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Girl Accidentally Runs Half Marathon


Dog Accidentally Takes Part In Half Marathon After Mom Lets Her Out For Pee, Finishes 7th

Dog Accidentally Takes Part In Half Marathon After Mom Lets Her Out For Pee, Finishes 7th

Training for marathons can be quiet difficult. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication so imagine the shock when you get beaten by a dog! The 2 and a half year old Bloodhound decided to join the Elkmont Trackless Train Half Marathon in Canada, after he was let out to pee.

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6 People Who Ran A Marathon by Accident

6 People Who Ran A Marathon by Accident


Number One: LeeAdianez Rodriguez thought she was going to run a 5k race, however she went to the wrong start line. She wound up with the half-marathon runners.
It took half the race for her to notice her error. When she did, however, she decided to simply carry on till the end.
She ran 10 more miles than she originally intended to, and finished in 2 hours and 43 minutes. Rodriquez's mother was concerned when she did not turn up at the finish line of the 5k race, but they were reunited soon after the half-marathon.

Number Two: Canadian Meredith Fitzmaurice won the 2013 Ontario marathon, entirely by accident. She was attending the Run for Heroes Marathon, but was only intending to complete half the run. had not trained for the full 42km distance, or even ran that far before. However, she took a wrong turn during the race, and found herself running the full-marathon course. She asked the organizers if it would be recognized and a real finish, despite not signing up for the full run, and it was agreed that her run would be counted as an official one. Upon drawing close to the finish line, spectators began to high-five her - informing her that she was the leading female racer.

Number Three: Before 2015, no one would have thought that 8 year old Nicholas Vandenberg was a great runner.
He had only ever ran in soccer games and small fun-runs.
John hatch, his father, signed them both up to do a 5k run in the Performance Spine & Sports Medicine half-marathon. Nicholas was far too quick though, and quickly got ahead of his father. Taking a wrong turn, he ended up running the whole half-marathon, being the fastest member of the under-14 group.

Number Four: Bangkok currently has the longest half-marathon, due to a small blunder. Rather than the standard 21km distance, the Bangkok race is 27.4km - that's an extra 4 miles on top! Apparently, race officials made the runners take a wrong turn - adding the extra distance. Spokespersons have stated that a U-turn was accidentally mapped into the course, taking the participants on their much longer run.

Number Five: Ludivine, a 2 year old dog, became an unexpected marathon runner in January 2016. When let out of the house, she snuck off into town and wound up at the start of the local half-marathon. She happily followed the participants - managing to complete the entire 13.1 mile course in 1 hour and 32 minutes. She was even given a medal - and her owner had no idea she had even left.

Number Six: 17-year old Evan Megoulas accidentally ran the whole 26.2 miles of a marathon, when he was only meant to do half. Megoulas, a member of his schools cross-country running team, signed up to run the Philadelphia half-marathon in November 2015. His family became worried when he did not show up with the rest of the runners at the end of the half-marathon. They alerted the police, who eventually found him running the full course. Upon completing the full marathon, the police wanted a photo with Megalous. It does make an interesting story after all.

I ran a Half Marathon WITHOUT training

Mindset is everything. This video isn't about being a runner or how to run a half marathon. Put simply, if you know within yourself that you can give more (to any and every single aspect of life) then DO SO. Visualise, chase and stay nutty my friends.

By the way, I made this video after watching my 'How I train video' - realising I've only 40 days to start training for a half marathon. I hadn't planned on making any sort of 'motivational video' nor did I plan on running that distance till that morning.
Then I thought, how many people out there could actually get up and do this? Many would probably say they could, but really how many actually WOULD? I've never been one for taking the easy route and I wanted to show you that with the correct mindset, you can push past perceived limitations & achieve beyond what you think is possible for yourself. Enjoy xoxo

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Plymouth Half Marathon Car

Car Drives through marathon runners in Plymouth!!
say she was late and didn't know about road closures which have been around for days!!
in todays world, seeing a car drive towards a crowed is scary!!

Woman Accidentally Wins Marathon

Meredith Fitzmaurice decided to run a half marathon with some friends but got into the zone and won a full marathon instead.

source: Newser

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12 Yr Old Girl Accidentally Enters Marathon & Wins

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LeeAdianez Rodriguez-Espada accidentally entered a half marathon instead of the much shorter race she had anticipated; but that didn't stop this 12 year old from conquering the track.



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We ran another 5k. This time it was the Ice Cream run sponsored by Tortoise and Hare Sports. This year we've had Greta and Jade in a cross country team in our city, and this is the last race of the year. Jade did very well for her age group.

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Grace Ping, 7th Grader, Takes Down ENTIRE Roy Griak High School Field

Watch 12-year-old Grace Ping tear up the high school girl's 5K gold race in a winning time of 18:12. The Cotter standout beat high school senior Judy Pendergast for the individual win by four seconds. The impressive performance was just one of many for Ping, who holds six world records for her age group, including an 18:02 5K on the track which she ran last year at the St. Mary's University meet.

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2018 Go Girl Run OKC

2018 Go Girl Run OKC Women's Half Marathon and 5K Finish Line Video courtesy of Ultramax Sports Timing.

2018 Gazelle Girl Half Marathon/5k/10k Post Race Congratulations


I Ran a Half Marathon with 2 Weeks Training

run forest, run......

well wag juan leg ends MrAthleteRule here with a new video, this time its my experience running a half marathon with just 2 weeks of training. Hope you enjoy!

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11-year-old girl completes 18th half marathon on Sunday

An 11-year-old girl took on the Rock 'N' Roll half marathon in her signature tutu, adding another race to her growing list.

Half Marathon Mistake

A half marathon mistake turned into quite an achievement for a girl in Rochester, New York. LEEADIANEZ RODRIGUEZ planned to run a 5K race: just over three miles.

She got to the starting line worried she was late - because the runners had already taken off.

What the 12 year old didn't realize: she was running in the half marathon, not the 5k.

Man runs half marathon in suit and tie

Rex Woodbury ran a half-marathon in 1:18 minutes wearing a suit and tie.

Running My First Half Marathon | 100 Days

We've got NEW SHIRTS! Including a tank top!

Post-100 Days, John takes his trainer's advice and joins 30,000 people to run his first half marathon.

Thanks to the 500 Festival Mini-Marathon!

*Please consult YOUR doctors about any concerns you might have before starting your own fitness journey.

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Gazelle Girl 2015 Half Marathon Edit

2015 Grand Rapids Gazelle Girl Half Marathon. This is the second one due to my original grammatical errors :)



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