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Flying Alone In Emirates First Class????????????


Flying Alone In Emirates First Class????????????

Namaskaar Dosto, yeh ek bahut hi shandaar video hai jaha pe maine aapse baat ki hai mere ultimate experience ki Emirates First Class mein, yaha pe main akela passenger tha poori First Class mein jaha pe maine share kiya mera travelling experience Delhi se Dubai tak aur maine Emirates First Class mein Internet speed bhi check ki jaha pe satellite internet ki bhi bahut kamaal speeds thi. Mujhe umeed hai ki aapko yeh ek shandaar aur exclusive content hamesha ki tareh ek alag experience provide karega Emirates First Class ka. Mujhe umeed hai ki aapko yeh video pasand aayegi.

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$16,000 First Class Seat | Emirates Airbus 380 Airplane Review + Showering On A Plane | Dubai to NYC

Flying First Class In My Own Bedroom w/ A Shower // Reviewing The Flight Of A Lifetime // The Lounge, Food, Amenities, Cost, & What A Shower Looks Like at 40,000 Feet

Hi Guys,

Are any of you curious how I get upgraded so much? If you are, text me or leave me a comment letting me know that you’d like to see a video on this! Oh and make sure to subscribe - - I really appreciate your support!

Wow, I wanted to share this with you guys as quickly as I could. I traveled so much these past few years which means I’ve been saving my points for a special occasion! How many of you who travel often have your reward accounts set up? If you don’t let me know and I can help you figure out how to maximize your travel benefits so you don’t miss the chance to earn points!

I luckily had enough points upgrade myself to experience something that I’d only seen in Casey Neistat’s video’s… FIRST CLASS. I’ve been lucky enough to travel on some amazing airlines, but I don’t think anything has been as over the top as this experience.

Anyway I want to take a second to talk about something that is going on all over the world. The Corona virus has been spreading globally and I hope everyone here is healthy. I hope you’re loved ones are okay and I’m praying that this ends soon. In the meantime I really hope everyone is staying safe, washing your hands, eating well, sleeping enough (helps your immune system), and taking the necessary steps to keep yourself healthy.

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I flew EMIRATES FIRST CLASS during the PANDEMIC - was it worth it?

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So, have YOU flown first class during the pandemic? I went to Dubai when it was still part of the English travel corridor scheme, and, having been offered a cheap one way first class upgrade...was I really going to turn down the chance to make this feature length video for you? Absolutely NOT. I hope you enjoy the video and I'm hoping for a safe and orderly return to the skies later this year. As for me, I've already been to Scotland this week, and if you pay attention during the sponsored segment I threw in a couple of teaser clips for you...

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Date of Travel: 8 JAN 2021
Airline: Emirates
Livery: Emirates EXPO livery
Route: LHR-DXB
Aircraft: Airbus A380-800
Flight Number: EK 8
Miles: 3929
Airborne time: 6h15m

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FLYING FIRST CLASS with EMIRATES! (Showering on a Plane!)

This was one of the most surreal experiences of my life!
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Emirates A380 First Class Shower and Spa at 39,000ft

I traveled with the popular Emirates A380 First Class flight from Dubai to Casablanca, Morocco. Apart from enjoyingh all the First Class amenities, I tried out the Emirates Shower and Spa at 39,000 ft in the sky. I was able to sit down to have a hammam on myself inside the shower. Watch the video to see how does it feels!

In this video:
1:21 - Emirates First Class Lounge Dubai C concourse
2:18 - Emirates EK751 Dubai to Casablanca A380
5:22 - Emirates A380 Onboard Lounge
9:53 - Emirates First Class Shower & Spa

The A380 is Back! An Emotional Emirates A380 Flight

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It was my 40th Birthday and I’ve decided to treat myself for a flight. Flying always makes me happy and there’s no better way to celebrate than flying on Emirates A380 in First Class.

I started my journey at Dubai Airport and met my friend Gerome Gardiner ( who presented me 2 special Emirates paintings as my birthday gift. I brought them on-board later to show the crew and have them signed. At Check in, I was registered for Emirates Biometric Path that I no longer need to show passport and boarding pass to enter the lounge or board the flight. It was that easy.

Emirates Business Class lounge has been re-opened with all the latest food and beverage offerings. There is a dedicated First Class area inside the Business Class lounge with table dining service and champagne bar. The timeless spa and shoe shine is also open now.

On my Emirates A380 flight to Cairo, all the usual service in First Class has returned to normal level. This include table dining service, first class shower and spa, A380 on-board lounge.

At the end of my flight, I felt extremely privileged to celebrate my birthday on-board. It has been a difficult year for everyone in aviation and especially on the A380 aircraft. COVID make us really appreciate things and not to take things for granted. I believe aviation will reach another peak when the challenge is over.


