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GULMARG GONDOLA ride consists of breathtaking scenes,wildlife,long pine trees and lot more. Well, not only that,the complete history of the place , life-stories of the local people and many amazing facts too.

Vlog - Kashmir Gulmarg Gondola Ride Phase 1 and Phase 2 in summer

Gulmarg Gondola (the cable car) is the world's second highest ropeway.
It's first phase runs from Gulmarg to Kungdoor and the second phase from Kungdoor to Aparwath.
Kungdoor has a few local eating joints and vast, lush green meadows.
Aparwath is at the top of the mountain at an altitude of nearly 4000 meters.
I would suggest that one should stop at Kundoor to get acclaimatised to high altitude before heading to Aparwath.
Very small kids and elderly people or people with heart or breathing conditions
should avoid going to Aparwath as the oxyden is rarer at that altitude
and one has to walk/climb a little to have full advantage of the view.
Weather is also a little unpredictable at the top.

Gulmarg is one of the best place to visit in Kashmir in summer.

I visited in May during summer,still I found snow covered mountains with a very pleasant weather.
The view from the second phase was breathtaking and also less crowded so you could enjoy.

You should definitely go up to phase 2 to get panoramic views
of the surroundings and avoid the maddening crowds at phase 1.
You shouldn't skip the second phase of gondola ride at 14000ft level.

Queues are modest but boarding pass collection is a mess.
Opening time doesn't correspond with timetable and the lift is closed in windy weather.

Wonderful experience. Worth waiting in queue for it and highly recommended.
Views from inside Gandola are breathtaking.
It is highly recommended to leave early for this place
to ensure enjoying Gandola ride in the morning.
Views for Gandola are most beautiful when you go from first stop to top.
Go to the highest point yo feel HEAVENLY beauty of nature

Apharwat Peak , situated at a height of 4,390 metres (14,403 ft) above the sea level, in Gulmarg.
It receives heavy snowfall and remains covered with snow for much of the year.
Lying in the second phase of the cable car ride from Gulmarg,
reaching this spot is highly dependent on the weather conditions.

Gondola Tickets are available online at (
and at Gondola E-Ticket Block in Gulmarg,
TRC Srinagar, Srinagar International Airport, and JKSCCC Office Katra & Jammu.

Tickets : For Indians.
phase 1 Rs.700 per person
phase 2 Rs.900 per person

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Incredible Gondola ride Phase 2 Gulmarg kashmir

Apharwat mount is at a height of 4,390 meters. It remains covered with snow throughout the year.

Line of Control can be seen from top of this mountain. Lying in the second phase of the cable car ride from Gulmarg, reaching this spot is highly dependent on the weather conditions.

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Apharwat (Gulmarg Gondola Phase II) OTR

14000 ft Above Sea Level
Srinagar-Gulmarg-Kongdoor(Gondola Phase I)-Apharwat(Gondola Phase II)-Gulmarg-Srinagar
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Gulmarg Gondola Cable Car Full Journey Phase 1 Phase 2 | Kashmir Travel vlog | Anagha Mirgal

If you wish to have a bird's eye view of the beautiful landscapes of Gulmarg, then there is nothing like the Gondola ride, that takes you as high as 14,000 ft above the sea level, where you can level up along beautiful pine trees and snowy meadows.


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Gondola ride Gulmarg (feb- 2018)

Beautiful view of snow covered land and pine trees (Amazing cable car ride )

Gondola Cable Ride Phase 1 & 2| Loc Pakistan | Must Visited Place In Gulmarg | Price

In This video, you will get detailed guide how to reach gondola and take phase 1 and phase 2 ride.
Phase 1 is at height of 10000ft and phase 2 is at height of 14000ft.
The Gulmarg Gondola Cable car is Asia largest cable ride and world 2nd largest cable car ride.
If you are planning to go Gulmarg you must watch this video. We also covered sightseeing places of Gulmarg.
Gulmarg is one of the best places in Kashmir.
In Gulmarg we have explored must visit the place and top tourist destination.
So if You have any doubts regarding traveling to Gulmarg regarding gondola and hotels or any other issue must comment.

in This Video I have Explained Following Things
Gondoal Cable Car Price
Gondoal Cable Car Ride Cost
Gulmarg Cable Car Price
Gulmarg Cable Ride Video
Gulmarg Cable Car Height

