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Global Lockdown Round-Up | Do Business In Vietnam | Relocation Services


Why factories exiting China choosing Vietnam and not India? How India can attract these companies?

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Why Companies Are Moving Out From China ? | Explained

Are Companies shifting from China ?
Yes, Companies are moving out of China.
China, a country which is also known as a manufacturing hub. Chinese manufacturing industry started to grow in late 1970s. As the Western world was moving towards service economy and the western countries were facing problem with continous increase in labour cost. Also standard of living was elevated and all of this leads to high manufacturing cost.
Due to this the investors were attracted towards china. As china had a huge manpower and also very low labour cost.
The Chinese government also started to bulid special economic zones, where massive factories and ports can be bulid. This boosted the manufacturing and attracted many fortune 500 companies to china during the 80s. As in china the same products were manufactured with very low cost.

In 2010 1/3rd of all products on planet is manufactured in china. And that made China the 2nd largest economy after US.
But as of now many companies are moving out from China.

Reason 1: Trade war between US and China.
Trade war was started in 2018 when US imposed tariff of 25% on Chinese goods. Basically US accused China, as they were importing only 100 billion dollars of goods from US. On the other hand US is importing nearly 500 billion dollars of goods from China. Yet trade war is not just about import and export thing, but US has also accused china for not playing fair. Chinese government treats Chinese companies differently. As in they have better access to the markets, than any other western competitors and sometimes Chinese companies get land free of cost, plus they have very low tax. These factors make western companies hard compete with Chinese competitors. US also accused
China for stealing their technology. From defence sector to the electronic and telecommunication equipment, china has copied or reverse engineered a lot of western products and technologies. Recently US banned Huawei. US accused Huawei for spying in American communication networks. US took this as national security threat.
Also, American companies are pressurised by government to move their manufacturing away from China. Nearly 50 American companies are already moved out from china and remaining are on the way.

Reason 2- Global supply chain disruption.
Many countries are dependent on China for supply of goods. Due to the recent lockdown in China amid COVID-19 (coronavirus) Pandemic different products from the markets have wiped out completely. China is also no.1 country for manufacturing pharmaceutical medicine and equipments. Yet in this pandemic china is not able to fullfill the demand. So this has made other countries think and change their mind about dependency on one country for goods. recently japan has offered there Japanese companies a 2.2 billion package to help them to move out of china.

Reason 3: Increase in labour cost.
In the 90s average labour cost paid to a worker was between 140 to 150 dollars per year. But now it has tremendously increased to nearly 14000 dollars per year. And that is a massive multiplication. This makes manufacturing more expensive in china, companies cannot make profits as they were making in the past.
This made them think of relocating their manufacturing facilities. Also, in 2016 china saw decrease in manufacturing output in first time in history.
Samsung a South Korean company and 2nd largest smartphone manufacturer in the world has closed its manufacturing completely in china and shifted to India step by step.

Reason 4: China's aggressiveness.
As china is grown to the 2nd largest economy, they have also grown their regional military power. Recently China had a conflict with Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Philippines in South china sea. This shows how china is putting pressure on small countries using their military power. Also China is using their economical power to grab the African markets with for natural resources. Countries like Zambia, Djibouti and Congo are facing big challenges to payback Chinese debt.
Sri Lanka, an Asian country failed to pay Chinese debts, so Sri lanka leased their Hambantota port to china for 99 year. Internationally this is call as debt-trap diplomacy.
US, Japan, South Korea and the European countries are thinking of moving their manufacturing facilities out from china.
Yet now it started to change, some economist says that in 20 years from now china will not be the only manufacturing giant in the world. As already companies have started to exit china.


HOW to Retire in Vietnam

Thinking about retiring in Vietnam but don’t know where to start? Vietnam has become is a trending place for retirement among South-East Asian nations.
In today’s video, we review the main questions on how to retire in Vietnam from the different types of visas available, citizenship, tax implications to real estate options like buying or renting. Retirement is not about age. It is a choice and lifestyle. Whether you are 60 or 40, whether you are married with children or single, Vietnam is definitely a great place to retire in South-East Asia more than ever.