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This is a comprehensive Flight Review of Emirates Airlines.

Class: First
Route: Dubai (DXB) to Beijing (PEK)
Plane: A380-800


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Adventures by A Himitsu
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0

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I MADE IT TO DUBAI GUYS!! I had no idea this airplane seat was gonna be this crazy, and I didn't know Dubai was gonna be this crazy.. This is my first of many Dubai vlogs guys I'm so excited!! How many likes can we get on this video?!

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These two peasants somehow got into business class, I still can't cope ???????????????? I hope you enjoy this little airport vlog / travel vlog to New Zealand 2019 !! I'm so excited to share the rest of these vlogs with you ???? Love you so much, hope you have an amazing day xx

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The Complete Emirates A380 First Class Review

Complete Review of Emirates A380 First Class. See the amazing First Class Suite with full privacy, First Class amenities, on-demand fine dining, onboard lounge (Bar) and take a shower at 40,000 feet!

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Singapore Airlines A380 First Class Suite London to Singapore (PHENOMENAL!)

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These include flights with Etihad, Qatar, South African Airways, American, Finnair, Emirates, Iberia, British Airways, Condor, JAL, SriLankan, KLM, Ethiopian, Austrian, Lufthansa, and Hawaiian Airlines to name a few.

FLYING the WORLD’s BEST FIRST CLASS *Pandemic edition*

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I fly the World’s Best First Class during the current pandemic. Come along with me to find out what’s changed and if it's still worth flying First Class? This is known as the Emirates Game Changer and you may have seen my experience on this before pre lockdown. Thing's I was most interested to find out, is the service the same, how different is the food and is there still bedding provided?

I also thought it would interesting to fly the world’s best business class to catch the world’s best First Class. Something I’ve not seen before on YouTube… so let’s do something new! My flight today takes me to three different countries on two different airlines, Qatar Airways and Emirates.

Experience the best of Business Class and First Class all in one video.


Emirates First Class
Emirates Gamechanger First Class
Best First Class in the World
Qatar QSuites
Emirates 777
Qatar 777
Business Class
First Class
First Class Suite
Emirates Suite

The $20,000 Residence on Etihad A380

There's nothing like The Residence in commercial air travel.

The Residence is above First Class; with a living room, separate bedroom and en-suite shower room, it is the only three-room suite on a commercial airline in the world. It is indeed the World's Premiere Flying Experience.

I hadn't flown The Residence in 2 years and I was very keen to re-live this fantastic experience, so I decided to dress up for the occasion. This flight was Etihad's inaugural A380 service from Abu Dhabi to Seoul Incheon.

On the return flight from Incheon to Abu Dhabi (next episode), I will be back in Economy to see the differences in travel experience on the same plane.


Join me for my third, spectacular experience in Etihad Airway’s The Residence! The Residence is completely out of this world within the field of luxury, commercial passenger aviation, far surpassing any first class service that you might care to mention. It is unique in so many ways from providing the only, true double bed in a public, commercial aviation setting within your cabin to the provision of your own personal butler whilst in The Residence lounge and also whilst up in the air, trained in the prestigious Savoy Hotel in London.

I take the inaugural flight from Abu Dhabi international airport to Incheon Airport in Seoul, South Korea at the invitation of Etihad Airways, celebrating the launch of this new route in The Residence. I will be making the return journey in economy class in my next video guys, so watch out for that one!

If you’d like to see my first and second Residence experiences, you can see these in my videos here:

The Residence flying experience provides a home from home on the ground and then in the sky where any need or desire you could think of is expertly and carefully taken of. The Residence experience starts with being chauffeur driven in a luxury car (typically Audi, BMW or Mercedes) to the first class, VIP terminal of the airport where you are met by your personal luggage carrier, butler and chef.

Whilst waiting for your flight, you are housed in your own little palace with access to a spa (I opt to have an extremely relaxing and very nice and pleasant foot massage) and even a smoking room, lavishly decorated and stocked with the finest cigars, including Cuban, from around the world. Your own personal chef is on hand to deliver a Michelin Star level of dining experience, with each dish being hand crafted to your requirements and set in front of you with an explanation of each of the components of the dish before you begin eating. There are a wide variety of premium wines, spirits, beers and champagne to choose from.

Within your Residence lounge, there is a large, wall-mounted television and library. The Residence on the ground experience is absolutely sublime and a true masterpiece of comfort and service for the passenger.

