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Frozen- The Corona Version


HISHE Dubs - Frozen (Comedy Recap)

Frozen HISHE Dubs. A Comedy Recap voiced by How It Should Have Ended.
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Into the unknown {COVID-19 Parody} Frozen II Cover NEIJE

This is a parody of the song but by NO MEANS is this ridiculing the current situation with COVID-19/Coronavirus. I made this with the intent to depict what is currently going on and how it feels during the “shelter-in-place” order. Please do not take offence to this as none was intended. This is just a light-hearted take on the currently very tense and worrying situation.
I hope you enjoy it. Thank you to all first responders. R.I.P to people we’ve lost. Stay safe everyone!

Into the Unknown Parody Lyrics:
Ah ah oh oh oh
Ah ah oh oh oh oh oh oh

I can leave home but I won't
Some sneeze and cough now while others don't
There's a thousand reasons I should just be home and stay
But I’m outside near people who I wish would go away, oh oh oh
Ah ah oh oh
Oh oh
Ah ah oh oh

You're not a friend
You're just a nasty killing disease
And if I meet you, which I won’t
I’ll practice good hygiene

Everyone I've ever loved is here within these walls
I'm sorry, Coronavirus, but I'm stopping party calls
I've had the common flu, I don't need something new
I'm afraid of what I'm risking if I catch you

Into the ICU
Into the ground
Into quaratineee
Ah ah oh oh
Ah ah oh oh oh oh

What do you want? 'Cause you've been keeping me at home
Are you here to infect me so I never get to roam?
Or are you just another superbug we made
Whose come to kill us and keep us all afraid?

Every day's a little harder as I feel insanity grow
Don't you know there's part of me that longs to go…

Into the outdoors!
Into malls and stores
Out with all my friendsss
Ah ah oh oh
Ah ah oh oh

Oh oh oh
You still out there?
Can you hear me?
Covid answer!
Please leave us be!
Ah ah oh oh
Ah ah oh oh
Ah ah oh oh
Ah ah oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh

Why can’t you go
And just leave us alone
Please stop killing us.
COVID - 19

Frozen- The Corona Version

Created by :Sharon Luxenburg
Singer(Anna): Miri Zehavi
Elsa: Sharon Luxenburg
Dad: Oded Sandach
Voice technicion: Roy Dotan
Animation: Johnny Asif Wircer



?Do you also have Corona

Let’s go outside and play

Slime together we had made

TikTok filming with a friend

Why did it have to end?

We used to play together

And now we don’t

I’m so bored I wanna cry

Do you also have Corona?

Who gave you the Corona?

Go away Anna!

Ok bye...

The gloves will help


Conceal it

Don’t steal it

So pepole won’t know

Do you also have corona?

Because a month has almost passed

The lockdown’s almost over now

I started talking to the pictures

on the walls

Hey Trump!

The quarantine is almost over

-And I’m really bored

Just watching the hours tick by

tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock

I’m scared !

To infect more people!

Stop annoying me!

You know I’m on unpaid leave .

Here, I touched you!

Now ,you also have Corona

Have fun on the USNS Comfort.

I'm sorry I got you infected.

We hate you.

I know you have Corona

You should have told me that before

You infected everyone

It’s not that fun

What have you done?

Now I also have Corona

And it’s all your fault!

I wish you would tell me why?

Do you also have Corona?

Frozen 2- The Corona Version

Created by :Sharon Luxenburg
Singer: Miri Zehavi
Voice technicion: Roy Dotan

Covid 19 is still here
When does it stop?
It isn’t clere
All my friends look OK to me...
So please explain
what’s it supposed to be?

Everyone’s scared
Tere's no one in the streets
And we are try
really hard
From you to get away

When I step outside
I always try to wear a mask
And if somebody coughs
Im going to the other way

People getting fired!
The future isn't clere
I just wanna fly
the hell away from here!

Is it a second wave?
Is it a second wave?
Is it a second wave ?

Whats going on?
I thought that we are done...
I danced all night
and partied all day long!

is it a conspiracy?
Who’s messes with our minds?
Spring break is canceled
i feel I wanna cry

There is a magical place!
That I dream of every night
I wish could go there
I have to try!

Going to Hawaii
Going to Hawaii
Going to Hawaii

Wanna go there
Wanna live there
Wanna die there
It's the best place

Watching the news
The pandemic still here
Denying it will not this thing disappear
Is this a second wave?

Let It Go Corona Edition/Parody

Let It Go specially remade into a Corona version. Enjoy.