Watch our video of Why Retiring in Vietnam is a GOOD IDEA:

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In this video we have the CEO of Dropify Philippines, Charles Sy share his insights on how you can make money from Lazada and Shopee special if you want to take the route of drop shipping. To invest in US stocks -

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More videos with Charles Sy

Here’s our crash course on Lazada and Shopee -

Why Charles Sy and Sean Si are rich -

How to make money in this new normal -

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As you all know my style is basically investing in the stocks of companies exposed to it that why we have been talking a lot about Amazon in the podcast but you may want to also explore and look at SE for Shopee and Alibaba for Lazada!

However in this video we would have Charles Sy share his insights if you also want to use these two platforms as a way for you to make money by being an online entrepreneur. How can you use Lazada and Shopee to help you grow your cashflow by selling items via drop shipping and not having any inventory.

Ecommerce in the philippines is starting to adopt the worldwide dropshipping method. Cash On Delivery Dropshipping is one channel of distribution which eliminates overhead cost such as manpower, warehousing, fulfillment and capitalization on goods. It will give more Filipinos opportunities to go into ecommerce and compete with other resellers and retailers at a lesser exposure of risk.

Dropify is the 1st COD dropshipping platform in southeast asia using lazada and shopee. The core principles of shared inventory and talent was used to conceptualized and put this platform in to a reality.

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn't keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a store sells a product using the dropshipping model, it purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer.

Alibaba Group Holding Limited, also known as Alibaba Group and as, is a Chinese multinational technology company specializing in e-commerce, retail, Internet, and technology.

Shopee is a Singaporean e-commerce platform headquartered under Sea Group, which is a global consumer internet company founded in 2015 by Forrest Li. Shopee first launched in Singapore in 2015, and since expanded its reach to Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Brazil.

Lazada Group is an international e-commerce company founded by Maximilian Bittner with the backing of Rocket Internet in 2012, and owned by Alibaba Group.


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Is going green good for business? | CNBC Reports

At this Bali beach resort, menus are made of old tires and flip flops, while bottle caps are turned into tissue dispensers. Can hotels save the planet while also saving money? CNBC’s Uptin Saiidi finds out how the hospitality industry is going green and the impact on their bottom line.

Disclaimer: This video was filmed before the Covid-19 outbreak.


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What's Happening with Covid-19 in Vietnam

Vietnam, a developing country that shares a border with China, is one of the world's most surprising success stories in the fight against Covid-19. CSIS's Gregory Poling looks at the keys to their success and how it will impact the region going forward. This is what's happening with Covid-19 in Vietnam.


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Inside China's brutal dog meat trade where 10 million dogs a year are killed, cooked and eaten

Every June, in the south east city of Yulin, thousands of dogs are slaughtered, butchered, cooked and eaten for the ten-day Lychee and Dog Meat Festival, where some believe the fruit and meat combination will bring health through the long winter months.

Footage from last year’s event, which showed a dog being blowtorched alive, caused outrage around the world.

But the thousands slaughtered at Yulin are just a drop in the ocean for a legal trade that sees 30million dogs slaughtered worldwide annually.

Although it’s not part of the mainstream Chinese diet, China is the world's largest dog meat market, with 97,000 tonnes produced each year. A recent pork shortage sent the price sky high and boosted sales of dog products.

From Brexit breaking news to HD movie trailers, The Sun newspaper brings you the latest news videos and explainers from the UK and around the world.

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What's The Secret To Vietnam's Rise? | Insight | Full Episode

As two of the world's biggest economies, China and the US are sparring over trade tariffs, one country that has emerged as the biggest beneficiary from the trade conflict is Vietnam. Its economy has grown by almost 8 per cent because of the shift in production from overseas as it attempts to escape the heavy tariffs from the US. Vietnam's exports to the US have also jumped by 34.8 per cent in the first nine months of 2019. But the growing trade deficits between the US and Vietnam have now caught the attention of the Trump administration. It has now started to impose selective tariff measures on exports coming from Vietnam.

