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Google Hangouts | How to Use the Free Google Hangouts for Your Online Webinars and Internet Meetings


An Easy Way To Host A Live Webinar Using Youtube Live And Google Hangouts

This really is an easy way to host a webinar.
I'm no hangout expert as you will find out.
I just created this video to share with my friends who I expect to launch a webinar series with soon.

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How to host your webinar for FREE using Google Hangouts through YouTube

Host webinars at no cost for as many people as you want! No need to pay for any fancy platform - you can do it all from within your own website, using Google Hangouts through YouTube.
Let me know if you have any questions!

How To Use Google Hangouts For Business | Google Hangouts Tutorial

How to use Google Hangouts for your business. Christian, part of the SiteSell Professionals team, will take you through it and show you how Google Hangouts can help your business.

The full webinar is part of SiteSell's continuous training and support for building your online business. Included for free with every SBI! subscription!
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New Video Conferencing Experience with Hangouts Meet | The G Suite Show

Hangouts Meet is a new video meeting experience with one goal: make joining meetings effortless so that people can be as productive as they are when they’re face-to-face.

Jenny and Lily share the latest updates on Meet, with more detail on our blog post:

1. Unique, short URLs for each video meeting, automatically set up when you add your first guest.
2. Dial-in access to every video meeting with a randomly allocated US number and PIN.
3. New enterprise focused, lighter UI which uses fewer client resources, loading faster and running more reliably.
4. Meet app for two-click access to meetings with vivid detail of presentations.
5. A scalable experience such that up to 5 active participants are visible while less active participants are included in an expanded toggle-able participant list. Currently, 25 devices can be added to a meeting (30 for Enterprise).

Want to take full advantage of the existing The G Suite Show video library? Check out the following resources:
- Check out our searchable library:
- Ask access to our Google Drive: You’ll have access to all scripts and videos in mp4 format, so you can create your own training resources!

How to Host a Live Webinar Using Google Plus for Free

We wanted to share what we learned about how to host a live .

Do you need to organize and host webinars for work? This week Debbie and John explain in detail how to organize a webinar with Google Hangouts on Air.

What is Coaching? - Latest Beachbody Coach Income Earning Statement .

Google Hangouts Webinars Get your free Webinar Platforms Guide ============================ In .

How To Use Hangouts On Air With 22Social To Create Webinars, Courses And Paid Membership Programs

Learn how to use Hangouts on Air to grow your business online. You can use Hangouts to create webinars, digital courses and even paid membership programs!

This was recorded live stream was recorded LIVE on May 9th, 2017. To stay updated on when we go live you can register here:

Believe it or not, Hangouts On Air is one of the most powerful FREE tools that you can leverage to grow your business online. This simple 'Swiss Army Knife' tool has become the preferred video creation platform for many digital entrepreneurs. And now, by combining Hangouts On Air, 22Social and Facebook, you can build your complete online empire with almost zero overhead.

In this video, we describe our research and run through the competitors FB Live, Belive, Zoom, etc. Learn how 22Social uses Hangouts and why it is so popular with our users!

Resources mentioned:
🔹How to run free live webinars -
🔹How to build paid courses -
🔹How to create paid memberships -

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How To Live Stream On YouTube with Google Hangouts On Air - Step-By-Step Tutorial

How To Live Stream On YouTube with Google Hangouts On Air // How To LiveStream on YouTube without OBS is a question I am asked all the time. The quickest way to live stream on youtube is with YouTube Live Google Hangout on Air. Live stream hangouts use the older YouTube live stream fast service built into the Google+ hangouts instant messaging system.

Follow these steps to set up Hangouts On Air with YouTube Live:

- Go to Live Streaming Events in Creator Studio.
- Click New live event.
- Select Quick (using Google Hangouts On Air).
- Give your live stream a title.
- Click Go live now or enter in details to schedule your event for later.