At the gate to the aeroplane, I am met by the person who is to be my butler in the air. He introduces himself and up in the air, it’s clear that he cares – that’s what’s so great about Etihad Airway’s The Residence – the personal touch. They have researched my background before the day and present me with a number of aviation magazines to read and enjoy on the flight, as well as a framed photo of myself and a certificate to commemorate my travelling on this inaugural flight with Etihad in The Residence.

I am extremely impressed with the food I receive on the flight, with a delicious steak and chips being put before me as the main course and delicious little Asian sandwiches with succulent meat as a starter. I am also treated to Bellini Cipriani wine and a wonderful post-dinner digestif of Cellar 28 Remy Martin – greater opulence you couldn’t imagine, honestly!

After dinner, I can sprawl out on my double bed and watch TV in private, after taking a very relaxing and refreshing shower in my private bathroom on board. After sleeping, I rub my eyes to see my personal butler bringing a luxurious and mouth-watering breakfast of waffles and raspberries, served with champagne to get me in the mood to face a new day before we land.

Overall, I am once again bowled over by Etihad’s provision for me within The Residence class on board and I hold Etihad Airway’s The Residence in the highest regard. Would did you think of the whole fantastic experience? Let me know in the comments – as always, I am very pleased to share these gems of an aviation experience with you, my audience, and I thank you for watching.

The Most Expensive First Class Airplane Seat

In this video we take a look at the top 5 most expensive and most luxurious first class plane seats money can buy.

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The Most Expensive First Class Airplane Seat

How to Survive Flying Emirates Economy Class (Top Tips)

I flew Emirates A380 economy class from Dubai to Zurich. In the video, I gave 8 good tips on how to survive or how to enjoy economy class flying. I am sure you will benefit from some of the tip I gave!

The video also shows you the children's kit and meal on Emirates. Also Ramadan Iftar boxes are shown in the video. Enjoy the magnificent forward wing view with engine on the A380!


Join me for a relaxed and fun flight from Dubai to Zurich with Emirates. I travel aboard the Airbus A380 aeroplane in Emirates economy class and I reveal eight tips and tricks on how you can enjoy and get the most out of your economy class flight. We can’t all experience the luxury of flying first class but this video aims to show that it certainly isn’t impossible to have a very enjoyable, relaxing and comfortable flight in economy class with just a little prior planning, research and thought.

In this video, I also specifically examine some of the comforts offered by the Emirates airline within their economy class to help their customers. One thing we focus on is Emirates’ provision for children and we examine the complimentary items including blankets, bibs, baby wipes and colouring in books which are given out to families with young children.

Tip #1 – Even if you’re flying in economy class, try and access a credit card lounge before the flight to make yourself more comfortable and prepared for boarding. You’re more likely to start the flight in a better mood and in a more positive state of mind, especially if you’ve had to wait at the airport for a while, if you’ve had something to eat, had a comfortable seat to sit on and been in relaxed and more quiet surroundings. If you are not eligible to enter one of these lounges, consider paying for entry; it is likely to be well worth your investment as one of the biggest reasons why people do not enjoy their flight in economy class is because they were not in the right frame of mind to begin with.

Tip #2 – Use a website such as to see where clusters of empty seats are on the flight that you wish to take. By using this website, you may be able to purchase seats from the airline’s website which are in a quieter spot, with less people surrounding you. can show real time seat maps for your flight up to one hour before the departure of the flight, letting you make an informed decision as to the best seat location for you in economy class.

Tip #3 – Use a website such as to get to know the layout of the economy class on your flight better so that you can select more advantageous economy seats with views over the engines, or, perhaps most importantly, with more leg room. There’s almost always a few economy seats with much, much more leg room than others because of the free space that has to be left in front of the aircraft’s mid-placed emergency exit.

Furthermore, after coming on board, if there’s a very favourable seat which is vacant and unsold, grab it before anybody else does!

Tip #4 – If you can, travel in the low season when fares are lower and when planes are less crowded. Low season months are February, May and November.

During my flight in Emirates economy class, I was able to move around to a large number of different seats as, travelling in May, it was low season. I was also able to lie down over a complete row of four economy seats and get a quality rest as if I was in business class, but without business class prices! If you can, it certainly pays dividends to travel in economy class when it’s less busy in the low season.

Tip #5 – Always bring a bottle of water with you to stay hydrated and avoid excessive alcohol consumption which can dehydrate you. Additionally, always bring an eye-shade with you so that you can get quality rest whenever you need it; these are provided on some longer haul flights but it’s always best to have your own, just in case.

Tip #6 – Wear something loose and comfy to promote good well being and also good blood circulation whilst you’re up in the air. This is especially important when the flight is crowded and/or there isn’t a lot of leg room and movement is restricted. This follows on to…

Tip #7 – Wherever possible, stretch your limbs and walk around the cabin – it doesn’t just help keep your blood circulating in what can be a cramped economy class but it keeps your mood happy too. Feeling confined and restricted in economy class is a big source of uncomfortable economy class flights.

