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Gamo Urban PCP Air Rifle Review


Gamo Urban .22 Air Rifle: Real Talk Review...Sciurus Venator

This isn't a mechanical review, but an explanation of this rifle's behavior. A quick search will provide you with all of the technical specs you need, along with the opinions of people that were paid to promote that product. Here's some real talk; this thing needs an aftermarket regulator.

GAMO Urban FULL REVIEW! (Best Budget PCP!)

Hi everyone! This video is my FULL REVIEW of the GAMO Urban .22 caliber PCP air rifle.

REVIEW: Gamo Phox Airgun / Urban / BSA Buccaneer Lookalike - Ideal Starter PCP Air Rifle

This is a full review of the Game Phox airgun. The video is produced as a review to give a humorous yet educational look at the air rifle.

These are the targets I use, way cheaper than the major brand.


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If you want to know if the Full Monty took place, then another version is available on my Vimeo channel.

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My initial review and comparison of my latest PCP airgun Gamo urban 22.

FX Wildcat vs. "the best PCP in the world"

For hunting and back yard pest control the Gamo Urban is the best PCP in the world right now. Yes I said it. Go ahead, I'm ready for the beating.

5 Best & Cheapest PCP Air Rifles - Best PCP Air Rifle for the Money

5 Best & Cheapest PCP Air Rifles - Best PCP Air Rifle for the Money

Links to these Best PCP Air Rifles:

1: Benjamin Marauder -
2: BSA 140154 Buccaneer -
3: Diana Stormrider Multi-shot Air Rifle -
4: Nova Freedom Air Rifle -
5: Benjamin Discovery PCP Air Rifle -

The Marauder came into existence in 2009, and right out of the gate it changed the way that airgunners thought about a PCP.

Manufactured in Birmingham, England, BSA pre-charged pneumatic guns are carefully constructed of the finest materials and made by some of the best craftsmen in the air gun industry.

Diana has been a leader in the air gun industry since 1892 and the Stormrider marks the company’s first foray into budget friendly PCP.

Available for the first time in the USA and exclusively imported by American Tactical, the Nova Vista multi-stage pump pre-charged Nova Freedom Air Rifle.

Dual Fuel Compressed Air / CO2 Air Rifle Trouble-free, highly accurate. Once it is filled, there is no pumping and no worry about the outdoor temperature.


Crosman Domed Premier 0.22-Calibre -
Predator Polymag Shorts, .22 Cal -
JSB Diabolo Exact Jumbo 22 Cal -

Gun Resetting Target -

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Gamo Urban Air Rifle Review

Eric shoots and review the Gamo Urban Air Rifle!


Finally solved the problem. Thanks for the comments. I re did the connection of the fill probe and the male quick disconnect . Tightened it and it worked afterwards. No more ail leak!

Gamo Urban First Impressions

Just doing somewhat of a review after getting my Gamo Urban sighted in. Had to do a little bit of modification to get it to shoot good but it is a really good gun.

Box opening Urban Gamo 22 cal pcp rifle


GAMO Urban Power Adjustment

Hi everyone! In this video, I show you how to adjust the power of your GAMO Urban using only a 4mm allen wrench. Even though it is advertised as a fixed power rifle, nothing could be farther from the truth. There is a ton of room to adjust up or down from the factory setting. Watch the video to see how!

Upgraded Gamo Urban PCP Airgun

Gamo Urban PCP Air Rifle, upgraded version with carbon fiber shroud, CDT Trigger and Custom painted Stock...Great Gun built by BSA, marketed by Gamo as the Urban/ Phox/ Chacal

All shooting was done at 45 yards with JSB 14.35/ CPD 14'S and H&N FTT 14.6

GAMO Urban 50yd Groups (Full Review Coming Soon!)

Hi everyone! I'm Donnie Reed, and today's video is just a quick look at my very first 50yd groups with the GAMO Urban. Full review coming soon! :)

THE GAMO PHOX Review and test 13 11 17

This rifle reviews and tests the Gamo Phox in .22 caliber, which belongs to one of our club members, David Oldham.

Gamo Urban .22

I finally made the jump into PCP action



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