How To Go Live QUICKLY with a Webcam -

How To Live Stream with OBS -




▶️ YouTube Tips 2018 Playlist - Kickstart your YouTube Channel in 2018

▶️ 10 MUST SEE Tutorials for New YouTubers

▶️ How To Get More Subscribers in 2018

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YouTube is one of the fastest growing social media platforms on internet, can you afford to get left behind? YouTube Certified Expert - Alan Spicer has been a Social Media Consultant helping brands grow on YouTube since 2012.

I also have a background in Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, and Web Design & Development.

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How to Host a Webinar on YouTube for FREE

Have you ever wanted to host a webinar but you don't want to pay a billion dollars for a webinar software? Well, no worries, I'll teach you how to host a webinar on YouTube FOR FREE.

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How to Use Google Hangouts for Your Online Marketing

3 easy ways to use Google Hangouts for your business

Google hangouts are not only a great way to host live meetings for your network marketing business - the most cost effective substitute for a webinar, but you can also to team presentations. One other technique that is working effectively for video marketers is using Google hangout videos as a way to market affiliate products and CPA offers.

Google hangout videos rank quicker than traditional videos you upload and, along with on page and off page optimization, can get your videos on the top of Youtube's suggested videos as well.

Check back here for more marketing and Google hangout tips. And don't forget to checkout my FREE gift to you for watching:

How to host your own Hangout:

How to use Google Hangouts for Client Meetings


How To Use Zoom (plus Breakout Groups) -- Favorite Video Conferencing Platform

Zoom is my favorite video conferencing tool, and I use it many times a week. I get asked by clients all the time to teach them how to use it. Here's a tutorial! Below, you can click on a timestamp to jump to that topic in the video.

0:30 Launching Zoom

0:49 Personal Meeting ID (PMI) is different for each Zoom account

1:00 What happens if you check the box Always use PMI for instant meetings on this computer

1:32 Scheduling a meeting
TIP: I actually prefer to schedule a new Recurring Meeting. see 4:10, even if it's a one-time meeting, because I've noticed that for some reason. people can be confused by the meeting time. Recurring Meetings don't have a label for the date/time of the meeting.

1:45 Video (when joining a meeting) -- on or off?

2:20 Audio Options: I prefer Both instead of telephone only or VoIP Only

2:26 Why I don't require meeting password, and when to

2:56 Enable join before host -- check this box if participants already know each other

3:50 Record meeting automatically?

4:10 Recurring Meetings

4:58 How to find the meeting ID / access link / phone numbers again

6:45 What happens if you check the box Always use PMI for instant meetings on this computer
(sorry to repeat myself here!)

7:16 How to get into a specific zoom meeting that you created

7:54 How to mute all / make sure all new participants are muted automatically
and whether to Allow participants to unmute themselves

8:52 How to stop someone's video

8:58 How to spotlight (focus the attention on) someone's video -- including your own

I forgot to mention -- it's helpful to Lock Meeting if you frequently promote a particular Zoom link. Click Manage Participants, then More, then Lock Meeting.

9:45 How to record a zoom meeting

10:13 Gallery vs. Speaker Views

11:25 Moving the zoom window around, so you can look like you're looking at the camera

12:51 How to mute yourself or stop your video

13:19 Changing the zoom audio or video settings, including mirror effect, touch up my appearance, enable HD, etc.

15:05 the chat room features

15:23 How to change how your name shows up on zoom with Rename

15:45 How to chat privately with another participant

16:13 How to save the chat transcript / chat roll in zoom

17:09 How to access the Advanced Settings

17:52 How to share your computer screen

18:35 How to share the screen of your iPhone / iPad / Android device

19:36 How to stop your screen share

21:10 When screen sharing, how to move your little video around to not cover what you are seeing.

21:16 How to annotate (draw) on a screen share

21:51 Remote Control: giving another participant ability to control your computer (move / click your mouse and type)

21:30 How to see the Chat box when you're in screen-sharing mode

22:50 How to enable breakout groups in Zoom

23:25 How to share screen WITH sound so you can play a video for your participants and watch together.

