene and taking advantage of the growing market for graphene....
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The first main challenge with graphene is with commercial scalability. There are also concerns with toxicity. Also described here are some application-specific challenges, such as first cycle irreversible capacity loss in lithium ion batteries....
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Applied Graphene Materials pushing ahead with JBL and Airbus

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AIM listed Applied Graphene Materials (AGM),owns the intellectual property for a number of applications of graphene, but its paint and coating’s business currently takes up about 75% of the company’s time. CEO, Dr Adrian Potts, tells IGTV’s Jeremy Naylor, that AGM is currently in advanced talks with specialist automotive paint specialist JBL, James Briggs Ltd. However, the polymers and composites unit is also moving ahead and AGM is currently in talks with Airbus Defence and Space about two thermal paint adhesive materials for space use.

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Applied Graphene predicts more sales ahead of new product launches

Applied Graphene Materials PLC (LON:AGM) prediscts sales will soon as important new products reach the commercial stage. Scientist-turned-businessman and CEO Dr. Adrian Potts tells Proactive London what he brings to AGM and what differentiates the company from other graphene industry players.
A new paint primer using graphene will be launched by chemicals group James Briggs Limited, a new coating system is on trial with Applied Nano Systems while accreditation with Airbus for a thermal glue is nearing completion. News here too on interim results and AGM's outlook fo rthe next 12 months.

Affordable Graphene products already in the market

Contrary to the popular belief, that Graphene products are decades away, we find out in this video that many of them are present in the market as of today.

List of Graphene Suppliers in the market

These products include Graphene shoes, fishing rods, bicycle frame, SSD memory and even batteries.

This video looks at 10 graphene products in the market that are ready to buy.

Other than the bicycle frame, nearly all of them are affordable.

First Commercial Graphene Device Months Away

Learn More:
Cambridge University spin out Paragraf, has commercially viable Graphene manufacturing process. Says first mass produced graphene device is months away. #Graphene #Artificialintelligence #Technology



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