For more great INSIGHT into the top issues affecting Asia:

ABOUT THE SHOW: Insight investigates and analyses topical issues that impact Asia and the rest of the world.
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Vietnam is one of the few countries that is benefiting from the New SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. While almost every country is facing a colossal recession, Vietnam will not only continue to grow economically but is attracting a lot of new business. Companies such as Apple, Google, and Samsung, which have factories in China, are moving some of their production to this Southeast Asian country.

The reasons for this success are the more than outstanding management of the pandemic, Trump's trade war, and, of course, the so-called Doi Moi: the Vietnamese economic reform program that began in 1986, and which opened the Vietnamese economy to international markets.

But how has this success occurred? To what extent could 2020 be a turning point in Vietnam's history? In this video, we'll tell you.

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How Covid-19 is changing our shopping habits | CNBC Reports

Amid lockdowns and social distancing, the pandemic is changing what consumers want and how they buy it. CNBC’s Silvia Amaro looks at whether our new shopping habits are here to stay and how the retail sector sheds light on the health of the economy.

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The Great Lockdown and its Impact on Small Business

Small businesses make up more than 95% of firms and about 65% of jobs across the world.

They contribute much to the world economy, yet they are often overlooked.

Take a journey across continents – from Asia to Africa to the Americas – to hear stories of how businesses are coping with the impact of COVID-19 and preparing for the 'new normal’.

Key words that are emerging are resilient, digital, inclusive and sustainable.

Hear insights and solutions from more than 40 representatives of business, institutions, government and international organizations on how to help small firms recover from the crisis and survive beyond.

For more information, check out the International Trade Centre’s flagship report, SME Competitiveness Outlook 2020, on this same theme:

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In this video we have Jay Smith, popularly known as Jaynemesis in the Etoro Social Platform. JayNemesis is the most copied popular investor in the world right now. In this video Jay will shares his principles and strategies on how he made money by trading and investing the global markets!

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Here are some of the points and questions discussed in this video:

You are one of the best popular investors in the planet, what makes you so good in trading?

Your background was: PC Technician, Professional Gamer (Esports), Logistics Coordinator, Esports Manager — how did you get into trading? How did you gain the skills required to be good at it? How did you learn it?

You say you do a little bit of both for technicals and fundamentals — what is your go to parameter for fundamentals that helps you filter out good companies and bad ones? For technicals what is your go to parameter?

For technical trading, do you like trading the range more or do you like following the trend?

Do you use moving averages?

Do you tranche your buys? How do you do it, do you average up or down?

When a stock breakdown from a support, what’s your trigger to sell? Do you cut at the moment the candle stick is below or do you want for more confirmation and how do you do it?

Does the fear of losing money still hit you everytime you cut loss?

You have a lot of tech stocks, why is that?

What is the maximum number of stocks you will ever hold? For people trading on their own, and say are trading below 100,000 USD how should they devisify?

Your average holding time is 2.5 weeks, why is that?

If you would give an advise to a person who is just starting what are the things they should learn first when they start to trade

For people watching this and are new — when do you recommend that they just trade on their own and just copy someone else

For people who want to follow you and copy you — why do you think they should copy you?

Who is JayNemesis

Throughout my life JayNemesis have followed his passions, first as a semi-professional gamer, then working in the esports and gaming events industry. now a full-time cryptocurrency and stock trader on eToro.Esports:
With 5 years of experience playing at a high level in various esports titles and over a decade working in esports events and infrastructure such as tournament platforms JayNemesis feel like he knows the market very well. In 2007 JayNemesis co-founded one of the largest and longest-running esports platforms; BinaryBeast. The scaling of esports as an industry from a strategic view has always been a passion and he’s open to discussing my vision for the future of esports with anyone seeking to better understand it.Trading:Alongside playing video games JayNemesis spent a lot of my time exploring economics and market forces. In the late 2000's I started trading for the first time, focusing on the tech industry. Since then JayNemesis have made profit all but 1 year, learning more as JayNemesis went. In 2016 JayNemesis efforts were rewarded as JayNemesis was noticed on the trading platform he uses - eToro. eToro allows people to copy his trades, his copiers grew steadily over a year until he became the most copied trader on the platform, with over $25MM of funds set to copy my trading. In July 2017 JayNemesis left his full-time job in esports to trade full-time.

