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Flip That House - San Diego


Flip That House - San Diego

Kristian and Blake flip houses in San Diego.

Armando Montelongo Flip This House Finnegan House Full Episode High Definition

The Finnegans are in bind and Armando saves the day for them.

Flipping Homes in San Diego

In this video I offer some tips on how to successfully flip homes. I discuss why speed is key when flipping homes and offer ideas on how to reduce delays.

TaliMar Financial is a California hard money lender that specializes in funding residential and commercial fix and flip, construction, and bridge loans.

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Flipping Vegas Dream House

Flipping Vegas Dream House


Bella Casa Staging and Redesign was the exclusive home staging company that professionally staged all 8 episodes on Zombie House Flipping on the FYI channel

Flip That House - San Diego Real Estate Investors Seeing Gains | Dalzell Group Real Estate

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San Diego real estate investors have been a big factor in the market in 2012, from Carmel Valley homes to South Bay San Diego investment properties being targeted as either flips or long term rental buys. With home prices have bottomed at the end of 2011, real estate investors have been active in buying distressed properties via San Diego short sales, private sales or foreclosure auctions. The Dalzell Group, Carmel Valley real estate agents, are actively working with clients to pool resources to buy homes all cash and then either rent them, or rehab and resell them. Sometimes the work involves just carpet, paint and appliances but often it's also redesigning landscaping, reconfiguring floor plans and updating mechanical components. As realtors The Dalzell Group will coordinate the contractors and oversee the process from acquisition to disposition.

Rehabbed projects involving Carmel Valley homes are usually hard to find, but older neighborhoods like North Park, Clairemont and surrounding San Diego homes are often great candidates. The renovated homes sell for more than the comps and help revitalize neighborhoods that are being negatively affected by the distressed inventory. The new buyers are excited to have an updated property and the San Diego real estate investors are pleased to profit on the venture. It's a win-win and a segment of the real estate market in San Diego that we anticipate to contine for some time.

For more information on investment properties in San Diego contact the Dalzell Group at (858) 755-7740

Before and After Flipped Houses in San Diego // Flipping Houses with No Money in San Diego

Before and After Flipped Houses in San Diego // Flipping Houses with No Money in San Diego

I am so excited to show you this house, 3902 Biddle Street. Six weeks ago, I showed you before we started the project, Teresa Reed had her own home. And it is very hot out here. Let's go inside so I can show you how beautiful it is.

Before and After Flipped Houses in San Diego // Flipping Houses with No Money in San Diego

Guys, we're inside the house now. Our whole idea was to walk in the front door and have a great first impression. Well, I think we did that. We put in the new lighting, canned lights. We put a beautiful fan up here. It did not have any light in here. You were supposed use lamps, but of course that's not what we do. Now we have this beautiful laminate flooring that actually makes this place pop, because the way it runs in and out. It's a great place.

Before and After Flipped Houses in San Diego // Flipping Houses with No Money in San Diego

If you remember this place here, it was stuffy, it had carpet, it didn't have a good feel about it, but now with the laminate flooring, it just flows with the rest of the house, but now it creates an office space. We put lighting in here. It didn't have lighting. We did your closet doors. With the laminate flooring and the new paint, it creates either an office or it could be a bedroom.

Before and After Flipped Houses in San Diego // Flipping Houses with No Money in San Diego

Now, my favorite part of this house is this open concept that runs into the dining and the kitchen. What I love about this dining room is we got rid of the darkness in here. It was dark, it didn't have any lighting, it had some dark cabinets up there. I mean, we just got rid of the cabinets, put some lighting, a nice chandelier. I mean, it just makes this fireplace pop. Now follow me to the kitchen.

Before and After Flipped Houses in San Diego // Flipping Houses with No Money in San Diego

Now, we're in the kitchen, which is one of my little favorite places. What we did here, as I've mentioned, we got rid of the soffits, put the ceiling up more, created more space for the cabinets. We put new appliances, beautiful quartz, and of course, I love my little lamps here, my little pendant lights, and of course got rid of the industrial door. Nobody liked it. Added this beautiful door with windows looking out. And, again, laminate flooring running throughout the house.

Before and After Flipped Houses in San Diego // Flipping Houses with No Money in San Diego

As we mentioned before, we got rid of a door that was here, just created an open space. There's no reason for a door. And this was double doors. We just brought it down, made a nice size door, create more room in this bedroom. Come on.

Before and After Flipped Houses in San Diego // Flipping Houses with No Money in San Diego

Again, like the rest of the house, we added lighting. The rooms were all dark. We put carpet in all the bedrooms, paint, new baseboards, looks beautiful. New doors. I love doors. And then you come in here and you have a special little bathroom. It's not that much space, but yet we've created a bigger shower, and just a little small little area for mama to take care of herself.

Before and After Flipped Houses in San Diego // Flipping Houses with No Money in San Diego

Thank you so much for tuning in, in this episode. If you're interested in flipping your own house without any of your money, yes, I say without any of your own money, give me a call, Sonya Flores, Faith & Vision Realty with Flip Your Own House.

Before and After Flipped Houses in San Diego // Flipping Houses with No Money in San Diego

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Flipping a House in Richardson Texas, $30,000 Profit

Real Estate Investing couple pickup one of two distressed properties they buy, fix and sell in Richardson, TX. New Western Acquisitions helps guides them through the process. Sherman Bridge Lending handles the hard money investor financing. If you are looking for discounted investment real estate in Dallas or Fort Worth areas feel free to call 972-643-9300 or visit for more videos or available rehab opportunities.

Demo Day // Renovations // Flip this House // San Diego

No Joke demolition is hard 😅😂 I’ve learned how to dry wall, tape, put on a composite roof, paint, next I want to learn tiling for bathrooms and showers 🤩🛠
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Real Estate Investors in California! Learn the art of flipping houses with Than Merrill and his favorite Wholesaling strategy for making money in real estate now in San Diego market with no cash and no credit needed.


SD Redevelopment Group is going to show you how to flip a house. The home is located in El Cajon California in a suburb of San Diego. The home is a 3 bedroom 2 bath distressed property ready for from TLC to bring it back to life and its greatest potential.

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Property is dated or in need of repairs
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💥Damage from natural disasters
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Changing the Public’s Perception of San Diego Home Flippers One Home at a Time.

The Transparent San Diego Home Flipper.

Improving San Diego Neighborhoods One Home at a Time.

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This home is now available! Mere blocks from the Alamo Dome, Hemisphere, and the world famous Riverwalk.

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House Flipping San Diego - Green Button Homes

Our new flip in San Diego CA 2019. We buy houses (619) 438-0234. Complete transformation by the top real estate investor in San Diego. Contact us if you want to sell an outdated or problem property. We pay cash, as-is and take all the uncertainty out of the sale. We love fixer uppers, hoarder homes and any property we can remodel to add value.

Remodel: Green Button Homes
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Home Staging: Kreative Haus Design
Photos: Rancho Photos

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Flip That House With Lo and CJ - Flipping Dallas

Learn how to Take Action and Flip Houses in Today's Market and Get Freedom from Your 9 to 5!

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San Diego Real Estate Fix & Flip

San Diego Real Estate Property Tour.

The Ugly Truth About Flip This House And Other Real Estate Reality Shows.

In this video I go over the ugly truth about flip this house and all of the other house flipping reality shows. For more videos subscribe to this channel and for a free copy of my book The Real Estate Investors Guide To Guerrilla Marketing go to

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