I do not own the original scenes, nor instrumental song.
This is a parody so certain people and groups aren't purposefully mocked and shouldn't take this seriously.

Singing, editing: Tadas C.
Lyric writing: Tadas C. helped by Tahira I.

Original song Let It Go sung by Idina Menzel, composed by Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez.
Original movie scene: Frozen by The Walt Disney Company.

For the First Time in Forever (Corona Parody) - Inbal Paz & Shay Mor

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For the First Time in Forever (Quarantine Version)
Our version, Quarantine style to this beautiful
Disney classic❄️
Shay Mor????????
Elad Maor????????‍♂️

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#inbalpaz #frozen #coronaparody

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Elsa Has Coronavirus!

Elsa Has Coronavirus! Fanmade video. Anna takes care of her ill sister Elsa. Frozen Elsa and Anna YTP - Youtube Parody.


Elsa, Anna, coronavirus, virus, disease, Frozen, Frozen II, Arendelle, Parody, Comedy, Into The Unknown, Craziness, Insanity, Madness, Covid-19

CORONAVIRUS STAY HOME SONG Into The Unknown Parody. Original LYRICS by Mark Alexander!

#ToldYouToStayHome #Frozen #HealthCareWorkers

||| Update Sunday May 24th, 2020 : Thank you for the support this video received, it's been two months since I released it, and I am so happy to see how much has changed! There is a higher availability of PPE now and several States have begun re-opening! - Continue to stay safe, smile, and be happy, together we can defeat this virus!! |||

ALL LYRICS are ORIGINAL, and I Wrote them Myself. I'm an 8 year old from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

I love Disney's Frozen, and how powerful ELSA is! Thank you for helping me! I love the song Into The Unknown!!!!!! From Disney's Frozen II

A couple of months ago, I decided to make this video for several reasons, the first, my Mom is an Emergency Room Nurse, second it was the amount of PPE and Supplies that were actively operating at Health Care Facilities and were not enough or in some cases any of them were left. I'm happy to see things have changed, and hopefully won't get worse as announced in a second wave in the future.

Thank you Health Care Heroes.

instagram: @markalexandersings
youtube: mark alexander

The Little Mermaid- The Corona Version

Created by :Sharon Luxenburg
Singer :Miri Zhavi
Voice technicion: Roy Dotan
translator: Maayan Segman

How could it be
That one small unknown virus
Is so dangerous?

Just take a look
Everyone disappeared
I cannot believe
The Corona is real
Good thing I went shopping ahead
I’ve got everything!
I’ve bought so much stuff that I don’t really need.
How many Purell does one person need?
Looking around here you'd think
Sure, she's bought everything!
I've got Lysol,
And Clorox!
Face masks
And latex galore
You want some toilet paper?
I’ve got plenty!
But who cares no big deal I want more!
I want to be where the people aren’t
I don’t want nobody to ever touch me!
And that no one will give me a... what do you call that?
A hug!!
I’m totally bored of staying inside
But I don’t want to join your Zoom convention
Talking with you is, what’s that word again?
A bore!
Leave me alone - 6 feet at least
I don’t trust nobody no more
If everyone could
Just disappear
It would be grand
I stay inside
‘Cause I realize
It’s the sensible option
Wash my hands twice
Because I am sure
Everyone is infected
The other girls
Don’t understand
The importance
Of social distance
You drove me crazy
Just wanna live!
Staying in bed
And then I get scared
Of watching the news
How many people died so far?
How many?
A lot!
Just don’t shake
My hand
Don’t you understand?
That you’re standing way to close to me
Leave me alone
I’m watching TV
Netflix and me


Creator: Sharon Luxenburg
Singer: Miri Zehavi
Sound: Roy Dotan

USA, I will never be a student there
because of the pandemic
Is this my fault?
That the virus got this far?

Now I’m stuck
In this awful place
And I got Covid
I hate my
freaking family

Foreign exchange student
is a dream
so it seems
Why did people
eat those stupid bats
don’t know

China and the US
need to solve all this mess
Where's my exceptance form
and they let me back inside?
When will my green card arrive
I live on a farm

Disney's Frozen - Let It Go Sing-Along Version

On Digital HD Now and Blu-ray 3/18

Disney's Frozen is the Golden Globe winner for Best Animated Film and has been nominated for 2 Academy Awards: Best Animated Film & Best Original Song for Let It Go!

