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How to Raise One’s Consciousness? | Sadhguru

► How to Raise One’s Consciousness? In this eye-opening speech, Sadhguru (Jaggi Vasudev) explains: Consciousness is the source of who we are. Our thoughts, intentions, and actions are a consequence of that. Time and space are just projections of your consciousness. Consciousness means you are well-lit within yourself, so you see everything just the way it is.

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???? This audio uses ALPHA WAVES, suitable for Creativity and Inward focus; To the discovery of purpose in life. Creative thought facilitates contact with a spirit guide, eases entry into meditation, lucid dreaming also good for healing purposes, or self visualization in a healing situation.

???? Listen before going in the morning.

► Please use headphones and Listen Carefully. For maximum effect, we suggest applying for at least 21 days.

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Sadhguru, a yogi, mystic, poet, and visionary humanitarian, is a spiritual master with a difference. His life and work are a possibility for each individual to experience the peace and joy that pervades the core of every human being. It is Sadhguru’s vision that everyone receives ‘one-drop of spirituality,' allowing them to transform their lives and take their destiny into their hands.

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How to Raise One’s Consciousness? | Sadhguru

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