Tip #8 – Stay smiling and stay positive whenever travelling in economy class. Don’t forget to bring your headphones with you to listen to some of your favourite tunes whilst you’re in the sky!

I really want to hear your opinion – do you have any thoughts about what makes for a good trip in economy class? Is there anything that you swear by? Leave your comments down below and, as always, thanks for watching!

What It Takes To Be A First Class Flight Attendant For Emirates

Correction: The video incorrectly states the number of crew member applicants a year. Emirates receives approximately 144,000 applicants a year. The video incorrectly states that only veteran and first class attendants get to staff events. Any level Cabin Crew can staff events, not just limited to first class or veteran crew. Insider regrets the errors.

Emirates Airline has over 20,000 flight attendants in their cabin crew. We spoke with Siti Nurazlin to see what it's like to be a first-class flight attendant for the luxury airline.

What It's Like On The Longest Flight In The World On Singapore Airlines
How Illegal Items Are Found And Destroyed At JFK Airport
How Emirates Makes 225,000 In-Flight Meals A Day


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What It Takes To Be A First Class Flight Attendant For Emirates


This is the world's cheapest first class airplane seat that I found after hours of research! Throughout this video, I do a flight review on this first class airplane seat from the airplane seat to airplane food, to airport shower, to all the other luxurious offerings for cheap! Flying in first class for such an affordable price felt almost like a life hack and 5-star experience on a budget! Enjoy this flight review of this first class ticket/airplane seat!


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Whats the deal with the 104 adventures!?
Currently I am on a challenge in 2020 to live and do coolest adventures at least twice a week in 2020 with 104 new adventures (every Tuesday and Friday). Watch them in order if you want to keep up with the continuous adventures on how we got to this first class airplane seat video!

Flying with kids!

Our cabin crew have revealed some of their insider secrets to help parents battle the boredom of little ones whilst on a long haul flight!

First Vs. Business Class: What's the Main Difference

Flying economy seems the most reasonable choice. Turns out there’s much more you might be missing out on! For example, business class passengers sit in comfy flatbeds and basically get whatever their heart desires: exquisite meals, luxury entertainment, and full-service team of their own.

Everything you may imagine is available to First class passengers, including their personal coach to and from the plane. Sometimes, First class even get round tables and their own bar, as well as Wi-Fi. But there’s one pretty big ‘however’ here…

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Get comfier in Premium Economy 0:25
More space for a few extra bucks 1:06
Dream flight with Business class 1:38
If you want to fly with fanfare, then it’s First class 2:16
Business and First class aren’t that different 2:49
Private is always better, though 3:23
Private can be cheaper too 4:00
???? How to buy tickets at a bargain price: ????
- Don’t book them in advance 4:21
- Make use of your frequent flier miles 4:53
- Upgrade instead of going big 5:25
- Get a dedicated credit card 5:52
- Spend, don’t fly 6:17
- Purchase the mileage 6:44
- Go all in 7:09
- Just ask 7:40

Preview photo credit:
Dubai, UAE - NOVEMBER 14, 2017: Emirates new business class: By Dmitry Birin/,
OCTOBER 20, 2017: Emirates First Class: By Agent Wolf/,
Animation is created by Bright Side.

- Premium Economy rids you of several problems at once. First, you get to board the airplane and get off at destination among the first. Secondly, you have more leg room and a reclining seat that will not disturb your neighbors behind you.
- If you don’t quite feel like splurging, there’s an intermediate option on many airlines called Economy Plus.
- Business-class will cost you a hefty sum — about 5 times more than Economy, on average — but it’s well worth the money.
- Business-class is quickly becoming so luxurious that many airlines have been rejecting their First class seats and lounges altogether.
- If you’re a businessperson, no level of comfort equals absolute privacy — and that you can achieve by hiring a private jet.
- When hiring a jet of your own, you pay not per person but for the whole plane.
- If you have the opportunity, better wait until the last day and buy a ticket when online check-in is already in progress.
- If you have a credit card that allows you to earn miles, why not use them to travel in style?
- Flying proper is in fact the slowest way to earn miles. By using your credit card for regular purchases, you’ll earn much more bonuses.
- If you feel that you can’t spend so much as to earn enough miles in time before they expire, just buy them!
- At the desk, or even at the gate, ask the employees if there’s an option to upgrade to Business class.
- Once you hear the door going shut, look forward, at the Business class compartment. If you see vacant seats there, ask your flight attendant whether they could allow you to move there instead of Economy.

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Our experience with Emirates Business Class.



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