Get the soundtrack now on iTunes:

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Official Site:

Walt Disney Animation Studios, the studio behind Tangled and Wreck-It Ralph, presents Frozen, a stunning big-screen comedy adventure. Fearless optimist Anna (voice of Kristen Bell) sets off on an epic journey—teaming up with rugged mountain man Kristoff (voice of Jonathan Groff) and his loyal reindeer Sven—to find her sister Elsa (voice of Idina Menzel), whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in eternal winter. Encountering Everest-like conditions, mystical trolls and a hilarious snowman named Olaf, Anna and Kristoff battle the elements in a race to save the kingdom.

The film is directed by Chris Buck (Tarzan, Surf's Up) and Jennifer Lee (screenwriter, Wreck-It Ralph), and produced by Peter Del Vecho (Winnie the Pooh, The Princess and the Frog). Featuring music from Tony® winner Robert Lopez (The Book of Mormon, Avenue Q) and Kristen Anderson-Lopez (In Transit).

Elsa Do You Have Corona

hey Guys enjoy the video :D

Into the Unknown - Corona Parody !

Elsa is learning how to survive during the COVID-19 outbreak!
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Dr Nash Chou

Follow @MildNawin, her beautiful voice of Elsa at
Facebook :
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Mild Nawin

*The main purpose of this song project was not to make fun of the pandemic, but to educate people about the virus, especially for children who would enjoy watching their favourite character singing her song.
*The information provided in the lyrics was based on in 2020

#intotheunknown #frozen2 #covid19
#stayhome #wfh #disney #elsa #covid_19 #parody #frozenparody

Frozen - Into the Unknown - Corona Version (Inbal Paz)

What crazy times we live in... so what is left is to sing and laugh.
Hope you like this new Corona Parody????

Thank you to the amazing Elad Maor for filming and editing, you are truly the best????
Check him out on social media:

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#frozen #coronaparody #disney

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Frozen - Let It Go gezongen door Willemijn Verkaik | Disney NL

In deze clip uit Disney's Frozen zien we hoe Elsa uit Arendelle is gevlucht nadat haar geheime krachten zijn onthuld. Elsa accepteert wie ze is en de krachten die ze heeft en kiest er nu voor om al haar magie los te laten. En zo creëert ze een adembenemend ijspaleis. Het liedje 'Laat het los, laat het gaan' wordt in deze Nederlandstalige clip gezongen door Willemijn Verkaik. Bekijk hier de Engelstalige versie gezongen door Idina Menzel.

Bezoek de website:

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Walt Disney Animation Studios presenteert Frozen, van de makers van Rapunzel en Wreck-it-Ralph, een waanzinnig ijzig avontuur.

Frozen speelt zich af in een vervloekt koninkrijk dat omhult is door een strenge en eeuwige winter. Om een einde te maken aan de ijskoude betovering besluit Anna, een dromerige en onbevreesde optimist, samen te werken met Kristoff, een stoere bergbewoner. Samen maken zij een spannende reis om Anna's zus, de ijskoude sneeuwkoningin Elsa, te vinden en om zo de ijzige vloek over het koninkrijk te kunnen opheffen. Tijdens hun avontuur krijgen ze gezelschap van een komische sneeuwpop genaamd Olaf en samen moeten ze ijskoude extreme temperaturen zien te overleven en vreemde wezens, trollen en andere magie trotseren. Magische verrassingen staan op ze te wachten als ze de koude strijd aangaan in een race tegen de klok, om zo het koninkrijk te redden van ondergang.

Stap mee in de ijskoude wereld van Frozen en zie hoe Anna haar uiterste best doet om het hart van haar zus te laten smelten. Frozen is geproduceerd door de makers van 'Rapunzel en 'Wreck-it Ralph'

Stay at Home (Let it Go - FROZEN Parody)

Hi guys! Thanks for watching my video! We know how serious this situation is and we aren't trying to diminish that at all. I love the song let it go and thought this would be a great way to send a message about staying safe in this time.

Lyrics by: Daniela Brigatti, Laura Finley, Luca Brigatti

Cinematography by: Laura Finley

DONATE to help those affected:

America’s Blood Centers: find and schedule an appointment:

Boys & Girls Clubs of America: You can donate here:
CDC Foundation: You can donate here:

Center for Disaster Philanthropy Covid-19 Response Fund: You can donate here:

CERF+: You can donate here:

Direct Relief: You can donate here:

Feeding America: You can donate here or find your local food bank here:

Feed the Children: You can make a cash donation here:
If you want to donate food or hygiene items call 1-800-627-4556.