25:48 How to do Breakout Rooms in Zoom.

26:10 You can rename breakout rooms, or move people from one room to another

26:27 Before starting the breakout room, unmute all so they don't have to remember to do that themselves, and also recommend an order of speaking, e.g. alphabetical by first name

27:58 How to join a breakout room (as an admin)

28:47 You can't hear what Leslie is saying because I didn't record this video with allowing the computer sound to be heard, sorry :) She was saying she'll test the chat once I leave the room, to see if it comes through to the main chat. (It doesn't.)

29:08 Re-size the zoom video windows by clicking & dragging either bottom corner

29:35 How to Broadcast a Message (an announcement text) to everyone in the breakout rooms

30:40 Tip: After breakout room, be sure to spotlight your own video again, so people know they're back in the main room.

There's Leave meeting (which means keeping the room open) and End meeting which means closing the room.... so that you can open another room and allow people to enter. With the kind of zoom account most of us have, we can only have 1 room open at a time... so whatever room you aren't using, don't just close the window (which equals Leave meeting) but do click End Meeting.


BIG thanks to those who showed up and helped me out!

Kelsey Lowitz, Whole Life Leadership:
(Life Coach + Acupuncturist for Corporate Women)

Michelle Spurling, Certified Facilitator of Byron Katie's The Work

Rosalie Schneider, Life Coach for Parents

Kim Victoria, Artist and Teacher, Painting With Intention

Dianne Allen, Author, Speaker, Mentor to Gifted and Highly Sensitive People

Leslie Seidel, Relationship/Dating Coach for Single Women

Thank you everyone!!

~ George Kao, Authentic Business Coach,

To sign up for Zoom, go to -- the official link. I'm not an affiliate, nor paid to do this video. Just a fan!

Updated Google Hangout Tutorial: What It Is and How to Use It I

Updated Google Hangout What It Is and How to Use It
Nadya Melton

Google Hangout is one of my very favorite tools to use to conduct video interviews and to connect with my audience. A lot of people use Google Hangout to conduct webinars as well. Just in case you haven’t used it just yet, let me showcase the benefits of it and how simple it is to put it to work for you.

Google invested millions of dollars to put this FREE tool in place for you and I. Thanks, Google!

Google Plus Hangout Benefits:
- connect with your friends or family
- have up to 10 ‘moderators’ to hang out with (10 people can do video chat at the same time)
- broadcast over YouTube or Your Blog to unlimited viewers
- record your business meeting
- share a PowerPoint presentation/YouTube videos/ your screen, etc
Hangouts brings one-on-one and group conversations to life with video calls for free.

Connect with friends across computers, Android and Apple devices.

To Start / Join a Hangout via your computer:
- go to
- Sign into Your Google Plus Account (you have to have one)
- You need a webcam
- Use headphones if there is background noise
- Install Plugin for Hangouts

To see the full blog post:

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How To Create An "Automated Webinar" With Google Hangouts

In today's video, I'm going to show you how to create an [automated webinar] with google hangouts so that you can create the video once, set it and forget it.

This is by far the best automated webinar software that I found for my business. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I can't run my online business without it!

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Have questions?

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Webinar: Broadcast To Your Audience Using Google Hangouts On Air

In this live Hangout On Air, watch and listen as two of our in-house experts explain the many benefits of the uniquely effective HOA platform. Learn how hosting your own HOA can help you connect with your target audience in an authentic and personal way.

You will learn...
- What IS a Google Hangout On Air?
- How does it differ from an ordinary Hangout (and what makes it a better tool for reaching your target audience?)
- How can an HOA help you attain your business goals?
- What happens after the Hangout?