Why Is Bangladesh's Economy Growing While Many Others Are Struggling? | BOOM | Govindraj Ethiraj

IMF has projected that India's per capita GDP will slip below Bangladesh in 2020. It is largely being attributed to the lockdown and the pandemic which has affected the world. Why is Bangladesh economy growing even when the rest of the world is faltering? BOOM Explains.

Ahsan H Mansur, Executive Director, Policy Research Institute of Bangladesh and Chairman, BRAC Bank says that macroeconomic stability has been a cornerstone of Bangladeshi economic planning and that has helped sustained growth. It has also maintained exchange rate stability relative to Indian currency. Bangladesh also has a controlled fiscal deficit at about 3.5-4.5% despite the fiscal target set at 5%. It helps anchor the inflation rate, exchange rate stability as well as exports.

He also says that the Bangladesh exports had started recovering from May. By July-August, Bangladesh had bounced back to similar export volumes by the same corresponding period in 2019. The government also helped garment industries to pay their workers through the lockdown to ensure that there were no hindrances in keeping the industry afloat.

Watch BOOM's Govindraj Ethiraj interview Ahsan H Mansur on the Bangladesh economy, Indian economy, world trade relations and the reasons why Bangladesh economy is growing better than any other comparable economy.
#BangladeshGDP #BangladeshVsIndiaPercapita #BangladeshGrowth

Read more about the story:

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Global Lockdown Round-Up | Do Business In Vietnam | Relocation Services

The US-China trade war makes Vietnam an ideal country to relocate factories that want to move out from China. Two countries are particularly targeted by the Vietnamese government who created ready-built factories and free up lands for industrial zones for US and Japanese businesses to open and relocate their new manufacturing plants and start doing business right away. In this global news update video, we also discuss the Vietnam Economy Gradually Reboots In May; Cities In The US Are Still In A Stay-At-Home Order and The New Normal for the Thai & Singapore Economy.
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How to Use LOCKDOWN - 4 Effectively to Start Your Export Import Business? - iiiEM

How to Use Your Lockdown - 4 Effectively To Start Your Export Import Business?

For Product Trade Statistics Report | PTSR - iiiEM

Please call on 7573002909 / 75730 02235 / 84888 41816 / 78200 30278 for more details of Product Trade Statistics Report.

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3-Point Analysis | Which companies could gain as global supply chains shift from China

Right from the inception of COVID-19 crises since the end of Jan’20, the key business challenge that global corporate Inc. have been grappling with is securing a reliable supply chain. Frequent lockdowns, shortage of labour and logistic hurdles have firmed up operational challenges for the manufacturing firms across the globe in the medium-term. The coronavirus pandemic has accentuated the need for developed economies to de-risk the supply chain and diversify the sourcing of goods to multiple countries.

Moneycontrol's Sakshi Batra does a 3-Point Analysis on sectors that are expected to gain from this development.

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Indian Startup News Ep 32: Alibaba Halts India Investment, Tata's Super App & Urban Company's ESOP

This week in Indian Startup News, Alibaba halts investment in Indian startups for six months, Tata to launch its own super app, Flipkart commits to making its entire delivery fleet electric by 2030, Ola Electric to hire 2,000 people globally, ShareChat acquires Circle Internet and Urban Company announces its largest ESOP sale worth $5 million.

In funding news, Byju’s raises $122 million, LEAD School raises $28 million, FarEye raises $13 million and raises $5 million.