First Book: You can donate here:

Lawyers for Good Government Foundation: You can donate here:

Meals on Wheels: donate to the national group here:

National Association for the Exchange of Industrial Resources: Go here for a donation form:
or call 1-800-562-0955.

No Kid Hungry: You can donate here:

Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation: You can donate here:

Ronald McDonald House Charities: Search for in-kind donations being accepted by your local chapter. You can donate money here:

Team Rubicon: You can donate here:

United Way Worldwide: You can donate here:

Stay at Home (Covid-19 Parody of Let It Go)

This is a hastily put together, unpracticed (No seriously. Should have warmed up before recording) parody. At home in lockdown without my painting supplies, so I am fulfilling my creative outlet by writing and recording a parody.

I do not own anything.

Song: Let It Go from Disney's Frozen by Idina Menzel
Lyrics: Jennifer Lillo

Editing: Jennifer Lillo

Into the Unknown CRAZINESS !

Into the Unknown can NEVER be the same ... ENJOY Into the Unknown of Elsa Frozen 2 ...but CRAZY styles !!!

Into the Unknown Craziness

#IntotheUnknown #Craziness

Frozen 2 - Show Yourself Coronavirus Parody

If Anna sang Show Yourself

(Written and sung by me, Nim.)

Anna is alone in her chambers, dressed for the coronation. It is almost time for her to be escorted to the chapel.

She approaches the window and, just as Elsa did on her coronation day, looks over the citizens gathering for the presentation. She's feeling the weight of this impending responsibility, but reminds herself of those certain certainties; she momentarily admires her engagement ring, which glints in the light. (Finally I am home)

Anna's eyes shut as she remembers the pain she experienced on her recent quest. As she opens her eyes, she makes the choice to move forward. (My eyes are open wide)

She opens the doors to her chambers and makes her way down the dim hall, considering that the throne may have been her true destiny all along. (I'm ready to rule)

As she strides down the halls now, Anna finds herself wanting to commit to her new-found independence and position of leadership. The portraits of Arendelle's previous rulers hang between Anna and her destination. She gazes at her sister's likeness and resolves to make her proud. (I'm more than just a spare)

Anna's movements become more expressive: she nears the front gates of the castle with pride in her step. Her hands make fists and then release as she sings her self-declaration. (Be the queen that you are)

Royal staff and castle guards are ready to see Anna off - the carriage door is open and the footman extends his hand to assist her. Instead of stepping into the carriage, she takes his hand in her own and places her other hand on top, smiling: a gesture of her appreciation. A guard, standing, holds the reins of Anna's horse, Kjekk. Anna, a few steps away, approaches. Knowingly and kindly, the guard extends the reins to her. We see the reactions of the royal staff as she mounts the horse; their somewhat shocked expressions are not disapproving, but inspired.

Anna's unconventional decision signifys a new chapter in the lineage, and from the sky, we look down on her as she rides solo toward the chapel. (The next right thing simply can't wait) Our vantage point outruns our view of Anna through a fog, and when it dissipates, we see Elsa, the Fifth Spirit, riding the Nokk across the surface of the sea. (Where the North Wind meets the Sea)

Our view comes down to Elsa's level. She halts with a slight lurch - we learn from her somewhat longing, but sweet, expression that she can sense Anna's changing moment is just about to happen, miles away. As the choir sings All Is Found as homage to Iduna, Anna glides down the aisle. The two scenes interplay, connecting the sisters in this moment. Anna and Elsa can both feel their mother singing, Come, my darling, beckoning Anna to her destiny. Anna stands upright, facing the room full of onlookers. Elsa feels peace in having passed the torch, and swings the Nokk back into a gallop.
Anna is crowned. (I am crowned)

The remainder is not sung aloud by Anna, but rather in her mind. We see moments from the rest of coronation day: Anna's first presentation as Queen to the applauding crowds of citizens. Dancing in the square, Kristoff proudly taking her in his arms.

Our view of the celebration draws back, allowing a gradually fuller picture of the kingdom, then bringing us to the final scene: our view draws us back from the center of Queen Anna's portrait, hung on the wall of the castle, until it is in full view, then fades.


Just a reminder, I only wrote this as a different take on this song. I love the original song and ending to Frozen 2. It's just for fun. :)


DISCLAIMER: I do NOT claim to own any rights to the instrumental track or to the film. I do not claim to be the original singer of the original song, Show Yourself from Frozen II. I am not affiliated with Disney in any way. The lyrics were rewritten as a parody. This was made for recreational purposes only.



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