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Hangout Plugin | How To Use This Online Meeting Software

This video shows how to use Google Hangouts to deliver a professional web presenstation. Google hangouts provides amazing flexibility and social sharing power to help your webinars and presentations go Global. Heck... there is a reason Obama and Spielberg are using them.
The Hangout Plugin - adds business grade functionality to the power of hangouts by adding in attendee registration, chat communication during the presentation, follow up tracking and more.
How to use Google hangouts for the best results in presentations depends on making use of the Google hangout dashboard to effectively communicate with your audience.
When you add The Hangout Plugin to your google hangout, you are bringing in a webinar software tool that works with hangouts to deliver high quality video chat and enhanced features.
for more on the hangout plugin and how to use google hangouts see our channel

How to setup a Hangout on Air like a webinar on G Suite

In this video, the best way on how to setup a live stream to your end users via YouTube is explained. Including the setup of panellists

Google Hangouts Webinars

Google Hangouts Webinars

Get your free Webinar Platforms Guide


In this video Damian shows the essential controls and options presenters use when hosting a Google+ Hangouts on Air. Some tips and tricks for rookie hangouts presenters are also included.


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Damian Noud
Your Confidence Coach for Presenting Online


Music: The Engagement
Credit: Royalty Free You Tube

Google Hangouts Webinars

Best Webinar Software for you? Feat. Steve Dotto

What’s the BEST Webinar Software for you? Webinar expert Steve Dotto runs through everything you need to know about the top options! *** WebinarJam: | GoToWebinar: | Zoom: ***

-- LINKS --

[Webinar Software]
- WebinarJam:
- GoToWebinar:
- Zoom:

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*** GEAR WE USE ***

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-- Best Webinar Software for you? Feat. Steve Dotto! --

Webinars, web conferences, web seminars - whatever you decide to call them - are an incredibly powerful tool to not only engage with and teach your audience live, but also to sell your products or services LIVE online!

There’s definitely an art to effective webinars, and there’s no shortage of options when it comes to choosing the right software for webinars…

With a LONG history of running successful webinars, tech expert Steve Dotto is widely regarded as one of the Kings in the space! Over at and via his dottotech YouTube channel ( Steve provides a TON of tips and tutorials helping people to unleash their inner geek and harness the tech, tools and gadgets that can increase productivity both in and out of the workplace.

After bumping into Steve at Social Media Marketing World, we were lucky enough to get him on camera to discuss his thoughts on the BEST Webinar software, and what to consider when deciding which web conferencing software or webinar platform is best for you.

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- Improve ANY Lavalier Microphone: Mount (and Hide) for the BEST Audio!
- DIY Sound Proofing: Increase Audio Quality in Videos!

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How To Host A Webinar For Free - Step by Step

Grow your business online:
In this video, you'll learn how to use google hangouts and your own website to host a webinar for free. There are some functions to this that I pay for (capture pages) but as far as the hosting itself goes, completely free.

I walk you through every step of the process in this video: From creating the event on google hangouts to creating a confirmation autoresponder email and embedding the video on your own website.

Aweber Affiliate link:

Free Aweber Email marketing Guide:

Want to grow your following and business on Instagram? Watch this!

Who is Nathan Lucas?

Hey there, my name's Nathan. I teach home business owners (Network Marketers) how to grow their business using social media and the internet. I've had training from several 6 & 7 figure earners within the industry and now it's time for you to grow your brand online.
It doesn't matter if it's your first day online, or if you're a top earner who wants to step up your game, I can help you.

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Hangout Plugin | Video Conference Software and Online Meeting Software

Video conference software and online meeting software for producing high quality webinars has never been more affordable.

Get the full transcript of this video here and feel free to check out the rest of our Hangout Plugin Blog.

The hangout plugin is cutting edge webinar technology that works with google hangouts and youtube.
The Hangout plugin allows you to capture the names and emails of your webinar attendees, run interactive CHAT during the google hangout, maintain branding - while showing hangouts from youtube and even send follow up emails to your attendees.
The hangout plugin is as close to a free webinar software as you will find.
putting the incredible power of google hangouts into webinar professionalism.
for more on the hangout plugin and webinars with hangouts, see our channel



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