One more thing i want to say that Kashmir is totally 100% Safe for tourist.
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Gulmarg with Gondola Rides/Complete information on Gondola tickets/October 2018 /First Snowfall

Gulmarg is around 50km from Srinagar and 13 km away from Tangmarg. Gulmarg is a small town with a large meadow in the centre, and hotels, government residences, gondola, shops at the periphery of the meadow. Most of the tourist spots like Rani's temple, St. Mary's Church, Golf course, Children's park, etc. are located in the meadow. A road around 5 km long goes around the meadow and from within the meadow. The Gondola is located at one corner of the meadow. The market with lot of eating places, hotels are close by.
A sight-seeing trip is mainly through Gondola (Rope-way) ride in two phases. Phase-I Gulmarg to Kungdoor (near Khilanmarg) & Phase-II Kungdoor to Aparwath. As of October 2018, Gondola ticket cost are Rs. 740 & 950 respectively for above 3-year kids to adults including return trip. If you are travelling during May-Oct, there will not find snow at Phase-I so It is recommended to book gondola up to Phase-II only.
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Gulmarg Sightseeing | Kashmir Houseboat Tour | Dal Lake | Srinagar to Gulmarg | Gondola Ride Gulmarg

Kashmir Day 3 of 3: Two Roving Hearts, and 3 other of our closest friends, chose Kashmir as our dream long-weekend destination for this year’s annual getaway. On day 3 of our Kashmir trip, we take you through our houseboat for a little tour and visit the spectacular Gulmarg Phase 1 and Phase 2. The Gulmarg Gondola is an experience!

Highly recommended for an overnight stay and even for a day trip from Srinagar. Gulmarg Hotels are the way to go if you're looking to wake up to green pastures and blue skies (in September). Although we haven't personally stayed at any of these places, Khyber Hotel, Gulmarg Resort, Hotel Hilltop Gulmarg, and Alpine Ridge Gulmarg are considered some of the best hotels in Gulmarg.

Our trip from Srinagar to Gulmarg Kashmir was in early September (Gulmarg weather was so pleasant … not bitterly cold in the slightest). In our opinion, this is the best time to visit Gulmarg if snowfall is not important to you. When planning to visit Kashmir don’t hesitate … YOLO!
Srinagar to Gulmarg distance: Approx. 50 kms by car

Things to do in Gulmarg :
During the winter months, skiing is something you can look forward to. In non-snowfall months, you can have a nice picnic on the meadows near the taxi stand, go for a horse ride, walk around, or visit the famous temple depicted in the popular vintage Bollywood song 'Jai Jai Shivashankar'.

Disclaimer: The contents of this video are purely for entertainment and are not meant to hurt the sentiments of any viewer, nor do we wish to disrespect any of the personalities being enacted towards the end. We all have great respect for everyone in the Indian film industry and parts of this video were created spontaneously and in light spirit to make people smile. Please follow any and all safety instructions provided by operators when traveling in a cable car or gondola at Gulmarg or elsewhere.

Link to Kashmir Day 1 Vlog:

Link to Kashmir Day 2 Vlog:

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What is Dal Lake?
Dal Lake is an incredibly beautiful lake in Srinagar, Kashmir, and is home to large number of houseboats. This is a very clean lake, with a unique ecosystem of flora and fauna, with amazing views. Dal Lake is a popular tourist destination and locals do their best to keep tourists happy and safe here as their livelihood depend on tourism.
More about Houseboats on Dal Lake in our upcoming videos.

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40 Gulmarg gondola ride to phase 1


Gulmarg gondola ride phase2

Cable car ride to the top most part of India at an altitude of 14000 ft

Kashmir Gulmarg Gondola

One of the worlds highest operating cable car. Travel diary of 3 Malayalies (saneesh Tk, Sajeer kodiyathur and Jamshid cheruvadi)

Gulmarg gondola ride.kashmir tour may 2017...


41 Gulmarg gondola ride to phase 1

Gondola ride 2nd phase


GONDOLA RIDE, 14000ft, SRINAGAR - full information.

Hello friends...Recently I have visited Kashmir in the month of MAY 2018 (first week) so i thought to make a video of my recordings. Do and subscribe....... for more such videos of travel, tech review,automobile reviews


Kashmir-Gulmarg rope way .. the paradise

While coming down from.first phase to down.



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