00:00 Introduction
00:37 Alibaba halts investment in Indian startups for six months
02:08 Tata to launch its own super app
03:44 Flipkart commits to making its entire delivery fleet electric by 2030
04:15 Ola Electric to hire 2,000 people globally
05:10 ShareChat acquires Circle Internet
06:29 Urban Company announces its largest ESOP sale worth $5 million
07:26 Byju’s raises $122 million
08:10 LEAD School raises $28 million
09:02 FarEye raises $13 million
10:04 raises $5 million

Alibaba halts investment in Indian startups for six months: According to a report by Reuters, Chinese technology giant Alibaba has decided to halt all investments in India, amid the heated climate between India and China. This could be a big blow to Indian startups as Alibaba through its group has made investments worth more than $2 billion in India. It also has investments in top Indian unicorns like Paytm, Zomato and BigBasket.

Tata to launch its own super app: Tata plans to launch its own super app by the end of this year or January next year. The company will be using its super app to bring all its services and products which include everything from grocery to jewellery and insurance to automobile under one roof. This marks Tata’s entry into India’s ever-growing e-commerce market.
Flipkart commits to making its entire delivery fleet electric by 2030: Flipkart has pledged to make its entire delivery fleet electric by 2030 in a bid to boost EV adoption in the country.

Ola Electric to hire 2,000 people globally: Ola Electric is planning to hire 2,000 people as it aims to build electric vehicle products for the global market. The company will hire 1,000 engineers over the course of the next three months and another 1,000 will be hired across multiple roles.

ShareChat acquires Circle Internet: Indian language social media startup ShareChat has acquired hyperlocal information platform Circle Internet. Post-acquisition, all of Circle Internet’s 15 member team will be joining ShareChat and it will continue to operate as an independent entity.

Urban Company announces its largest ESOP sale worth $5 million: Urban Company has announced its third and its largest ESOP sale worth $5 million. Under the programme, more than 180 Urban Company employees will be eligible to liquidate their stocks which will be bought by the company’s existing shareholder Vy Capital.

Byju’s raises $122 million: Byju’s has raised an additional $122 million from DST Global for a 1.2% stake. This funding is a part of Byju’s ongoing funding round and reports suggest that Byju’s is looking to raise as much as $400 million in this round.

LEAD School raises $28 million: Edtech startup LEAD School has raised $28 million (207 crores) in its series C round from WestBridge Capital and Elevar Equity.

FarEye raises $13 million: SaaS-based logistics startup FarEye has raised $13 million to close its series D round at $37.5 million. The fresh capital has been raised from Nandan Nilekani’s Fundamentum Partnership and KB Global Platform Fund. raises $5 million: Customer support automation startup Verloop has raised $5 million in its series A round from Alpha Wave Incubation IDFC Parampara and Infosys founder Kris Gopalakrishnan.

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Business opportunities in China after lockdown (Part 1) | China Marketing Show

Business opportunities in China after lockdown Pt1 | Case Study | China Marketing Show. If you run a small to medium-sized business, find out how to do digital marketing in China to market your products and services. Download the white book written by our China marketing team of experts for your industry at:

Check out GMV studio in Shanghai

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Business opportunities in China after lockdown | part 1

Business opportunities in China after lockdown | part 2

Business opportunities in China after lockdown | part 3

Watch our China Marketing Show playlist for more expert insights on doing business in China:

Olivier Verot is the founder of GMA (The top digital marketing agency in Shanghai)
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Alberto Antinucci is a senior China business consultant and an international keynote speaker. Connect Alberto on LinkedIn:

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In this video, Olivier Verot, Alberto Antinucci and Keawe Wong talk about business opportunities in China, how to do Chinese social media marketing, how to do digital marketing in China, what happens in China after the lockdown. Subscribe to this channel to learn more about doing marketing in China.


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Investing under lockdown | Easy Equities Founder Charles Savage

We talk to Purple Group CEO Charles Savage about the Easy Equities platform and how it has been performing under lockdown. We also chat about their upcoming product: Easy Properties & more.



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